Page 584: Sibling Tensions
Simbling Tensions
Summary: Both the Fensters and the Terricks seem to be having sibling issues of late
Date: 26/Feb/2013
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Town Square, Terrick's Roost
The town square of Terrick's Roost was once considered well-kept. The stone streets run right up to the building fronts around the edge and the locals have kept the spaces between free of grass and weeds that might otherwise sprung up between them, although dark streaks of stubborn soot have crawled in between the stones. There are several homes and shops located here which show the scars and cinders of the sacking of the town at Ironborn hands. The ruin of the town's Sept can also be seen from here with its ornate stone front rising above the surrounding structures just down the cobblestone road.
Tue Feb 26, 290

One look inside at the Inn, and sight of the occupants thereof, and - with one glance - Nedra shakes her head at her Septa and guard and turns on heel and steps back out into the evening air. She uses a hand held fan to stir the evening air around her face as she stands near the entrance of the Inn and waits for her maid to emerge from the Inn with the food that she's hopefully acquired from the kitchen. Her guard, Ser Duncan, stands a few feet away from Nedra, a whittling knife held in one hand and a small block of wood in the other that is half carved, half formed, into something that Nedra hasn't quite figured out - yet.

First out of the Inn is Bella, tailed by Serah her maid and Talbot her guard. Once she emerges from the inn, she looks at them both. "I would like to go to the coast, I think I am in a mood to watch the waves roll in for awhile." Only when she turns back does she notice the Mallister. She offers a curtsy, but her expression is not one of wanting to loiter at the moment. It seems the young Fenster is angry.

Soon after Bella steps out comes Alric. Hearing his sister's words. Letting her slip off for now though. Spotting the Mallister he does let his annoyance drop a bit. "See you in the morning, Bella." He offers to her and then turns towards Nedra. "All well, my lady?"

Nedra lowers the fan that she's using and shares the exchanged curtsy with Bella, "Good evening to both of you, my lord, my lady," she offers as she rises. She studies, briefly, the expression upon Bella's face without commenting, having seen a look similar to that upon hers a time or two in the past. "I am, yes," she answers, "it's just to crowded in there for my comfort and the air out here is much.. cooler."

Alric smiles and nods to Nedra, "Good evening." Letting Bella sneak on off. Raising a brow as he looks back inside. A brief chuckle leaving him. "I suppose you are right. May I join you?" He asks and moves a bit closer if she agrees to let him join.

Before Nedra can answer, as she's drawing breath to do so in fact, Shalla emerges from the Inn with a small bundle wrapped in cloth tucked into the handheld basket at her side. "Just as you'd asked for, M'lady," the maid says, a bit breathless but sounding pleased. "There's fresh bread, apple slices, a bit of pie and…" dramatic pause, all youthful pleasure in the tone of voice, "slices of that cheese that you like. The cook tucked it right up on that bread, I bet it's going to be perfect!"

With a smile, "Well done, Shalla," Nedra says as her guard comes forward and pokes through the food in the basket, liberates half of a red apple and steps back. "Would anyone else like something to eat?" she asks, a glance at her Septa who only laughs before shaking her head. "By all means, feel free, Lord Alric. Looks like we're going to have a bite to eat, would you care to join us?"

Alric chuckles and looks between all the company that she keeps. Looking to the lady with a shake of his head. "I apologize. Had I knew that you would have food ready for me then I would had kept some space." He offers playfully. "I just ate a bit when I was back inside. I am happy to keep you company though." There is a fading bruise on a cheek and several other small cuts and marks on his neck. Most covered by his clothing though and seems to be fading. Perhaps from a spar.

Nedra gestures toward a low set of wooden benches in place around a fountain that bubbles quietly in the evening air. "There's always a bit of space left over, I believe that.." and with a glance at Shalla and a laugh, "yes. She liberated a jug of apple cider as well. Perhaps you've room for that?" she wonders, taking a seat on the bench with her Septa to her right, maid to her left, guard sitting on the edge of the fountain. Nedra retrieves half of another apple and uses her belt knife to slice off pieces. "What have you been up to? You're all scratched and bruised."

Alric grins and heads with Nedra to the benches. Taking a seat close so he can speak to the lady. "I suppose so." He offers with a chuckle about the apple cider. Grinning at the maid as well before looking to the lady once more. "Oh, nothing much. It's just from misunderstandnings." He offers and shrugs. Not seeming too eager to go further into that.

Nedra shakes her head as small wooden cups are passed around and then apple cider is poured into the cups, "What sort of misunderstanding looks like you lost a fight with a thorn bush?" she wonders and fishes a piece of bread out of the basket, hands it left to her Septa and lobs half of another apple at Duncan before taking a slice of the bread and cheese for herself. "Why is Bella so upset?"

Alric shakes his head, "I promise, it's nothing." He tells her and tries to keep those visible covered. Some seem like scratches and others seem like marks. Hard to tell what kind of marks. Most have faded enough that you can't really tell what the marks are. As for his sister, he sighs and shrugs. "She got upset with something I said and decided that she was going back to Highfield. I told her that she will be speaking with me first in the morning and she will not be leaving before that. I also told her that she would be going back to Tavin's Rest if she does. Although she was upset before that already." He shrugs a bit. "I understand being upset about the threat. I will give her time to cool down and I will speak with her tomorrow morning."

"It's not easy, being a noblewoman, Alric," Nedra says quietly, "not any easier than being a nobleman, I would imagine. But from her point of view there are so many constraints, so many hedges, so many confines and rigid measures to stay well within. Women who step out of those confines tend to make for themselves a name that is often notorious, women who serve a examples of what women should not be doing. Or, rather, should know better than to do. The only thing that is ours, as well bred noblewomen, to give freely is our friendship. That is all. Love is reserved for our family, those fellow noblewomen who are closest to us, but the folly of casting 'Love' recklessly around?" She shakes her head, "She is upset. Try to.. temper what you are displeased with, my friend, with a measure of understanding of what she is so frustrated or upset with."

Alric listens with a raised brow. Shrugging. "Perhaps so." As for love, he rolls his eyes a bit. "I know so. I was not displeased with her about anything. She started getting upset about still being saddened about the Flint camp. Then she threatened to go to Highfield. I told her not to do so and I will speak with her in the morning." He explains and shrugs again.

Seated on one of the benches near the fountain that is casting water quietly into the evening air, Nedra is on one bench with her Septa on one side, maid on the other with her guard Ser Duncan a few feet away eating an apple that Nedra had just tossed in his direction. Lord Alric is seated on the bench adjacent and Nedra is speaking to him of his sister, "You forbid her to travel to Highfield?" is her current question, eyebrows arched not so subtly upward with a look of surprise upon her face. "You forbid it or told her that you'd prefer that she not?" she asks, clarifying the remark as she begins to shake her head slowly. "Do you still expect her to be here, come morning?" she wonders, a mild measure of amusement now evident in her tone of voice.

Alric shrugs, "I told her that I will talk to her in the morning before she will leave. If that is forbidding or suggesting…" He shrugs at that. "I did tell her that she does not meet me she will be going back to Tavin's Rest." He sighs a bit and looks around a bit. "We will see how things go." He offers as he looks back to the lady. "I might be a bit harsh on her."

Not in the direction of the fountain, steps could be deduced. Mind you- to get to the particular destination in mind the boots that are walking will need to go by the fountain. As it is, those seated there on this well lit and clear night, would be able to pick the form of the one eye'd Young Lord as he made his way evenly along towards the Rockcliff Inn, and there sounds of light merriment held behind the door. So determined is his gait, that Ozric may or may not miss his beloved sitting with the young Lord Fenster.

"I don't suppose anyone is holding the purse, my lord, as to whether or not she'll be here come morning?" Nedra wonders this next, still mildly amused even as she is reaching for the small cup of cider that is balanced on her knee. "My brother has rarely taken that tone with me, but I suppose that's because I'd do a great deal to avoid the wrath and or well deserved ire of my mother," she admits. "She gets a single word of something that I've done that displeases her and there's a raven immediately and I feel bad before I even get the message," she says with a slow shake of her head, lifting the cup of apple cider, glancing slowly around and spotting Lord Ozric at the same time. Without a small start of surprise she rises to her feet immediately, nearly dropping the bit of food she'd had balanced in her other hand, offering a curtsy, "Lord Ozric, good eve my lord," she says while doing the curtsy sans hands to make it graceful.

There is a grin on the face of Alric. "I am certain that she will be." He admits with a small smile. As for the tone he had used he just sighs. "I did try to keep a calm tone. But indeed she does need me to be more disciplined. I keep giving her what she wish for too often." Then his eyes follows Nedra's as he rises and bows to the man as well. Giving a glance to Nedra as well.

A pause in his steps and Ozric is turning to look back towards Nedra, a double take, given the showed surprise the knight does allow to slip out under the torch light. His lone good eye narrows for a moment, before the look softens and he moves, turning from the inn briefly, to allow a bow in Nedra's direction. "My Lady." his voice replies soft, and still with the gravel of it's usual sound. "I did not mean to interrupt." And with that he is looking to Alric. "Lord Fenster." A greeting of sorts before his focus is entirely on his betrothed. "I had thought I would catch my brother down here, as opposed to you." he adds with a faint, half smile. "But, it seems the Rockcliff has a lure for everyone." A nod towards his soon to be wife's startled food and drink. "Have either of you seen him?" He should specify which one.

"There's a.. measure. I mean, there's a balance," Nedra says in a quieter aside to Alric, worry still for Bella clear in her tone of voice even as she turns back toward Ozric, surreptitious handing the cup of cider and bit of food to her maid so that her hands are free, dusting the crumbs off of her hands as well at the same time. "It's no interruption, my lord, we were merely speaking of Lord Fenster's sister and the challenges presented by siblings and familial ties." She pauses as she considers Ozric's question, "I have not seen Lord Lothar or any of your other brothers today, my lord, nor any of your siblings, actually. Though I had chance to encounter Lord Keenan the other day," she admits, a fine subtle edge to her tone of voice as she admits this. "I haven't seen him today, however."

Alric nods slowly to Nedra's words but for now seeming to let it pass. Letting his attention go to Ozric. "Pleasure lord Ozric." He offers and looks between both. "I have just arrived and haven't met any of them either. Taking note of Nedra's tone and raises a brow at it. "Is all well, my lady?"

There is a brow raised between both Alric and Nedra as the young Lord catches some of the snippets of conversation, but still-Ozric has some class not to intrude on the conversation. He can wait and all of that. Though with the explanation supplied by Nedra, both brows of the knight shoot up. "Oh. Anything I can do to help?" or at least advice to give? Still Ozric's face banks back to neutral before he is looking back towards Alric. "Yet, I know you've been here before, have you not?" Curious there-before he is looking back towards Nedra. His own question bit down before he is looking back to Alric for a moment-and then over to his betrothed. "I see.." he adds his voice showing the edge as well. "And it was he, I was looking for. " Lord Keenan.

Nedra draws a slow breath, actually tucking her hands nervously into the folds of her skirt as she glances from Lord Alric to Lord Ozric and back, hesitating for another moment. "Lord Keenan has some choice words for me, my lord, and if he is the leading example, then.. I had thought to speak to my brother on it but.." she clears her throat softly before squaring her shoulders subtly. "Lord Keenan had some pointed questions for me, chiefly , as he phrased it, if i Had any notion how Terrick's Roost will keep Lady Anais, an indispensable property as he phrases it, in the roost once I replace her. He further expects that I have all manner of ability to enact change, alter policy, solve all the problems of this region because I am your betrothed, is firm in his belief that I have no training or skills what so ever in any manner that will be an asset to you as your wife, objects to the accord between my House and Yours. As Lady Anais is the best Castellan the Roost has Ever had, in his opinion, I am a pale comparison utterly lacking in all aspects," her words are lightly said but quietly and clearly spoken, "to summarize his opening remarks and summary estimation of my worth. Or, rather, lack thereof in all measures."

"And, further, the impression he has that I have .. in some manner or way crafted this betrothal from start to finish, coveted and angled to be your betrothed, to replace Lady Anais with some sort of malicious spite is - once I move past the appalled response I have to his supposition and suggestion - more than mildly insulting. That I learned of this agreement at or nearly at the same time that you did, Lord Ozric, apparently means nothing. Why introduce logic," Nedra adds with another measured shake of her head. "I'm sorry, my lord, as I said before, I do not wish to embarrass you, but I'm at a loss how to interact with Lord Keenan on a reasonable level."

Alric rolls his eyes at what Keenan has apparantly said. "You are well suited for such a thing. Either way the castellan is the castellan. The wife of the lord is not meant to rule. She is meant to offer support and advice for her husband. Wanting her to rule is as if he wishes for ser Ozric to not do so." As for her having crafted this makes him laugh. "Apologies." He offers and shakes his head. "He clearly knows not what kind of person you are." Is all he says to explain his laugh. "It will be fine lady Nedra." He assures her with a sweet smile similar to those she has offered to him in the past. Then his eyed shift to Ozric. "I have. And we have met each other quite often I would say." A kind smile at that.

As Nedra spills all of..that.. out there is only one reaction from the Young Lord. One hand raises up quickly, as if to stop the words from coming forth any further than they already have. It seems to do no good, but Ozric remains silent even if his jaw is tightened. "We will discuss this further, later. And not here" Ozric's reply comes, with some of the icy winds of winter behind his words. That lone eye remains on his Lady for a moment before he is looking back towards Alric for a moment. "This is not your affair my Lord." And it seems there that the Knight is going to end talk of his brother Keenan. "I know you have not seen him today, my lady, but have you-my Lord, run into my younger brother, Lord Keenan?" apparently brushing aside anything else there.

Nedra glances down, her hands curled at her sides as she nods, "I believe that Lord Keenan and his men tend to spend a good deal of time down near the docks, my lord," she replies. "I haven't seen him there today, but of places to search, that would be one location that should be it the top most of any list being made."

Alric raises a brow before. "Do as you wish." Is all he says to Ozric. Though listening to the tone offered between them both. "As I said, I have not. Although as lady Nedra is saying, he should perhaps be down at the docks. If he is not at the inn or the tower. And he is not at the inn." He offers with a polite smile upon his lips.

"I figured the Docks, but my man has not seen him there, and I know him fond of drink." and the company oft found here. Still Ozric looks to Nedra, as Alric continues on, before he is nodding to the Lady Mallister. "If you see him, tell Ser Duncan to send him to me." Clearly not allowing Nedra to have to do that job there. "And if he complains, make sure he knows it's his Lord who summons him. Not his brother." and he will let that sit with the Lady. There's a brief look before he is dropping his head. Quiet, as he lets the wind blow, just-before he is turning and moving on back towards the keep.

"As you wish, my lord," Nedra replies with another nod, glancing up as she does so. His clarification at the end makes her nod again, "I or rather he will do so, if needed my lord," she adds with another nod, studying Ozric as he turns to take his leave. "Have a pleasant eve, my lord," she offers quietly as he departs.

"And you my lady.." he replies back softer-and there the ice is gone, as he asides over his shoulder. Give Ozric some credit, he does at least stop to say his farewells before he is walking off again with his purposeful stride back solidly in place.

Alric offers. bow as the lord is about to take his leave. "Be well, my lord." After the man has left he turns to Nedra. "And to you my lady." He offers with a smile. "I will be around for a bit longer. If you wish to talk."

"I think that we'll retire for the evening," Nedra replies as she follows Lord Ozric with her eyes for a moment before turning back to Alric. "If you would pass along my regards to your sister and, with it, the offer to take breakfast with me or perhaps just tea before she departs? I wish she'd stay, I admit, but I can understand her reasons for wishing to depart if she still decides to do so."

Alric nods to Nedra. "I understand." He offers with a smile. "Thank you. I am sure that she will be staying. Probably going to enjoy breakfast as well." He offers and will let Nedra slip off before he does the same.