Sterling Sharpe
Sterling Sharpe
Damian Lewis
Damian Lewis as Sterling Sharpe
name: Sterling Sharpe
father: Ser Adam Sharpe
mother: Ellyn Sharpe
spouse: None
issue: None
gender: Male
age: 28
height: 5'11"
weight: 162 lbs
eyes: Gray-green
hair: Red
honorific: Ser
house: Banefort
position: Household Knight


Son of a sworn sword and a seamstress in the Banefort household, Ser Sterling has never distinguished himself. He is not a tournament knight, and until the ironborn attacked, he had not seen combat. He grew up at the Banefort, squired for his father, and went off to "war" with the Lannisters. That meant participating in the Sack of King's Landing and doing no real fighting.

Over the next several years, he served as something of a gopher and courier for Lord and Lady Banefort, traveling throughout the Westerlands, especially the northern coasts. When the ironborn attacked, Sterling was at The Banefort, but no one remembers him doing any great deeds during the siege. His father, however, was killed in the fight. After the siege was broken, he resumed his usual duties for the Baneforts.

Despite being present at both the tournament at the Twins and that at Seagard, Sterling has shown that he is definitively not a tourney knight, avoiding all suggestion of participation in both tourneys. Avoiding the tilt is understandable for a sworn sword of little repute — and a left-handed one at that, but avoiding the melee is less understandable to some.

With both Anais and Saffron Banefort married into Riverlands houses, Sterling returned to the Banefort after the second wedding.


Father: Ser Adam Sharpe, sworn sword to House Banefort
Mother: Ellyn Sharpe, Seamstress for the Banefort household
Grandfather: Ser Domnik Sharpe, hedge knight
Grandmother: Sanora Sharpe, "seamstress"
Great-grandfather: Ser Willem Sharpe, common soldier turned hedge knight
Great-grandmother: Annessa Sharpe, prostitute

Physical Features

Tall but not extremely so, raw-boned and long-faced, with a wiry sort of strength about him, this man has a distinctly common look about him. His auburn hair is a tight tangle atop his head, the bright color making his grey-green eyes stand out brilliantly. His brows are lighter than his hair, shading the faint lines at the corners of his eyes. A strong nose centers his face, with a slight flattening at the bridge where it was smashed in the past. His lips are not wide, but they do plump enough to give shape to the emotions that pass over his face. The long chin that balances his high forehead flatters his narrow cheeks, and plays out in the rest of his frame.

He usually wears simple leathers, even when he's not dressed for combat.

RP Hooks

Pathologically Ambitious: Sterling very much wants to marry a noblewoman and continue his family's climb up the social ladder.
Near Complete Lack of Morality: Sterling is quite willing to do what it takes to get what he wants. He's a knight, but some would say he's the worst kind.

Between these two, there's always room for the influence of others creeping in.

Views on Others

Lord-Banefort_icon.jpg Liege Lord and Lady Lord Banefort is a strong Lord, and he's been good to my family. Lady Banefort has been at least as good, but I'm scared shitless of disappointing her. Her disappointment'd be most pointed. At least they both see the value of my more unique skills.
Anais_icon.jpg Lady Her father's daughter. She should rage less, and plot more. If she did that, she might actually become her mother's daughter. Then she'd rule the Roost.
Saffron_icon.jpg Lady Wild enough to be a pain to guard and amusing to talk to. But damned hard to sell off for a wedding. I'll have to get someone else lined up for whenever this latest one dies.

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