Page 314: Serenade
Summary: A musical interlude, but for once Tia has no musical instrument in hand.
Date: 29/05/2012 (OOC)
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Tiaryn Saethwyr 
Stone Walk
Set at a slight incline, the stone pathway leads up a slight rise northeast out of the town square towards the single tower of House Tordane. Grass grows thick and plush along the side though it is well maintained. Private shops and stables are located up closer to the manor with the family's private stables attached directly to the exterior wall of the small castle.
May 29, 289

Having been in the gardens, Tia has now come out to go for a walk. She has her maid with her, but her guard has changed from the usual one. This one looks a little less inclined to be friendly for some reason or other. Tia has a small basket in hand, and the utensils one might use for drawing are visible, as is the edge of a charcoal drawing. She moves off the main path, onto the grass, meandering as she looks for another location to draw.

It would seem, by pure coincidence — or maybe not just that — that Tiaryn isn't the only one to be out for a walk. Saethwyr steps into the garden and pauses, his dark gaze perusing the expanse of it with a bit of curiosity reflecting in his eyes. The man is carrying a leather pouch with drawstrings holding it closed, and from what can be seen, the pouch's contents seem light. It's a fairly long pouch, but it might be difficult to guess at just what might be within. He starts to wander along the main path, spying Tiaryn after a few steps, and he starts to make his way towards her.

This is just outside the tower, the grass to either side of the walkway serving as a spot to sit and/or otherwise be out of the way, though far from out of sight. As she is meandering around, it doesn't take Tia long to spot Saeth, but at that, she is perhaps slower than her glowering guard. "Lord Saethwyr," she calls out as he nears. "A good day to you. How are you finding this fine day?" The pouch gets a glance, slightly curious, and then Tia focuses on Saeth's handsome face.

To the Charlton Knight, grass that isn't wet is good grass. For many a purpose, including sitting upon. His dark gaze turns towards the tower for a moment, looking it over, and he raises an eyebrow slightly. It's a pretty impressive building, after all. Yet his attention returns to Tiaryn, and he reaches her within only a moment or two. And he offers her a graceful bow that has but a bit of a hitch in it for the bruises lingering from the melee. "A good day to you as well, Lady Tiaryn," he says warmly, a smile coming to his features. "It's a lovely to be out and about and for a walk. And how do you find it?" he asks, curiosity touching his voice. He keeps hold of the pouch in his left hand, but offers no explanation for it.

Tia gives Saeth a polite curtsey in return for the bow, a slight smile on her face. "Today is a good day, so far," she pronounces, with a slight tilt of her head. She doesn't ask about the pouch, though her gaze does drop to it, briefly. "I have been practicing something other than music for a change, as I am told change is good for me." She looks over at the guard, who is still glowering and just sighs. He's so not as much fun as Jacob.

Saethwyr smiles at her again, and then he gives a small nod. "Ah, well… that's good to hear, my Lady," he says, his dark eyes showing a sparkle to them. "Oh? And what have you been practicing, my Lady?" he asks out of curiosity, his head tilting to one side as he watches her. He's looked to the basket, but not too closely, it would seem. Either that or he just wants to hear her say it herself. "They do say that change is good, by times," he adds, a smile returning.

Tia glances at her basket, and then she looks back up, the look in Saeth's eyes catching her and holding her gaze for a moment. "I was working on my drawing," she says. She pauses to pull out an image of the archway in the rose gardens, all covered with vines full of roses. When and if Saeth ever sees it, he will recognize it, as the drawing is pretty good. "But now I want to draw something that isn't roses."

Saethwyr's gaze lowers to the basket, but then lifts back to Tiaryn, and his familiar smile returns once again. And as the drawing is brought forth, his attention turns to it, and he raises an eyebrow slightly as he admires it. "Ah, my Lady — you are most skilled, it seems. It is quite a lovely drawing," he says, inclining his head to her. And since he's noticed that the guard is not the usual one, he's more on his toes today. "What were you thinking of drawing next?" he asks, curiosity to his voice.

Tia shrugs, as she carefully puts her finished piece away. "I'm not sure, I was looking to see what would catch my attention when I saw you." She smiles at that, a little bit of a goofy smile. And then she finally has to ask, "That is an oddly shaped item you are carrying. Might I ask what it is?" She's curious, yes, and it will probably be her downfall one of these days.

The Charlton Knight finds a bit of colour and warmth creeping to his cheeks in response to her words. He softly clears his throat, his dark eyes showing a sparkle to them. "Does that mean that I caught your attention?" he asks, a hint of tamed amusement showing in his voice. Then she asks about the pouch, and he lifts it, looking to it at the same time. "Isn't it, though?" he poses, quirking a smile. "Well, I suppose there's no harm in showing you what I carry," he muses, a thoughtful cast claiming his voice. Slowly, and intentionally so, he undoes the drawstrings before reaching into the pouch. He takes his time because it's more fun that way, but he does draw out the contents — which happen to be a set of panpipes which are adorned with the colours of his House.

Oh, he's such a tease! Tia's cheeks go bright pink, and she ducks her head by way of answering that question about if he caught her attention. Certainly he did that. The guard takes a step closer in, that scowl still on his face, though he backs off again when he sees the panpipes. Once Tia recovers a bit from her reaction to Sae's first question, she watches avidly as he teasingly slowly unfastens the drawstrings to bring out the … panpipes. "Oh," she says first, and then with a bit of a bright look, she adds, "Are you going to play them? I mean - do you?"

Saethwyr chuckles softly at her blushed reaction, and he slightly bows to her. A glance is given to the guard, but his attention returns readily to Tiaryn. This guard seems to have a penchant for over-zealousness. Drat. Shifting the pouch of the panpipes, he drapes it over his right arm whilst holding the pipes in his right hand. "Ah, well… I might give it a try. It's been a long time, so I'm likely horribly out of practice," he muses, though it's hard to tell if he's being serious or not. "I do happen to know some few bits about playing them, though," he says, a smile coming to his features. "Shall we take advantage of the grass by sitting and being more comfortable?" he offers, gesturing slightly towards it with his left hand.

Ooh, a serenade! And for once it's not Tia playing? She's perfectly willing to accept that idea. Before she sits though, the maid moves in, with a blanket to settle on the grass to prevent grass stains and such on the nice clothing. Once that's done, Tia settles down, the maid not too far off, and the guard looming as he stands nearby, keeping watch. Apparently he's been given some clear instructions. There are folks going back and forth on the road at odd times and certainly the tower guards can see most everything on the grass as well. Not like this is even close to alone. But it might feel like it, somewhat. Wide open space, lovely day, and just don't look at the guard, all is good. Tia settles in, and watches Saeth for a bit. Then her drawing utensils come out as she starts sketching his face.

The Charlton Knight moves over to the grass and merely settles upon it in cross-legged fashion, making himself comfortable without claiming part of Tiaryn's blanket. Not that she likely wouldn't mind, just that he doesn't want the guard bonking him on the noggin for taking such a liberty. And he really doesn't mind the grass. So he settles in, then lifts the panpipes to run a quick scale. That seems to help limber up his fingers, and afterwards he settles into a melody that was written in a minor key to give it a haunting voice which is perhaps made even more so by the pipes.

Tia just idly draws Sae's face, as he plays the panpipes, listening to the haunting voice of the instrument and the key that is selected by the musician. She smiles as she really does quite enjoy listening to others play. Usually that means there's dancing, though not always. She stays quiet for a bit, as Sae plays, and then she does see fit to add, "you play quite well - I don't think you're rusty at all. And that tune is perfect for that instrument." Oh. that definitely raises Saethwyr in Tia's estimation.

Saethwyr doesn't seem to be watching the drawing as it progresses, willing to let her create it without his close observation of it. The song he's chosen doesn't seem to be a very long one, like ghosts at midnight, as before very long the last note seems to shimmer in the air as it fades away. There's a blush of colour to his cheeks as he lowers the instrument, and he inclines his head to her in response to the compliment. "Thank you, my Lady. It is most kind of you to say so," he says softly, his dark eyes showing a sparkle to them. He enjoys playing, it would seem.

"Perhaps," Tia suggests lightly, "we might play together sometime. It would be fun to work the two sounds together, if we can." It's a thought at the least. And if nothing else they can run away and be bards or something, if all else fails. She's drawing lazily, this one not quite so good as her archway, but still it might well be recognizeable as Ser Saethwyr Charlton, to those who know him. At least when she is done.

"Perhaps we might, aye. I would rather enjoy that, my Lady," Saethwyr says softly, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "I think we could rather manage it well," he adds, inclining his head to her. Shifting his position slightly — damn those bruises! — he then lifts the panpipes again to start to play for her. He sits with good posture, though he can't seem to help but to move a little with the playing of the song he's chosen, a slight sway to one side or the other here and there. It's enough to, at one point, tussle some locks of his hair to fall forward and veil one of his eyes. And for this song, it would seem to be a longer one than what he'd picked at first.

Mmm, this is nice. Tia gets distracted from her drawing, ending up just watching Saethwyr, contentedly. The guard at least waits until the song ends, before he clears his throat, making Tia jump a little. She is actually glad that the guard and maid are here, all of a sudden, as she realizes how easily she can be distracted by that lock of hair falling forward. She ducks her head after her little startle, and then after a moment glances up, her eyes shining with enjoyment. "Or you could just keep playing for me. I could get used to this, give Lady Isolde back her harp, and just listen to you all the time."

Indeed, it's very nice, and Saethwyr is rather enjoying it. Even with the guard making his presence known. With the song ended, alas, he lowers the panpipes to his lap to let them rest there, and he idly brushes a fingertip over their surface. Lifting his left hand, he catches the stray locks of his hair to brush them aside. "It would be an honour to play for you whenever you like, Lady Tiaryn," he says, inclining his head to her, a smile coming to his features. "I think I could get used to playing for you as well. Though, if you returned the harp, alas, I would miss being able to listen to your lovely playing," he says softly.

"And it would make it difficult to play duets, I suppose," Tia agrees with a mischievous smile. "Though I suppose I should return it eventually, as it is only on loan," she observes. And she's had it for a good four months now. "Or course, I'm sure I'll listen whenever you wish to play." The guard stirs again, and Tia gives him a put out look. "Alright, I suppose you're right. I did promise to meet Corrie," she says, with a resigned sigh. "If you will excuse me Ser Saethwyr. I should go see how I might help my goodcousin. Thank you for the music - it was quite inspiring."

"Aye, that it would, Lady Tiaryn. And I do rather look forward to that," Saethwyr says, a smile coming to his features. "Perhaps a solution might be able to be found so that you'd not have to worry over having to borrow a harp, hmm?" he muses, a thoughtful cast to his features. A glance is given to the guard, and then he looks to Lady Tiaryn before he rises to his feet in order to offer her a hand in getting up herself. "Of course, my Lady. A promise is a promise, after all," he says softly, inclining his head to her. And since he has her hand, he'll lift it to place a faint kiss there on the back of it, though he might wish it could be more. "Thank you, Lady Tiaryn, for your company. You are, as always, enchanting to spend time with. Bid your goodcousin well for me, if you please?" he asks.