Page 326: Soup And Pleasantries
Soup and Pleasantries
Summary: Roslyn's arrival at the Roost.
Date: 10/06/2012
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Throne Room, Four Eagles Tower
Great pillars rise above the occupants of the room, the ceiling arching across the structural supports in a lovely feat of construction. The north and south walls have expansive windows that filter in sunshine during the day while ornately designed torches provide light at night. The room is large enough to host a great feast for quite a number of people but the tables are typically kept elsewhere. The Lord's Throne is at the west end of the room on a dais with a high, circular window that brings in the setting sun with the late afternoons.
10 June, 289

(OOC Note: log originally started in the Courtyard. Adding in omitted poses before we came into the tower)

Warning has been sent ahead of the Nayland contingent's imminent arrival, a rider moving ahead of the party despite that it only consists of two Naylands and their servants. Riding on a borrowed mare in bold, red velvet attire, the Lady Roslyn Nayland attempts at making a pretty picture where they pass through the gates of the Terrick's tower. Given the freedom of men, Lord Rutger immediately goes about doing—things, while she remains stranded on her horse until helped down, though it surely shouldn't be too long, considering that they are arriving midafternoon.

From the direction of the portcullis comes the sound of a horse's iron shod hooves clattering against stone. Then the grey canters into the courtyard, Justin slowing him up quickly so not to run into folk. The almost white gelding with grey points is being ridden bareback without saddle. Justin himself is dressed in a loose white shirt with the collar unlaced without doublet, grey trousers quite wet and rolled up to his knees, feet bare! The instant he sees horses and at least one rider in the way, he's drawn his grey up short. His wet horse wheels, dancing about and nostrels blowing. There is a look of surprise on Justin's face as though he'd been out all the day long and didn't know of the arrival.

"Lord Justin," Roslyn calls in greeting, a smile warming her expression even as her hazel gaze drags over the man in an examination of bare feet and wet trousers. Curiosity flickers in those same, wide eyes but she does not so publically inquire as to his state of dress. In another moment, she is distracted by a servant coming forward to offer her help from her seat.

"Lady Roslyn! I … wasn't expecting you so early in the day." Justin turns his horse, the grey excited from the run and far from blown out. He still wants to go, go! However, the courtyard is hardly the place to stretch back out into a gallop, fun as that was coming up along the bluffs to the tower. Justin keeps the slack out of the reins and circles the grey a few times to quiet the gelding. "I came back for something but I've left things on the beach I'll need to go back for. Lord Rutger has come with you?" As bare feet are easily stepped on by an antsy horse, Justin's not moving to dismount. His hair all windblown, he suddenly smiles, "You haven't seen the beach yet, have you, Lady Roslyn?" That could be mischief in his pale eyes.

"Not yet, my lord, as I did not have a chance the last time I came to stay with you," Roslyn admits with a quiet amusement, but for all that her fingers brace against the servant's and she moves to dismount. "I do not think your father would thank me for arriving and taking off immediately again without another word, nor would your lady sister, however." Her words are teasing, yet measured and polite, quick to point out the common courtesies perhaps in anticipation. "Yes, my lord brother Rutger has come. Lord Riordan has other things to see to."

The grey is still wet, his tail and lower body damp with salt water and splattered beneath with sand. He tosses his head, thick mane dark against his white hide before the gelding paws the stone of the courtyard impatiently over and over. Iron against stone rings out with a scraping sound. Let's go, damnit! As if the horse thought he were a younger colt instead of a middle aged gelding.

Justin leans forward and pats the horse's damp neck, "Shhh…" It might help to quiet the grey. Or at least he stops pawing and instead chews on his bit. Mention of his Lady sister causes Justin to roll his eyes but he keeps his mouth shut upon any comment concerning his sister fussing at him. He lets out a breath, "I'm sure you are right. Another time, then." Ah well. Justin gestures to the tower, "Please, go in and refresh yourself from your ride, Lady Roslyn. I'll join you shortly once I'm … more presentable." One side of his mouth curls as Justin gives a light squease of his legs to turn his grey around, about to go back to get his boots and doublet.

Lady Roslyn's lips play at a smile, her words warm where she offers an almost playful, "If these things were decided by my own wit, my lord, I would say that you seem presentable to me. Unfortunately, they are not." Inclining her head in a quiet gesture of acceptance and obedience, even to this man that is not family to her, she gathers her skirts and moves in to the hall, though her gaze trails a sidelong glance at Justin as she goes.

Someone's in a rare good mood, despite so many troublesome and depressing matters here. Justin looks back as well, his horse eager to go but held in check, "We have a surprise for you tomorrow, Lady Roslyn! We aren't always stuck on formality, especially where the sea is concerned!" He puts bare heels to his gelding's flanks and the horse is off like a shot, leaping to canter back out of the courtyard and once out, likely stretching into a full gallop for the sheer breakneck pleasure of it.

(then in the throne room…)

It takes a while, perhaps an hour or a bit more before Justin's returned, bathed and changed into fresh, /dry/ clothes, yes with boots. Far more presentable, he's even bothered to shave and his hair is damp when he walks into the throne room, looking to see where their guests have gone to. He wears a rather plain black suede doublet, recently brushed but showing faint signs of wear for it isn't new. Dark grey pants with black boots, belt and of course his sword and dagger.

A few tables have been drawn out for there are a number of guests currently in the tower. Normally however, these are put away and the family sups in the entrance hall or their chambers. It is towards these that Justin now walks.

The Nayland guests have only just begun to settle with the guidance of servants. Lord Rutger may be elsewhere, considering (that his player isn't here) that there is likely much to be seen to. The Lady Roslyn, still in that dark, dashing red velvet, has taken a seat to be served from what has been laid out for guests. She dines alone at the moment, though likely servants have carried word of where she is all throughout the castle.

"Lady Roslyn," Anais calls as she steps into the throne room, smile flashing warmly. She's looking freshly cleaned and scrubbed, her hair damp but her gown dry, and her cheeks are pink. She's certainly looking better than she did when she came out of the hole, and in better spirits than she did when she left the Mire. "I hope Justin has been taking proper care of you?" she asks, pausing to brush a grateful kiss to her goodbrother's cheek on her way in.

Kamron accompanies Anais into the Throne Room, although certainly not alone. There are guards and maids and the like as well. He is, of course, in mourning black, still showing respect for his somewhat distant cousin Lord Jason Mallister. He nods to the Terrick on the way in, "Justin," but follows the hostess toward the guest, bowing his head, "Lady Roslyn. I fear it would be out of place for me to welcome you to a place where I am myself a guest," his grin crooks up at one corner, becoming more than a little cheeky, "but welcome none-the-less."

The food may not be impressive but there still is food, for now. Soups feature strongly, some bread, whatever cheese is left and sliced dried apples. "Lady Roslyn, I hope your ride in was pleasant and uneventful. I had been swimming earlier. I deem this is more suitable?" Justin holds his hands out from himself, no long dripping wet with a filthy, sand spattered wildeyed horse. He looks amused until Anais arrives, "No, actually I have been a horridly absent host. I only just returned. Please do join us." Kamron of course provides the cue which Justin takes up, "Then allow myself and my goodsister bid you proper welcome." Justin is famished from his day's work and swimming so he steps around the table to pick up a knife and slice some of the bread and cheese for himself, Roslyn presumably already having been served while waiting.

Despite that she has already been served, Roslyn gains her feet quickly and gracefully where she is joined, sweeping a polite curtsy to all and sundry as she offers a polite smile. "My lady, my lords. I am sorry to say that we caught Lord Justin by surprise, though I do not hold him accountable for such," she answers, smoothing her fingers over her skirts and taking a moment before settling back in her chair. To Kamron, she studies him quickly, subtly, and says, "Thank you, ser."

"Justin!" Anais chides, though there's a teasing note to it. "Honestly, Lady Roslyn, you're going to have to tell me your secret for keeping your brothers in line." She meets the curtsey with a subdued one of her own, then moves to claim a seat by the Nayland woman. "Welcome, though. I hope the trip was an uneventful one?"

Kamron allows Justin and Anais to take the lead in the greetings and welcomes now, although when they're done, he offers up that crooked grin once more as he presses his right hand to his chest, "And here I am again being uncourteous. I presume that you're Lady Roslyn, and to mend that advantage, I'm Ser Kamron Mallister." He glances over to Justin a moment, teeth flashing in a broader grin, "I've heard so much about you." Yes, he's incorrigible. He waits until both ladies have seated themselves, then moves around to take his own seat, "All of it good, I assure you."

Justin looks up at Anais's using his name so, "What?" He looks mock agreived, then takes a seat opposite of the two women. There's surely a cup and something to drink as well, which he pours. Probably watered wine. Certainly there's tea a plenty which he avoids. Oh boy, he really /has/ left his manners with his wet trousers today, hasn't he? When he realizes that Kamron doesn't know Roslyn, he winces faintly and slips a look to Kamron, "I'm the one forgetting proper introductions. I assumed you two had already met."

"And if it were not good, Ser Kamron? What would you assure me then?" Roslyn questions in measured tones, for all that a smile plays at the corners of her lips as hazel eyes study him for a moment longer. Then her attention transfers back to Anais, and she admits, "Sheer luck, my lady. That, and I believe my brother told you that they thought me a witch? Perhaps they never grew out of such fear." She nods confirmation of the trip. "Uneventful, but lovely. Your land is pretty to pass through."

"I suppose it's too late to convince the Terricks I'm a witch," Anais muses, though there's humor in the curve of her lips and the sparkle in her eyes. "I'm glad to hear the journey was smooth, though. And glad to see you here, looking so well yourself." She settles for tea herself, and a bowl of soup with a heel of bread. "If your reputation would terrible, I imagine Lord Kamron would tell you he'd heard /interesting/ things about you, while looking distinctly uncomfortable. I've recently discovered that he's a terrible liar."

Kamron shrugs a little helplessly at Roslyn's question, "Then I would assure you that I had only heard it from disreputable sources, Lady Roslyn." He waves off Justin's apology, "I am more than capable of introducing myself. I even enjoy it at times, it lets me put the proper framing on myself." He laughs softly at Roslyn's explanation, although Anais' jab at him causes him to scoff in protest, "Now that is just mean." Not that he seems to mind, not if the laughter in his voice is any indication.

Despite his being hungry, Justin only has a single slice of bread and cheese. Much of his previous good mood has evaporated. He has grown quieter, watching and listening to the others while he eats a little. Food these days reminds him of unpleasant things, so he hardly touches it. Anais's comment about Kamron being a terrible liar though coaxes one side of Justin's mouth to quirk into a half smile, briefly.

"But rather good to know. Thank you, my lady; I shall remember that Ser Kamron lies terribly," Roslyn teases light, her own smile shifted briefly towards Justin with a lingering look before she looks back to Kamron. "But is it true?"

"I only speak the truth, Ser Kamron," Anais assures archly, though her lips quirk despite herself. When Justin takes so little, Anais leans over to murmur to a servant, and a small bowl of soup is soon delivered in front of him. Anais gives him a brief look, nodding toward the bowl, but she doesn't say anything aloud.

Kamron reaches out to his right hand, trying to flick Justin in the shoulder at his melancholy demeanor. The question from Roslyn draws a helpless shrug, "I've never had a great deal of need, actually." Is he lying? Is he being honest? He certainly seems like he's not lying. "So no, I'm probably not very practiced at lying. Then again, what knight should be?" Anais' words have him shrugging helplessly, "I would never suggest otherwise, Lady Anais."

Justin glances aside to Anais, then picks up the bowl of soup and sets it infront of Kamron instead. He moves to stand, "If you'll excuse me, I've several things I need to see to and finish ere we gather tonight for supper. I'm sure that the Lady Rosly and her brother will wish to retire early to rest after their travels. There's supposed to be cliff diving tomorrow, or the day after. I rather expect that's probably something you haven't seen before, Lady Roslyn. You shant want to miss it." Yes, a nice distraction to let the others converse upon. Justin smiles a little to Anais, gives Kamron a parting nod, then half bows to Roslyn, "Until this evening, then."

"Never, my lord? Not even for politeness's sake?" Roslyn questions of Kamron, her own polite smile lingering as she captures her glass of watered wine. But then she is drawing back to her feet again, sweeping into a curtsy for Justin as he moves to leave. "My lord. I look forward to seeing you again, soon."

"Witchcraft, Justin. Witchcraft," Anais threatens when her goodbrother sets the soup aside, though it's softened by a small smile. "We'll see you this evening." There's a small gathering at the table, where food is laid out for all. It seems Roslyn has arrived, though Rutger isn't in evidence. And Kamron has been roped into being friendly. Because while he's a bad liar, he's good at friendly.

Kamron looks over to Justin as he moves the soup, shaking his head slightly but not refusing it. Instead, he gathers up a spoon and starts shifting the liquid about. "If this storm keeps up, not tomorrow. I'll have to scout out the dive spots again to make sure nothing has shifted." He looks over to Roslyn, "But you're certainly welcome to come along. The men will be diving early in the afternoon. I've found another spot where the more adventurous ladies might enjoy similar entertainment, after we men are properly out of sight." Roslyn's question draws laughter to his lips, "Oh, I would be lying if I said I never lied. Everyone has to, for politeness' sake, but a knight shouldn't be practiced at it."

Anais gets a look from Justin, "They burn witches in some places, goodsister. I wouldn't say that too loudly, even in jest." Those damn Iron Islands and their witches, or is that elsewhere? To Roslyn he smiles faintly, "And I you, Lady Roslyn." It might be that Justin can roust master Kain to slip away and hunt with him for a few hours, or that Pariston fellow. Wouldn't it be nice to surprise the ladies of the keep with pheastants, grouse, or quail? And if they can't find those, well… crows and sea gulls can still be good eating roasted with herbs. They all look about the same once cooked up anyway. Justin slips away from the table and out of the throne room to the sound of Kamron's voice speaking of the diving.

When one steps out, another steps in. Or at least that's how its suppose to go. Saffron Banefort is here just for that occasion. She passes Justin at the doorway, nodding gently and exchanging soft greetings. He steps out, she steps in. She had heard Lady Roslyn had arrived, and made great haste to the throne room in order to greet her. After all, if the event in the cave did happen despite what everyone keep's pretending, she held Roslyn's hand tight during a part of it. That means something, at least to the Banefort girl. She is beaming brightly at the sight of familiar faces, her countenace alighting in the same manner as the sunshine dress she wears does. She starts toward the group, all fleetfooted and quiet.

Anais sighs as Justin departs, shaking her head. "Terricks," she informs Roslyn, "Are unspeakably stubborn. Be ye warned." As Kamron brings up cliff diving, though, she perks up a bit, taking a spoonful of soup before responding. "That sounds like fun. I think I might even be able to talk Jacsen into coming. I've been thinking that swimming might be good exercise for his leg. And I haven't had a good swim in ages, it seems." She looks up as Saffron steps in, flashing a swift smile toward her cousin. "Saffron, come join us," she invites, even as she reaches a hand out for Roslyn, turning a wry smile on the other lady. "Please don't stand. You're /our/ guest," she murmurs fondly.

"I do not know if I am so adventurous as that, ser, but I shall certainly accompany such an expedition," Roslyn answers with a slight nod, but then she seems rather distracted by at least Saffron's entrance, and she is upon her feet again and drawing quickly towards the other lady. She reaches with both her hands to capture at hers, though lightly this time rather than in desperation or fear. "My lady, you look well." She offers a self-deprecating smile to Anais, dismissing her words with an easy, "Please, I would have to stand as it were to greet Lady Banefort, here."

Kamron nods his head at Anais' words, "I would think it would work out quite well, Lady Anais, whether Lord Jacsen can dive or not." And then she speaks her cousin's name, and Kamron quickly sets his spoon down and rises to his feet, a smile alighting on his face. He bows his head, "Lady Saffron." And then he's falling quiet again as the Banefort goes to greet the Nayland.

Saffron brightens as she captures Roslyn's hands, and she immediately presses a welcoming kiss to her cheek. "As do you, my Lady," she returns with earnest. "An uneventful journey, I hope?" She asks as she gives her hands a gentle squeeze. At the sound of her name by both Kamron and Anais, she steps a bit to regard them with a dimpling smile. "You needn't invite me twice, Cousin," she says as she starts to lead Roslyn back toward the group. "I suppose you heard the storm rained out my picnic on the Green. I sent each of the smallfolk children home with an apple though, and promised them another attempt in a few days."

"I hadn't heard, no," Anais replies to her cousin. And for some reason, she turns a particularly bright shade of red at the mention of the rain. "I should have sent you a message this morning. I had a feeling it was going to rain." She can't help a small smile at Kamron's smile, though.

"Uneventful, yes," Roslyn agrees with a nod, kissing Saffron's cheek lightly in return. "You look well. Are you well? I had heard of the incident with Lord Walden, and hadn't had a chance to speak with you on it." She shakes her head, wrinkling her nose slightly for the absent Frey lord. "You are better off."

Kamron waits behind his chair as the ladies return to the table, glancing over to Anais as she blushes brightly and offering up a laughing arch of his scar-topped eyebrow, but no verbal question. Shaking the query off, he looks back to Saffron, "I had to assume that you wouldn't want to take them out in this, Lady Saffron." There's a light laugh to his voice, and he adds, "Well, I bet you would have liked to go out in it, but you wouldn't take them out in this much rain." The mention of the Frey draws a crooked grin back onto his lips, "I would tend to agree, Lady Roslyn, although I'm somewhat surprised to hear you say that."

"I'm well… the Septas say that everything is healing nicely." Saffron unconsciously cups her hand over the yellowing marks on her throat, though that thought is quickly interrupted by the words on the Frey. She scowls. "Lord Riordan mentioned something akin… apparently the Lord Regent went hammering at his door, and he never answered even though he heard whispers beyond it. Right coward." She does smile though at the last of Roslyn's words. "From your lips to the Seven's ears." She finds herself a seat at the table, looking up to Kamron as he speaks. "Whose been telling stories?" Is all she asks in response to his assumption she would go out in the rain.

Anais favors Kamron with her best innocent look, taking advantage of the conversation to eat some of her soup. Every now and then she dips the heel of bread into the soup, letting some of the broth soak into the stale bread before taking a bite.

"I may be a Frey vassal, my lord, but even I would not wish to see someone saddled with a husband who would allow them to remain with bandits through inaction," is answered in measured tones towards Kamron, her smile somewhat sharp for a moment before Roslyn merely dismisses the subject with an agreeable nod to the Lady Saffron. "We must find time to spend together, my lady, and we can speak on your condition more, and how you fare." She turns back to Anais instead, bowing her head politely to the Young Lady. "My lady, I fear your goodbrother was correct however, and I should like to rest before supper."

Kamron takes in Anais' innocent look and gives it back to Saffron with interest, "Somehow I just knew, Lady Saffron." He accepts Roslyn's correct with a bow of his head and a murmured, "My apologies, Lady Roslyn." Looking back to Saffron, he adds, "Besides my own estimation of your unassailable character, Lady Saffron, I highly doubt anyone would dare impinge on your role as storyteller." His eyes cut over to Anais, then quickly back to her cousin, "I do believe you still owe me a story, however, Lady Saffron. Sisters Sun and Moon, if I recall correctly." Roslyn's final words, however, draw him up to his feet with a bow of his head.

"Of course, Lady Roslyn," Anais replies to the Nayland lady, standing as well and nodding to a serving girl. "Sara will be glad to show you to your rooms. Please, don't hesitate to let us know if there's anything you need while you're here?" There's a small, hopeful sort of smile with that. She's trying to be friendly!

"We will, Lady Roslyn. That I promise." Saffron smiles brightly up to the Nayland lady as she also stands to see her off. There is no doubting how pleased she is to see Roslyn here.

"I certainly shall, Lady Anais. Perhaps you may send word to the Lady Lucienne of my arrival as well? She did write to me of the invitation and offered it again during our time together," Roslyn answers with a small smile, but then she is moving on to assure the lady. "I am sure the rooms shall be wonderful, as they were the last time I was here."

Kamron bows his head as Roslyn makes her excuses and departs, "And if it please you, you would be most welcome at the cliffs tomorrow or the next day, whenever it has stopped raining long enough to get a good feel for the depth of the waters."

"Oh, I'm sure Lady Lucienne knows you're here," Anais smiles easily back to Roslyn. "She's been very busy catching up on everything she missed while she was away in Middlemarch. I'm sure she'll be by to visit with you shortly."

Saffron has started to return to her seat, though she has to admit to be watching Anais carefully as if waiting for a tactical interruption. She glances toward Kamron with a silent smile, as if giving him a proper greeting.

"Thank you then, my lady, and there is likely little enough else that I will need. Do not trouble yourselves on our part," Roslyn repeats, lowering herself in a polite curtsy with another smile to Anais. "Then if you shall excuse me. Good day, Lady Anais, Lady Saffron. Ser Kamron." And then she turns to retreat, following Sara to her room.

Kamron nods his head, "Good day, Lady Roslyn." Once the Nayland lady has truly begun her departure, the Mallister settles back into his seat, finally getting a chance to actually tuck into the bowl of soup passed along from Justin not so long ago. One spoonful in, he notes, "It is a shame that so many events have been put off by the rain. It feels as if it has been a very rainy year this summer."

"Good day, Lady Roslyn," Anais nods to the other woman, waiting until she's gone before returning to her own seat. She turns a rueful look on Saffron then, smile crooked. "I get the sense Lady Roslyn doesn't much care for me, Saf," she admits, going back to her soup. "Do you know, I used to swear I was much better at this friend thing."

Saffron looks after Roslyn before she looks over at Anais. "I wouldn't be too hard on yourself," she offers her cousin gently. "You should try to get to know Roslyn as a goodsister first. Remember, she's probably going through the same things you were when you first arrived." The Banefort points this out as kindly as she can before she looks over toward Kamron and she exhales with a shrug. "The weather is an unkind thing."

Kamron nods to Saffron, "And a boring one for me to bring up." That's enough of an apology from the knight, apparently. A few more spoonfuls of the soup are drained away, and then a crust of bread is settled into the edge to soak up flavor. Nodding to Saffron's words, "You must give yourself a chance, Lady Anais. If you believe she doesn't like you, it's likely to become a self-fulfilling prophecy."

"She doesn't like me because she's convinced I was doing something awful with her brother," Anais points out, poking at her soup with her bread. "Besides, she wants to talk to Luci." She pauses, looking up at Saffron and Kamron both. "And I'm pouting and acting like a child," she adds, summoning up a faint, apologetic smile. "Sorry. I'm just…not used to people not liking me."

Saffron laughs to the knight first, shaking her head. "If you want to talk about the weather, Ser Kamron… I will happily engage you." Then she looks over toward Anais with a small smile budding on her lips. "Well… I suppose maybe its because you aren't a little girl anymore." She offers her a small smile. "You know… back when we were younger… it was easier."

Kamron shakes his head at Anais' words, biting his lip to keep from responding to the first comment. The second statement, however, causes him to chuckle, "Lady Anais, people are going to speak with Lady Lucienne. Gods, -I'll- probably talk to her at some point. I've talked to Freys too, and even reavers. It doesn't make me a Frey-lover or a friend of Pyke." Despite words that could be a chastisement, the knight keeps them light, adding a little laugh to try and turn them into a joke." Nodding to Saffron, he puts in, "No, I really shouldn't. It would shame my tutors to hear my fall back on such a trite topic. But you are correct, it's nearly impossible to forbid a pretty little girl much of anything. it's the truth." It hasn't taken him more than a minute or two to finish up his bowl of soup, and somehow he managed to do it without slurping. The benefits of a good education. Pushing the dish aside a little and collecting the chunk of bread saving his after-lunch-snack, he rises, "And now, if you lovely ladies will excuse me, I should see if I can put myself to sleep with that book, or perhaps put some more dents in the desk with my forehead."

"Are you saying I'm not as cute as I used to be? Because I only /just/ turned nineteen, and it's not so far around the corner for you, old maid," Anais grins back at Saffron, reaching out with a good-natured shrug at her shoulder. "All right, fine. No more pouting from me. You two go flirt, and I'm going to go see if Lord Rutger needs anything to settle in properly."