Status Of Stonebridge I

To the Lord and Lady of Stonebridge, Ryker and Isolde Nayland, Ser Rygar Nayland writes.

The weekly drills continue as scheduled, with a fit number of suitable peasantry selected for service as serjeants among the levy. A list of their names has been included for your review.

Fines were levied upon thirteen households this week for their menfolk shirking civic duty through drill with the levy. In the past week, there was an instance of a riverman forcing entry into the home of a farmer while the man was at drill. The transgressor has been imprisoned in stocks in the Town Square for a full day as punishment, in addition to the typical punishments for theft.

The count of large vessels arriving from the Twins in the past week is nine, the count of the same from Seagard is three. Mooring dues were paid properly in all instances. The count of smaller rafts, barges and boats is three score and seven.

By my hand on this, the 24th of August, in the 288th year since the Landing,
Ser Rygar Nayland