Six Months To The Day
Six Months to the Day
Summary: Log Summary
Date: 28/July/2012 (OOC Date)
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Guest Room, Four Eagles Tower
28 July, 289

For the last six months, when Kamron Mallister woke up, he usually just reached for the cleanest set of black clothes he had. This morning, however, a shirt of deep, rich purple and a white jerkin sat neatly folded on the chair across from his bed. The knight walked over to the chair, reaching down with one hand to feel the soft purple material a moment, as if he'd forgotten what it was.

As he stood there, lost in thought, a Terrick servant backed through the door, carrying a tray with a cup of water and a light breakfast — not that there was any other sort at the Roost these days. Seeing the knight puzzling over the clothes laid out, the Roostman spoke up, "It's been six months, Ser. Since Lord Mallister died." There was a hint of question to the words, as if he were just confirming something the Mallister cousin already knew.

The serving man's words drew the knight's head up, "So it has, Emmet." And the reminder brought up memories of the late Lord Jason Mallister: the first time Kam watched him joust, getting a sword lesson before Kam was even a page, laughing around a camp-fire on the march to the Bells, charging beside him at the Trident, getting his permission to head south after the Trident, watching him sit in judgment, seeing him give his son a sword lesson, watching him fall before Rodrik Greyjoy, and finally watching his funeral boat sinking flaming into the sea.

Kamron stood stock still for two minutes, three, remembering the life of one of the greatest knights in Westeros, and then he drew back his hand from the colorful clothes, "Put these away until tomorrow, Emmet. I'll wear black for one more day."