Page 346: Secret Rendezvous
Secret Rendezvous
Summary: Katrin meets Rafferdy in secret in Stonebridge and they discuss their future.
Date: 30/06/2012
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Upstream Landing
The waters here are more adequately described as a stream or tributary and thus the boats moored here are of the smaller variety. Two or three dozen of them with sails and even small dinghies and rowboats are tied up along the wooden docks. Sailing farther downstream takes one to Seagard while upstream to the north leads to the Green Fork and The Twins.
June 30, 289

It's late, nearly midnight, and Rafferdy has made his way to the docks. It's his quiet thinking space in Stonebridge - the place he goes when he just needs time to himself. It's hot and humid this night, and he's laying on his back on the wooden pier, at its end, staring up at the stars. He's shirtless, his shirt wadded up beneath his head like a pillow. His left hand is still splinted and bandaged.

Tonight, Katrin finds herself wandering back to the docks. Despite the heat, she wears a cloak to shroud her form, the hood kept up. Her steps are soft, and she looks around her, seeking a particular form, and to ensure she is not caught. It would be bad things if she were found in Stonebridge, after all. "Raff?" she calls out, seeing a form at the end of the pier. Her voice is hopeful.

The shape darts upright. "Kat?" is called back. And then Rafferdy hurriedly pushes himself up to his feet. He walks quickly toward her, as he nears she can see the smile on his face. "I thought you were still at the Roost!"

Katrin pushes the hood down and hurries into Rafferdy's arms. "I sent Ilaria back to the Roost and I came here from Seagard," she replies. "I had to know that you were alright. I heard the rumors that you had been taken hostage by the Charltons and traded back to your brother. I was worried sick over you."

Rafferdy chuckles a little, "Shut up, woman, I'm trying to kiss you." And then he does. He gives her a rather long, pressing kiss, his mouth moving quickly and carefully across her lips, tongue gently slipping across hers as he makes sure the touch has just enough passion. He keeps his arms around her as he withdraws. "I'm fine."

Katrin laughs quietly but submits readily to his kiss. Her arms are tight around Rafferdy. "Were you even able to see my father?" she asks quietly. "Or were you taken before you reached Broadmoor? I never should have let you go, Raff. I knew that the Haighs were going to side with Charlton and you could be at risk even crossing into our lands."

Rafferdy runs his hand over her cheek and through her hair. "I didn't go to see your father. I went to see the head of your house. Your uncle. I did speak with him, and things went well, I believe. On my way back was when I became prisoner."

"What did he say?" Katrin asks softly. She leans in closer to Rafferdy's touch, sighing. "I am surprised Uncle Leslyn would even agree to see you. Father has been short with me, and assures me that Uncle is far too busy to deal with something as trivial as this." She gives a hesitant smile. "I was starting to grow afraid that you had changed your mind and simply decided to leave when the days kept passing and I had heard nothing from you."

Rafferdy hugs her once more, "He's um… He's thinking about it." He smiles at her, "It's not a no." He shrugs, "I hadn't changed my mind. I told you I was going to Broadmoor, Kat."

"What did you say to him that would make him at least consider it?" Katrin asks with a lifted brow. "You… you didn't actually get him drunk, did you?" She sounds a little fearful.

Rafferdy laughs, "No no… He was… hunting, actually." He smiles, and shakes his head a bit, "Come on, let's just be glad I got a maybe, huh?" He takes her hand, and begins to pull her towards the end of the pier where he was laying. "Tell me… What have I missed in the life of Kat?"

Katrin wrinkles her nose, "My sister is angry with me," she replies, following Rafferdy. "My father is angry with me. But on the up side, I made peace with my cousin's husband. I went to them for advice and he and I had a very good conversation."

Rafferdy leads her to the end of the pier, and then helps her sit. He joins her. "Why is your sister angry?" He looks a little sad to hear that, and then follow with, "Advice, huh? About what? I give GREAT advice."

Katrin leans in against Rafferdy. "She was angry that I came here to Stonebridge. She is angry that I let myself fall in love. She is very angry that I risk a perfectly agreeable match with Ser Martyn over you. And she is angry because I think deep down, she knows that if I was forced to choose between you and her, I do not know which way I would turn." She shakes her head and sighs. "I sought him out for advice regarding my situation with you. Briallyn and Ser Garett found themselves in a similar situation. They were in love but the Westerlings are virtually penniless and he would not make a worthwhile match with her. So I wanted to ask them what I should do."

Rafferdy nods, "Ah." He smiles, "And what did they recommend?"

"He recommend I follow my heart and not care what society chooses to think," Katrin replies. "It was not overly helpful advice, in truth. But he asked if I thought I could live with not being in love with my husband, or if I would only find happiness when we could steal a few hours together. And he is right." Her cheek rests against Rafferdy's shoulder. "I could live a good life with Martyn. I would want for nothing, except for you. And I do not think I could live without you with me." She offers a small smile. "Ser Garett said that if you truly wished to be a knight, he would consider taking you as a squire so you might finish your training."

Rafferdy tilts his head, "He said…" He sighs, "That's…" He swallows, "Huh." He sighs again, and stares out at the water in the darkness.

Katrin blinks. "I… I thought you would be pleased," she says in a small voice. "Raff, if my uncle says no, I would still run away with you," she speaks. "I want you to consider it, but try not telling anyone this time. If we marry, there is nothing they can do to us. We will have been bound together before the Seven. They could eject us from our Houses, but we would have each other. I… I could learn to be useful somewhere, ply a trade. And you could train with Ser Garett and become a knight. He would not care if you would be a commoner."

Rafferdy nods a little, biting his lower lip. He finally looks over at her, "We'll keep that as a backup plan." He smiles, "Rowenna. Yeah. I'm sorry. I just… She'd been through this. I thought I'd get understanding and advice, not betrayal and guards."

"You don't want to do that, do you?" Katrin asks quietly. She draws back a little. "Raff, I need to know how far you're willing to go for us to be together. If you don't want to disobey the wishes of those around us or possibly lose your nobility, I understand. But I need to know."

Rafferdy shakes his head, "Us running away together is not the best option. Last option, sure, but far from best."

"I love you," Katrin says quietly. "I don't want to risk losing you. So perhaps I am being overly hasty." She sighs, looking out over the water. "I don't want to look back ten years from now and regret the decisions that I have made."

Rafferdy smiles, "I love you too, Kat," he responds, rather casually, looking back out at the water. "It's awful late. I should get back to the Tower." He pushes himself up to his feet, and then extends his hand out to her, "Come with me."

Katrin laughs quietly as she rises with Rafferdy. "You think they wouldn't notice me?" she asks teasingly, but she steps into his arms for a brief kiss.

Rafferdy returns her kiss, "Well… They wouldn't notice you at least until morning, and then, only if we're not completely careful."

Katrin chuckles and nods, "I will have to leave you before first light," she says softly. "But I want to spend the night with you. Tomorrow I must return to Terrick's Roost. If I am any later in returning, there are those who will… expose my secret. Come with me?"

Rafferdy shakes his head, "I can't. Not now. With the Charlton situation I have to stay here. It will be okay, though. Trust me." He smiles at her, and picks up his shirt, begining to walk her back down the pier.

Katrin bites at her lower lip. "I don't want weeks and months to go by without us seeing each other," she says slowly. "Father will not allow us to come to Stonebridge, and he says I might only receive letters from you should my cousin Harlyn read them first to ensure they are… suitable."

Rafferdy smiles, "Trust me. I'll write." And then he begins leading her back to the tower.