Sela Shale
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Alexis Bledel
Alexis Bledel as Sela Shale or Hill or Snow
name: Sela Shale or Hill or Snow
father: Garett Westerling
mother: Lania Shale
spouse: Unwed
issue: None
gender: Female
age: 16
height: 5'0"
weight: 103
eyes: Bright blue
hair: Brown
honorific: Miss
house: Ashwood
position: Scullery Maid


Under the watchful eye of Tristan Slate, Sela Shale traveled as far South as she ever had. Seagard was an alien town to her, fresh and green without a hint of the poverty of the Flint's Finger. When she met Garett Westerling, it was an awkward meeting — perhaps made worse by the presence of his newlywed wife Briallyn. He promised to look after her and care for her, but to her would-be stepmother she saw just another drain on the Crag's limited coinpurse.

Now a noble's bastard, Sela struggled with the duality of her commoner upbringing and half-noble heritage. At Terrick's Roost, she began to attend lessons in heraldry and etiquette; Briallyn hoped these lessons would bring a sense of grace to the graceless thief girl. She was given a couple of dresses and even some gloves to hide the terrible brand that harkened back to her past. She did find some comfort in the Roost in the form of a trio of interesting friends: Nathaniel the Courier, Blind Aylene the Bard, and Darek the Fiddlin' Squire. While at first it appeared Sela and Nathaniel had a budding romance — after all, she nicked a carving from his pocket and refused to give it back — it was overshadowed by the enticing flare of the squire.

After a little while, Sela started going by various surnames depending on the company: Hill or Snow, though still she went by Shale. She missed her mother terribly, and even a few times tried to convince Garett to visit her. Maybe a bastard girl's hope that there was still love there. When Darek was recalled back up to Highfield, she followed — but this left Garett in Seagard without her. She remained in Highfield, working at the Ash and Oak.

As luck would have it, Cherise Charlton — soon to be Cherise Ashwood — was her father's cousin. With that known, she approached the Lady of Highfield. It was the first time in her life she was treated like the dirt under one's boot, not because she was a commoner's girl, but because she was a noble's bastard. Cherise took some ounce of pity on her, assigning her to the kitchens to work under Mistress Caddock — the mother of the knight Darek now squires under.


Physical Features

This teenage girl is of unimposing height, standing no more than a breath over five feet. Her framework is all adolescent curves — blooming, but not quite at their full splendor. Framing her gentle, oval face is a mane of rich and dark, honey-brown locks that spill loosely down her back in lax curls and waves; thick bangs often sweep into her gaze when not pinned behind her ears. Set beneath dark brows and between darker lashes are her eyes: they are large, brilliant orbs that resemble summer skies, rich sapphires and the petals of a cornflower all in one. Her mouth is a soft and natural pairing of lips. Freckles splash her light skin, particularly on her nose and across her shoulders and collar. Like most smallfolk, she has a variety of basic scars from labor and commoner's adventures, but the most telling is the branded 'T' on the webbing between the forefinger and thumb of her right hand. Thief.

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