Page 479: Stables, Cousins and Deals
Stables, Cousins and Deals
Summary: Lady Katrin and Ser Perrin have a chance meeting in the Broadmoor's Keep stables
Date: 11/Nov/12
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Katrin Perrin 
Broadmoor Keep's Stables
Broadmoor Keep's stables are beautifully tended, with roomy stalls and mangers stuffed full of sweet-smelling hay. At one end of the airy building lies a tidy tack room, where many a squire has spent his afternoons polishing leather to a high sheen. The constant sound of contented equine munching and swishing of tails provides a rare respite and quiet, compared to the general bustle of the fortress.
11 Nov 479

The early afternoon sunlight catches the dust that seems suspended in mid air and shows it clearly. The stables are alive this day, men work at mucking stalls, fixing tack, feeding and brushing of the horses. Right in the middle of all this activity is Perrin. Tunic of off white spun wool, leather pants, almost knee hight boots, work gloves. He leans one arm on a hay fork, one glove hand wiping the sweat from this brow "Kylin, really? I swear boy if you had the brains of a bull frog," He can only chuckle as he watches his squire gather a muck rack to get the droppings of the wheelbarrow that lays on it's side.

There is a clattering of hooves as Katrin leads her chestnut mare back in to the stables. Behind her, her maid and a Haigh guard are also leading horses but they don't seem as enthused after the ride as their mistress. The girl is murmuring quietly into the horse's ear, eyes alight with her excitement. One of the hands comes up to take the horse but she just waves him off, instead taking the horse down the aisle herself and back toward her stall.

As the sounds of horse hooves echo through the stables, Perrin turns and squints to see who has arrived. That half smile of his comes easily as Katrin nears. Handing off the hay fork he has been using as a prop to one of the stable boys he then reaches out to catch the reins just below the bit of the Lady's horse. His free hand pats the neck of the mare "Easy girl," he murmurs to the chestnut. Looking up to Katrin "Cousin," he greets Katrin. "Been out for a ride, I see," he notes. "Good day for it." Gently he strokes the neck of the horse "Anywhere in particular or just out?" He tries, fails, to suppress the chuckle as he spots the less than enthusiastic look of her riding companions.

Katrin shakes her head, "No where of consequence," she replies with a bright look. "Just reacquainting myself with the land and countryside," she explains. "I enjoyed riding when I was young and galloping as fast as possible across the open fields." Her eyes close as an elated smile curves her lips. "I imagine there is nothing else as similar to flying." She glances over her shoulder at Serra and her guard, eyes rolling. "Oh, I only left you behind a few times. And I came back!"

That half smile of his remains as she explains where, well more exactly where not, she has ridden. All the while Perrin rubs the neck of her horse "Some times those are the best of ride, M'Lady," he says. Then as Katrin explains the speed and her comments to Serra and her armsman he laughs. A bright and deep laugh. "Yes, I can say you pushed her pretty hard," he says as he notes the sweat on the chestnut. He motions to one of the boys "Sarran, take care of the Lady's horse. Brush her down good and then clean the tack." He turns his head back to Katrin "I love it too, to let them have their head and just fly across the greens. Though it used to worry Mother half to death when I was younger," he tells with a wink.

"Apparently, I still do worry people when I do that," Katrin says innocently, passing a beaming smile over to maid and guard. She seems almost reluctant to let the reins go but does not, patting the mare's neck gently. "Take good care of her," she implores. As she looks back at Perrin with a wry smile, her Septa comes tottering in. Likely she saw the younger people returning from the ride and is now coming out to meet them. "Lady Katrin, a letter came for you while you were out," she says. "From Heronhurst." Katrin's cheeks flush with pleasure.

With a bit of a chuckle as Katrin explains about worrying folks Perrin nods knowingly. "Oh, Sarran is very good," he reaches out and ruffles the boy's hair as he is want to do. The lad grimaces as it's done then turns to Katrin and bows "Aye, M'lady, I'll take real good care of her," before he gently leads the horse off. As the Septa comes hurrying in, Perrin goes over to a workbench that's built onto the wall, turns and leans against it, one leg crossed over the other. Gloves come off one finger at a time before his brow raises slightly. "Heronhurst huh?" The gloves are laid on the bench "Must be someone pretty important to give a Lady such a flush at just the mention of the place." He teases but also watches intently.

Katrin holds the letter close to her and shakes her head. "Oh, it is a friend in Heronhurst," she explains. "A large Mallister party went to Heronhurst in preparation for the Lady Muirenn's wedding to Ser Otto Erenford. I count many amongst them as dear friends and I do miss them quite a bit. Especially the Lady Saffron, who very recently wed Ser Kamron Mallister and is said to be with child." She gives her cheery smile. "Perhaps you could whisper into Uncle Leslyn's ear that he should hold an event and invite the Mallisters down to Broadmoor. They may think us a small House but we are one full of hospitality."

Perrin listens as he picks bits of hay from his clothes "Uh hu," he says finally. With his head still partly down it tilts to one side and that half smile comes "And would a certain Knight of the Mallister's be on the guest list?" He waits for a reaction then chuckles and waves his hand dismissively. "I'm sorry, Cousin. I hear things now and then. It matters not to me who comes. But," he takes a deep breath "if you wish me to speak to Father then I will." His head still titled "for you." He picks up the gloves, clinched in one hand they are slapped into the other "And when I need a favor," his words trail off for a moment of pause before he continues "I can count on you?" There is something in his eyes, a glitter perhaps or would it just be the slight squint in the sunlight that makes it seem that way?

"You should be careful about which rumors you choose to listen to, Cousin," Katrin replies, her friendly and cheerful facade dropping for a moment, leaving behind a serious and grim-faced woman made even more so by the scars on her face. And then it's gone once again, leaving her full of smiles. "While I am home, I simply believe it would be nice to see some festivity here in Broadmoor. These halls were meant for laughter and cheer. At the mention of a favor, her head tilts. "What, or who did you have in mind, cousin of mine?" she asks lightly.

Perrin laughs as Katrin grows all serious. "Lady Katrin," he starts "one thing about me you may not know. I hear all kinds of things. Many rumors. As for my opinion on what I hear I hold them close. And," he adds with hardly a pause "I don't hold much stock in them till I hear both sides of the story." A simple shrug of his shoulders. "Besides I am only interested in them if they," he counts on his fingers "One, affect the family, two if they affect he House and three if they affect me." Still that half smile rests upon him, hiding any emotion he may have. A deep breath "You know, it's been a long while since we had a Tourney. Maybe we are due?" Perrin says with a single raised brow. As for the what or who he might have in mind he just shrugs "One good favor deserves another, yes?"

"Rumors are a nasty business," Katrin muses. "It does not necessarily have to be true, and yet it can so easily spread and ruin a person's good reputation that they have spent a lifetime trying to build." Her head shakes and she sighs. "And then it is another lifetime to try and rebuild it just so people will not look at you with such distain." But the mention of a Tourney does draw a smile to her lips. "That does sound quite fun. I enjoyed the last few I had occasion to go to."

"Exactly," replies Perrin to Katrin's description of rumors. "That is why I always seek out both sides before saying anything." He lets the words linger a moment "Rumors are nasty things, easy to start, harder than a runaway horse to stop." He shakes his head at the thought. Then raising his head to meet Katrin's eyes with his own "Me, I much rather some one come and tell me something straight up then to have to go to them and find out the full story." Again there is a pause "I mean, if there is anything to tell."

Rubbing his chin in thought "Might be a bit late to have one, though as far south as we are there is still good weather to be had. Or if not a Tourney then a good Winters Feast," he gives a wink "and some sword work and what not. How can one entertain the men with out such?" <fixed>

"How can one entertain the women without the men waving their swords about?" Katrin counters with a smile. "There is just something oh so appealing of watching a man go after another with the sword." She breathes out a sigh. "But nothing more terrifying than watching one you care for being attacked." She clasps her hands together in front of her. "I am so glad that both you and I managed to return home at the same time, Cousin."

Perrin can only laugh at the reaction of Katrin to his comments. Once he has regained a bit of his composure he shakes his head and says "I will take your word for the appealing part, M'Lady." Which of course brings another laugh or two. When she mentions about worrying about those you care for a bit of a downcast look comes and quickly departs. Might not even have been seen. He dips his head ever so slightly about arriving at the same time "I am glad we did too, cousin. I am counting on having many more insightful conversations with you." He then pushes him off the bench he had been leaning on "If I am to talk to Father then I best clean up. He says," he leans in close to Katrin, his voice low as if he is telling a secret "that it's not my place to be mucking stalls and the like. But I enjoy it all the same."