Page 340: Sterling Sharpe, Reporting
Sterling Sharpe, Reporting
Summary: Sterling delivers a report on Jacsen to Anais.
Date: 25/06/2012
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Sterling Anais 
Terrick Encampment, Seagard
It's a purple tent! It's probably faded too.
25 June, 289

With Jacsen sitting back in his tent with Kinkaid 'waiting on him' (and the returned Timmen outside just in case), Sterling dropped off a brief note in a Banefort cipher asking Anais to meet him two tents over, in the tent of a common knight who is off tending to his wounded squire after the squires' melee. There's no request that she be alone or anthing — after all, can't ruin her reputation. The Banefort knight stands just inside the entrance, his hands folded neatly over one another in front of him.

Ciphered notes are so rarely good things. So it isn't long before Anais arrives with Nina in tow, glancing over her shoulder before she steps into the tent. "Please tell me this isn't urgently terrible," she murmurs with a look to the knight. Her hair is already twisted and braided for the dance, a few cosmetics dabbed at her cheeks and eyes, though she wears a simple, older gown, not yet changed into her finery.

Sterling shakes his head shortly, stepping out of the way and then back to the door after Anais has entered. He glances from behind the fall of tent-flap, then steps back into the room, "Nothing bad. He's met privately with Ser Rutger Nayland, Ser Kittridge Groves, Ser Kamron Mallister, Lady Lucienne Terrick," he goes on to list some half dozen knights, Lords, and Ladies, none other of note. "That's it. He's spotted me a few times. Finally set up a neat trick where I couldn't keep following and stay hidden. So I went up and talked to him."

Anais lets out a soft breath of relief at the reassurance, though she's more attentive to the list of names, grimacing at Lucienne's. "Recently for Lucienne? During the squire's melee?" she asks, for confirmation. "I left Kincaid with him then. No offense to you," she adds quickly. "I just wanted to make sure he didn't dose himself into oblivion." Falling silent, she chews on the edge of one thumbnail, pensive. "What did he say when you spoke with him?"

Sterling shakes his head, "Before that. She came to him during the squires' melee. Kinkaid was there." He shakes his head at the suggestion of offense, "I'm just followin' him. Kinkaid gets to play babysitter, Milady." For just a moment, his teeth show in a tight smile, and then the expression is gone again, "He asked why I was following him. I said I was a looking for work. Thought he could use some protection. Didn't lie, didn't give my name." There's a pause, then he shrugs, "Oh. Suppose I did lie about his manservant taking coin from someone without house colors on. But then 'gain, with all the betting going on, probably true."

Anais winces slightly, but nods. "I guess it's just as well you're not likely to be spending much time at the Roost, then, isn't it?" she murmurs. Sighing, she lowers her hand from her mouth, wiping her thumb on her skirt. "I suppose it was too much to hope to catch him in the act. Thank you, Sterling," she adds, summoning up a faint smile. "I'm sure you had more interesting things to do this tournament than follow my husband around."

Sterling shrugs his shoulders, "Eh. Didn't lie the rest of it. And if so, ain't it proper for a wife to worry about her lamed husband's safety?" He winces slightly as she takes her thumb from her mouth, peering at his own perfect nails, "Tourneys are boring except chances to make money on gambling or to get information. But you're right. Better get more spies for The Roost. I stick out there, and the prat knights don't much like me." Drywashing his hands a bit, he inquires, "You want me to follow him out of the dance too? Or you going to tire him out enough I don't need to?"

"I'm flattered that you think I can get him to dance enough to wear him out," Anais drawls, dry. "But no, no need to follow him. What am I going to do anyhow if you find him in the middle of something?" Again, there's that faint smile, as if there's something else on her mind, before she shakes her head. "Enjoy yourself, Sterling."

Sterling shrugs again, "What's it take? Two dances tops?" His eyes narrow slightly though, and then he snorts and shrugs again, "If you can top whatever they're doing, it don't matter who he's seeing, if anyone." He bows his head then, "I'll let you back to it then. Bet you've got lots to do to get ready for the dance." And that's where most knights would stammer something about 'oh, but I don't mean you're not beautiful just like it is,' but apparently the raw-boned knight is past that with the daughter of the Banefort.

Anais gives Sterling a flat look at the lack of flattery, though there's a hint of a smile at one corner of her lips. "I have a dress to put on. I'll make sure it takes hours for the pleasure of conforming to expectations." She shakes her head, that smile breaking through a little bit more. "Have fun, Sterling. I know it's hard, but I think you can manage." And with that, she turns to slip back out of the tent.

Sterling bows his head, "I'll try, Milady." He, however, waits in the tent, not coming out for five or six minutes. Best not to start even more rumors.