Page 538: Seeking Permission
Seeking Permission
Summary: Bella has to ask her brother for permission to reenter the Flint camp.
Date: 12/01/2013
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Arabella Alric 
At the Barricade
Ashwood guards keeping watch over the barricade between the sick and the healthy. There is a tent on the sick side, not so near the barricade that there is risk, but near enough the lady inside can be watched.
Saturday, January 12, 290

Near the barricade there is a tent set up. A small fire is burning in front and nearby (though not too near) a squire, Joseph, if some recognize the one assigned with the Sheriff, is around solely to keep the fire going for the Fenster inside the tent. The tent is not so close to the barricade to cause worry and there can be communication with slightly raised voices between the two places. Bella is inside her tent pacing around while Joseph is keeping a lookout as guard also, to make sure none from the camp approach the quarantined woman. The guards at the barricade do the same with their loaded crossbows.

Having to decided to ride out and seen to his sister, after what Daryl had said about her most likely being in quarantine, to see how she is doing. As be arrives with the escort he does look towards Bella's tent. "Arabella!?" He calls out to her. Wanting to go and meet her. Worry so clear upon his face and his hands are clasped as he is walking. His horse still being a bit behind him with Talbot holding the reins.

Immediately upon hearing the voice, Joseph alerts the lady to the presence of her brother. Waiting for Joseph to step back, Bella steps out and walks a few paces towards the barricade but far enough back. She has a plague cloth over the lower half of her face, just in case and once she stops, she lowers it to look at her brother with a troubled expression. "You ordered this?" There is hurt in her voice that has never been there in regards to her brother.

Alric looks to his sister as she comes out. "Why did you head back in? I asked for them to seek you, yes. You had not spoken with me about it. You left me without even mentioning it." He looks quite saddened at her words. "Could you not had spoken with me? Why did you head back in? I worry for you." He sighs not understanding her or her reasons. "Did you not say that there were nothing you could do? That was why you left in the first place, was it not?"

Bella looks back over her shoulder, the camp not exactly visible from here, but she can see it in her mind.. her shoulder droop ever so slightly, "They need me. How can I forsake them now? I am a healer and they are people. All I can do now is ease their symptoms.. there is no one else, even the healer is now sick and.." troubled now, she frowns. "Lord Einar is showing symptoms. Would you have them all die here alone with no one to care for them? It will not be long now, please, Alric, allow me to help them.."

"What if you die!?" He asks, truly worried for her. "I would had done what I could to help them but not by risking a dear life. Not risking you." Alric seeming rather sad with tears threatening. "I love you and I don't want to lose you. Please Bella." He begs of her and keeps his eyes on her. Wanting her to change her mind.

"What if I do not die Alric? What if I can help Lord Einar? If he is sick and has to care for the sick, he has no chance for survival at all. If I am here, I can ease the work from him and care for him myself. How could I just walk away from them when they need me the most? I am not even a little sick, there is nothing wrong with me, I take every precaution when I am there. I wear a plague cloth over my face, I wear gloves and I wash so often my hands get puckered. Please, let me return to the people. They are suffering even now. They need me."

Closing his eyes Alric shakes his head. "If I pull you out you will hate me forever, won't you?" He says and sighs. "You should have spoken to me beforre leaving." He tells her and tries to thinkof what to do. "Are you sure Bella? Is there really anything you can do?" He asks.

"I could never hate you, Alric, you are my brother. I love you more than.. any.. almost anyone, but this is something I need to do, they need me.." And Bella needs them as well, she needs to help if she is able. Unable to explain it further than that even to herself. "I am certain, I left when I should never have done so. You have a feast to attend today in honor of the fallen Ashwoods, you go there with your head high and represent our house and you tell Lady Tiaryn that… that I will do all I can to help her good brother while he deals with the sickness of his people." A troubled expression crosses her features then and she falls silent. "Tell her nothing.." Changing her mind since Lord Einar had already sent her a message.

Alric frowns as he listens to all of it. Seeing as she still won't leave. "I want you to come out." He tells her before taking a deep breath. "I love you. But I don't want to risk you getting sick." Still worried. But he seems to be giving in. "I will see to the feast and that lady Tiaryn is safe and be supportive." He offers. WAiting to see if Bella will change her mind.

"I know you want me to come out, Alric, but I cannot. Not until I see this through to the end. Please understand. Allow me to help them and when I am finished, I will go back with you to Broadmoor and do my duty to our family. Anything you ask of me." The words hurt her to say, but Bella has to do just that, either way, she may as well pretend she had a choice in the matter.

Shaking his head Alric agrees. "Fine. Stay." He says. Raising a brow as she goes on though. Uncertain as to why she does bring it up. "For you to do that I should be bringing you out right now." He tells her. A loud sigh as his grip on his own hands tighten. "If you do wish to stay and see to the sick. Do so. When you are out we will leave." He keeps his eyes on her for a moment. "Stay safe, dear sister. Tell lord Einar, if he survives, I wish to speak to him."

"Thank you, Alric. Could you go and speak with Ser Erik and Lord Bastien now, let them know of your change of heart so that I may may reenter the camp?" Bella finally looks hopeful again. "I will make sure Lord Einar gets the message. Is it.. regarding anything in particular I could speak with him about? He will wonder.."

"It depends on how things work out. There should be no reason to worry." Alric assures her. Then nodding about speaking with the sheriff before turning to leave.

Bella watches him, calling back three words to him. "I love you!" Sad to see him go, completely torn because she knows she is hurting him, but this was something she felt she had to do.