Page 469: Sisterly Affection
Sisterly Affection
Summary: Katrin and Alric finally have their heart to heart regarding his betrothal to Ilaria.
Date: 04/11/2012
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Katrin Alric 
Noble Rooms - Ash and Oak Inn
Dining area for the nobles.
November 4, 289

Having been in the main room earlier Alric has gone to try and see if Ilaria might be at her room but unable to get a hold on her. Instead finding a seat in the nobles room at the inn. Finding himself some lunch to eat as the afternoon has come. Having it come in and placed in front of him along with some drink. A nod given to the serving girl before he looks to the food.

Down the hallway, Katrin emerges from her room. She's a late riser today and alas, she's already missed breakfast. Her Septa and maid are both fussing over her, assisting the girl as she finishes up her dark hair and ensuring that her gown is falling appropriately. "Serra, would you perhaps see if they have some food. Nothing too heavy, if you please." She holds back a yawn. "I believe today might be a good day to rest and work on my correspondence, Septa Mira." They are ambling toward the open area where they might get this mythic food.

Alric is about to take a bite when he hear the voice. Looking up and towards that direction. Seeing the lady arriving into the area. Rising to his feet and offering a smile. "Lady Katrin. Please do join." He calls out to her with a bow. Luckily the room isn't too crowded, even if there are some around. Gesturing for her and her entourage to join him.

A delicate brow arches as Katrin studies Alric for a moment. Her expression is impassive - nope he's not reading anything of her feelings for the Fenster off of her face. But it passes and a gracious smile instead curves her lips and she inclines her head. "How very kind of you, Lord Alric," she says mildly. Her steps slowly take her across the open space, each one measured and controlling the emotions that are tightly leashed within. "Did you enjoy Lady Tiaryn and Ser Saethwyr's wedding?" she asks.

Alric tries to study her anyhow. Even if her face shows little he can make some qualitive guesses. Though for now he smiles gently. Helping her into a seat once she is over. "I only got to spend very little time there. I've been trying to reach your sister. I still owe her a dance." He explains with a sigh. "I hope I can get a hold of her soon." Then he shakes his head, "Apologies. How about you? Did you enjoy the wedding?" He asks. Tilting his head a bit to the side as he studies her. Seeing as she already have folks seeing to that she get food so he doesn't call for food for her. Though his eyes does glance to the interaction between retainer and serving girl before looking back to Katrin.

"I am certain my sister will regret that she was unable to dance with you," Katrin comments smoothly. "For she does love to dance when the opportunity arises." A pause. "The wedding was lovely. I count Lady Tiaryn amongst my friends and was pleased that she was able to wed such a good and kind man. Ser Saethwyr truly adores her." Her gaze flicks over to Alric as she sits, a predatory smile rising. "Any woman would wish for a husband who is so devoted and loyal to his wife. Would you not agree, Lord Alric?"

Alric nods, "It feels like I fail her already then." He shakes his head. A tiny smile. Nodding about Tiaryn and Saethwyr. Then nodding as she goes on. "Which is what I wish to offer as well." Despite the rumours perhaps. Choosing not to mention any of such at the moment. Taking up a pendant with the symbol of the seven. "I wished to offer this to your sister. I thought of offering it while dancing with her."

Katrin's expression softens - very slightly - as she studies the pendant. "A kind gift. One that takes her gentle personality into consideration." She gives a nod of approval. "Tell me… can you love my sister? Give yourself to her wholly and without regret of the past?" she asks. "This may be a marriage of political connection, however-" She frowns here. "She deserves only the best. She deserves love to be a part of her life, even if it will come slowly and through hard work."

Alric smiles slightly, "I am hoping that she will enjoy it." Then he looks right at Katrin with a neutral look on his face. "To be honest. I don't know. I want to. And I will do what I can to make her happy. As you said, it is a marriage for political reasons. As all are. I am but hers from now on. Despite the past. I do not want to make her sad, lady Katrin." Drinking from his cup. "It is a hard thing to forget some things from the past. Especially when feelings are involved. But I will try, for lady Ilaria. What was is in the past. She is my future, after all."

The mention of forgetting some things from the past makes Katrin look away for a moment. "The heart is a tricky thing, Lord Alric," she says quietly. "My own recent… troubles are a testament that I know far better than most of what strong feelings can make a person do. But do not make her sad, my Lord. You will find that to be a very unwise, and perhaps dangerous thing to do." She rises to her feet and gives a slight nod of her head. "I am quite glad that we had this chance to speak. As my future goodbrother, I hope that we have many more opportunities to sit and speak, but for now, I should be going. I did get a late start this morning." Nope, that's not a guilty look shadowed behind her eyes. Not in the least bit… okay, maybe a little?

Alric offers a nod, "I understand. I am sure that we are more alike that you might think. Though I won't let your sister be sad. I will do what I can to keep her happy." He says. Seeming rather unphased by the words. Or threat perhaps? "I hope so to. Do be well. You're a good sister." He offers with a hint of a smile. Rising to offer a proper bow before getting seated again. Then turning to his food again and putting the pendant away for now.

Katrin flashes a genuine smile. "Perhaps so, Lord Alric. And perhaps now is the time when we both might make a change for the better." But she does shake her head. "No. I am not a good sister. If I were, she would not be getting married at this moment. I did not protect her as I should have. I let my own heart get the better of me, and thus cannot be used as a bargaining chip as she can. But I love my sister more than anything else, and will see her happy if I have to see the entire Cape run red for her pleasure." And with those final, cheerful words, she turns on her heel and strides off.

Alric nods, "I believe so. And that you do regret things just because of how it affects your sister at least shows how much you care. And I will do my best to make her happy. On that you can trust me. And I have no issue with you doing that." He says and grins. Letting her walk off then.