Page 017: Sisters Frey
Sisters Frey
Summary: Valda offers an arrangement for Igara.
Date: 29/07/2011
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Igara Valda 
Lord & Lady's Chamber - Tower Hall
The door opens to show the bed to the left, further from the entrance and the foot settled with a heavy locked chest with a few woven blankets draped over it. The carved posters of the bed hold wrappings of green cloth held by golden tassels, a heavy woolen blanket settled atop the stuffed mattress. On either side of the bed are removeable steps. A thick circular rug has faded over time and with foot traffic and takes up most of the wooden floor. A hearth at the corner of the room directly inward from the door is soot covered and crackling with embers. A heavy oak chest of drawers is fitted into a corner to hold the clothes and blankets of the Lord and Lady. Two chairs are set near the slitted double windows between the hearth and bed.
Fri July 29, 288

After the squire's melee, the heat of the afternoon and the consternation over the strange transformation of her banner-brother Rowan have driven the slip of a Frey girl indoors to recover and have a think and a drink with her 'guest' in the tower. The entertainment is cut short when several of the sworn enter to inform the Lady Igara that her presence is required in Lady Valda's chamber, and Igara, for her part, brightens at the summons from her sister, standing and making brief certain that she is unparalleled presentable before she goes on with the pair of them and to her Lady sister's quarters.

Valda has undoubtedly returned to recover as well, the events at the tourney being handed over to those of the Roost or their affiliates souring her mood. A cool basin of water is addressed with a small cloth and she cleans the days dust from her body as another dress is drawn from her. Her underskirts already seen to are changed and she waits in her chemise for Asha to ready the next.

As Igara arrives, Valda does not turn at first, passing the cloth over the length of her arm and then up along her neck. "Sister Igara, do come in.." She offers, a faint smile on her lips before she turns and sets down the cloth, drying her hand on a separate towel before offering her hands towards, a few steps taken.

Igara enters as bidden, her own smile bright and pleasant, "My dear Lady sister," she remarks, chipper and well-pleased to ahve been summoned, taking up both hands in hers and pressing them with her own, giving each one a sisterly kiss. "How good it is to greet you thus."

Taking Igara's small hands in her own, she welcomes her and the returned kiss is done so a little less warmly than the younger Frey. Valda smiles and draws back, releasing her hands. "Come, wash yourself free of the dirt of the day.." She prompts her, turning to return and motions to Asha who drops what she is doing to grasp another kerchief and brings it over to Igara with great expendiency.

"How are you finding the tourney, I did take note that you enjoyed the squire's melee."

"I enjoyed it very much, dear Lady sister," Igara freely admits, moving to sidle next to Valda at the basin, folding the cloth daintily before her while she allows Asha to release her hair from the headdress she's wearing and to unlace the sleeves of her gown, letting them droop and her arms come free of them, as pale as if they've never seen the sun, a dazzling white with refined trails of blue, as polished marble. "Dear Rowan Nayland has changed such that I hardly recognize him. He was always such a frail youth. To see him in glory on the field— how strange a thing! But joyous. The way he struck at the Mallister youth— you see the Nayland heart still in him, despite the Terrick colors."

Listening in an amused look, Valda continues to clean away the dust from her skin. She folds her own cloth and dips it with in the water. Squeezing ou the excess, she touches it to her forehead and daps softly. Hmmmming at the words of Rowan, she casts a look towards Igara, "I see you have some enjoyment in his company. His Nayland heart is very evident, but I will not deny he has grown strong under Ser Jarod's tutelage."

She redips her cloth and then turns her head to look down on the smaller Frey. "Tell me Lady Sister…" She begins, touching the cloth to her neck, "Do you intend to stay with us after the wedding?"

Igara's bodice is unbound, next, and drawn down to her waist, leaving her neck bare, though even her underthings fully cover her slight bosom. Thus laid bare, to some degree, she lets a corner of the folded cloth into the water and then lifts it to the back of her neck, eyes lidding just a little bit as the cool water is a fine thing back there under the cover of even her relatively short hair. Long hair, after all, is only meant for those hoping to attract a suitor's eye. "Rowan and I were quite dear to one another as children. It was a fine thing to see him again, and I hope I shall be able to do so once more before he takes his leave of here." She tips back her head and runs the cloth under her chin and along her throat. "The Lady my gentle cousin has asked me so to do. I should think it very fine indeed, if but my father assents." She looks to her sister, sideways, with a glance, "Unless my Lady Sister takes objection. I should not wish to stay against your will, dear Lady."

Listening, Valda gathers her long hair and begins to coil it with practiced ease to pin it back into place. The elder Lady slips the pins in one after the other, keeping it steady as it is and is silent on all matters while Igara speaks. She moves around the basin so as to meet her gaze more easily while she addresses her hair. "The water helps through the weary day, take delight in it." She gathers a loose strand and neatly tucks it in before grasping her thing gold circlet to place it on her brow and fol her back strands of hair over it. "I have nothing to say against you staying if that is what my daughter wish. You are my sister." She smiles at this, rather warmly too. "It would be good to have another of my kin about. Ser Wayland would be glad of it too." She shifts and turns a moment to grasp up her coif and pin that into place. "So tell me more of this Rowan. Do you find him a suitable lad in all things?"

Igara dips another corner of cloth into the water, and washes her cheeks and forehead, and behind her ears. "It does so, my Lady sister, ay, it does," she murmurs of the water. "It is sure a blessing. Ser Wayland?" she asks. With somewhere in the neighborhood of seventy brothers and sisters, and all of their children, besides, it is hardly a surprise that she can't keep track of the extended branches of her own family. The third corner of the cloth is wet and used to clean her wrists, as dust may have got in there between her gloves and her sleeves. "I hardly know what to think of Rowan. He is so changed I feel I hardly know him at all. Before to-day I shiould sure have thought him a suitable lad to sit in and tell tales with, to talk to and have sick-visits with, and, ay, my very match in his needlework. But to-day it is obvious his suitabilities have changed. This Ser Jarod has made a nobleman of him."

Once her hair is pinned, Valda allows Asha to finish it by taking the stool and setting her hands to her knees. Back straight, the Lady smiles faintly at the younger's words. "A nobleman indeed. And does he suit your fancy still? Would his companionship find you easy and in comfort, dear sister?" She asks, her head dipping as the pins are sit in to make certain the hair stays. "Careful Asha.." She instructs and the young chambermaid knows what she means, taking to tuck the grey nd white hairs towards the inside of the bundle. "It is coming to a time where such things must be thought of. You are fifteen, yes?"

To Igara's cheek comes her ready blush when her Lady Sister comes around to the point of all this questioning. "Ah," she begins, with the timid quivering of voice so befitting of a chaste young maiden when presented with such notions. Her mind, meantime, quails not, but with haste weighs the option its suitability, benefits and drawbacks, the options that would be open to her in such a match as well as those that would be closed. Finally setting her mind upon the opportunity to have such a spot from which to know the movements of House Terrick, a bashful smile is let to seize her lips, and she casts her gaze down in shame. "He was always very gentle to me. And he has grown so… very fair to look upon," she allows. "He should suit my fancy well, did he but think to."

Valda nods her head, her thoughts her own as she dips her head to adjust the hem of her underskirt. Her hand smooths the cloth into place and she finally stands when Asha is done. "My dress.." She instructs softly without interrupting Igara. Her eyes lift and she watches the other Frey Lady with a knowing smile. "Very well." She says, "I shall speak to Lord Rickart on such matters and will begin to see what I can make of this young squire for you." The Lady promises and Valda is not one to promise idly. She turns to accept her dress, lifting her arms to keep it from her pinned hair as it is slide on and over her shoulders.

Igara's heart races in earnest beneath her underthings, and as she's let the thin layer of water on her dry away and cool her skin, she steps back from the basin to allow Asha to come and dress her again, as well, once she's finished with Valda's gown. Her smile for her Lady Sister draws into something broad and girlish, but with a glint of the sly about it. "The Seven bless you, Lady Sister," she gives her thanks earnestly but without so much enthusiasm as to seem eager for a wedding— it is more proper a lass to be reserved and timid in the face of such things, and propriety— thy name is Igara.

Rising as she smooths her dress into place, Valda moves over to adorn her neck with a large medallion. "The Seven have nothing to do with this and I know you know that, my sister." She replies as she is taking care of her small adornments. "This is political play and completely within our hands to oversee. I trust that I do not offend your religious sensibiity?" She asks Igara, her eyes flitting over to her with a purposeful look. "I do hope as well, after this match is gained," not and if, but after, "You will confide in me. I wish only for your happiness." There is a double meaning and Valda moves over to take Igara's hands as Asha does up her ties.

Igara reddens wonderously, cheeks, first, then throat and ears, to have the thing brought into the open before Asha. Igara is always on her best behavior, even unto before the servants. Servants, after all, are wont to talk, and talk, once set free, is bound to travel. "You are my noble Lady sister, and wiser in these things than I am. I shall do as you ask… and you will ever be my confidante and advisor," she adds, giving her hands to the Lady even as her arms are covered over again, lacing pulled tight to sheathe the tender limbs in the narrow constraints.

Servants who are wont to talk are often found sore and Asha turns her ear away. She hears nothing and Valda knows it. She keeps her sisters hands and lifts them to kiss each gently. "Such youth." She releases one hand to lift her own to grasp Igara by the jaw gently if allowed and turn her face lightly, "Pretty…I think this Rowan shall be glad of such a match an when it is struck by his Father he shall ride to you." Her smile grows. "A match to House Frey is never something to shirk." A nod of her head is given and as Asha finishes, Valda tucks Igara's arm in along her's. "The people must see us both and they must see you. Come, we will go find my daughter and join her."

Igara lets her Lady sister tip up her chin, and she remains thus poised while Asha does up her hair and pins in place her satin embroidered headdress and veil in Frey colors, standing straight, then, and pulling her other arm about her to clasp to Valda's arm in sisterly affection and girlish joy. "Yes, Lady Sister," she answers, obedient and demure as always in her speech.