Page 567: Speculation of Loyalties
Speculation of Loyalties
Summary: Faline inquires about the disturbance in the courtyard and is not entirely satisfied with the answers she receives.
Date: 10/Feb/2013
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Faline Mortimer 
Roost Lane, Terrick's Roost
This small lane winds around the west side of town and circles back on itself towards the end. Most of the people that come down to this area are looking specifically for one of the many fine craftsmen that have their shops along this well-kept dirt road.
Sun Feb 10, 290

Her venture was brief into the town after much gossip reached her ears following an unsavory spat witnessed before others. Not herself. Faline was happily elsewhere and was returning to the keep with a small basket in hand. Some fresh fruits and flowers as her handmaiden Suriya toted a thick satchel filled with new linen fabrics. They were shadowed by the mandatory guard who had his own apple to devour.

Mortimer is out and about around town as per usual. There doesn't seem to be anything urgent demanding his attention meaning he's free to take his time to talk to the other townsfolk as he patrols. He's just heading back to the road after one such conversation with the blacksmith as Faline and her small entourage go past on the road. Halting to allow them to progress he offers a slight bow to the lady as custom demands.

Suriya ceases her giggling to adopt a cool and barely controlled manner. Yet she curtsies, silently for the paused deputy. "Master Trevelyan." Faline greets brightly as a hand returns a peach into the wicker basket. "I trust all is well?" Of course it was. She removes a small bunch of grapes her small collection of food and offers it to the man, "Are you certain you may not be persuaded to serve as my guard? I'd find no one better suited to bristle my sister's tempered tongue."

"All is quiet m'Lady," Mortimer replies, moving just a fraction so that he is no longer blocking the entrance to the smith's from anyone who might have business with him. He holds a hand up briefly to decline the offer of grapes and gives both guard and maid acknowledging nods before he returns his attention to Faline. "I have duties elsewhere," he answers simply. It's an honest reply, if perhaps not an entirely complete one. "I am sure though that there are a number of men in the garrison who would serve you as well, if not better."

She returns the grapes to the basket, no harm. "There are I am sure but very few who I feel I can trust and not simply because my father appointed them." Faline turns over the shoulder at one of those guards. "Present company excluded Ser Barran." The male nods, concealing his nearly devoured apple core. The Terrick woman returned her attention to Mortimer. "I overheard some commotion through the halls, what had happened? Is everything alright?"

Mortimer glosses over what seems to be a suggestion that the lady doesn't trust men appointed by her father, although he can't keep a faint frown of concern from crossing his features. Definitely something to keep an ear open for. The question about a commotion tough distracts him from that line of thought and he gives a faint nod. "The betrothal of your Lord Brother to Lady Nedra came as a surprise to many m'Lady," he isn't going to name Anais nor Saffron specifically, but it perhaps should not be too hard to figure out those involved. "Especially with news breaking after your Lord Father's departure for Riverrun."

"I see." Faline returns, noting the man's frown before providing a vague answer of what transpired the night past. "Walk me through events if you will deputy."

Mortimer takes a brief moment to work out exactly where to start in the whole tale, settling himself a little as he does so. "It was around lunch two days ago m'Lady, just as the news broke about Lord Ozric's betrothal." He can't think of a reasonable way to keep names out of it now so he just presses on with as matter-of-fact a response as he can, keeping it to the actual events. "Lady Anais and Lady Saffron met briefly in the courtyard and I as I am sure you are aware a few of their words became heated. Only for a few moments though before Lady Saffron continued inside and Lady Anais left to try and speak with your Lord Brother."

Faline listens as Mortimer provides his point of view. "So you were present then? For this entire embarrassment?"

Mortimer can do nothing but nod once at that question, the first one at least. "Aye m'Lady, I was in the courtyard at the time." He decides though not to mention that he'd delayed on completing an errand for Gaelena while he found out just exactly what was going on.

"Why would they become heated? Ozric is to be married and the Roost will have a sizable dowry to rebuild from?" She asked as her brow deepened. "He is the Heir of this keep and the best future should be provided to the Roost, not the worst."

Mortimer ponders for a moment how best to answer that one before deciding that actually, he probably shouldn't. "Forgive me m'Lady, but I'm not entirely sure it's appropriate for me to speculate upon the reasonings behind feelings of either Lady Mallister or Lady Terrick." He opts for the surnames there as a reminder that Anais is a Terrick too and hopes that Faline will come to appreciate his reluctance to report on the conversations of ladies. Maybe not in this particular instance, but in general.

"I did not ask for your interpretation of their feelings deputy. These outburts came from somewhere and during arguments, such as one I keep hearing of, truths are revealed." Her gaze narrows a touch. "Are you protecting the parties involved?"

"I can not answer your question without speculating to some degree," Mortimer answers apologetically, hoping to be able to leave it at that. He's really not sure how to answer the second question though and there's a pause while he considers just what to say. "In a sense yes," he admits, "but only so much as I would for any Lady."

After a moment of silent coming from Faline she tilts her chin up a little higher. "Speculating on events even though, as you say, you were present for the whole of matters?" She shook her head. "Your position and loyalties are quite clear deputy." She then made a small gesture to her handmaiden and the guard, "Let us press on." For Mortimer a simple. "Good day." was uttered as the small traveling circle made back towards the Roost.