Page 020: Sticks and Stones
Sticks and Stones
Summary: Josse carries the results of Geoffrey's letters.
Date: 01/08/2011
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Isolde Josse Ryker 
Main Room - Tower Hall
Large open area.
Mon August 1, 288

Hours have passed since the septon left Tordane tower. The sun has since taken its leave of the western sky, stars dotting the zenith and spreading steadily towards the horizon. Late to be calling on a noble house and surely Josse knows he's taking his chances with annoying somebody — but that's the life of a commoner. Word travels up via Milicent that the septon has brought something for Lady Isolde.

Having retired to her chamber, Isolde is idling attempting needlework with her cousin when Milicent comes to the door. Looking to Igara, Isolde excuses herself with a bid for her to stay and takes her skirts. Down the stairs she comes, slowing as she nears even as she had rushed down the stairs. "Milicent, fetch my husband.." That said, she looks to Josse who waits in the main room and as several of the servants hover by the kitchens, the Lady looks to them. "Go, be gone and retire. We have need of nothing." But there is a need, her green eyes show it as she looks to Josse in the hearthlight, throwing her face in shadows. "Speak…no formalities, just speak what you will." She bids him in a soft voice, her hands clasping tightly together.

Wherever Ryker was, it wasn't in the main room. His boots trudge down the stairs, his face still severe. He can already see the two speaking and thankfully have cleared the servants. He steps over to them and stops, waiting.

Josse stands before Isolde, sliding the precious folded letters — one borne by Gedeon and the other the one lent by Ryker — out of his sleeve. "Brother Amery sends his regards and wishes you to know you have his confidence." Assurances to start, gotten out of the way quickly. His eyes flicker to Ryker as the man arrives, a quick bow of his head, then he speaks to Isolde again. "Two things he wishes you to know, my Lady. The first is that…" He clears his throat softly, meeting her eyes. "The writing by all appearance is indeed Lord Geoffrey's. The way some wording is used is slightly different than the older letter, but it is likely circumstantial. The script itself could not be made by the best of forgers."

Ryker dips his head at the appreciation of silence on the part of the Sept. But two things. The man takes a deep breath and looks to his wife. The man takes a step closer and reaches out to take her hand in his own while Josse explains the first part of the information. The clasp never falters during the time and at the end he gives a gentle squeeze. "And the second piece of information?" Say what they will about the new Lord of Stonebridge, he is standing by the woman he married rather than the terms of a contracts.

A swift nod and those assurances are noted but Isolde holds his gaze with earnest. As Josse continues, her hands tighten, knuckles whitening. Two things? She catches her breath and listens. Its not an out right denial and so she trembles a little. Her chest tightening does not help her need to breathe but she remains quiet until he says it could not be a forgery. Her head dips then but she find Ryker's hand about hers. At first she unsure but then she grows thankful for it as she is dragging at the air. "Please..go on.." She bids Josse.

Josse takes a short breath, almost hesitation. Playing with the fire of politics like this is usually a far more subtle thing within a sept — but there is truth to be told. "My Lady, you have suffered so much chaos. Forgive me if I make a point already known." He takes a step forward to show her the letter, folded over. "Have you noticed the wax? These bits of wax are the green of Tordane, yes, but do you see how broken it is? There is no seal." Even if the nobles may realize the significance of this, he solidifes it himself. "Even if Lord Geoffrey did write it, with a thousand witnesses…it is not binding as legal."

Ryker lets out a large sigh and his shoulders nearly sag with that information. "Oh thank the Seven." He squeezes her hand and looks to her for a moment. "We will be fine, m'Lady," he says quietly to her in reassurance. The Lord then looks back to Josse. "There is absolutely nothing legally binding about anything in that letter. At all." Just to confirm. "We are in the clear of all this nonsense."

The seal is not something she cares about, it may allow her to stand still as a noble yet the script is aid to be of her father's hand. Ryker's relief is not shared, not by half and the Lady lifts her head. She lifts her hand to the letter, touching it before she looks to Josse. "So this written by his hand? His words? And that it is so near in match that the likelihood of it being a forgery is very..unlikely?" She presses softly from the Septon. Her green eyes study his face. "That is what you said….so though the seal makes this…worth nothing. My father still wrote this." She is not Geoffrey's daughter by the script that stands before her.

Josse clearly didn't expect dancing and singing at the news. The septon is still quite solemn, despite Ryker's words. He looks at the man to answer him. "According to Brother Amery, my Lord, who knows the law better than I. It make have been broken in Ser Gedeon's travels…it may have met its end some other way. It matters not; without that seal intact it is not legal." His words give that heavy weight. "If my Lord would like to discuss it further with Brother Amery I shall let him know to visit you." Then his eyes flicker to Isolde, and for a moment the septon seems to be without words — rare for him. "My Lady…I'm sorry."

Ryker shakes his head, lifting his free hand. "No, that will be fine. Thank you. Will the Sept require donation?" he asks off-hand, but the man's attention is turning towards his wife. That hand around hers releases… and he lifts his arm to draw around her shoulder and pull her in close to give her a hug. He's not going to say anything else to her just yet.

Numbess sets over her and Isolde stares at Josse before a slow nod is given. "Thank you…Septon." Her voice is near a whisper and it is Ryker that breaks her gaze that has gone distant. The hug catches her off-guard and for a moment she just stands there in his hold before her arms lift to hug him. But it is light, nothing strong before she presses away from him. She draws a breath and manages no smile. "Leave the letter with Lord Ryker." Not my husband. She smooths her hands over her skirts and steps from foot to foot slowly as she takes a step back, her gaze flowing to the floor. She dips a curtsey deeply, her head bowed, "At My Lord's leave…I need to step out." She doesn't wait, rather she rises and turns, keeping her numb composure as she means not to sound off and spread further fuel to the rumors. Meaning to exit out the back doors of the kitchens to the gardens.

"As pleases my Lady." Josse keeps his voice quiet, stepping back to give Isolde room to get past him and out. His eyes stay down until her back is to him, then he holds the letters out for Ryker to take. "No, my Lord, think nothing of it. Gods bless your union." He clears his throat quietly, standing until he's certain he's got a dismissal.

Ryker takes the letters from Josse after watching the woman flee. He stacks them together and drifts his gaze up to the man. "Thank you. They have given us a rocky start, but it is a start. Not an end. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to tend to my wife. She may require you in the coming days." Ryker reaches his free hand into a pocket and produces several copper stars. "Take residence at Crane's Inn? Have them bill me as you need for two days." He nods to the Septon one last time. "Thank you again for your discretion. It will not go forgotten." The man then steps off towards the kitchen and back exit.