Page 326: Signed and Sealed
Signed & Sealed
Summary: Rutger and Kittridge finalize the Nayland gold for Groves food deal on behalf of their fathers, and discuss their own views on their neighbors, family members, etc.
Date: 10 June 289
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Kittridge Rutger 
The Rockcliff Inn
A private dining room.
10 June 289

Where as he did indeed ride to the Roost yesterday, Ser Rutger is only now able to escape. While his sister entertains at the tower, the Nayland knight has made his way down to the Rockcliffe inn, as he was instructed. And now, he currently holds down a table in a more seculded corner of the inn, Already a flagon of Ale has been ordered as have two glasses.

Leaning back Rutger Nayland keeps his eye on the bar, while he casually sips from his own, pausing in this brief moment to lean forward and refill his cup, before he is sprawling back once more.

Ser Kittridge Groves comes down the stairs from the rooms above and heads towards Ser Rutger's table, greeting him with a polite nod. "Ser," he says, "I've had the private dining room set aside for us. If we can have greater privacy, why not? Come," he says, leading the way, and gesturing for a server to bring the cups and ale. Inside, he takes a seat. "So," he says, "I hope you'll forgive me, Ser, if I suggest we get straight to business? After so many months, I'm eager to have it finally settled once and for all, and then we can drink and speak of other things afterwards, if that suits you?"

Rutger sits back up, a smile coming to his lips before he is nodding back towards Kittridge. "Of course Ser." And rising he keeps a hold of his ale, allowing the girl behind him to do as needed. There's a brief glance given over his shoulder as they come into the more private setting before he sits down a seat, opposite of Kitt's. "I do not see any rudeness in the request. I will admit a certain eagerness to get this underway." Rutger states. "Of course, pleasantries can come after a good solid, agreement."

Kittridge allows the girl to pour his ale as well before dismissing her, the door shut behind. He drinks, and nods at Rutger, "Exactly. Not dismissing the pleasantries, just postponing them a bit. So," he sips the ale again, and reaches into a pocket, drawing out some documents, "We've had drawn up a contract of sale. It lays out the terms as we discussed them originally at the Mire. I believe the only part still outstanding is the matter of where the delivery and payment are to be made. My father and I would like to suggest it be at Kingsgrove."

The Nayland knight is silent for a moment as he watches the other Lord. A smile hitting his lips. A brief glance is passed to the girl as she leaves before he is looking back to Kittridge. "Yes, I recall what we had discussed preivously. I pray you do not take offense if I read these before I place my name and seal upon the contract?" Rutger asks with a raise of his brow as one hand comes out for the contract in hand. "Yes.." said almost absently. "At Kingsgrove as opposed to Stonebridge?" Rutger asks, though there is a brief nod. "Yes- given certain actions of late and thought bandits, we can handle this. If you do not mind, I would like to personally oversee the delivery of the sum, just to make sure we make it there without losing a copper."

"Not at all," Kittridge says, shaking his head and making a gesture towards the pages, which he hands over, "I would be a bit concerned, ser, if you didn't read them." He leans back in his seat and sips his ale, giving Rutger time to peruse. Everything seems to be as they agreed, no surprise conditions snuck in anywhere. "Yes, with some of the unrest lately, it seemed best. And you have also expressed, I think, an interest in seeing Kingsgrove? I thought perhaps you might like a visit. We have no alligators, but there is good hunting in the woods all the same. You can deliver the gold in person, we'll have your wagons loaded up and your men can escort them back to Stonebridge while you remain as our guest for a day, if that suits you."

"Thank you." Rutger states with a slight grin. Ale is set aside as the man's focus is squared solely upon the parchment in hand. There is a slight hmm, given before a curt nod, and there the contract is set down between them. "All is in order, as to what has been verbally agreed upon. I will sign." If Kittridge has ink and wax ready he will also sign and seal as well. A brief pause as he watches the Lord Groves, and there is a smile. "Indeed, I would. Hunting suits me, and I have heard you have fat game and good boar there. It is no alligator Ser, but I would like to attend a hunt if you are hosting." And there he sips down some of the cool drink. "I also would like to apologize to you-for my actions when rescuing your sister. I know such contact with her was forward, and I blame having my heart swept up in emotion." Rutger states. "I am not trying to ruin her, or force our relationship further than comfortable with her, you and her Lord Father."

Candle and wax are near at hand, and Kittridge takes up a pen and writes in quickly the bit just agreed upon about picking up from Kingsgrove, pausing to ask, "How soon would you be able to arrange delivery, ser?" so that he might write that in as well. He awaits an answer and sips his ale, then writes in the day as he snorts at the last and replies dryly, "I am not pleased that it happened, Ser Rutger, not at all, but I am not so blinded by brotherly affection to pretend it was entirely your doing, either. I will thank you not to take it as license for further indiscretions, however."

Rutger nods as he leans over to regard the document again. And so he reaches for the pen, a nod given, so that he may make his mark, and then press his ring down. "I can send word to my father to have it ready for us in the Mire, so as when we leave the roost it can meet me in Stonebridge. Believe me, with the recent unlpeasantries, I do not want anything to be taken in an act of vengence over hasty actions." A sniff before he is looking back to Kittridge and chuckling. "Of course not, Ser. I do not see it as a sign of things to come or a welcome invitation. I will not see it as such until we have moved to a betrothal, which is my hope. BUt, I do understand in taking our time." So no rush there.

Kittridge nods, and says, "I hope it will be soon, ser? This has already waited some month more than it ought, and I know that is no fault of your house, but I should not wish to take any chances if we can avoid it. I know you've business here in the Roost and I don't know how long that will occupy you, but I would suggest that if it is possible to get this done and dusted in the next week or two, that would make me very happy. The less time for others to devise some scheme to interfere," he points out, "The better." Wax is melted and dripped onto the page, and his father's seal ring pressed into it, and then tucked safely away once again.

There is a nod given. "I shall be, I promise you Ser. I do not wish to linger on this, and I know your Father is likely waiting on such a reply. As it stands I will send my Father a Raven and thus have things expidited because of how long we both have been waiting on this. As for my time in the Roost, I do not plan to dally. Only long enough to pursue our business here and nothing more." And there he reaches for the wax and readies his ring, as he to seals his name and thus the binding pact between Nayland and Groves. 'Now, we can speak on more pleasant items of discussion or whatever else we might, but first, may I propose a toast to our business venture, Ser?"

"Yes, I think we're all eager to be done with it. It has dragged on long enough," Kittridge says, "And if we are to be glared at and insulted by the Mallisters and Terricks for our decision, I should like to at least have the consolation of gold in hand." He smiles crookedly, and watches Rutger sign, and then nods. "May it be better completed than it was begun," he toasts wryly, lifting his cup to Rutger before he drinks.

"Indeed, it has Ser, and with the Mallisters acquiring funds, they too will need to eat." noted before he raises his hand, a grin back. "I would tend to agree." And there cup in the air Rutger clears his throat. "To the Harvest and our fine Houses both." A pause. "May we all reap the benefits of our Labor." And there he sips. BOOM Business concluded. And with the gulp down, Rutger watches Kittridge for a moment. "So, they've bee glaring? I hope they realise that does not help starving and swollen stomachs." a faint chuckle. "If you need help wiping that glare from them, let us know. I would like to keep this partnership up, between us."

"May we," Kittridge echoes, and then drinks again. At the question, he laughs, briefly. "Of course. Lord Jacsen invited me up to talk this morning," he says, "And he was friendly enough but Lord Justin…" he chuckles and shakes his head, "You'd think I was Maron Greyjoy, reaving his lands with my own sword," he says, rolling his eyes. "I ignored him, because his brother the Young Lord had been so polite, but the temptation to point out that it is neither my fault that his people became hungry to begin with, nor my responsibility to see them fed, nor again my fault that they did not purchase our surplus was… significant."

'And no doubtedly bedding his fine sister before them." Rutger tacts on before he is chuckling softly. "The Terricks have an odd sense of honor. You see, it is only shown when it favor them the most. I would also through the Mallisters in that camp as well Ser. You have behaved honorably-and there is no law stating that we cannot do business. For them to act as such is childish." And there Rutger rolls his eyes briefly. "This should let them know, that you are a serious House, and not their lapdog." he adds on over the rim of his cup. "May I ask, what you sought from them, that would have matched or done better our offer?"

"While burning good food stuffs and kicking starving peasant babes," Kittridge adds, shaking his head, "Their honor is supremely self-serving," he agrees, "Whatever they need think in order to think themselves superior, that is where honor lies. I am sure they mean well, but they speak and act foolishly. Most of them, most of the time, anyway. Not all." He smirks as Rutger goes on, saying, "Of course YOU would say that, Ser Rutger. Is it not very much to your advantage that I think so?" He scratches his cheek, and drinks, before saying, "We requested land. Certain parcels that were taken from us after Robert's Rebellion and gifted to them by Lord Jason."

"Men like the Terricks fall the hardest when times are the leanest. I would not be surprised to see the, start selling the stones on the tower in order to feed their people. Which they will need to do, or they may see uprising if left to starve for too long." Rutger notes "Indeed Ser. I could go on, but that would be preaching to the septon, I feel." A chuckle at that before he is looking back to Kittridge for a moment, and there the Nayland Lord falls silent. "A poor punishment for supporting the rightful King." And there he drains down his drink. "I wonder, Ser. If I could get you that land? After all we have the food, and you the coin." A brief pause. "I am sure there could be a way this benefits us both. A way for us to reap in more coin, and for you to get your land." a shrug there. "Did your sister come with you, here? or might I have a chance to see her when I come to Kingsgrove?"

"They're not all bad," Kittridge says, "Lord Jacsen was actually pretty friendly today, and if he meant half of what he said I think we might get along well. He seems less prone to that reflexive posturing than his brothers. More practical." He drinks, and shrugs, and then lifts a brow. "What did you have in mind?" he asks of the land, saying only of his sister: "She will be at Kingsgrove."

"Perhaps. I do like Ser Jarod Half Eagle. Though he is wedded to my sister." he adds with a slight chuckle before he nods. "I will give Lord Jacsen the benefit of the doubt. He has been kind in welcoming me, and his wife has been kind to my brother." A faint smirk at that, before he is reaching to pour more ale. "I do not know. Perhaps we could price our goods in a way that they should need to seek assistance in getting it. As such we will get our coin- and you- if you were able to offer coin up could get good lands back. Lands that rightfully belong to you." Rutger adds with a nod. "Good." as far as Rosanna goes. "I had hoped to see her here, but-Alas." A slight smile. "May I ask a question in that line, Ser? Or would that be forward?"

"I don't know Ser Jarod well, but the whole business with his squire, your sister, seems… ridiculous." That seems to be all Kittridge cares to say about that just now. He drinks, and pours himself more ale, considering. "I think let's get the coin and the food exchanged, and then see where things stand," he suggests, "There seem to be a lot of factors in play, at the moment. Whatever it is you're playing at with the Charltons in Stonebridge, for instance." As for questions about his sister, Kit's lips thin slightly as they press together, and he shrugs, "You may ask, Ser."

"To that, we can agree, but he is family, whatever that is worth." Rutger states with a nod. It seems he won't go further than that. A brief pause as he raises a brow and he sighs there. "Yes, that. I believe my brother and cousin had the right lawful cause, but I do wonder at the move." A shake of his head. "I believe it was done because the Charltons had quartered over two dozen full armed men in the inn, and were refusing our folk entrance. If that is true, then that is a rather bold breach of courtesy." And so he shrugs. Eyes catch Kittridge's lips and he raises a hand. "I will be brief Ser. It is no secret that I do care for your sister - a lot- And I cannot see her heart, but I would like to think she cares for me. Please note- that I am not rushing you, nor do I have the intention to do so, but I must know from your end- do you see prospect of this going further than courtship?"

Kittridge lifts a brow as Rutger speaks, asking, "You are not sure if that is true? Weren't you in Stonebridge when it happened? Did they not tell you, or did they move without finding out the truth of it first?" He seems a bit incredulous at the idea, but moves on the Rutger's question. "I really couldn't say, ser," he says after a moment or two of consideration. "I think that when you come to Kingsgrove, you will meet my father, and after that perhaps we may be able to answer that question."

Rutger is quiet for a moment. "Well, Ser. I was not privy to the decision being made. But, I did hear talk from my cousin as to the reasons for doing it. But, alas My brother did not make his call known, so if there is another reason I do not know it." a faint frown there. Still he plods on ahead. "I think that would be good. I do look forward to meeting your Father, and the rest of your family when I am in Kingsgrove."

"Ah." Kittridge nods, and shrugs, "I had thought they would have consulted you. It seems like a pretty… inflammatory move? I can't imagine Lord Charlton will take kindly to so many of his kin being taken prisoner, no matter how much armor they were wearing in your inn." He rakes a hand through his hair, and shrugs, "But that is your brother Riordan's affair, I guess. He does have a talent for drama, doesn't he?" He smiles crookedly, and then nods, "I'm sure you will probably meet them all when you are there. And Kingsgrove is very pretty, I don't think I'm too biased to say."

"He asked me some things, Ser, as did my Cousin Rygar, and I believe had the same thing been put before me, I might have made the same decision. Out of looking out for my people. Though Lord Keegan may be furious, I can't say that he wouldn't do the same were it us fully armed in his back yard." Rutger notes before draining down some ale. "But it is my brother's choice and I will support him." Even if it pains him. Still as to Kitt's remark on drama and it clinging to Riordan like mud, there is a laugh from the elder Nayland. "I believe he has a flare for it. He should have become a mummer, then he could have been the perfect storybook knight he tries to be." Tries to and then fails at-given the rumors swirling. "Good. I've met your Ser Belte, and your sister's Septa. Both wonderful people, who watch me as if I am a snake." a chuckle there. "But it was your sister's loving description of her home that really made me wish to see it. Even if this suit does not work out for us, I would like to see a place that sounds as if poems should have been written about it."

"Provoking the Charltons to war is better for the safety of your people?" Kittridge arches a brow at that, "Couldn't you have simply ordered them to leave? Or did you?" he asks, relenting a little in his obvious disapproval, "Accounts seem to differ on that point, so maybe you tried it, I don't know." As for Riordan, he snorts, "Someone should remind him of what happened to the man whose armor he wears. Jaremy Terrick also wanted nothing so much as to be a storybook knight." He drinks, and then chuckles a bit at that description of Tommas and Day. "You want to take what is most precious to us, ser. Of course we are all suspicion. And what makes you think Kingsgrove hasn't had poems written about it already?" He seems to be joking a bit with that retort, at least, before saying, "Four Eagles is a more impressive fortification, and Stonebridge a livelier town, but I dare say Kingsgrove is the prettiest."

"I do not know if it was tried before. When Roslyn and I arrived at the tower after the rescue, I was given some time to rest before being alerted of the meeting. I can only assume my brother did in fact warn them, before we acted." Rutger notes before he tilts his head there. As to Kitt's words there is a grunt and a nod. "Yes, I believe I have tried in my own way of reminding him of his follies, but he sees it as me being mean." A snort. Taking a breath, and a drink. "Just so. I am aware of that, and that is why I look to treat Lady Rosanna with the utmost respect and honor that she deserves." he replies with a grin. "They have, most likely, but I have not written them." a grin there and he nods. "I would say the Sevens is probably the loudest, but I will say Stonebridge is certainly not pretty. Thriving, not pretty." A grin. "So I think I shall be in for a treat with Kingsgrove."

Kittridge nods at Rutger's explanation. "Well, one would hope they asked. And assume they must have," he says, "It would be awfully foolish not to give them a chance to go. Would that even be legal?" he asks, admitting, "My brother's the legal scholar, that's never really been my area. It seems like it shouldn't be, though?" He shrugs, and moves on back to Kingsgrove, saying, "Well, I hope that you will find it lives up to expectations, now that I've sung its praises for a while."

Rutger rubs the side of his nose for a moment. "I believe if Lord Riordan did ask, and they refused then it could be seen, as quartering and invasion, I think." Rutger says "I have not my books, to consult to see if I am correct in that reading of our lands' good laws." As for Kittridge not having strength in the law he chuckles. "Not all of us are gifted in the law, Ser. Your gifts come out in form of a natural sales man." A grin there. "I bet it shall. Despite how often I find myself in the halls and courts of Noble men, I do prefer the outdoors and the sport to be found there." Rutger takes a drink, before one hand moves to drum fingers along the table. "Shall I order us some food, or do you have other business Ser?"

"That does sound right," Kittridge agrees, "If he asked and they refused, I'd think there'd be grounds to arrest them, definitely. It's just if he didn't ask… I don't know. Doesn't seem fair, not to give them a chance to do things right before you arrest them." He shrugs, and then laughs as Rutger's assessment and shrugs again, "There is a reason I am my father's envoy of sorts and not his legal counciler," he agrees, "My brother is better suited to that, and I to this. But yes," he nods, "I prefer it also. If I could just be in charge of running the hunts and nothing more I think I'd be very happy with that." He considers the time for a moment, and then nods, "I could eat."

"It does not seem fair at all, but I do believe sometimes we must go with the board played to us." Rutger states before he is shaking his head. "I believe there is a reason I am the same, Ser." a grin there before he is drinking down more ale. There's a turn of his head as he orders whatever stew is on for the day, bread and of course more ale. "I believe I could run a house well, when it is my time. But, that does not mean I am hungry for it." Rutger admits before he is grinning. The conversation itself will twist and turn on various topics between the two men, as a late day meal is shared.