Page 380: Sparring to Forget
Sparring to Forget
Summary: Martyn joins Kell at the Green for some sparring.
Date: 5 August 2012
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The Green
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove.
August 5, 289

The sun is no longer high up in the sky as enough time has passed where the fiery orb is slowly setting, which means that there usually aren't too many people on the Green and the Terrick armsmen who may be training are no longer there. However, there is still one person remaining, Kell Drakmoor, the Terrick Sworn. He appears to be by himself and working through some forms with his blade, a waster in hand instead of his usual blade. The knight's kit is left off to the side, which includes his armor, blade, and a pack with replacement shirts.

Similar ideas seems to be what's brought Martyn out now. Armored, he's got a practice blade with him at the moment, as he looks around for a few moments. Pausing for a few moments as he sees Kell, he steps over a bit closer to where the man is working the blade, offering a bit of a nod as he starts the motions of his own bladework now. His expression looks a bit distant, but he keeps on working the blade for now.

Kell doesn't immediately stop his fluid movements just yet when Martyn appears as the Terrick Knight finishes with his last routine though it doesn't take long. A long and audible exhale is made before he turns to the new arrival and bows his head respectfully, "Ser Martyn, greetings. I see you are choosing to get a little bit of practice in as well, eh?" Taking a brief break and while he is doing so, Kell is watching the other knight go through his bladework.

"Ser Kell," Martyn offers in return, bowing his own head to the other man. "How are you?" He then nods a little bit as he hears the question, he offers a bit of a weak grin. "Figured it was the best way to try take my mind off certain matters," he replies, as he continues through his own motions now. "I'm not sure if it's going to work, though," he admits.

Kell inclines his head once more to Martyn at his question, "I am well, Ser, better than days before with the new accord with the Charltons in place. And you, Ser?" As for focusing his mind elsewhere, the Terrick Sworn seems to be in full agreement with the other knight's choice of distraction. "It can definitely work, Ser, has worked for me in the past and it's something I continue to use from time to time. The trick is though to fully get into your practice, so you are able to push all other thoughts away."

Martyn smiles, nodding a little bit at the mention of the accord with the Charltons. "How do you feel about that business? Given the… history between you and Ser Aleister from during the war?" He shrugs a little bit. "As for me, I'm not quite sure how I'm doing," he admits. "I mean, it's a good thing about the accord, but when they left for Highfield, they brought someone…" A brief pause, and a bit of a sigh. "Well, someone I care about very much left with them for now. So I'm hoping I'm able to take a trip up there very soon now."

At the mention of that incident, Kell's lips tighten a little but a thin smile does appear, "I would be a fool, a selfish and prideful one, if I were to let that decide on whether or not I would agree with the accord. I believe it is certainly for the best, in the situation we are in, and actually quite fair. Fairer than others may need to be had we delayed further and fell to more dire straits. As for what is between me and Lord Aleister, I did speak with him and reparations were made in the form of coin." Kell does grow silent when Martyn speaks about someone he cares about, who is now at Highfield, "I am sure your Lady misses you greatly as well, Ser, and I wish you luck in reuniting with her once more. Cherish each moment you have together."

Martyn nods a bit as he hears that first part, "It's actually far better terms than I ever thought would be." A bit of a thoughtful expression as he hears the part about Kell speaking with the Lord, and he offers a bit of a smile, "I'm glad to hear that, Ser Kell." He pauses a bit as he hears that last part, nodding a bit. "I do cherish each of those moments, however small. And that's probably why it feels so much more empty when she isn't around here," he says, with a quiet sigh. "I mean, usually I knew there was a chance of us meeting when I went out here, for example, and jut the thought of that made me feel good. But when I know she isn't here…" He shrugs a bit.

Kell can't help but smile at Martyn describing his feelings for Katrin, eyes looking off towards the coast for a moment before turning back to the Mallister knight, "That is not a bad thing, Ser. It means that you really do care about this Lady and also, when you see her again, it will be even more joyous once your eyes are upon her. The same would be for her as well, when she sees you."

Nodding a little bit, Martyn smiles momentarily. "I hope you're right, Ser Kell. Because this Lady, she…" A brief pause as he looks around for a few moments, before he continues. "It feels like she means the world to me." A brief pause, before he adds, "And I'm waiting for a message from back home as well."

"I know how you feel, Ser." Kell says with a grin, Martyn's emotions which seem to be ready to burst at the seams, is not a foreign feeling to the Terrick Knight. "You would do anything to protect her and keep her safe." There is a pause before the Terrick Sworn continues, "But you came here to get your mind off of such things, atleast temporarily, and I believe I can help. Practicing by yourself can distract your mind, but if you have a sparring partner, it's easier for you to focus your mind on your opponent than… elsewhere."

"And that's why I've been hunting for a reason to head to Highfield for a little while," Martyn offers, after a few moments of pause, before he nods at Kell's words, "Quite right. Have you ever felt like that?" he asks, after a few moments, before he nods a little bit at the words about a sparring partner. "Sounds like a good idea."

Kell is silent for a moment, perhaps hesitant on answering Martyn's first question but finally the knight does nod his head, "I have, in the past. It is a great feeling to have, Ser." As the other knight agrees to a friendly sparring match, the Terrick Sworn heads to his kit and items, "Armor with blunted blades or unarmored with wasters?"

Martyn smiles, "It is a great feeling to have, yes. Even at the moments you feel it's tearing you apart." At the question about the preferred equipment, he shrugs a little bit. "I'll let you pick," he offers, with a bit of a grin.

Tapping his chin with a finger, Kell finally makes the decision as he tosses the waster that was in his hand down to the rest of his kit, "Armor and blunted blades it is, gives us more of a workout with the extra weight. I will need a moment though, Ser, to put on my chainmail." With that said, the knight takes a knee and begins to unfold the full maile armor before he begins to equip it, a task that isn't quickly done but Kell is one that is use to it, without a Squire's assistance.

The chainmail is slipped on easily enough but the harder parts is securing it so that Kell can move unhindered, well as easy as possible. Finally the belt is tightened at his waist and he finally reaches down to pick up a pair of blunted practice blades after slipping on his helm. He then approaches the other knight, offering one of the blades hilt first, "One actually asked me, not too long ago, but any Squire I take would only hinder their growth and progress towards knighthood. I know nothing about what Squires do, in fact, Squires probably know more of their duties than I do."

Martyn nods a little bit as he hears that, taking the offered weapon. "Really? Who?" A brief pause, before he offers a bit of a grin, "It would be a learning experience for both of you if you took one, then?"

"One of the Squires here at the Roost. I had considered learning as I went along but I don't think that would be fair to the Squire. I'm going to do a bit of learning myself first, and how to actually… instruct." Kell says with a grin, as he heads a little bit farther away from Martyn while swinging the practice sword a little bit, loosening his arm and wrist. He then looks over to his opponent and nods, "Ready when you are, Ser."

Taking a few moments to feel the weght of the blade, Martyn offers a bit of a grin at Kell's words. "Well, that would be a good thing, knowing how to actually instruct," he offers, with a grin. At the other words, he nods a little as he moves forward to do some of that attacking. Aiming a quick slash towards the other man's side to test him a bit.

Kell seems to be choosing the cautious approach as he also takes a couple of steps towards Martyn, blade held in front of him as his eyes stay on the Mallister. Any forms of conversation seem to have stopped on the Terrick's part as he lashes out with his practice sword. As he does so, Martyn's blade smacks him on the left arm with enough force for Kell to feel it while his own strike across the Mallister's brigadine isn't hard enough. Kell doesn't pause though as he stays at close range, continuing the defense and attack.

Martyn takes a step back instinctively as that strike hits him, offering a bit of a grin to the other man. Once again moving forward in an attempt to attack now. And looking a bit more relaxed than when he came out onto the Green, it would seem.

Wesly heard the clack of sparring swords and wanders to the green, looking for the source. He's carrying a satchel and looks around, eagerly. He notices Martyn first, but then sees Kell, and he smiles widely. With some exuberence, he makes his way towards them and takes a seat in the grass, watching closely, eyes wide with interest.

It appears that it takes Kell getting hit to wake him up and loosen him up as well as in the second exchange between the two Knights, the Terrick one was able to neatly dodge the incoming blow before scoring one for himself against Martyn's gorget. However, once again, the blow was too light to do any damage as it glances against the armor. With a growl, Kell now presses harder, being less defensive which could also be riskier.

"Nice dodge," Martyn comments, frowning a bit as his own attack is dodged. And as he takes that hit against the gorget. He doesn't back down or anything like that at the moment, instead once more trying another attack.

Wesly laughs a bit, and he cheers, "Well done!" to Kell when he dodges. He winces a bit when Martyn finally makes contact, and leans forward, still watching closely.

The riskier attempt by Kell is a costly one as he is struck in the chest, a good blow that causes the Terrick Knight to stagger back a half step, but not before he was able to slash Martyn across the chest again. But just like before, Martyn's armor protects him well enough, the well made chestplate doing it's duty. "Damn thing is almost as strong as plate. Good hit, Ser." Kell finally speaks as he holds for a moment before advancing again, showing no fear.

Striking for the other man's chest, forcefully, Martyn takes a lighter hit to his own chest it would seem. "Thanks. Nice try by you as well," he offers, with a momentary grin. Glancing very briefly over toward the spectator, offering a bit of a grin, before he turns his attention fully back to Kell. Waiting for the other knight to start his attack before he attacks as well.

Wesly furrows his brow a moment when Kell takes the hard hit. He shakes it off, and instead, offers a bit of clapping, "You can take him, Ser Drakmoor!"

Kell also turns his attention to the person who has joined them, recognizing Wesly and a smile is offered the Squire. "Blunted blades don't work as well against armor it seems, guess I'll just have to swing harder. Forgive me, Ser." He says with a grin as the knight now begins to circle the Mallister Knight, as if trying to find an opening to strike at.

Martyn chuckles as he hears Kell's words, "That's why they are blunted, I guess. And you're forgiven." Spoken quite lightly as he prepares for the next attack.

Wesly returns Kell's smile, and waits for the next mvoe.

Being forgiven for what he is about to do, or hopefully accomplish, Kell flashes Martyn a competitive grin before the circling continues. It then turns into a sudden strike, the circling stops and the Terrick Knight takes two quick steps forward before lashing out with his practice blade. This time he is more successful as he dodges Martyn's attack and slashes away at the Mallister's arm, finding more purchase this time against the other man's armor.

Being forgiven for what he is about to do, or hopefully accomplish, Kell flashes Martyn a competitive grin before the circling continues. It then turns into a sudden strike, the circling stops and the Terrick Knight takes two quick steps forward before lashing out with his practice blade. This time he is more successful as he dodges Martyn's attack and slashes away at the Mallister's arm, finding more purchase this time against the other man's armor.

Martyn never takes his eyes off the circling Kell, following the man's circling rather carefully. At the moment the Terrick Knight moves in an attack, he does the same, only with the unfortunate difference that his own attack is dodged, while the other attack hits him in the arm. Grunting a little, he takes another step backwards, ready for the next incoming strike.

"Masterful!" Westly cheers when Kell strikes Martyn, pushing his fist through the air excitedly.

The attack is pressed by Kell and as he leans in to slash out with his blade once more, at the same time Martyn's practice sword cuts against his helm for a light hit, more or less ringing his bell but only a little bit. The Terrick's own blade cuts across Martyn's stomach but once against, the superior armor protects. This is defintely a good sparring match between the two knights, perspiration already evident at Kell's temple as it drips down the side of his head.

"Sounds like you have a fan there, Ser Kell," Martyn offers with a bit of a grin as he hears Wesly's words. Moving for Kell again, he nods a little bit as he sees the hit go to the man's helm. "Now, if it was my cousin, I would have known he didn't get hurt from that. But since you're not him, I'll have to ask if you're okay?" It's offered with a light chuckle, though.

Wesly winces again when Kell is struck in the helm, and he leaps to his feet, as if prepared to go do… something? When Kell stays on his feet, Wesly just smiles, and bounces a bit on his toes as he watches the rather intense sparring.

Kell can only grunt what is most likely an agreement to Martyn's assessment of Wesly, as for whether he is hurt or not, the knight only smirks, "It's a blunted blade and a glancing blow to my helm. I'm not a delicate Lady, Ser. We continue." He is certainly competitive and as if to show how unhurt he is, Kell beckons Martyn forward for an attack, one that he isn't going to counter just yet apparently.

Martyn offers a bit of a laugh at Kell's words, "Just checking. Been stranger things around here before than knights turning out to be ladies, after all." It's offered a bit lightly, but as the other man beckons, he moves forward in an attempted attack. Going for the area around the knees now, it would seem.

Wesly tightens his fists in anticipation, his brow lifted as he waits for Martyn's next move.

Focusing purely on Martyn's attack, Kell is able to judge where the slash is going and is able to parry the attack fully, a low blade block which has the knight grinning triumphantly. "No problems." However, the knight may be celebrating too early as he gets a bit more confident and lunges forward, blade moving to disarm Martyn, as if to separate hand from blade.

Waiting as Kell lunges forward, Martyn moves the tip of the blade towards the other knight's chest. Trusting his armor to block the attack for his hands, he takes it mostly with his left one, letting out a bit of a cry as the armor didn't absorb the force quite as much as he had hoped. Stepping back a bit, he holds the weapon in the right hand for now, shaking the left one in the air for a few moments. "Ow… That was a good hit to the hand, Ser Kell." Looking towards the other man now.

Wesly laughs then, clapping his hands together once, "Yes!"

Though Kell struck the harder blow, the slash from Martyn was lighter but enough to push the Terrick Knight off-balance where he ends up stumbling slightly to one knee and enough where he knows that being this out of position, this sparring match was in the Mallister's favor. "Good, but not good enough and apparently too aggressive, this round is yours, Ser. Very well fought." Kell will probably sport some bruises but with the combination of armor and blunted practice blades, they will be light at best.

Still moving his wrist a little bit as he hears Kell's words, Martyn lowers the blade now, before he steps over towards the other man, offering him a grin and a hand. "Thanks. Very good fought of you as well, Ser Kell. We will have to do a rematch at some point, won't we?"

Wesly is clearly disappointed at the loss, but he still gives a bit of applause to the two men. "Well met, Sers," he offers. Should either look his way, he gives a bow of respect as well.

Rising back to his feet after grasping Martyn's forearm, Kell grins and gives it a congratulatory shake before nodding, "Count on it, Ser. I can tell that I need more work on my blade work." He then turns to Wesly and chuckles, "I hope you had a good view, Squire, good enough where you picked up a thing or two." He then heads to where his kit is and puts down his blunted blade before starting to unfasten his chainmail.

Martyn grins a bit now, "You and me both, Ser." A brief grin as he looks over to Wesly, offering a bit of a nod and a smile. "How are you today?" he asks, after a few moments of pause.

Wesly nods, "I did, Ser." He smiles at Martyn, "Ser Mallister," he greets, bowing once more, "Congratulations on your victory. I am as well as could be expected, Ser." He looks back at Kell once more, bowing again. "I'll take my leave to not intrude, but you have my gratitude for the opportunity to watch, Sers." He nods, and then turns to go.

"Excellent, I find learning by example as one of the best ways." Kell says, imparting some of his knowledge though that is the extent of how he shares whathe knows. "And I should probably take my leave as well once I get my kit in order, stayed longer than intended though not that I would complain. Was definitely more interesting session than I had expected, and for that you have my thanks, Ser." With his chainmail unfastened, now it is pulled off.

Martyn grins, nodding a little bit, "One of the best ways, that's true. Only beats learning by doing things yourself." Taking a few moments of pause to look around, he lets out a bit of a sigh, finally. "I guess I should be heading back now…"

"Till next time then, Ser Martyn. I hope the sparring session served its purpose." Kell says, most likely referring to the secondary purposing instead of just sharpening one's sword skills.

Nedra has waited, quietly, a bit away to observe the sparring match and only steps closer once she can see that her cousin and Ser Kell are entirely done, waving to Martyn once she draws near enough but only nods politely to Ser Kell, not knowing the man well enough to be waving to.

Martyn nod a little bit as he hears Kell's words. "It did, at least for a short period of time," he offers, before he adds, "Thanks." Pausing for a few moments as he sees Nedra. "Cousin," he greets her, with a bit of a smile. "How are you today?"

"Good." Kell says with a final nod as everything is either shoved into his pack or slung over his shoulders, almost ladening himself as if he were a pack mule. "Good day to you, Ser Martyn, I look forward to the rematch." And on his way out, the Terrick Knight also bows his head respectfully to Nedra, "Good day to you, Lady Nedra."

"I am well, thank you cousin," Nedra replies in turn and tilts her head in a nod to Kell, "good day to you as well in return, Ser Kell," is said with a glimpse of a smile. She turns back toward Martyn as the Terrick knight is carrying his gear out and away, "It was a good match, sers," she adds, complimenting both men. "Painful looking, as always, but obvious skill."

"Painful is a good word for it," Martyn offers a bit lightly. "That hit to my hand was quite painful, Ser Kell. Well done." Nodding a bit before he offers a grin at the other knight. "I'm looking forward to that as well," he offers, with a smile.