Page 290: So What is it?
So What is it?
Summary: Locke Septswood, hits the Common House in order to find out some more information concerning the whole bruhahah in Stonebridge.
Date: 04/05/2012
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Locke Dania 
Common House — Stonebridge
The Common House, located at the intersection of the docks and the town proper, provides a roof and more for travelers that arrive via land or water. The warm interior is kept so by a large hearth at one end of the room, the subtle hint of peat at the edges of the smells within. The main room is large and provides for long tables and benches over the planked wooden floor. Clay pitchers stand ready to serve the customers with multiple kinds of refreshment. A few whores work as waitresses for the visitors, providing companionship at the rear of the building where the more well-off visitors stay. Those of the lower classes are welcome to sleep on the benches or on the floor near the hearth.
05 May 289 A>L

It is evening and the crowds are starting to form in this establishment the work day comes to a close. The smell of cooked food and drink mixes with smells that the patrons bring in with them from their day of labor. A tall woman sits in the back drinking wine and reading a book. Her brown hair is primly bound up and she is dressed in a sage green wool gown with rust colored apron dress over it.

Clomping down the stairs come the footfall of boots, as another seems to be tramping about in the evening crowd. There's a shove of one hand as a young man maneuvers around a rather tallish fellow, patting at his back when the man is quick to look. His own destination the bar, where what meagre coin he has is put forth for drink, and perhaps something hot to bloody well nibble on. There's a glance to where his knight should be-but no man follows, and so the armed youth, merely shrugs. With the evening relatively free and left to his own devices, Locke takes time to see what sights there might be here in the Common House. Beyond hairy an 'onery looking bastards.

Of the hairy louts accidently bumps into the reading Dania, she manages to not spill her drink on her book. She offers the man a warm smile.

"Sorry Misstress!"
"We all have moments!" She exclaims with another bright and cheerful smile, the man cannot help but smile himself. She raises her glass to him. "Here is to your health, good master." The man bobs his head and moves away. Finding her glass now empty and with the servers busy she moves towards the bar to get a refill of wine and she is a tall and towering woman. As she moves past Lock she offers him that same smile she offered to the man who bumped into her.

Locke looks up as the rather tall woman saddles up. And there is a brief pause as the squire looks over and a little up to Dania for a moment. His mouth hanging open for a second before he's reaching for the ordered pint. "Fuck me." he starts, "You're bloody tall. And I mean that-for a woman. You're an exceptionally tall woman." Apparently, Benedict has not taught proper lady talking skills to master Septswood here. "I'd offer you a drink, but I don't think it'd put a dent in you."

"You have mouth on you." The woman points out to him. Then she laughs and that laughter of hers is warm like her smile. "It is kind of you to offer, may I get you a drink?" She asks him as she gets another glass of wine. Intelligent blue eyes study him. "Please, to meet you. I am Dania and you are?"

"I would say me mother agrees, with you, but she is dead." plain and simple before he is holding up his pint. And taking a long pull. A brow raises up at the offer and the young man tilts his head for a second. "I guess I could double one a might-sure." Locke says before smiling back. "Locke. Not a Northern Locke, but a River Locke."

"Pleasure, from per coin pouch she takes out some coin and she places it on the counter to pay for another drink for him and her wine. "Riverrun?" She asks him. "I am sure she would. But you should still watch what you say you never know who the person maybe." Another smile is offered to him and she goes to take a sip of her wine. "What trade are you learning River Locke?"

Locke nods. "I came from there with Ser Lawson. He's my knight." So that should answer that question, and given he is wearing a blade-perhaps foolishly so, should be another indicator as to his job qualifications. "Eh." Locke replies, before draining down more of his drink before the new arrives. "I figure if someone is offended, then more to them. It's not like I am calling some high lady, Tall." a half smile there.

"I cannot argue with you when you are just stating the obvious." She shakes her head with amusement. "How long have you been here or did you both arrive the other day?" She is a curious one and the questions she asks roll off her tongue with ease. "I arrived with the Terricks and the Mallisters."

"You could." Locke states with the pointing of one finger, before he is taking another sip of his drink. "But, it'd be ill advised to. That's an argument you'd lose by a stretch." and there he's chuckling at himself before he's reaching for the new drink. "I came with Lord Blackwood's retinue."

"How are you enjoying the sights and the sounds here?" Dania asks him. "Personally I have not explored much, but I do hope to on the morrow. I also was lucky enough to get a room. Was your journey safe?"

Locke shrugs back. "Eh, Sights?" a raise of his brow before eyes roam the tall woman. "Aren't bad." he admits before chuckling. "But the sounds I am still figurin' out. Everyone seems to be in a big to do about this Stonebridge fuck up eh?" And there he leans, eyes on his new drink. "What's your thoughts on it?"

"I think the Duel was foolish. I think that it should go back to the Terricks." Dania asnwers him. "What are your thoughts on the matter for I am sure that you have them or I would hope that you do." She moves to find a comfortable seat where the two of them can continue to talk with more ease.

Locke raises a brow, as he watches her start to head off. Apparently, he was quite fine waiting and standing at the bar-but as the lady moves, he grunts and begrudginly follows. "Go back to the Terricks? So they held it first?" a raise of his brow. "What makes the Terricks better lords than the Naylands." As to his thought he shrugs. "I wasn't here for the duel, lady. Nor do I know enough one way or the other to properly give a fuck." a chuckle there. "Hence the questions."

"Who is to say, but I do hope he rules in the favor of the Terricks. Every house needs a bit of luck now and again." She tells him before she raises her glass to her lips. "Language please, I may not wilt and I may be known for using it now and again, but there is no need for it now." She tone is a little on the motherly side.

"Luck an what's right are two different kettles of fish, dove." Locke says from the rim of his mug. Eyes studying the woman carefully. As for the other he merely snorts. "You ain't my mother, an you're likely old enough to be a sister, more than anything." he states. However he does refrain from throwing a curseword in. "So who's side do you believe with this whole Lady Tordane and Lord Riordan brew ha ha?"

"That one I am still mulling over. I do not do not have all the facts, so I cannot make a proper judgement. How about you, and how old do you think I am? But, yes I am more like an older sister." She laughs at that. Those eyes of hers continue to study him.

"Right.." Locke says for a moment as his brows furrow. There's a shake of his head, as he seems to be distracted there for a moment. "Well-based on what you've heard? A glimpse of some idea?" the squire tries to probe before he is leaning back. "Huh? Uh.." what? One hand moves up to smooth over his face before he continues. "I don't know. Twenty seasons come and gone or so?"

"I am twenty four. The question is there a witness to the marriage and if there is one who is it and are they creditable?" Dania looks at him as he says this. "That would make everything a little bit more interesting to put it mildly. Then there is the question if the marriage was consummated. If it was when and is she with child?"

Locke nods for a moment. Silent before he is finishing whatever is left in his mug. "I see." he states before bobbing his head. "Thank you Dania." the squire starts, as he moves to stand. "For the drink an all." A grin is given the woman, before Locke is seeking to meld back into the crowd. And hopefully sneak upstairs.

"You are most welcome." Dania smiles as she lets him go and the smile she offers him is as bright as sunshine and it lights up her eyes. "Fare you well." She tells him with a slight bow of her head.