Page 330: Sept Reopening
Sept Reopening
Summary: After the knighting ceremonies, a few people come to gather to see the official reopening of the Terrick's Roost Sept.
Date: 14/June/2012
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Sept of the Seven, Terrick's Roost
The Sept of Terrick's Roost was never a grand spectacle, but has been hit especially hard by the occupation. Recent repairs have made the sept usable, if in less glamorous fashion: the broken roof has been replaced with thatch, the broken statues with cruder clay representations, the smashed windows boarded up. The few surviving pews have been supplemented with simpler seating. On the floor is lain out with a bright seven-pointed star in representation of the Gods, defaced by hammer and chisel and not yet restored.
June 14th, 289

Compared to the gathering outside, this one is quiet even if there are a good number of smallfolk likely already here. Justin walks in and goes on up to where Septon Josse has been setting the boys and girls to lighting candles. The children are dressed plainly, of poor families mostly, and hold long tapers to light the thick beeswax candles - all of which has been replaced and is new. A good many more candles are yet needed but it's a good start. Sweet herbs and incense lightly, faintly scent the main chamber and many things have already begun to be set as offerings before the statues of the Seven. Justin speaks low to the Septon, while they await others to arrive.

Nedra and the two eldest of her armsmen have remained along the edge of the gathering until she sees more people heading toward the Sept. With a nod she gathers the edge of her cloak more securely around her shoulders to ward off the early morning chill and moves with those who head into the structure that is still, visibly, undergoing repairs. She prudently doesn't linger to long in the entryway but steps to the side, lowering the hood of her cloak before taking a long look around the interior before making her way along the clay images that must've replaced the statues.

At the door are two more children, both girls. One has a basket of flowers and the other a basket of biscuits. To each person who enters into the Sept, a flower is given by one child who says, "For offering, if you have nothing to give." and the other child gives a biscuit, "For eating if you hunger." There is also other food here, though it will be handed out after the service which will be brief.

Jarod strides into the sept with Rowenna on his arm. He pauses briefly to place his hand on the walls, patting the stone and grinning some. There's pride in his expression, though it's a touch wistful as well. He'll settle in quietly for the blessing after that.

Anais is not a familiar sight in the sept. It's not that she follows Northern gods, or other strange gods. It's just that she's not really one for quite indoor contemplation. But as the sept is important to the Roost, so she's here as well, murmuring a few words to the smallfolk as she passes. Taking one of the flowers, she moves toward the statue of the Mother, lowering to her knees in front of it and bowing her head.

Rowenna looks at the hard work and love that's gone into resurrecting the Sept, where she's spent so very much time — recovering from wounds, dedicating herself to the Mother, confessing to Septon Josse so many things. She was even married here, in the ruins, the char and rubble that remained in the Ironborn's wake still the holiest place either she or Jarod could imagine. She kisses Jarod's cheek and presses closer to his side, whispering — because she cannot leave a reverent moment alone — "I knew you had stones, but this is impressive."

Luci is by the door, supervising the children who are handing out flowers and biscuits. Every so often, she intervenes to refresh a basket or to point out someone who's been missed on the way in, but for the most part she simply stands to the side, allowing them to be about their 'chores' with pride.

Nathaniel follows the other visitors into the sept, and when he comes to the two children, his reaction might seem odd to some. He bows to each child, accepting flower or bread and thanking the child in a kind voice and with a gentle smile. He moves onward to find a vacant place to await the ceremony that is sure to follow.

"It's a good place. I'm glad it stands again," Jarod says simply, slipping his arm around Rowenna's waist and drawing her close after she kisses him. He was a common face in the sept, for his part, before his discharge from the Roost. If he seemed somewhat awkward to be back in his boyhood home on the Green, as if unsure of his place, there's no trace of there here.

There are a few other things laid out on a long table that guests may choose to give as offerings if they brought none of their own. Simple things, a small pile of crystal slivers, fragrant twigs, tiny little vials of lantern oil, little wooden daggers that the boy children probably wittled up themselves, small round pebbles to mimic weights used in measuring scales, and so forth.

Justin steps forward once more people have arrived and raises his hands, "Before Septon Josse begins, I'd like to give thanks to those who have made efforts not only to rebuild the Sept, but also this town, your homes, and are working hard to see children without families are placed, and food arranged to those who are in need." He pauses, waiting to be certain he has everyone's attention. The smallfolk quiet, many of them taking seats if they haven't already.

Justin then continues, "First, my father who holds the Sept dear to his heart - through his guidence funds were set aside to see formost to this reconstruction, for the roof and the statues. And to my half brother, Jarod who took pains to negotiate some of our tithe owed by the Iron Isles to be sent in stone that these walls might be rebuilt. To Lady Lucienne who arranged the food for today's event, to Lady Anais who has donated many hours of many days to looking after the families and showing the women and children how to bring home sustanence from the sea, to Lady Muirenn for her planting of fruit and nut trees, as well as needful herbs in the town. To Mistress Dania who acts as healer and midwife to our people selflessly and without asking for pay, to Master Hunter Kain who's efforts, along with the many other hunters he oversees, bring in fresh meat to the town. To many others far too numerous to name who spend their days organizing, problem solving, or in negotiations, we should give thanks." When he's finished, Justin steps aside to let Septon Josse begin.

As Justin starts to speak, Anais rises up once more, leaving the flower at the Mother's feet before rejoining the Terricks in their own pew.

Nedra accepted one of the flowers offered, murmuring a word of appreciation to the children handing them out, declined the offer of the biscuit and found a place to stand among those who are not seated in the pews. She settles her cloak around her shoulders with one hand, turning her attention first to Lord Justin, curling the fingers of one hand around the flower that she's holding.

The Septon waits for anyone who wishes to add comments, further names and their actions. A few are mentioned and he smiles. When it quiets back down, he steps before the gathered and raises his own voice to welcome everyone to the reopening of the Sept. He then asks everyone to offer up a prayer quietly to the Seven while he begins to intone the lengthy blessing. As he does so, Septon Josse begins to walk through the chamber to visit each of the Seven alcoves with their statues, all of the children gathering to follow him (except the two at the door with Lady Lucienne) and to lay offerings at the feet of each according to his or her diety's preference. Josse annoints each statue with a touch of each God's oils.

This takes a little while. When complete, Seven of the chilren pick up items of representation such as a sword, a scales, a lantern, a bundle of flowers, etc. They walk solemnly around the inside walls of the Sept and then back around to the front to carefully set the items into the hands of the statues, each made to hold something. Josse looks to those assembled and he smiles, spreading his hands, "Let it be known that the Sept of the Seven is open for your needs. Thank you for coming. Food and drink will now be provided and you are invited to pray. I will be in the garden should you care to speak with me."

Jarod looks half-surprised when his contribution to the sept is acknowledged. "Huh…" he mutters thoughtful. It's not an unpleasant surprise, at least, but plainly unexpected. Apart from that, he's all of quiet respect during the service.

Justin bows his head to quietly offer silent prayers of his own, having stood his vigil all through the night before within these very walls. His own armour yet lays spread out over a small side table, the chain maile gleaming dully as it no longer lays on the floor before the representation of the Warrior. When he raises his gaze, Justin looks at those who are here and smiles a little. It seems the formalities are concluded.

As the children start to return to their parents, or spead out to get to the food that's about to be shared out (meager as it may be), Justin moves to take a seat beside Anais. He looks tired, but also very pleased with the events of the day. "I … this has been a very good day. Soon I will find my bed, gladly."

One of the children by the door pipes up with a question midway through the Septon's blessing, and Lucienne moves in quickly to set a hand upon the little girl's shoulder and quiet her. Once that's done and the talking is finished, there are small sacks of flour and hard-crusted loaves of unleavened bread stacked inside the door, to be distributed as the worshippers leave. No doubt, they will be claimed quickly by some very grateful smallfolk, none of whom dare cause a disturbance in such a holy place.

"I'm glad, Justin," Anais smiles faintly to her goodbrother, reaching out to give his hand a squeeze. "Welcome home." As happy as she was the other day, after the diving, she's more subdued now. Still, she manages to keep up a smile, watching people move through the sept.

Once the formalities are concluded and the children and smallfolk begin to move freely about as do the rest of those who'd come to pay their respects, Nedra moves from where she'd been standing and ventures toward the image of the Smith. With a long glance around the interior, and at all the work that there is yet to be done, she places the flower before the clay icon and bows her head briefly, lips moving in a murmur.

"Thank you, Anais." Justin says low as he watches the children, and also the smallfolk moving around them to give their offerings, their prayers, or standing around in small groups eating or talking. Some have followed the Septon out into the garden and they can hear several of the children running and playing, laughing out there. Justin returns the squeeze of fingers lightly, "It still doesn't feel like home, yet. I suppose it will, in time. Nothing much is like how I remember it."

Nedra will find all manner of things left around the base of the Smith's statue - various small items crafted with care. A carved wooden pendant on a string, a tiny copper ring, a small piece of amber, little sailing ships made of paper, and much more.

Nathaniel looks at the flower in his hand, and then at each of the icons. He stops one of the passing children. "You choose," he invites, handing the flower and the biscuit to her. "This land needs help in all ways." He pats the small shoulder, and then waves to urge the girl on to her errand.

"If not here, where feels like home?" Anais asks, seeming to take some comfort in the quiet conversation. "It's different for girls, I suppose. We get to stay home when we're young, but then we leave and hardly ever get to go back. Whereas for you, it's the other way around. Shipped out young, and then you get to come home."

Nedra opens her eyes after a moment and glances subtly around before withdrawing a tightly rolled bit of parchment bound with a length twine. She eases the tie off of the bit of parchment and carefully unrolls it to reveal and sketch of the Septa, done in neat and clean lines worked in charcoal, and sets the image among the other offerings at the base of the statue. With another tilt of her head in a somber gesture she steps back and makes her way around the room again.

There's something wrapped in a bit of cloth that Justin hasn't opened up, yet. He has it in his other hand, laying in his lap. Something Ser Kamron gave to him after he was bid to stand and was belted. Justin glances down and taking his hand from Anais, unwraps the red cloth now to find a pair of spurs. They are shaped of steel and thus far without adornment except for the seven pointed rawls made to look like the holy symbol of the Sept's Seven. The rawls are made of silver, though many a knight would dream of replacing them with gold. Justin smiles and fingers the rawls which chime very softly and will do so when he wears them, walking.

Anais's voice and he looks back to her, "Where?" Justin thinks about that, "Looking at the sea from the bluffs or being in the water, or out hunting in the woods and looking up at the sunlight dappling through the leaves above. Looking out from the tower top." he shrugs, "I suppose it sometimes seems like home. But the people have changed."

"People always change, Justin," Anais smiles faintly, lifting one shoulder and looking around at the people milling through the sept. "Life's like that. But home should be home, no matter what. It should be a…safe place." She clasps her hands in her lap, catching the inside of her cheek between her teeth. "I guess that's a little different now, after the invasion."

Lucienne is still busy overseeing the handing out of foodstuffs just inside the door, though it's not really an overly regulated thing. Some bread for you, a sack of flour for your neighbour, by all means, take two loaves to feed a large family. The little girl with the basket of biscuits seems to have latched onto her, hovering and trying to emulate the lady's fluid gestures. It's a funny sight, really - Luci and a mini-me, mimicking her every move.

Quiet amongst the people lingering here, Dmitry stands beneath one of the boarded up windows with a faintly frownish aspect. His eyebrows are upswept, a thoughtful air lent him in his quiet as he drifts. He is muted enough that he may well have been here the whole time, for all the ordinary blitheness and endless obnoxious wit that attach to him.

Justin huffs a breath softly, watching Nedra over there by one of the statues, "I feel safer by far out chasing bandits in the woods, than listening to whispers I can't quite hear in the Tower, or in Stonebridge, Goodsister." Justin twists his mouth wryly and fingers the spurs before he leans over to pull up one boot to lay over his knee that he might strap on his new spurs.

"Then I suppose it's well for you that you were born a man," Anais laughs softly to Justin's words. "And you have a choice in the matter." For just a moment, it seems as though she might lean against her goodbrother, and then she shakes her head, brushing a hand over her skirts and looking to the alcoves. "Do you think they answer prayers, Justin?" she asks quietly, eyeing the Mother as though she might overhear.

Nedra rejoins the armsmen that had escorted her today, waiting while the eldest of the two pays his respects to the Warrior. She casts a another long look around the interior, a thoughtful look settling on her face as she tries to imagine what this would have looked like - and what it could be. The smashed windows draw her attention, head tilting slightly to the side, what light they allow to seep through casts odd little shadows along the floor, but she can easily see what it may have looked like, once upon a time. Her fingers curl slightly, itching for her set of charcoal and parchment, fixing the image in her mind to sketch later.

Lucienne catches sight of Dmitry out of the corner of her eye, though she's in the midst of handing off a loaf to an elderly woman. Out snakes a hand to sketch a wave in her cousin's direction, and she attempts to hurry the old woman off. A few steps away, the little commons girl repeats that wave. Hi, Dmitry!

The sidelong skip of Dmitry's glance slides over Lucienne and her tagalong. His mouth lifts at one corner, amusement glinting as a brief spark in the muted dark of his eyes. He cants his head at her, tapping a fingertip against his temple near his eye, and then gestures a circling you-two at her and the child, and then he smiles. He is not a very good mime, and his attention span apparently fails, because he then drifts onward, moving at a moseying angle over toward the pews. "I hoped to steal the opportunity to congratulate you, Ser," he says, light and airy in his interruption. Because if he does not do this before Justin has to go, it will be sad.

To that, Justin looks at Anais, watching her briefly. Then he puts on the second spur, "Sometimes." He answers her last question first and then adds low, "But the gods intend that we must fend for ourselves. They may take our side in a fight if they think our cause just, or help in unexpected ways, or punish for slights we don't even know … like the seeming curse upon my family. I would please the gods, if I can." He moves to stand, then puts out a hand to Anais to very lightly touch her shoulder, "Go and pray if you like. I would think you must offer up your prayers before you can hope they might ever answer them." He is about to step away and take his leave taking when Dmitry speaks. Justin smiles, "Thank you, cousin. A day I have longed for these past few years, to be certain."

Nathaniel has remained quiet for a long time while others bustle around him to pray or offer their sacrifices. Finally, he rises from his place and looks around the sept and the seven statues. He takes a deep breath of the incense, and heads for the door to return to the mundane world that awaits outside with its troubles.

"I suppose that's true enough," Anais agrees with Justin with a small smile, though she doesn't stand just yet. She nods to Dmitry when he approaches, smile flickering once more, but she seems content to watch the people move through the sept for a little bit.

"Yes, I expect so, though I'd never doubt you earned it." Dmitry straightens from his lean, smile near bright enough to qualify as sunny, and then turns the tilt of his head to Anais. "My lady," he says with the sketch of a little bow, courtesy as blithe as ever.

Justin smiles a little tiredly, "Thanks. I haven't forgotten your fine shooting yourself." And with that, he moves past the pews to pick up his heavy maile and head to the door. Only there is Lucienne. Justin slows his step, his new spurs jingly very faintly as he walks across the stone floor. There he pauses to put out a hand to Lucienne's shoulder this time and give his sister's face a long look, "Thank you for coming, Lucienne. And for your help this evening. I have something I need speak with Jascen about ere we depart but then I shall see you on the road to Seagard."

Once both of her armsmen have paid their respects, Nedra makes her way toward the entrance and slips out along with the others who are heading out into the cooler air to be found.

"Naturally, my time is yours," is Dmitry's swift and easy reply, with only the cock of his eyebrow to reflect any curiosity. He folds his hands in a loose clasp behind him and moseys agreeably toward the indicated garden.

Anais' smile quirks with some private amusement as she starts toward the garden. She has to pause once to speak with one of the smallfolk turned masons, but she makes her way out to the garden without too much trouble.

Lucienne is nothing if not beaming with pride as Justin approaches her, and she waves another commoner through the door with a bag of flour so that she might be free to address her brother. "Congratulations," she breathes out, all flush with shared happiness. "Certainly. You did a marvelous job here - sleep well, Ser."

Well, Lucienne coaxes a real smile from her brother for that small kindness, "Thank you, Lucienne. I only wish … father would have come." Ah well. Justin nonetheless smiles a little and then steps out to return to the tower and get some sleep.