Page 506: Stabbing In The Sept
Stabbing in the Sept
Summary: A nobleman and guard confront
Date: 12/December/289
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Sept Garden, Terrick's Roost
Behind the Sept is a small garden that runs nearly to the edge of the cliffs that fall right down into the forthing sea more than two hundred feet below. The ground has been tilled and turned to help the soil produce a small amount of vegetables as well as fruit-producing shrubberies. Flowers have been encouraged to grow up trellises along the back and side walls of the Sept.
Dec 12, 289

After spending time in the Inn, the Market square and other locations around town, today finds Aemy in the gardens of the Sept, meandering through the ever blossoming, fragrant blooms. Amidst the splash of vibrant color, the mourning colors of her dark red dress is somewhat sobering, the only splash of color is her silky blonde curls she can do nothing about, and the vivid blue of her eyes as she admires the roses. The afternoon is bright, if somewhat slightly chilly, though there is no cloak about the Erenfords shoulders.

Following behind the lady are the ever present handmaid and stern faced Redmond who has now called in reinforcements by way of Symon, the other guard who sometimes accompanies her. Flanking her sides, though several steps back, the are ever watchful of the lady who is only now beginning to be troublesome after so many years of being proper.

I wonder who's influence could do such a thing. Oh right. Daryl Ashwood can be seen approaching from the entrance of the garden, donned in his lighter, leather armor rather than his full breastplate. He steps past some of the flowers, glancing at them idly before he see's his betrothed some ways away. A smile immediately rises, and the Ashwood begins to approach her, green eyes taking in how much her locks and hues contrast to the dress she wears. Two guards now? They sure weren't making this easy. "Aemy." Daryl's smooth voice carries across the sept garden.

Having orders to ensure Aemy does not escape them, the guards are on full alert once the voice of the Ashwood is heard, one watches Aemy while the other nods tersely to Daryl. They get paid for guarding the noble lady and having recently been shirking their responsibilities, their jobs are on the line. It is going to be a hard sale to get them away from her side for anything. "My lord." Symon, with a bigger build than Red nods to the lord, a single brow arched, just watching.

Hearing her name, Aemy spins around, a smile already in place. "Lord Daryl.." The pleasure lighting her eyes at the appearance of him is hard to miss, and her eyes move over his armor, then back to his face, ensuring herself he is indeed whole, hale and hers. "What a pleasure seeing you this day!"

"You as well," Daryl replies, even as he takes a look the guard's way. Symon doesn't get a challenging look like Redmond does, but the Ashwood offers a small nod to them both. As he closes the gap between himself and Aemy, any sour look that may have been on his countenance before is erased, a funloving smile replacing it as he moves to lift the much smaller woman into a three hundred and sixty degree spinning hug, smoothly letting her down back unto her feet. "How are you?" A look Kyra's way, and a rare, acknowledging smile.

Symon is quite the serious one, Redmond is the more lax of the two, which is probably apparent by all he has let pass him by while he pursued Kyra. With Symon there, babysitting everyone, even Red is on his best behavior. As the Ashwood closes the distance between them, they immediately move into a more alert position, though make no immediate moves to stop the hug when it ends briefly. Kyra returns the smile with a lift of her brows. Yeah, all in top form today.

Aemy hugs him tight, briefly, her smile even widening by several degrees, happiness today is fairly emanating off her. His smile.. it gets her, every single time."I have never been better. I am happy to see you."

And Daryl too seems to be in higher spirit's, just being around the Erenford woman. It's been a trying few weeks with the search for Lady Hafwen, and she seems to raise him up despite the hardship and frustration he's endured. Kyra's look, over Aemy's shoulder, does not go unnoticed, and he bites his bottom lip to hold back that smile. That's reserved for Lady Aemy. Its not easy though. "Come to boast to the flowers about how much more beautiful you are than they?" A chuckle at that, and he takes only a half step back, in order to give a little breathing room for the guards. It's true, so far…He's gotten away with a lot. Including what -could- be considered kidnapping…Even if it was for a few moments in the forest for a secret tryst. The Ashwood glances down at hands that are beginning to heal from the cuts he obtained on the bark of the tree he slid down, and then his gaze rises to the Erenford. "Quite a…Entourage you have." There's a hint of humor in his voice.

His smile.. It does tremendous things to her inside, and right now there is a fluttering she cannot even begin to understand. Once he lowers her back to the ground, she can do nothing but look at him, waiting in anticipation for another of his smiles, either the charming one, the smirk.. so many expressions to admire. Such a compliment, a blush steals over her cheeks, and it pleases her immensely that he finds her beautiful. "You flatter me, my lord, Daryl. Should you continue, I fear you will make me fall for you. Is that your intention?" Merriment dances in her blue eyes as she regards him, perhaps teasing him in return. "They find it necessary to shadow my every step." As he glances at his hands, Aemy takes a step back and reaches for one hand, lifting it, looking at the palm and tracing the lines of the cuts that had been put there previously, before letting it go. "Does it still hurt?"

The 'entourage' continue making sure all is proper, while Kyra gives him a knowing smile over her ladies shoulder. His reputation precedes him and it has caught the interest of the handmaid.

"Perhaps," The Lord Daryl responds to Aemy with a rising grin, his pearly whites shown off as his cheeks raise ever so slightly with it. "I don't flatter. Merely speak the truth…And, well…It is easy to compliment someone who has so many things admirable about them." Hmmm. That smile from Kyra doesn't have him uneasy, but he chooses to act. Smoothly. In response to Aemy's comment about her guards, that grin rises once more. "Why so? Two guards, though i'm glad your kept safe…" He looks towards the pair, "You would say Lady Aemy is a very respectable and proper noblewoman, would you not? Is your strengthened presence…An insult to M'Lady's honor?" He tries to trap them verbally, that smile fading to a bit of a smirk. His eyes shift to Kyra, but they stay at her face, almost analyzing, accessing…How much does she know? As Aemy takes his hand, he looks back her way, "Not at all. A couple of days and I bet it'll be healed completely." His palm wraps around her smaller hand and holds it in his own.

Kyra is quite good friends with Eva. And maids talk. Oh yes, they do! Comparing notes of recent noblemen conquests they have both made, that leaves Kyra knowing.. quite a bit. Eva too! As the question is directed at them, the maid remains silent, leaving it to the guards. "Redmond had to report to Young Lord Brennart of the recent occurrences in Highfield and in the Roost." Symon has taken it upon himself to be the voice of the group. "He was quite unhappy with the avoidances of the guard and maid on several occasions and sent me promptly to deal with it. It is not her honor that is in question, my lord. It's yours." Almost defiantly, he spreads his feet apart, shoulder width, preparing.. just in case.

As for the lady Aemy, her eyes are on Daryl at the moment. "Thank you.." Though at the verbal confrontation, she is forced to look away, to her guard, giving him a look to take caution. It is completely lost on the guard though, so instead she smiles at her betrothed. "Worry not about my honor my lord. Nothing has been done between us that could not be explained."

Oh yeah, just what Daryl was looking for. The Ashwood furrows his brows, staring Symon down inquisitively, and a smirk rising as he notes the man's stance. "Nervous?" He takes a step closer to the guard, somewhere in between him and Aemy. "And surely, the new guard appointed to my betrothed would know all about my honor." His words drip with sarcasm, and his jaw clenches as he challenges the more daring of the guards, "So tell me, guard. What about my honor deems such worry?" Perhaps trying to bait him into speaking ill of a nobleman from greater birth. There's still a little space between them, and Daryl glances at Kyra briefly. "Or perhaps it would be better if I spoke with her. She seems to have some intelligence behind her, and…Unlike you, could likely form coherent and meaningful sentences that have real depth behind them. Which is it then?" There's a fire in his eyes, and they meet Symon's defiance with equal challenge.

Aemy has just fallen back to watch them, sort of.. embarrassed by the scene that will keep growing, should it continue. "Please.." Her voice is soft, pleading, not wishing for a large confrontation here and now. Though she knows Daryl is upset and with good reason, she looks between them, saying nothing more.

Symon does not back down, nor does he seem particularly nervous. "Surely, a nobleman would not choose to cause rumors about the very lady he is going to marry in a short two months time." It is spoken flatly, as a statement, not a question. He will not make any first moves, but he will defend the ladies honor should it come to it. "You speak with who you wish, but I ask you not to take improprieties with the lady."

Kyra is not coming between them all, there is nothing but bad written all over the situation. Instead, she faces her lady and comforts her, drawing her away from Symon and Daryl. Redmond will follow.

Aemy's words don't fall on deaf ears, as riled as the Ashwood nobleman is. He looks back to her and gives her a reassuring look. There's still that fire in his eyes, but he doesn't want to see her scared. Daryl has a stubborn backbone, however, and looks back towards Symon with a small laugh. "Yes. You do. You ask, very politely. And you know my response, commoner?" The Ashwood takes a moment to gather what spit is in his mouth and shoot it towards Symon, having it land on his chest, whether it be armor or clothing. "I piss on your request. In fact, i'd take my cock out right here and do so if I wasn't in the presence of finer company." He indicates the ladies with a motion of his hand. "This is to be my wife. And I, her husband. So when the day comes of our wedding, and her name becomes such as mine, I will remember who honored it…And who didn't. And we'll continue this then. Until that day comes? Do your fucking job and stop opening your mouth so much. You may find it gets you further." He waits to see if indeed, Symon will make a move, and if not he'll turn and step towards the others, but a bit off to the side. Redmond gets a hand set on his shoulder. "You…Your alright." He takes a position a small ways off, "Kyra, may I speak with you for a moment, please?"

Without another word to the noble, Symon straightens, turns on his heel and takes Aemy's upper arm. Redmond stands on her other side, and allowing no further words to be exchanged, they escort the Erenford from the gardens back towards the inn, Kyra giving him an apologetic look before rushing after the others.

<FS3> Daryl rolls Sleight Of Hand: Good Success

Not so fast. The Ashwood's steps towards the group first has given him a lead on Symon, and when he moves to snatch up Aemy, Daryl is in the way. They bump into each other before she can be reached, though as they impact, crimson blood falls between them, and there's a moment of flailing and colliding, the Ashwood clutching his forearm, where through his armor, blood seeps out. "Villain!" He exclaims, eyeing Symon, "He tried to stab me!" Attached to Symon's belt is a small knife, blood dripping off its edge towards the ground below. A look to Redmond, and he unsheathes his sword, the moment going tense. "Kyra. Alert the town guards. Redmond, take Aemy someplace safe." Daryl stands between Symon and the others. "You'll rot in a dungeon for such a crime." He glares daggers at the guard.

<FS3> Aemy rolls Alertness: Good Success

No chance in hell would Redmond allow Symon to take the fall. The man has a wife and family he was supporting. He knows the knife wasn't there previously, and at the pure subterfuge the nobleman is stooping to is beyond anything he could have thought the man capable of, he gives him a disappointed look, taking Aemy's arm where Symon wasn't able and mutters something to Kyra. Kyra then runs off towards the inn. For help, right?! Aemy does not have time to react to anything as she is forcibly removed from the area, ushered in no uncertain terms to Young Lord Brennart who is currently staying at the Inn.