Page 296: Secrets for Trade
Secrets for Trade
Summary: The newly arrived Lady Jocelyn recruits to Delya and Iulia to do her bidding
Date: 11/May/2012
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Lady Jocelyn's Chambers, Tordane Tower
A girl's room
Fri May 11, 289

Log is still in process

Thankfully since she is in her private room, her Lady's maid as let her be. Some alone time for Jocelyn. That alone time however soon bores her. The afternoon is getting on and evening is starting to aproach. Just the type when she starts to get antsy. The skies have not decided to start painting their beautiful colors just yet. Jocelyn knows this since shes standing by the window and looking out.
Resting her hands on the windows edge, she leans over to look down below, looking to see if she can see any people to look at, to watch them, that would hold her attention for awhile. Letting out a loud sigh, she pushes back against the frame of the window. No one to watch. Instead she turns to survey her room.

The little Iulia had recruited Delya's assistance in carting back the woven baskets filled with cleaned bed linens from laundry hour at a nearby stream. To keep the retainer appraised of all the discovered scandals about, the young chambermaid quietly whispers as to not draw the attention of the wrong ears. "And then they say she is carrying the Lord Riordane's child or it was really that knight who was sworn to Ser Gedeon." A large load hoisted against the female's waist while the voyaged through the hallway and toward the Lady Jocelyn's room. "But they also say the Charltons are supporting her and a marriage will be arranged so that Stonebridge will have a Charlton as a lord."

Laundry…it's a clean job, but somebody has to do it! Delya carries a full basket of her own, listening to the younger woman speak of the gossip around Stonebridge. "By the Seven…a knight, too?! How many people are possibly the father?" She whispers back. "I can't even imagine trying to be the ones figuring out who the baby belongs to!" A shake of her head and a soft 'tsk' accomponies her seeming disbelief. "Could you imagine if the Charlton's ended up ruling over ruling over us here?"

Oh! Voices! Jocelyn runs over to the door of her chamber and listens near it. Gossip was all the best when you heard it when no one knew you were listening. Pressing her ear to the door she tries to hear tidbits about it, but only comes out with the fact that someones pregnant and someones baby might be the ruling over stonebridge!
Pressing her hands to the door, she leaves her weight against the heavy door to see how much more she can hear, the voices were getting louder so they must be getting closer.

Iulia nods, "They say she trades in Keeps as whores do with coppers." Just passing on the word of mouth to another interested party. "I suppose we may relocate to the Mire, I mean, the Naylands have wealth because of Stonebridge and I hear the Mire is a piss poor place at that. If they cannot keep Stonebridge we may have to see ourselves in better service." Just before reaching the door Iulia clears her throat. "It wouldn't hurt to have all options available." After that the servant balanced the basket upon her hip as the other hand rapped loudly at the door, her voice to follow. "Lady Jocelyn?!"

"How improper of a Lady…" Murmurs Delya in response. "They're supposed to be upright, and here she is, maybe letting herself loose to any man who'd trade Keeps with her?" She snorts. "Glad she isn't in charge around here. I'd start wondering where I was serving, then: for a noble house or for a brothel." A mischevious grin is shot over to Iulia as they step in front of the door to Jocelyn's room, allowing the other girl to knock and check if the good Lady is in.

Jocelyn Scoffs at the talk and glares at the door, the Mire was not piss poor. Her eyebrows draw together and place her hands fisted on her hips. Well. Was it? No. No it wasnt. What was she thinking?
Laying her head back down against the door, what else was there to say about these things? Trying to figure out who the lady was, who was man was. But the knocking on the door comes and it jars Jocelyn. Taking a step and then two back, shaking her head, ringing was heard in her ears. A headache was only soon to form after that. Those were the chances one took when eavesdropping.
Instead of steping up to open the door, she steps back further and leans on the bed. "Yes?" She calls out, blinking her eyes and shaking her head, trying to get the ringing in her ears to stop. "Enter." she calls out after a moment.

Once permitted Iulia steps into the chamber, hopefully followed by Delya, and displayed a warm smile for the female within. "Good day lady Jocelyn." The small woman's frame had bobbed mutely, hindered from the large basket against her hip. "We," Iulia's gaze briefly flashed to other female behind her, "Miss Delya and I have your cleaned bedding."

Following in quick behind Iulia, Delya follows suit in a little bob. The best that can be done, of course, with large baskets at their sides. "M'Lady. I hope all is well." She offers the Jocelyn a little smile. "It's as Miss Iulia says. We've your bedding nice and clean."

It takes a few more blinking attempts before Jocelyns vision clears. Note to self, keep head off the door when listening. Vision cleared, she looks over as the two women enter her chamber. "Thank you." she says, but doesnt move. When the women remain where they are, she realizes that shes actually sitting/leaning against the bed. "Oh." Jocelyn says and moves away from it.
Jocelyn again moves towards the window and looks down, her hands on the sides of the opening. Turning around to face the women she asks, "Who were you speaking about outside the door?" Whiching their faces for a reaction.

After Jocelyn relocated to the window, Iulia smiled, carting the linens toward the bed and setting the basket upon the ground. In mid-pick up that question had come, her eyes darting behind her briefly before answering, "Just talk m'lady. Folks are confused and not sure if Stonebridge is safe with so many feuding lords." Iulia stood upright, a heap of cloth in arms as she rounded the bed. "Everyone feels betrayed."

Placing her basket down, Delya holds her arms out toward Iulia, signifying that she'll take one side of the sheets and help with fitting them along the bed. Four hands are quicker than two, after all. "It's really nothing but servant's talk, m'lady. We're happy with the Naylands being here, but with all that is going on…well, once again, it's as Miss Iulia says, my lady. But we'd very much like the Naylands to stay here. We know your family will keep us safe. It's just…there's so much going on."

With the words "So Many" and "So Much" coming out of the two womens mouths, it causes Jocelyn to look between them. She leans against the open window, resting just against the side of it, "Tell me." she says. The statement is simple at first but she continues on. "Tell me of the so many feuds and so much that is going on."
Her arms fold together and rest against her stomach, waiting to hear what they have to say. She either knows already or she doesnt and shes curious. Either way she awaits their reply. "Tell me what you know."

Iulia's eyes move to Delya, hesitant to answer the command given to her as she passed off a portion of the blanket in her hands to drape the Lady's bed. "Ah there's a lot to sort through m'lady." She tell the Nayland female all too casually. "Hard to tell what is truth and what is fabricated." As what gossip is. "I know there has been a feud over Stonebridge for many years coming from the Terricks. I think it had to do with the Lord of the Roost's son. And then the Lady Isolde had a bastard brother who was claiming Stonebridge as the rightful heir. The King acknowledged his letters, the bastard was seen as the Lord and then he ups and marries a Westerling. A trade envoy as the Nayland's guest. Sounds a bit odd to me if you'd ask m'lady. Just because you lay with a man does not mean you carry his seed. The field may not take to it. That and well they say the Lady Danae had a thing with the Lord Riodane." Iulia gabbed all the while her hands busied at making Jocelyn's bed. "Now there's House Groves, House Charlton, House Mallister…" She shakes her head. "All over this cozy place."

Delya is happy enough to let Iulia do a majority of the talking, focusing more on the bed being made up then the actual talk. After a moment, she glances over to Jocelyn and says, "It's enought to give a person a headache, it is. I mean…with all the rumours that are spreading, it's hard to tell if there's anything to the claim that Lady Danae's claiming to be having a child, really." The redhead says with a shrug and a wiggle of her nose.

Jocelyn listens carelly to Iulia and all that she has to say. Her brown knitting together and nodding her head slowly at certain puts and not so much at other. Before she says anything she allows Delya to speak her little piece too.
"So its to be said that Lord Riordan could be the Father?" she says to confirm and then to Delya she says, "You doubt Lady Danae? For what reason does she have to lie? Does she profess to be in love?" Jocely asked questions almost as if she were one of them. It appeared she knew little of what was going on.

Hesitating to answer, as she continues to help make the bed, Delya looks over at Jocelyn after a moment and says, "It's just…you see, m'lady, it so soon. I'm not saying she's lying, it's just that a person can't know this soon, can they?" She shrugs. "But then, I've never been with child, so I don't really know, m'lady. And I'm just a servant, I don't know the ways of the body as a maester or one who dedicates their entire life to chiurgeonry might." She shrugs. "So, for all I know, m'lady, she's telling the truth about being with child. But then there's all these rumous about her having slept with more than one person. And if those rumours are true, which they might not be, then she has no way of knowing who the actual father is." There's a short pause before Delya continues, "Does she?"

Stepping away from the window, Jocelyn walks over to the mirror, she looks into the looking glass and turns her head to the side allowing the flow of hair to cascade down the front portion of her body. Idly she moves her hand through it, turning her gaze in the looking glass to regard the other women.
She says nothing to the question to answer the question that is asked of her. Rather she grins just a little, "If all is rumors, it could be rumored that she has had relations with all these men. Perhaps she had relations with just one or perhaps, two… If that be the case, she could be picking the one with more station more to gain."

Iulia reached for another blanket and tossed a portion of it near Delya's side of the bed. "Or they are all lies and the Lady Danae has been honorable." The ambitions of nobility have been charted throughout history, some were honorable while others were colored less. "She was wed the night before the duel. She claims the next day, after her husband falls she is with child, a son." Iulia shook her head. "I have not heard of the Seven or the Old gods weaving their fates so quickly." She's smoothing out one side of the bed, slightly leaning forward. "Which ever is the truth they'll not let the Lady Isolde suffer for it. Not when her child is soon to arrive."

"As much as I know've the gossip, I guess we'll just have to wait and see." Delya says, though she seems disappointed that she even said that in the first place. "I hope they'll not make Lady Isolde suffer. I do like her ever so much. She is always kind." She murmurs. Taking another sheet from the baskets, she moves to place it over the bed.

Hand still in her hair, Jocelyn pauses. "You both think very highly of Lady Isolde." its not a question because they've already made it known that this is so. "I shall hope to have one that think as highly of me, as you do her in time."
Now that her fingers have moves through her hair, she turns her head side to side to check it. "I know my cousin. Lord Riordan would not allow harm to come to the Lady. True or false be the rumors that go on. Time will tell all things. She will not be able to hide it for long is this is a falsehood."

Whether their options were true or not of the Lady Isolde, it was a grim future to slight your employers, especially to their kin. "I have served the Lady Isolde for many months, even during her ailments while being with child. She was appreciate of my efforts, no matter how small they were they seemed grand to the Lady." With the last blanket slipped onto the bed, Iulia gives a final look over before turning, a hand on her hip when speaking to the noblewoman. "I reckon that's the secret. If there is one. She wanted to bring a festival together to appreciate us small folk and the militia." Her hand lowered, moving to the basket now. "Lies catch up with all of us, if they are she'll need to have her wits about her."

After making sure all is smoothed and well on the bed, Delya, too, looks back to Jocelyn. "I'm sure you're just as kind to those who serve under you, m'lady. It's my pleasure to serve you as long as you're here." She offers the woman a little smile. "As for the Lady Danae, well, it's true. We'll know only in time what the truth really is." She agrees. "I hope that it all turns out for the best, whatever the 'best' is."

"Loyal, too." Jocelyn says to Iulia with a look of amused delight. Tossing her hair over her shoulder again she turns to look at the two once face one, once more. "From what I've seen, you do well here. A generous idea that Lady Isolde had to have a festival. I persume that was placed on hold with all the… Oh what shall we call it…? Excitement?" Again humor dances over Jocelyns face.
"Now… How may I convince you two to keep me abreast of situations going on?" Jocelyn takes her turn to look between the two of them. "Not just with Lady Isolde.. But with all that you hear?"

"Lord Riordan and thrown a celebration of sorts so the festival was not forgotten. They had offered free ale in the streets of Stonebridge and many men were undoubtedly grateful for the generosity." Iulia smirked as she bit down onto her lower lip. For a brief moment she had gazed to Delya before offering a retort to the younger Nayland. "Well… I hear the markets are quite full with new things." Her eyes flit gracefully over to Delya, "There is this pretty fabric I wished to purchase. I mean it is not silk but the material is quite soft." She oh so casually shares. "And I am sure they will have some nice boots too."

"Festivals are always good to be had, m'lady. Regardless of who or what for. Unless it's something dark and dreary. Then they're not so great." Delya speaks in a thoughtful manner. A few glances are thrown between Jocelyn and Iulia. Now, here's an interesting prospect if a servant had ever heard one. A little nod is given to the other servant, as if to say that she approves of this, one way or the other. "You know…I think I saw that merchant. They were selling some wonderfully beautiful jewelry there as well, weren't they?"

Jocelyn can help but laugh. The sound is low at first, kept in her throat, but then it bubble out of her mouth. "Fine wears is what you have your sight one. Well, a servant with good taste." Her arms cross over her stomach again.
She eyes the women and then nods her head slowly as if in agreement. "If posessions are what you wish, then given the information you are providing, you will be giving coin." She'll not given them coin before the she knows the information will be good or not. "I do not wish to hear of random mundane things, rather the important." She looks at them both, hoping they are to understand what she means.

If there is one thing that crossed the lines of commoners and nobility was the desire for girls to have things, nice things and plenty of them. As Jocelyn seemed to understand, Iulia flashed her a lovely smile, "A harmless accord m'lady." She even flourish an exaggerated courtesy of her small frame. "Though I do not see why you would be separated from such knowledge, I meant. From the truths of House Nayland."

"I am only too happy to serve, m'lady." Delya grins, giving Jocelyn a little curtsy. "I can only hope that the words that reach our ears are worthy to reach yours." Looking toward Iulia, she says, "Well, I can only imagine that there are words whispered among servants that do not always reach the ears of others." She shakes her head, before a small little smile crosses her face, "Now, shall I get the Lady a drink of wine? I do believe an agreement that gives the lady an ear where she may not otherwise have one deserves her to have a bit of wine, does it not?"

Jocelyn smiles at Delya as she gets her thoughts exactly. "Indeed. The servents are sometimes the first to know. They hear everything, and if one is patient enough, one can be quiet and hear without being seen." she looks to Iulia then and says, "I can help." Those three little words have more meaning in them then any of her other before that.

To explain she steps towards the bed, "I fear my absence from my family has been too long. For even Lord Riordan was surprised to have seen me so grown." A pause and she looks to Delya, "I think I'll have that wine now. It seems like a good time. Thank you." There is a small sigh, "I just wish to be help my family. I can not do that without knowledge."

"I believe your family is fortunate in knowing that is what you wish to do m'lady." Iulia tells her just before gathering the baskets, slipping one inside the other. The pair of them is hoisted upon her hip, "Should I discover anything of value I will make certain you are made awares." The young servant tells her, taking a brief glance to Delya and smirking, "May I take leave? There are more linens for me to fetch." For the other chambers but having Delya's help has been appreciated.

"I'll be right back with that wine for you, m'lady." Delya curtsies once more and lifts her basket. There's a nod to Iulia. "Of course. There's still plenty of work to be done. I'll catch up with you later." And zoom, she's off for that wine!

While the one women leaves to continue her work and the other goes to get her the wine, Jocelyn again wonders over to the window. Looks down. Was she looking for someone? She looks up and around, then settles in the chair beside the window to wait.
Picking up her sewing, she starts to allow her mind to take over and her concentration is hard, but not on her sewing. Because of that, she yelps "ouch!" having gotten herself with the needle. Dropping her sewing to her lap, that poor finger gets inserted into her mouth to stop the bleeding.

It's not long before Delya is back with a jug of wine and a cup to pour it into. "Is everything alright, m'lady?" She asks as she walks toward the woman, seeing her suck on her finger. A glance is given down to Jocelyn's lap and then back up. "Need any help? I have experience with both hurt fingers and sewing, m'lady."

Looking up from her sewing, Jocelyn shakes her head before she releases the finger from between her lips. Then the finger gets removed and she glances down at it, the bleeding had stopped. "No, Thank you Miss Delya. I just poked myself. The bleeding has stopped."
She glances at the jug of wine, "Have you seen my brother? Ser Rygar?" she asks the woman. Unsure of where exactly the womans duties extend.

"Of course. If you need a sewing partner every, while listening to the gossip, I'd be happy to be around!" Delya grins and pours some wine into the glass, holding it out for Jocelyn to take. "Ser Rygar? I've had the pleasure of meeting your brother. He seems to be a good man, him."

An idea forms in Jocelyns mind and she sits up and smiles at Delya. "Oh, perhaps you'll come out with me sometimes. My maid is so…nerve wracking. She worries of everything and prances about like a horse." Hmph. "If it suits you that is. I will not take you from you're duties if you so enjoy them, of course, it will not be everytime. I can not abandon my maid that is."
At the confirmation that she has met Ser Rygar she says, "What is he like? I've not seen him since my arrival and I was just a girl when I last saw him."

"Come out with you where, m'lady?" Delya tilts her head inquisitively. "If it's about Stonebridge, it would be my privilage. If you wish for me to come with you to other places, such as Hag's Mire, Seagard, the Twins, or Terrick's Roost, for example, you'd have to pass it by Lady Valda." She adds. "But I'd be happy, as I say, to accompany you about Stonebridge, as is." She chuckles. "And you won't have to worry about me, well, worrying about everything. And I won't prance about like a horse." A grins crosses her face. "I think I could find this agreeable, m'lady."
"As for Ser Rygar," Delya starts, "He seems a good man. Straight to the point. He knows what he wants. He is quite capable at all he does." She states. "I'm sure he'd be happy to see you, m'lady."

"Oh, I apologize, Miss Delya, of course I meant around Stonesbrige, I would not wish you pull you from your home just for my amusment." Jocelyn clearifies for her. "I'm glad to hear it!" she explains and then glances toward the door as if her maid might have heard her speak such a thing. She lowers her voice, "I'm glad you'll come out with me in stonebridge and you do not prance. It causes me insanity when she prances as she does." Shaking her head in distaste.
The subject falls back to her brother and she grins only a little. "You'd think so, would you not? I have my doubts." she says in regards to his happiness of her arrival. I think he's forgotten about me." There might be a swinge of sadness in her voice, but she quickly covers it. "What of Lord Rolland?"

"Now, now! Let's not discount the possibility of taking me from here for your own amusement. One's own amusement is very important!" Delya finishes with a firm nod, though there's a twinkle of playfulness in her eyes. "I can imagine it might cause you to be a bit…dishevelled." She smiles. "I'll try not to let you down." There's a shake of her head in regard to Rygar. "I'm not one to make family a lost cause, m'lady. Family will always surprise you when you least expect them to." She says softly. "I'd say, if you want to talk to him, search him out. Or at least send him a message." Wiggling her nose slightly, once more, she takes a moment to think about the second man she's mentioned. "I don't know too much about Lord Roland, m'lady. I've not met him. I've heard of. Maybe even seen him a few times."

Again, Lady Jocelyn can not seem to help herself, she laughs. Delya was of use of her. "I make you a promise. I shall ask or make a request before I take you for own amusement." The light joyfullness of a young girl heard.
"Lord Roland is my other brother, I've not seen either of them." Jocelyn tells Delya, "Do not misunderstand me, Miss Delya, I am not considering my family or my brothers a lost cause, nor I ever." There is a pause and she lifts her cup of wine to her lips to take a drink. "There are priorities. I understand that. I.. I respect that."

"You know, I've always wondered what it was like in Flint's Finger. You think you could figure out us getting up there?" Delya asks, brushing a lock of red hair out of her eyes. A little nod is given. "Well, family should be made a priority, m'lady. Even if it's just as simple as, 'Oh…hello. I know you're here now!' But, then again, I'm not of noble birth. I don't have people watching me all the time, seeing what I do next." She says, tilting her head thoughtfully.

In afterthought, Lady Jocelyn moves a hand and gestures for Deyla to sit in the empty chair across her. "Please. Rest a moment." The sewing since the pricking incident has been set aside from her lap, no need go fo pricking ones self while drinking wine.
"I think I may be able to find a reason for Flints Finger. It will really depend on what my brothers have planned for me." She explains honestly. "The Noble birth… Well, they can be complicated to explain. You must remember I'm sure to have been forgotten for some time. Time has passed, lives, wars, duels, evants, all have moved on without my knowledge of any of those things. Things of this nature shape a person."

Slowly taking the seat, Delya lets out a soft sigh. "Thank you, m'lady." She mutters softly. With the jug of wine resting on her lap, she says, "Time passes and shapes the world to its will. But the world is not without its simple pleasure. Such as spending time with a relative, a father or mother or brother, or even a sister, long lost but then found again." She speaks in soft, whispy tones. "It might be that they've hardened since you saw them last, but you're still their sister. I doubt they'd say no to a chance of seeing you."

"You speak truth." Jocelyn says as she watches the woman that is now seated upon her. "I shall write to my brother, Ser Rygar and Lord Roland and inform them of my stay here. In the off chance they have not heard." She finds that fact highly unlikely as it, but Delya seems to have softened her heart.
"Do we have a servant that'll deliver it to their rooms?" Jocelyn asks. "I have the notes written by the time the sun settles and displays its colors upon the skies."

"There are a few servants about who would be able, I'm sure, to deliver your notes to your brothers." Delya says, thinking for a moment. "Most, I think, that you'd see passing through the halls would be able to deliver them for you." She smiles. "Now, how's your wine doing, there? Do you need a top up, m'lady?"

Considering what was said, Jocelyn turns her head towards the door, as if one of those said servants would magicly appear in the door way. However, much to her surprise they do not. "I'll find one when the time is ready." she says.
Turning her her head back she looks down at her cup of wine, bringing it to her lips, taking another drink before offering the cup to the woman to top it off. "Please."
As she waits for her wine to be pour she looks the woman over again, "How long have you been in this house?"

Standing, in order to best pour the wine, Delya looks from the cup to the woman who sits before her. "Oh…I've been serving here for about seven or eight years now. I began as a servant when Stonebridge was still under Tordane rule. Back when Lady Valda's husband and…and son were still alive." She murmurs the last part, a sad gleam in her eyes. "I've lived in Stonebridge my entire life. It is a place that holds dear to my heart, if I might say so." Once the cup is filled enough, she takes up the jug and sits down once more.

The idea of staying in one place for so long seems unsettling to Jocelyn. "I do not know if I could stay in one place so long." She state. "Though, I've not stayed that long anywhere I've been." she picks her wine glass up after its been refilled and takes a drink from its cup.
"Perhaps my own home." she thinks out loud, "I stayed there for some time before I was sent away." she nods slowly, "However, I was just a girl." Her eyes travel to look outside the window again.
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"It's not so bad, really. But then, I've never known what it's like to be on the move." Delya responds. "I like it here. I know it here." She smiles whistfully. "Besides, I get to meet lots of interesting people. Much like yourself, m'lady. Who knows, if I moved somewhere else, I might not have been able to become your ears here at Stonebridge. Or…one of your sets of ears, that is."

The wine has made her more relaxed. She leans back now against the back of the chair, not as proper now. "Perhaps if I had been in one place long enough, I might have thought the way you do." She says, "However, instead I crave…" she starts to speak.. But then she stops. She glances down at the wine. Truth syrup. Instead she stays quiet for a time.
"I'm glad you've agreed to help me. To be my ears as you say." she turns her head to look at Delya. "I think it shall work." then she yawns, lifting the back of her hand to her mouth. "I think I shall rest before supper." she states, sitting up to set her cup of wine down.

"Instead you crave?" Delya is curious, though she does her best to hide it. It's very improper of a servant to be so curious, but there she is, nearly on the edge of her seat. Clearing her throat, she nods. "I'm glad to be of service, m'lady." She says with a smile, standing. "I'll place the jug here on your table, in case you desire any of the rest of it." She curtsies. "I'll leave you to rest."