Page 114: Sneaky
Summary: After speaking with Jacsen, Gedeon gives Rowan a task.
Date: 06/11/288
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Rowan Gedeon 
Valentin Party's Guest Chambers — Riverrun
A central lounge area with several private bedrooms branching off from it.
6 November 288

In the comfortably appointed guest quarters of Lord Paramount's home, each contingent has been afforded their own set of suites, converging on a parlor-like living area for meetings, meals, and the like. It's a configuration that's as much with an eye toward politics as comfort, keeping potentially fractious parties separate but equal. Early morning finds Rose-as-Rowan sprawled across a chair, back against one arm and legs draped over the other, shirt and hose and a tousled bed-head of curls, reading. Saddlebags bulging with books is how Gedeon's squire came to Riverrun, likely anticipating that she'd have a good deal of time on her hands. Right or wrong, she's determined to keep up with her work.

Gedeon has been awake for a little, out to speak with Jacsen. He returns again by the time Rowan is up and busy with his studies, and the Tordane bastard holds the door for a pretty little servant lass who swishes in to set down a generous tray of breakfast items before swishing out again with a coy little giggle directed towards the blond knight. His gaze follows those swirling skirts as the maid departs, his lips holding a small, thoughtful smile as he quietly closes the door. "Morning, Rowan," he says as he walks over to the tray to slather a slice of bread with butter and jam. "Good night?"

Rose looks up from her book at the giggling, just in time to catch the swish and Gedeon's gazing after. She narrows her eyes, nostrils flaring as she breathes in through her nose, then looks back down at the book, turning a page. "Interesting. Jarod and me saved my brother Rafferdy from getting his head pounded in — haven't seen Raff in years and years. He's not a lunatic like Ryker or terrifying like Rutger, so — I don't know. Seems nice enough, if under the old man's thumb." She flips another page. "You?"

If Gedeon happens to notice those narrowed eyes or the snap of a page being turned, it doesn't show. He sets the knife down and has a bite of his bread, taking his time chewing and swallowing before he speaks. "Made an early night of it, myself. Well, more or less." There's another faint smile as his gaze drifts back towards the closed door. "Learn anything interesting from him? Your brother, I mean, after the saving and the head pounding?"

Rose glances up at 'more or less' — again, in time to catch the look and the smile. "Nice," she says, flatly, glowering at the pages once more. "Make sure you see Josse for the special tea, aye? It'd be a damn shame to win Stonebridge and find you'd gone and killed your seed with a pox." Another sharp turn of a page. "Nothing. It was a brief visit. I was more of a mind to catch up on the past decade than pump him for information."

"You're worried for my health, Rowan?" Gedeon asks around a faint smile. "I am touched." He has another bite of bread, padding over to the seat Rowan has claimed and nudging her legs a little to the side so he can perch a moment on the arm of her chair. "I've a task for you, if you've a mind for something more than reading while we're here."

The girl-squire gives Gedeon a long. Flat. Look. After several expressionless beats, her eyes drift back to the page. Fwip. "I live to serve, Ser," she intones, dryly. "How may I assist?"

Gedeon blinks slowly, his brows dipping down in a mix of consternation and confusion. "No. Not if you've wound yourself into some sort of sulk. I'm not of a mind to get into a fight with you. What's wrong?"

Rose takes a deep breath. "I'm not fighting with you," she states — reasonably enough, if a bit crisp — closing the book. She tosses back her hair and looks up at him. "I'm sitting here, agreeing to do what you ask. Now what is it?"

Gedeon lets one of those lowered brow hitch upwards, at least somewhat unconvinced that all is perfectly well. Still, he continues on, "I'd like you to reintroduce yourself to your brother Rutger. Take his measure. Give me your thoughts on him."

"Might as well," Rose agrees, shrugging slightly. "The way he was giving me the creepy eyes in council, I don't think I could avoid him if I wanted to." She gives him a very slight, affectionate nudge. "And how are you? Other than not wanting for company, which I deeply and emphatically don't need to hear about." Her hands come up to fend off that information, if any's queued up to share. "But… has Lord Tully called on you since the council? Do we know anything more about this alleged will?"

There is a faint smirk as he's nudged and chastised, and Gedeon chuckles softly, lifting a hand in surrender (the other's still holding half a slice of bread with jam). For his dalliances, he obligingly says nothing. "No, I haven't been summoned yet, and I know no more of this will than you do. That's why I could very much do with more information on Rutger, if he's to be the mouthpiece of the Naylands in this venture."

"I'm a crappy spy," Rose disclaims, smirking. "But you know me well enough to know I don't have a subtle bone in my body. Whatever the case — I'll talk with him. See what kind of person we seem to be dealing with, at least."

"Learn to be a better one," Gedeon urges gently, and if the words could be taken as a tease, his expression is more solemn that they warrant. "This is important and it could help me a great deal. Please try."

Rose looks about to argue the point, but — perhaps there's something about the solemnity. Or how important this truly is or… something else. She lowers her lashes. "I'll try my best," she promises, sounding a bit melancholy. "For you."

"Thank you," Gedeon murmurs. He shifts his weight, planning to stand and step away from the studying squire. "You did well at the council meeting. I was proud of you."

"I didn't do anything," Rose notes, looking bemused — and a little wary of incoming punchlines. "Unless that's your point."

"Well, then maybe I just liked…" Gedeon shrugs. "You were my squire in that moment. I mean, really and truly. You were mine. It was… good. I'm glad you and Jarod had a fun evening, after." He does shift, this time, standing as he has another bite of bread. "I'll leave you to your studies. Let me know when you meet with Rutger."

Rose listens, and at some point holds her breath — noticeable only toward the end, when she takes a very deep one to compensate. She looks down again, this time at a closed book, just — a safe, neutral place for her eyes. "Right. Me, too. I mean — you. And — " she gestures vaguely at the door. She opens the book again, taking another breath. A beat later, "Serious about the tea, though."

"I didn't sleep with anyone last night," Gedeon says, retreating towards his room. "I just wanted to see what you'd do, if I implied I had." And which point he ducks through to his quarters and closes the door behind him, before that heavy book on Rose's lap can get flung at his head.