Page 315: Shopping for the Regent
Shopping for the Regent
Summary: Lady Jocelyn and her handmaiden Iulia take to the town of the Mire for gift ideas.
Date: 30/5/2012
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Iulia Jocelyn 
Town Squire, Hag's Mire
The Town Square is smaller than most that might be found in the surrounding towns in the Riverlands. This area is more compacted than the others and the thatched roof that top most of the wooden frames provide a slightly smaller vantage of the sky overhead. The shops here are generally open faced to the elements which also provides for a much more crowded and vigerous social atmosphere. In the distance the tower can be seen jutting skyward from the muddy peninsula.
Wed May 30, 289

The luxury of travel was rare unless one made their means on the road or perhaps under the service of a noble house. Iulia fell in step with the lady Jocelyn as the pair of them enjoyed a bit of sight seeing. She raised her hand, shielding the sun's light from her eyes while viewing over the activity easily discovered through the town square. "If you do not mind me asking, m'lady, before your arrival to Stonebridge, did you reside here in the Mire?"

Jocelyn was easily bored when kept in doors and so wandering about was what she enjoyed much. It was not always the safest of things to do. A guard was not too far behind, leaving Iulia and Jocelyn to sight see and enjoy the town square.
Jocelyn stops briefly to glance into the Smithie, seeing what they are working,"Hm? Oh no. I was with the Frey's." she says in response to Iulia's question. "My Father sent me there as a girl. I've just returned to my Family after a number of years. Which is why you'll note that some do not realize who I am."
When spotted by the Smithie she smiles at them and then moves on in their wandering, "I just had to introduce myself again to Lady Rowenna just the other day."

"Ooh." Iulia retorts while linking her fingers together and allowing her hands to bob against her person with each step. "Did you enjoy it there? From what I gather the Frey Lord has a great many children and grand children and nieces and nephews and just enough to fill this fortress four times over. You wouldn't lack a friend there I'm certain." She talks, occasionally glancing over to the various operational structures such as the smithy with it's barrel chested men smeared with sweat, coal, and filth.

"I did. They were all very kind to me. I only left when my companion was married off." Then, something Iulia says has Jocelyn pausing in step and looking towards her. Her face slowly falls in emotion and then soon it turns to emotionless. "I knew many people there, yes." she agrees on that point. "I do know if many noticed I was there though." A lift of her shoulder is lifted and then dropped, shrugging something off. "I have a way of becoming very invisible if I want to be." She starts to walk again, "Its a gift."
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Iulia pauses as Jocelyn does, listening intently while it did not take a bleeding heart to understand the underlying tone. "In a large crowd m'lady it is quite easy to become invisible." Her attempts to lighten the moment. Their walk is resumed. "The only way not to is to act in a manner that is different from every else. If everyone wears green you wear yellow. If everyone is drinking you bar your thirst."

The small smile returns to Jocelyns lips at the Maids words and she turns her head in her direction. "Indeed, you are right." her hands are folded together and pressed close to her upper body on her stomach. "However, not everyone is a Nayland." That last part is said lightly, "I fear that no matter what we do, we stick out. In that way, it is a gift that I can sometimes become invisible and in that way, I stand out some."
Glancing around them, Jocelyn hmm's softly "I really should find something for my Cousins name day. Perhaps I should revisit the Smithie… he might have a suggestion." her thoughts are spoken out loud.

"Given the talk m'lady, I believe being invisible would suit you best." When it came to her family. "Or perhaps if you have the desire you may find yourself a ward of a keep, I mean you should be of marrying age are you not?" Iulia asked, glancing to the smiths while Jocelyn entertained a thought. "A sword would be nice." All men like swords.
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"Indeed, Iulia. I seemed to have missed much while I was with the Freys. They were kind enough to keep me from any rumors that were coming forth. It was much a surprise when I came closer to Stonebridge and I heard so much of what was going on." She pauses and glances back at the Smithie, "A fine suggestion. Let us return there." and turning back she moves in that direction again before continuing. "I think I'll have little choice of who or when I marry." said so dryly.

With so much going on it may have been considered a blessing from being privy to the ongoings of Stonebridge. When they soon make their return to the smithy, their talk continues. "Surely they'll take your preference into consideration I mean, not like you'll choose a commoner for a husband. A male of worth most likely."

"They will take my consideration for what its worth." Jocelyn says, "Though I will have no choice is the marriage is arranged. Its happen for as long as I can remember. One loves someone, but they are arranged to marry someone else." she moves her hand to gesture as she speak. Then she moves inside the Smithie.

"Then I should hope the one you are married is one you may be able to love. If not, there are always," Iulia speaks a hushed tone, //"Secret lovers," as the pair of them enter into the smithie. "It is not as uncommon as you think. I hear a lot of talk about it, and not just gossip. Some one who served under another lady they would help them. I imagine it would be difficult to do so otherwise."

Jocelyn's voice too lowers when they enter the Smithie, "One dares to dream such a thing." she smiles and offers a small curtsy to the Smithie, she tries to show respect to all and kindness if at all possible. Besides, they are on home territory and most will know her, if she was not kind, it would get back to any number of her family. But would they care? "It takes much trust, loyalty and even friendship to make something like that work." she turns her head to Iulia and whispers, "The secret lovers." Closer now, Joclyn lifts her her to the Smithie, "I've come for a names day present for my Cousin, Ser Riordan. How quickly could you make a sword? I know it is last minute, but I should like to have one for him."
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Iulia's eyes brighten, smiling deeply as her cheeks fill. "It does m'lady." Her greenish brown eyes weigh over the various displays of work the man has already finished or near finished. "Once you have a trusting hand the gates are open and you may have any of your choice. Quite empowering over feeling so limited and restricted." She tells her and soon falling into silence while Jocelyn converses with the smithy. When she spots a lockbox the girl's steps draw closer, "M'lady, why not a lockbox? Surely others may give him swords but this, this may guard his prized possessions."

While the Smithie mumbles about timing and demands and request, Jocelyn tries to not roll her eyes, instead she sighs. The second suggestion coming from the Maid has her head turning, stepping up to look at the lockbox the girl has spotted. "hmmm.." she says considering it. "Do you think he would find it too feminine?" Though she picks up the lock box and turns it over and around to look at it. "Men. Why must they be so terrible hard to purchase things for? If it were for a woman, this would not be so difficult." As she considers she goes makes mention their just moments ago conversation, "I think all classes feel limited and restricted no matter."

"Men have secrets too m'lady. Some may fit in a box of this size while others may be too large to conceal." Iulia smiles, paying no mind to the disgruntled metalsmith over her shoulder. "I do not think so, you are family. He would appreciate a box of dirt from his homelands. Maybe." She chewed on her lip in thought, "Aye, a fine lockbox and not too much trouble to have commissioned either with a few alterations made. Personal touches such as here… and here." Her finger points to the various areas. But to resume their talk Iulia smirks once more, "Not when it comes to the heart m'lady. I am quite simple, I do not truly desire fancy or lavish things. They'll get me by sure, but as to what I truly want? It is well within my grasp should I care to reach for it. Though for now I am willing to wait until it will reach for me too."

"Mmm…" Jocelyn tilts her head to see the spots the Iulia points to. Thinking siliently for a moment, a small smile lifts her lips, nodding slowly to whatever she was thinking. Taking the box over to the Smithie, "Here, I shall make it easier on you, old chap." The name gets a grunt and look from the Smithie, but he says nothing, instead he lets her explain the engravings she'd like placed on the box. Letters, symbols something else that she says softly to him. When the man just nods in understanding and walks off, Jocelyn returns to Iulia. Now that those matters were taken care of, her attenion is on Iulia, lifting a single brow in an arch. "Is there something or perhaps…" a slow grin, "Someone that is within your graps that you are waiting to grasp you in return?"

While Jocelyn eyed over the various swords, both crude and polished she folded an arm across her abdomen and hugged herself. After her order was relayed Iulia returned facing the noblewoman, smirking a little to the smith who should be grateful for the business. "Aren't we all m'lady?" That same smirk is shared with Jocelyn. "I do not believe anyone's hand should be forced and so I am content to wait. I have plenty of years left to enjoy what I may."

"Whom is this?" Jocelyn's curiousity takes over and her eyes light up that there maybe a secret to come. Now that the order for the Lockbox has been placed, she need not worry of waiting. Without further speaking to the Smithie she starts to walk towards the exit. It had been some time since she had been involved in girlish talk such as this, so Jocelyn is centered on it for now. "Is it someone I know?"

"No m'lady." No one she hoped anyone would know. Iulia allowed her gaze to wander elsewhere. "You would not know of him, he is no highborn nor does he live in Stonebridge." Elsewhere, "I have not seen him for months, many months since the men departed to the isles. Should he return he knows where I am."

Joceyln considers the woman beside, "If there is anything I can do…" she trails off, the rest should go without saying. A warm smile touches the woman mouth. It would appear the Jocelyn was a bit of a romantic. She even reaches and touches the womans arm, the touch is brief but it happen.

"Of course m'lady." The girl smiles again seemingly content with how things are for her. "Besides, should it not be the other way around? If there is anything I can for you." So odd to hear it coming from a high born. She does meet Jocelyn's touch, molding the warmth of her hand over the Nayland's just briefly. "Actually m'lady. When you think your family may return to Stonebridge?"

"Ah, but of course. I will be sure to let you know. Though there is little that I need now. It is all an adjustment period currently. Everything is finding its place, including myself. It takes time." Jocelyn folds her hands back together and rests them against her body. "I believe it was mentioned that we would return just after the Name Day celebration for Ser Riordan." she says, "Are you eager to return?"

"Not quite m'lady." Iulia tells her firstly. "Just being somewhere new is quite exciting." Her words may come off as genuine. "I think your cousin will like this gift." The topic changes, only briefly. "There's a tavern in Stonebridge where all the small folk gather for drinking and fun. It is a touch rowdy but I would believe you'll enjoy yourself, if you would like the chance to find yourself."

"I think you'll find yourself in many a new places, Iulia is you stay as my Maid that is." Jocelyn says and glances back briefly to look at the Smithie, "I do hope so. He's been very kind since my arrival and I wish to get him something nice and something he'll enjoy. I appreciate you're help on the matter." At the mention of the Tavern in Stonebridge, that single eye brow arches again, "I've seen it while in the market, but I've not went inside. Perhaps that will be my next wandering point once I return. You believe it will help me find myself?" This question interests her.

"I do not believe the Lady Isolde will take issue with it, I mean she will have new servants to see to baby's needs." That and Iulia had no skill when it came to children or the young. "You're quite welcome m'lady. I would like that, serving as your handmaiden." As they mention the tavern Iulia reveals a curled grin, "I believe it will. Especially if you are not 'yourself'.

"I'll talk to my family and see if I cant make it a more permnant position if you do not mind the arrangement." Jocelyn says when it comes to her being her handmaiden. A soft unfamilar sound leaves Jocelyn lips and thats a laugh. "Do I understand you correctly? Do you mean to do in disguise?"

Iulia nods still smiling. "Yes, a disguise of sorts. Certainly nothing to distinguish you from us common folk." She laughs softly as both hands drop to her side. "There's a certain freedom one has when not made to follow a long list of expectations."

Tilting her head, Jocelyn considers. "That would be an interesting, all things considered, my brother would certainly disapprove." Though, when did Rygar not disapprove? "Do you honestly think I could carry something like that off?"

"Of course they would disapprove." Iulia laughs softly, raising a shoulder in shrugging. "I believe could m'lady. It may take some practice at first." She does eye the smith and then the door, "Perhaps we should head back hmm? And speak more of this behind closed doors."

"Yes." Jocelyn glances at the Smithie, "Please have the box sent to me and no one else." she says and gives him a look. "Understand that no one else should recieve this, no matter what they say." And then she turns to leave with Iulia.