Page 506: Seven Speed Your Search
Seven Speed Your Search
Summary: Ozric grants his permission for a new search in the hunt for the missing children.
Date: 11/Dec/2012
Related Logs: Follows shortly after I Heard it Through the Grapevine
Mortimer Ozric 
Reading Room, FourEagle's Tower
The room has a large glass window and seat that looks out partially over the cove, in daylight hours the sun provides illumination to the room. Other stools and chairs linger in small groups as shelves along the walls are littered with scrolls, books, letters and documents. The contents are a modest collection of local records, histories, and literature offered to both the family and guests of Four Eagles Tower.
Tue Dec 11, 289

With the natural light long gone, the only illumination in the reading room is now candles, but there's enough of them arrayed around to provide a reasonable level of light. A large table near the centre of the room is quite literally covered in maps of the Terrick/Camden border, or Terrick/Ashwood as it is now, and it's there that Mortimer can be found. With both hands on the table edge he's hunched over a little, as if he's been there awhile, eyes studying first one section and then another, occasionally glancing to one side, where a much smaller, cruder map lies.

With pleasantries dispensed downstairs, the young lord of the manor (or tower) is able to sneak off and back up the stairs. A creak of leather, chink of maille, and soon enough the door itself opens as the tall one eye'd fellow stalks in. Head bowed as he steps in the doorway, but that soon changes as he closes the door behind him. "Deputy." Nothing more than the title given before he is taking his time to wind over towards where the man has himself planted and studying. "Last night, I did not press-but now I must." And his eyebrow quirks up, as if the Lord Ozric was probing for the news. And likely he is, lives at stake and danger afoot.

Mortimer doesn't respond to the door opening as there's been people coming in and out for hours for one reason or another, but the use of his job title does cause him to glance in that direction. Seeing Ozric he pulls himself upright and offers him a deep, respectful nod before greeting with his usual "m'Lord." As the Young Lord makes his way closer he steps back a half pace to allow more room at the table before asking "the map or the body?"

"As to where this new one was found, or the one's previous?" ozric asks, before coming over. One hand moves, coming up to press at his mouth for a second, while his eye screws shut. Shaking his hand-one hand smooths down his chest, before his lone blue eye singles in on the map, brow furrowed. "I believe we tracked the body, to here.." one finger going down carefully along the Ashwood and Terrick line. "And that is where we found Young Darek Boltd?" A turn of his head as if to see if he got the name right. "Speaking of the body, I have been to see it, since put into our Septon's care." a tick along his lips. "It appears to be human. Though the thing is devoid of hair…" A glance to Mortimer. "I believe a member of a mummer's troupe-if indeed human."

"Boldt I believe m'Lord," Mortimer replies, watching the locations as Ozric points them out. Where the body was found he has from Darek already but it's good to know that everyone has the same understanding. Reaching for the smaller, cruder map he draws it across the table so that it can be seen then explains, "This was found carved into the tree I found the Kingsgrove lass in. We've been trying to match it to somewhere but it's vague at best.There were fresh tracks as well, leading north, no older than a day. They stopped at a tree and up in it's branches we found a sticky resin in a sort of odd shape." He holds his hands up at that, first and middle fingers together and then ring and little ones similarly, "like that, only smaller. A woman's perhaps, or someone small."

"Is the sap, or resin, something that one could find if they tapped trees in this area? Or is it some sort of glue?" curious questions indeed. Still the Knight keeps his gaze down on the map, now reaching for the cruder one. "This was carved?" a turn of his head in Mortimer's direction. "Darek was telling me, that these things will just disappear when you are on their trail." His free hand moves up to scratch at his jaw and smooth along his beard. "And Lord Daryl said that he had to climb the tree in order to make sure to break the tracking agent on the poor thing's skin..I believe." and there he looks back towards Mortimer "We've found at least their temporary hiding places. When they know we are hot they take to the trees..And if they have coated their hands in this…resin, then it would give them the grip needed to scale quickly, without the aid of branches."

Mortimer nods at Ozric's conclusions, it's the same ones he, Nathaniel, and Kalira had come to as well. "Natural I believe m'Lord," he replies simply, "and aye, we were thinking the same when we found it." Something the Young Lord has said though catches his attention and he asks, "Lord Ashwood climbed as well? Did he happen to say if there was any resin present then?" I'd punch a hole in the theory if there wasn't after all. "Also m'Lord, do you happen to know if there was any sign of it on the body or it's clothing? I know it was found in a stream which might have washed it off, but a hint might be a useful clue." Although why the odd hand shape in the trees when the body has normal ones, that he's still puzzling over.

"If you are telling a story or putting on a mummer's show. What do you do for your audience, Mortimer?" Ozric says with a raise of his brow. "You make it believe and rope them in. If, persay they figured eventually we would catch on to such a thought-do you think that these people would want us to believe we were after humans, or something more sinister, that we have been taught to fear and awe through our own children stories?" Ozric let's that hang as he moves, to come around the table, eyes examining the other marked places-where children had been left. "Or maybe it was at one time a regular hand shape and the weather played on it." A brief pause "Or it means that someone has a deformed hand." And that is the likely case. A glance back towards his Deputy. His own turn to answer now, it seems: "No." the knight answers plainly. "No, we never had time to check for resin. The thing had lost it's guts and the stench from our agent would have masked anything else." A sigh there. "But, I am sure he likely at one time did have resin-The fact he was found in water should be telling as to our perpetrators trying to hide their loose ends and tracks." A nod there. "We are close."

"Gloves was my best thought," Mortimer adds with a nod, "you're likely right with the mummer part. Same reason he's wearing that skull for a helmet." Glancing back to the map he taps his finger a couple of times on the spot Darek found the body. "M'Lord," he then starts, added determination in his tone, "we were wanting to take a small party upstream of where it was found. It's thought it washed downstream and we want to look for signs as to where it went into the water and such." Reaching up to run a hand across his chin he clarifies slightly, "myself and the young Squire that is. A small party, but not just him alone, in case of trouble." It'd mean Ozric would need to find someone else to play nice with the nobles mind, but he's hoping that won't be too big an issue.

"Could be gloves, or padding on their hands so the resin wouldn't rip off skin when they climb." A glance back there as he nods. "Or putting a lizard lion's skin over a horse. I would not be surprised if we were dealing with some rather creative and cruel people." And there he falls silent before he is nodding. "How many, and who were you looking to take, Deputy?" After all, this is where one would need to play it very careful and close to the breast. "I have already been notified, of our guests not being pleased with my decisions, concerning their searches thus far." Ozric says.

"Just myself and him m'Lord, we covered a lot of ground together before the others arrived" is Mortimer's answer, "on foot we think two or three days in all. Horse would be quicker at first but would then limit our options when we get to the stream." He nods as Ozric comments upon the displeasure of some of the visitors, "I told them to talk to you, although from the mutterings I'm still hearing I figured they hadn't bothered. Likely bluster to cover their own inaction." That three weeks where they were doing nothing that is.

"If you need another man, I would say take it." Ozric states before he is pushing away from the maps. "But I trust your judgement in this." And there is a faint grin. "I believe you are correct. Master Trevelyan. As it is, I will slow down our searches to more guarding to allow you all more freedom to roam without their own interruptions. If you need anything else, don't hesitate..And if they gripe, you may send them to me." Ozric denotes before he is heading for the door. "Seven speed you both in your search. Let me know what you find."

"Master Corbitt knows where we're heading and where we've looked already, he can keep them busy checking actually useful areas m'Lord," Mortimer replies as he starts to tidy the scatter maps a little. No need in pissing the visitors off when there's plenty more ground to cover after all. As the Young Lord turns to leave he offers a final, "we'll leave at first light."