Page 285: Servitude
Summary: Rafferdy meets Delya for the first time, and she fetches him ye olde chicken.
Date: 30/Apr/2012
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Rafferdy Delya 
Tordane Tower, Curved Stairs
The wooden stairs are worn and smooth by many years of use and are anchored with heavy planks held tightly within the stone wall. Along the walls occasonally span a few tapestries, mostly in the colors of House Tordane.
Mon 30th Apr, 289

It's evening, and the tower is how it usually is. Servants are scurrying about serving dinner to various nobility. Delya is no different. The red haired servant with the pale skin moves lithely about the halls, arriving from the general direction of Valda's room. She walks walks down the hall with no apparent direction in mind, she could be heading anywhere or nowhere. Though one's assumption might be that she has a purpose, though what it is could be anyone's guess at this point.

Rafferdy emerges from the room he's been staying in while here. He looks tired, wearing just a pair of brown leather trousers. His shirt is off, revealing his muscular upper body, though a white bandage is wrapped across the middle of his chest, just below his pectorals. He glances around, his brow furrowed, as if he expected someone, or something.

Giving him a little curtsy as she walks by, Delya murmurs, "M'lord." A glance at his face and she slows and turns toward him. "Is there something the matter, m'lord? Anything I can help you with?" She clears her throat a little. "Perhaps some food? If you haven't eaten yet, we've got some wonderful chicken in the kitchens, just fresh cooked. Seasoned nicely."

Rafferdy lifts his brow a bit, "Chicken…" He sighs, furrowing his brow then, as he considers it. "Um…" He gives a little nod, "Sure, that's… Yeah, that's okay." He gives her a little smile. "Are you new?" He tilts his head a bit, taking a good look at her, "You're new."

"Chicken it'll be, m'lord." Delya smiles softly up at him. "I don't think you'll be disappointed." She shakes her head at the question, answering 'no'. "I've been around for quite some time, m'lord. I serve mostly the Lady Tordane. She keeps me busy, so I've hardly time to get acquainted with some of the newest lords and ladies here in Stonebridge." She offers. "Delya is my name, m'lord, should you ever be in need. I'm here and there."

Rafferdy smiles a bit, "Well, first," he says, leaning casually against the wall, "Don't call me lord. Rafferdy is quite fine." He smiles a bit, "And second," he laughs, "Doesn't serving Lady Tordane suck?"

"If it's m'lord's wish to call him Rafferdy, who am I to disobey?" Delya chuckles. "As for Lady Tordane, m'lor…Rafferdy, she's very much concerned with everything running smoothly. It is how it is. She is tough. But…well, she's tough." She peers around before leaning in slightly and whispering, "Nothing a midnight brew can't relax a Miss from though. You never heard that from me, though." She nods firmly, giving him a look of mock seriousness.

Rafferdy smiles widely, "Well, if you ever need reprieve, or just a good ale," he gestures at the door he came from, "I'm in here. And I'm usually up late," he adds with a grin.

"Thank you. I'll certainly keep that in mind." Delya smiles softly. "Now, how about that chicken? And an ale to wash it down with, perhaps? Won't be but a minute for me to bring it to you." She offers kindly. "I wouldn't wish to be pulled away without getting you some proper food, after all. Looks like you need it all. Plus, a good rest while eating to heal up whatever…" she waves at his bandaged area, "that is."

Rafferdy looks at his chest, "Huh? Oh. Yeah." He sighs, "Took a spear to the gullet on the Iron Isles." He shrugs, "It's almost healed. I mostly just… use them as an excuse to need help from a pretty girl."

"Well, a brave warrior who fought in the Iron Isles is due to be helped by a pretty girl." Delya nods firmly. "You go ahead back into your room. I won't be long." And with that, she scoots off, walking just as smoothly as before. And she was right, it wasn't long before she returned with a plate with chicken, bread, some vegetables, and a mug of ale. If the door is closed, she'll knock, if it's open…she'll still knock, and either way she'll await permission to enter.

Rafferdy left the door open some. He's sitting upon his bed. One of the large armoires has been moved, and is positioned in front of the opening that leads to the balcany. On the table is a veille, resting atop its case. When she knocks, Rafferdy answers, "Come."

"Just as promised. Food and drink." Delya chirps softly. "So, tell me brave Rafferdy, are you here at Stonebridge for a long time? Or do you go back out to protect us common folk and these lands again soon?"

Rafferdy tilts his head as she brings the food in, and he smiles again. "I'm not hardly brave, though I appreciate the boost to my ego." He nods towards all of the longbows and assorted crossbows leaning against the wall in the corner, "I'm an archer. No bravery here." He chuckles a bit, "But, as for being here? I don't know. I've been here months, which is longer than the few days I expected when I arrived."

"Still braver'n some. Some would prefer not to see battle at all, I think. I'd be afraid to. I'm happy staying here, serving Lady Tordane and meeting all the wondering lords and ladies who come here." Delya offers a little smile to Rafferdy as she places the plate and the mug on the table. "But, I don't suppose I can say. It's not like I get to see much beyond the lower town, what with being a hand maiden to the Lady Tordane and all." She clears her throat. "Not that I'm complaining much, it keeps me busy and fed."

Rafferdy nods, "I rather like travel," and he picks a bit at the chicken, chewing a hunk and swallowing it. "Though, I have to admit, lately, I've sort of become alright with entertaining the idea of staying in one place."

"Never know, you might like staying in one place, m'lord…I mean…Rafferdy." Delya sighs. "I apologize. I'm not used to calling nobles by their names alone." She speaks quietly. "Perhaps you'll be permitted to stay here. It would be ever so nice if you did."

Rafferdy shrugs, "I think Father would like if I stayed here. I'm not so sure Rygar would be okay with it." He smirks, "He's not very approving of me." He eats a few more bites of the chicken. "Where are you from, Delya?"

"Well, I suppose there just has to be a very good reason for you to stay here then." Delya nods firmly. "I'm from here. Born and raised. Father's a butcher." She responds easily. "So, obviously, I think Stonebridge is the best place 'round here! Don't know why anyone'd want to leave." She smiles at the thought. "I can't see why more people haven't flocked here over the years."

"Well," Rafferdy offers, "I imagine a city in constant argument over who should rule it isn't exactly a relaxed atmosphere that attracts people. Maybe whenever things all settle and whoever ends up permanently and uncontestedly in charge here is settled, folks will begin flocking." He gives her a little smile again, "A butcher, huh?" He laughs, "The simplicity in that is wonderful."

"Well, you might be right about that. That's not my business, but the business of your lordly and lady types. I just serve the food, and do a good job of it at that!" Delya offers the man a wink. "And with that, I should leave you to eat. I've got some chores to complete before the night is done."

Rafferdy nods, "Of course. I um…" He shrugs a little, "I wouldn't want to keep you from doing your boring things." He laughs a little. "Have a good evening.