Page 279: Squares and Circles
Squares and Circles
Summary: News of the oncoming duel is shared with several members of Terrick's Roost when Danae comes to town.
Date: 25/4/2012
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Town Square — Terrick's Roost
The town square of Terrick's Roost was once considered well-kept. The stone streets run right up to the building fronts around the edge and the locals have kept the spaces between free of grass and weeds that might otherwise sprung up between them, although dark streaks of stubborn soot have crawled in between the stones. There are several homes and shops located here which show the scars and cinders of the sacking of the town at Ironborn hands. The ruin of the town's Sept can also be seen from here with its ornate stone front rising above the surrounding structures just down the cobblestone road.
Apr 24, 289

Ser Jarod (nee Rivers?) is spending his time at present in the town square of the Roost. Which still gets a few odd traders, if nothing close to what it once did with the poverty that's gripped the town. Not to mention the bandits terrorizing the roads. He's no longer wearing the purple-and-gold sash he did in his days at Four Eagles Tower proper, and his boots have lost their spurs. Though he still carries his sword, and is dressed in those green tunics he prefers when in 'civilian clothes.' Though this one is perhaps growing a little worn. It's midday and life in the town around him goes on, so much as it can in these harder days.

Ser Jarod (nee Rivers?) is spending his time at present in the town square of the Roost. Which still gets a few odd traders, if nothing close to what it once did with the poverty that's gripped the town. Not to mention the bandits terrorizing the roads. He's no longer wearing the purple-and-gold sash he did in his days at Four Eagles Tower proper, and his boots have lost their spurs. Though he still carries his sword, and is dressed in those green tunics he prefers when in 'civilian clothes.' Though this one is perhaps growing a little worn. It's midday and life in the town around him goes on, so much as it can in these harder days.

The slight, blonde figure of Danae Westerling is an uncommon sight in the town square of Terrick's Roost. Although the lady has had cause to visit since its initial sacking by the Ironborn, she still stares at the torn stone and scars of the buildings as if seeing them for the first time as she moves through the town. The completion of whatever errand she had arrived upon draws her back into the central hub of the place with her guards following just behind.

Justin arrives on foot, walking with a few men and a couple of women in a group. They stop and he points out where debris has been piled up, cracked stones, burnt timbers and whatnot from a building that is now mostly ruined. "This all needs to be cleared out. Wagon's on its way to be loaded and should be here shortly. Foreman here will take down your names and mark you as earned your wages in food rations when you have finished." A lad stands near the back of the group holding the reins of Justin's horse while he then lowers his voice to speak a bit more with the foreman who's in charge of the small group.

"My Lady Danae." Jarod notices the Westerling lady, as he's not far from her. He dips into a deep, flourishing bow that seems even more theatrical than usual. "What brings you to our…" He stops to correct himself, which makes him wince. "…what brings a fine Westerwoman such as yourself up to the Roost?" Though he still seems quite curious of her presence, the coming of Justin and the wagon makes him turn his head. He watches the Terrick lord, but makes no move to approach him.

"Good, Ser Rivers," Danae greets, turning towards the sound of his voice with a slip of a smile. Her curtsey is slight and dainty, as it has always been, and entirely without the showmanship of his flourishbow. She inclines her chin towards him and says, "Simply some business in town… Lady Lucienne told me of a seamstress and I am need of a new gown. I had hoped to speak with the young Lord and Lady Anais as well, should they be spared." Pale eyes follow Jarod's gaze as he speaks, slipping towards the recently met Lord Justin. "Busy with repair yet, are you not?"

The smallfolk start spreading out around and into the collapsed building to begin hauling out the debris. The two women have carried watered wine which they set down now to help with moving smaller, lighter things. It doesn't take long for the empty wagon to arrive to be loaded up with whatever can't be salvaged and used again. Justin walks on back to take the grey's reins from the boy so that the lad can get to helping as well. He leads the saddled horse forward and then pauses to watch the work get started. Satisefied, he turns and starts walking towards the inn, lifting an arm to wipe his sweaty brow in the day's heat.

"Much work to do yet, m'lady, but the people of the Roost shall see it done. How did you find the roads? Since I returned from the Isles I've heard they've become plagued with banditry." He spots Justin, straightening up with perhaps a touch of awkwardness, but he doesn't approach or make himself known to the trueborn Terrick.

"I took them uncontested, Ser. There was neither hair not beast to block our ride out from Stonebridge, although I did not come without escort," Danae offers, pausing breiefly to purse her lips in thought. Unlike others who have likely taken them. At the approach of the Terrick Lord, she dips in an appropriate curtsey of greeting — waiting for Justin to come within earshot before she speaks. "It will be good to see the stones settled."

Justin comes fairly close and pauses in what shade he might find to tie his horse so that the grey need not stand around waiting in the sun. He turns to raise his grey eyes to seek Danae at the sound of her voice and he inclines his head to her curtsey, "Aye, though it takes time to cut and haul the stone, and longer still to cut and age timbers. Much has already been done and I think we'll get to most of it over the next few months. A pleasure to see you again, Lady Westerling." There is a nod also to the man with her, "Ser Jarod."

"Have you escort back apart from your guard, my lady?" Jarod asks, manner growing perhaps a little more urgent. Or an attempt at salesmanship, which he can't quite pull off. "Though I lack a horse at present I know these roads better than any man you can find, and shall in the next days be headed down Stonebridge way myself. And to the Mire beyond it, but I could certainly act as your guard to the town of Stonebridge itself. I…" He takes a moment to consider what he's going to say. "…I know not how much you've heard of my disgrace, my lady, but I am out of favor with my family, and seeking what work a hedge knight might in these troubled lands." There's an awkward pause when Justin greets him, though he finally summons up the presence of mind to bow slight and offer a respectful, "My lord."

The group of three are gathered in the town square. Jarod Rivers standing despurred and without his purple sash, while Lord Justin Terrick joins them from speaking with a group of workmen. Danae turns towards Jarod with an appraising cast to her expression, smile soft although any answer she had planned to give is set aside for the moment as the Terrick Lord joins them. "I will speak to you on that later," she suggests softly to Jarod with a mild arch of her brows — seeking to avoid any confrontation or embarassment with the Terrick's arrival. "Lord Terrick, it is indeed a pleasure to see you again so soon. The look of authority suits you."

Justin turns his head to look back to the work party he tasked with clearing one of the burnt buildings of debris. Slowly they are setting cracked stone and charred timbers the wagon, any bits of metals they can find will be taken to a smith to be smelted and used again. Looking bacy to Lady Danae, Justin twists his mouth, "I can't abide sitting around doing nothing. My horse needs the occational time off from riding wide patrols of the roads so alternating tasks seems best." The grey stands quietly where Justin tied him, a back leg cocked. To Jarod, Justin looks his half brother over before he asks, "No luck yet? Where do you go?"

Garett has been the busy kind of old brother since arriving in the Roost. Letting Danae do what she needed to do, the older Westerling went about more basic tasks, since that allowed him to be on his own and if there's anything he likes, it's being by himself. After stabling Dane's horse and his own warhorse Regret, he then went to secure boarding at the nearby inn, and that happens to be where he's exiting from, idly tugging at his sur-coat. Remembering that Danae was going to be at the seamstresses shop, that where he's intially headed toward, before he spots the small group that she happened to be apart of. Thus making his search easier, that's where he heads for, keeping his silence for the sake of whatever conversation is being had.

Jarod offers Danae a bow, if not quite so flashy a one as before. "I shall be at the Rockcliff at least until the morrow, my lady." To Justin, he answers, "The Mire. We received word from Lord Rickart Nayland today. He wishes Rowenna to present herself in his home and explain herself to her family, as we did with Lord Jerold." He smirks faint. "I'm told I'll come and go with my head attached. So there's that. If Lord Jerold asks after it, give him my promise I shall be the sole of contrition. I hope we can make some amends with the Naylands over what we've done, so he won't hold it against the Terricks proper." He notes Garett, and offers him a respectful inclination of his head, but most of his attention is on the Terrick lord now.

"Then that is where I shall seek you." Danae offers Jarod a slight smile, incling her head in acceptance of his bow. Letting the men speak, she folds her hands in a light clasp and settles them at her waist — although she looks a little worried at the mention of missing heads. As her brother arrives, she lifts a hand a hand in greeting to gesture him closer and direct introductions when it is appropriate.

Justin listens, his hands now hooked loosely into his sword belt as he stands hipshot to listen to them both. He lifts his chin faintly to his half brother, "Then I'll wish you well with that, Jarod." He doesn't seem to hold Jerold's bastard any animosity even if he disapproved of Jarod's actions that got him into this mess. "I trust you'll seek folk who'll take you on as a sworn sword and not stay loose too long." Noting how Danae doesn't seem to be as free to speak with Jarod since he walked up, Justin glances between them and then notes Garett's arrival. The young Terrick lord nods to Danae's brother, "Ser Garett, good day to you." But back to Danae, Justin looks to add, "I … should remove myself and let you two speak freely. I do have work to do." Not offended, Justin inclines his head to politely take his leave since he seems to be interrupting.

Leave it far from the every-grumpy looking Westerling Knight to be silent as he approaches, steps carrying to him to Danae's side, but slightly behind and to the right so as to not intrude too much. Jarod, a new face to Garett, is given a nod in return. No animosity from him either, but then again, he doesn't know Jarod, and even if he did, it's probably not his buisness anyways. His stony countenance is as it always is; more or less unreadable. "Lord Terrick." Voice is, also as always, cold in neutrality as usual, but that's about all he says in greeting to the now apparently parting Terrick.

"Thank you, Justin," Jarod says in kind, relaxing some when his half-brother uses his simple given name. "I will try. Ser Kamron's a friend of mine, going back to my days as a squire in Seagard. He's offered to hire me out of his own pocket, to scout the roads for banditry. If Lord Patrek agrees, as his pockets are ultimately filled by the Mallister highlord. I'm not certain Lord Patrek'll allow it, but I appreciate knowing I've still men willing, if nothing else. And…well. When I was on Harlaw Isle, Ser Gedeon said there might be a place for me at Tordane Tower if he received Stonebridge. We'll see how all that plays." He sounds all kinds of uncertain about that prospect. A polite, "Ser" is offered to Garett. Paired with a half-bow, just to be on the safe side, in case he's a lord besides.

"It is no matter, Lord Terrick. In fact, Ser Rivers and I were just commenting upon the work that has been done and is to do on the township before you joined us," Danae demurs, refusing Justin's intent with a gentle smile. "My brother, Ser Garett Westling," she says as Jarod looks towards her brother. She blinks looking towards Jarod with renewed interest as Gedeon is mentioned. "Have you not heard then, Ser? The King has granted it. The Lord Rygar Nayland has challenged him to a judicial duel in response — it is to come this Sunday."

All those charred timbers being pulled out and loaded onto the wagon will be lit and burried to smolder to make charcoal for the smith. The cracked stones can be used to fill in washed out places in the roads. None of it will go to waste. Justin looks back to the work group to check on them and is about to go when he hears Jarod's information concerning his possible hire. That pauses Justin, "That would be very good if Lord Patrek allows." He might add more but being Jerold's third son it might be wiser not to say too much in public. There is a nod to what Lady Danae says, "Yes, you should make certain to linger long enough until that's done."

Garett has no knowlege of any of these goings on that Jarod talk about. But then again, he doesn't often go to Terrick's Roost for any particular reason. He's more inclined to just listen in. The matter between Gedeon and Rygar however, has been heard of and as much ast the Knight tries to avoid rumors, that's one big enough that even he can't ignore that. "Yes. That is something, isn't it. Not going to end well, that."

Jarod's mouth opens. Then promptly closes, like he's stifling a curse. "My gods… then the king's decision has been handed down, then? And it is to Ser Gedeon? Do you know who'll be championing him?"

Danae smiles at Justin and shakes her head delicately, but firmly. "No, my Lord. I shall stand to see the outcome of the duel." Looking to Jarod with clear blue eyes, she adds, "It is to Ser Gedeon. He shall take no champion, good Ser. He would see the outcome wrought by his hand…whatever that shall be."

Justin's last comment was to Jarod about sticking around, not to Danae, so he smiles with faint amusement but says nothing of it. He seems content to fall to silence and listen to the others speaking of the coming duel. He turns his head once more to check on the group he's set to work clearing the burnt building, "Excuse me. The second wagon's coming up. I'll return presantly." Justin leaves them to walk back down the street, leaving his horse where the grey is tied and walking past it back to where the wagon stands, being loaded, "Are you full? Soon as you are, move it out. Second wagon's coming up behind to take your place." The young Terrick lord looks to see how much they have done, watching the foreman direct two large men to taking down some of the larger timbers. Justin adds a few words in their direction, then gets the first wagon moving to make room for the empty one.

"Respectable, that is." Garett utters. "This duel borders on…" as much as he not ever have a filter on anything that he ever says, for whatever reason, probably because his sister is present, he holds whatever was on tounge. "It is what it is. If they wish to have their duel, that is their choice. I haven't met either of the combatants so I can't say one side or another holds sway over me. But," now he looks over at Danae. "Are you sure that's something you're going to want to even watch? Duel are…never pleasant."

"I should not keep you, my lady," Jarod says to Danae, though he includes Garett in it now. Brother Westerling and all. "I know not if word of this has made it to Four Eagles Tower, but Lord Jerold will want to hear of this. I'd guide you myself but…" He shrugs. "…a tale for another time, I think." As for Gedeon. He shakes his head slight. But he doesn't, precisely, look like he disapproves. "All comes down to blood, then. In more ways than one."

After a few minutes of that, Justin comes walking back. He does not pass his horse on the way back but stops to untie and lead the gelding back with him. Stopping near to the others, Justin mounts his saddle horse and lightly lifts the reins to check the grey when it starts to take a step. "If you will forgive me, I must bid you all a good day. There are several other work crews whose progress I should like to check on ere the day grows too late." The gelding is antsy to be off, backing up a few steps and turing. Justin corrects him to wheel about in a circle rather than let him have his head, "Good to see you come to visit us over here, Lady Danae, Ser Garett." As he has already wished Jarod well on his coming venture, he nods to his half brother before he lets the gelding start.

"That had been a worry of Ser Gedeon's, Ser." She simply nods at Jarod's reasons for not guiding them himself, sympathetic to his reasons. "A man I respect and another whom I could regard as a friend will cross swords, brother. I would do a diservice to them both to not seen it done," Danae replies sadly, brushing a lock of hair behind her ear. "All things come down to blood. Our ties are forged in it — more so lately, it seems." At Justin's farwell, she dips in a short curtsey to bid him adieu.

Artur is always milling about town. The old man seems lazy, but at the end of the day, he spends an inordinate amount of time being lazy walking around town and ensuring everything is running. Perhaps because Jerold is pushing him. He is the oldest, so it is perhaps understandable, and it is Artur's fault for not having broken a hip before now. Whichever, once he reaches the square, it doesn't take long to spot Jarod - but then, it never does now-a-days. The old man makes his way over slowly, largely uncaring of the people that see him talking to Jarod - but then, when you're the uncle of the lord, you have a few privileges.

"Jarod, lad, how ya doing? Did my pushing on your behalf help any?"

"If you insist." Garett says simply. "Again, you know these people better than I do. I haven't had the honor of either, so this dispute over title has no real meaning for me, other than it is going to decide who is going to rule Stonebridge. If you approve of both of them men in their own right then…I am no person to judge that. Though I may watch myself just to see the outcome." The matter of blood gets little more than a grunt in disapproval. "On that, we can at least agree on. The last I checked, my actions or words are the ones that speak, not whose or what blood runs in me. Trival to me, but obviously others hold that matter in much more higher reguard than I ever would. We like to think past such things, but when these matters come up they are…hard to ignore. If ever." He shrugs at this. "In the end, it doesn't matter. What will be will be." At Justin depature, the older Westerling gives him a nod.

Jarod inclines his head to parting Justin, and in greeting to Artur. "My lord uncle. I'm not sure. I spoke with Ser Kamron today and he still seemed friendly to me, which I am grateful for. But now, if you both will pardon me, I have…a few matters to discuss with my wife." He still looks half-amused at hearing himself use the word 'wife.' He offers another quick bow to Danae and Garett. "My lord and lady Westerling. As I said, I'll be at the Rockcliff until the morrow if you should like to make use of my sword on the roads back to Stonebridge." He'll take his leave, on that note.