Page 008: Small Things
Small Things
Summary: Ryker inquires into Isolde's reactions to her mother. Trust is sought after.
Date: 19/07/2011
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Lady Isolde's Chambers — Tower Hall
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Wed July 19, 288

Shown to her room, Isolde moves across it away from Milicent as her hand still tests her cheek and jaw. Her mother, when angry had a stronger hand then she even remembered her father having. There is nervousness to her movements, apprenhension as the servant moves to gather one of her finger gowns. "M'lady would do best not to upset her Lady Mother.." Milicent knows. "The young Lord is a good man, what she did for you in fashioning your marriage is a good thing. Show respect." She advises and moves to set out the dress at the foot of the bed with a huff. The Lady says nothing, instead moving to her window which catches sight of the edge of the tourney tent being erected slowly. A sigh escapes her and she closes her eyes.

Ryker isn't far behind but he misses what is said. She raps knuckles lightly on the door and stands in the entrance looking between the two women. His face looks quite stern. "Has she always been like this?" The question is directed at both Millicent and Isolde.

Milicent starts up, about to shoo the Lord away so the Lady can change when Isolde stands away from the window. Her leg is still strained and a nice red mark is forming along her cheek, growing splotchy. "Ever worse since my father's death…what space he took up in athority she has doubled…" The cook tsks at such open talk and looks between them, going back to pulling together the dress for the dinner the young Lady would not be eating. "I knew I would find some form of punishment, I had not expected her to be so bold as to strike me before guests. But what's done is done, m'lord. You did not have need to stand between us." She says as way of thanks.

"She likely feels that she has to be strong for that void. The woman has not the mind to know how to raise a woman, only how to raise her hand and herself." The man then levels his eyes at Millicent. Tsk away, lady. Ryker doesn't look like he is in the mood for it. Eye turret back to Isolde. "The last person to strike a Lady Nayland in my company found my blade at his throat. If you are to be dealt with, you will be dealt with by my hand alone. You are to be my wife, not a child in a woman's body. And I absolutely did have to stand between you both. If she'd done it again I would have put her on the ground.. and that does neither of us any good."

"A child…" Isolde says, that alone causing her to bristle some. She comments no more on it but remains silent before offering him, "M'lord, I am not yet a Lady of mother yet feels she controls me. She would not have struck me again unless I gave her reason to." A sharp breath exhales through her nose and she moves closer to Milicent and thusly closer to Ryker. The glow of red on her cheek is spreading and it curls up by her eye. "I do not think your cousin would have stood by had you struck my mother back to protect me. Until we are wed, she has power to change all our lives and I could very well be married to a Frey…to give the land directly to her bloodname."

"This is a punishment for a child. If she intends to treat you like a child then we will suffer her together. Because I will be the Lord of this house does not mean I stand to watch her abuse you for my entertainment." Ryker isn't angry but its obvious he's really not impressed with Valda. "If my cousin wanted to come to blows over it, that is his problem. But.. I understand you point about her. That cruel creature actually makes me want to wed you immediately if not just so she can be dealt with." He narrows his eyes but looks away. "There are other items to discuss that were mentioned downstairs." His eyes flick back to her.

Isolde remains silent, hand pressing to the corner of her bed so as she can stay standing and not give into the sore overused leg. But at his last, she meets his gaze and there is a tinge of discomfort that twines through her stomach. Her lips part and she hesitates before asking, "And what is that m'lord?" Milicent watches but says nothing, quickly busying herself with something, like refolding a pair of stockings.

Ryker steps in and to the side of the door, still watching Isolde. "Millicent, you can stand watch outside but you will give us a few moments to talk privately." He doesn't sound like he's interested in saying overtly sexual things, either, so its probably safe. The man then steps over to her and stands in front of her at the bed. "You have some interesting things to say to you mother. Particularly about the strength of the Terricks as opposed to your own house." He pauses. "And your noticable discomfort at the topic of the thieving whore." He puts a hand to the bedpost. "Which would you like to tell me about, first."

Isolde gives Milicent a pleading and brief look before the woman hesitates and finally dismisses herself with a quick, yes lord. Left alone to fend off the topics she is assuming he will refer to, her stomach knots. The Lady does not back away, her gaze following him as he finally stands directly before her. She can feel the sweat start to rise along her skin, his words seeming only to cause her to breathe a bit faster. SHe controls it well enough and wets her lips, deciding well what her first response will be. "My father had the heart of his people. He was strong, kind, fair. He was not weak, he dealt justice, but gave back when the time called for it. The Terrick's do much the same and their land is full of those that hear of their steady hands. They grow because of it, their sworn are dedicated because of it. My mother…she works through only allegiances and power..she is killing Stonebridge." She says freely, as for the other topic, she does not speak.

"You would do well to remember that there is a time and place for everything. One day, mark my words, you will have to employ fear and intimidation for your town, home, and family. You do not have to like it, but you should accept this." He gives her a knowing look. Its not an order and the inflection doesn't imply it, either. Just a suggestion.. and a warning.. though no threat is issued nor implied either. Ryker searches her eyes. "The topic of the whore made you uncomfortable. A whore who somehow managed to come into possession of the exact amount of stags missing from your own treasury. ..A treasury that will soon be employed by both of us to support our family and goals." He's looking her right in the eye. "Do you know of anyone who would go into our treasury in the future and attempt to remove some to give to some whore?"

The first does not receive much of a reaction save for the dip of her head. Isolde is not in the mood to dispute further, that bruise, though light is beginning to spread across her cheekbone. Yet the last of his words has her flush with color faintly and she shifts. "No, my Lord, not in the future should an attempt be made to pay some whore." It is neither admittance nor is it denial to being part of such an act, yet the Lady finally meets his gaze. There is a quiet strength within it as she falls to silence once more.

The silence hangs between them as they look back at each other and his voice drops even more. "I suspect you may have been involved somehow but I won't put you in the awkward place of choosing to lie to me or to give up an embarassing truth. Whatever may or may not have happened I'm sure happened for a reason. Because if it happened again I would be very put off and no inclined to rest until I was satisfied those responsible were dealt with." He voices lifts a little more. "Is that clear, Lady Tordane?"

Her way of strength is not to look away and that purpling skin swells lightly, "Ever so clear, my Lord Nayland." She breathes. Warnings are taken and noted but the Lady does not venture to offer what had caused her to take so freely. Yet one thing is clear, Valda was not one to shy from punishing her daughter. It would come. "Do you still have need to leave m'lord? Or shall I have Milicent send Asha to restore more firewood to your chamber?" Moving on. His point has been made and she has not promised anything she will not keep.

"I will find my own firewood." Ryker steps back from her. "One day I hope you can trust me more. Until then, I won't pursue. But you are to be my wife. Nobody will take punishment to you but me or our Lords.. and that is your Gods given right as a Nayland when we are wed. Until then, I will do what I can to protect you." He gestures for Millicent to return. "I will see you at dinner. We can speak to each other and leave her be." A smile twitches at the edge of his expression. He wants to stick it to Valda any way he can. The expression stays even as he steps off towards the door and finally turns to head out.

Searching his face as he speaks of trust, Isolde presses her lips together at his refusal. "Yes, my Lord." She breathes. But it is his words of speaking with her during the meal that lightens her heart. That rolling nervousness in her gut breaks and she sighs. A smile, genuine though small curves her lips and she dips her head. "I look forward to conversing with you, my Lord." She says even as Milicent enters the room, trying to look as if she had not heard anything - which she had. She steps towards the Lady to move behind and undo the dress as the Lord disappears from view. Thoughtfully Isolde braces herself against the bedpost, dipping her head as that smile remains on her features.