Page 365: Star Light, Star Bright
Star Light, Star Bright
Summary: A stargazing conversation between the betrothed couple.
Date: 21 July 2012
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Saffron Kamron 
Rooftops, Four Eagles Tower
Its a roof.
July 21, 289

In the wake of a hot and gloriously beautiful day, the night offers a cool relief. Pinpricks are bright in the velveteen sky, and the lack of moon illuminates the various roadways of stars that band their way across the heavens. Saffron Banefort sits on one of the parapets, looking out toward the east with her back on the roaring ocean. She has swathed herself in that white-lined dark grey cloak to guard off the chill of the night. Bear is asleep at her feet, curled up around her slippers like a hot water bottle. Sprawled across her lap is what appears to be an astronomy map, and she is using it to locate various constellations. She is looked after by Timmen and Punbah, both leaned against a nearby wall; the former is snoring softly while the latter looks to be working on darning a pair of socks.

Kamron comes climbing up the stairs, pushing open the door and stepping quietly out onto the roof terrace. His steps are quiet, but certainly not silent. In his mourning attire, he melds into the night relatively well. His eyes shift immediately over to the sitting Lady, and his smile is bright enough to catch the starlight. Stepping over in her directly, he chuckles softly at the snoozing guard, giving Punbah a nod as well. Looking down at the maps in the Lady's lap, he adds, "Have you found the Ghost yet, My Lady?"

Naturally, Punbah is the one who look up the moment the man comes to the roof, and he smiles gently toward the Mallister betrothed as he returns the nod. Saffron does not look up from her observations until the familiar voice touches her ears. With a tilt of her chin, Saffron meets his eyes with a beaming smile that dimples up her cheeks. "Kamron," she murmurs brightly. Her fingers smooth across the map, though she halts at his question with an upward quirk of her brows. "The Ghost, Ser Kamron? I don't think I know that constellation." There is a warm glimmer in her eyes. "Will you show me it?"

Kamron laughs softly at the question, shaking his head a bit, "I wish I could, My Lady. I've only heard of it. I cannot pick it out. I believe it's easier to see further south and east." He frowns just a touch, thoughtfully, then laughs a little ruefully, "At least I think so. Like I said, I've only heard of it." Stepping close and leaning down to touch the map on her lap, running two fingers over the surface lightly, "Isn't it on there, somewhere, My Lady?"

The betrothed Banefort offers him a mirthful smile before she draws herself down on the parapet a bit so he may join her. There is a warm shyness from the noblewoman, and she actually bites at her lower lip a bit at the touch to the map. "Well," she says softly as she clears her throat, looking down at the map. "Let me see…" She guides her fingertips over the map, following various lines of constellations until she finds the Ghost star cluster. She then squints up at the sky, trying to track where the stars may be. "There." She points off toward the southeast. "The Ghost."

Kamron cuts his eyes over to that pale, beautiful face, his fingers remaining in place on the map for a moment. One eye winks closed a moment, and then he looks from the map to the sky, "So… around…" and she gets there first, and he tilts his head to looks down the length of her arm, his temple nearly touching hers. "Why so it is. I thought you might like that one. I'm glad we could find it." And he flashes another crooked grin, "Or rather, glad that you could find it, Lady Saffron. You're quite good at this, you know?"

The near-touch of his temple to hers catches her breath in her chest, and her eyes drift closed just for a moment so she can breathe in his scent — the soft residue of musky sweat, a touch of earthiness, and perhaps even the faintest hint of soap. It brings earnest comfort. "I do rather like that one. Isn't there one call the Moonmaid too?" When he grins her way, she returns it as a soft smile, and his compliment only spurs a bit of warmth in those pale eyes. "It was a dirty trick," she murmurs to him. "I just wanted you close." She tilts her head a bit so she can claim a kiss, her warm lips pressing against his.

Kamron nods his head slowly, "Indeed. I know that one. She's called that because she's always in the moon's path, either being chased or chasing herself." That draws a bright, crooked grin to his lips, only to have it smothered by the press of her mouth to his. The knight's left hand rises to cup her cheek, his right shifting back to brace against the parapet and to turn him toward her more squarely. The Mallister man makes a soft sound of pleasure under his breath, his lips parting a moment against hers.

"I wonder if she will ever get caught," Saffron murmurs as his fingertips touch her cheek, and she tilts the apple into his palm. In order to resist returning the warm touch to his own skin, she keeps her hands gently poised in her lap and the map secured. The kiss lengthens and doubles, though almost shyly — a soft rubbing of lips, the faintest hint of tongue, and then she gently breaks away from the kiss. Her smile is warm and soft, the tip of her nose gently touching his. "If the moon chased her as you chase me, she would do as I do and stop running."

Kamron brushes his thumb against her cheek, his eyes closing as he sinks into it. That little flirt of tongue causes him to reciprocate, his fingers curling against her cheek. When their lips break contact, he makes a softly disappointed sound before his eyes open, another laugh rising huskily to his lips, "And is that another dirty trick, Saffron." Horror of horrors, he's dropped the title with those murmured words, "You seem to know quite a lot of them, for such an innocent young lady." Oh, now he's teasing her with whispers.

There is a warmth — no, a heat — in her words that is reflected in her pale eyes, turning those glass-colored pools into burning blue flames. She is at least well-bred enough to blush at his teasing, though an upward quirk of her lips suggest she is not entirely embarrased. "You give me such little credit, Kamron," she whispers back. "A Maiden, yes… but I am surrounded by plenty of ladies who are not, and I am very, very attentive." She grins softly then, her eyes still searching his even as another kiss is gently engaged with the Mallister knight. Still, her hands remain gently in her lap, though her fingers have had to twist together to resist a touch.

Kamron's eyebrows rise at the Saffron's quite words, "Oh… so you talk about that sort of thing together," and then his words are stilled by another kiss. His right hand still braces against the parapet, but his left is free, and it starts to smooth out against her cheek, even sliding back toward her ear and hair behind, and then is carefully snatched away, curled into a fist before it drops down to enfold her twined fingers somewhere — mostly — safe. As he draws back from this kiss, he draws in a breath that was stolen from him by the connection, "all of you ladies, curious as to what comes after marriage." The knight shakes his head in amusement, "But please don't take it as an insult, actually I would call it a compliment, given some of the rumors and whispers circling the Cape."

His touch draws a shudder through her, and a soft noise is released against his lips as the kiss begins to recede once more. It is a disappointing thing, but it soon passes. "It is a point of curiosity," Saffron murmurs softly, "what comes after marriage." There is a strange, and almost awkward moment from the young noblewoman. "Lords are at least given opportunities to… to… practice." And she blushes with a genuine shyness, averting her gaze a bit. This demureness only lasts a few moments before she lifts her gaze to his once more.

And the sight of her blush causes Kamron to grin crookedly, his free hand coming up to brush the pad of his thumb over her lips. After a moment, he admits, "Some of us haven't taken many opportunities. At least not compared to others." And there the knight shows a bit of embarrassment himself, shrugging a little helplessly. "Aaand I've directed this conversation into a rather embarrassing and inappropriate direction, haven't I, My Lady?"

Saffron's brows arch expressively at his backwards confession. "Not many?" She asks, almost curiously. The question hangs there for a moment before she shakes her head, waving off any answer that may even begin at his lips. "No, no. I needn't know about that." She offers him a softer smile, tilting her head a bit as she tucks a lock of red behind her ear. "Well, allow me to direct the conversation along another path." She stretches out the map a bit, looking down at it. "Do you think we can see the Stallion tonight?" She asks. Gently, the pair leave the talk of post-wedding activites behind, even if now and then they both touch or softly kiss. They try to keep their focus on the stars.