Searching For Items
Searching For Items
Summary: A day at the market lead to some talk between two of the Charlton folk.
Date: 24/02/2012 (OOC Date)
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Alric Cherise 
Hollyholt Market
March 24th, 288

It was two months to the day where Cherise was growing comfortably into her freshly accepted role as wife and another fashionably decorated lady of Hollyhort. In the lower towns, when able, the woman was granted a small amount of pleasure in venturing to the shops for fabrics, threads, sweets or other glimmering trinkets that may have caught her interest. The weather was favorable in soft winds whispering a cool wind within the heated rays of the sun. Venturing from shop to shop, occasionally the lady was made to fan at her self with a silken handerchief, embroidered with the green and red crest of Charlton in opposite corners, in order to brave the heat. In tow were three hand maidens and two men dawning the colors of her house. Naturally she couldn't tour the shops alone.

Wandering around the streets and just taking a peek at whatever caught his attention is Alric. Having a proper stance for a noble, moving in calm collected steps. Gently moving throug between the shops. Eyes soon seeing Cherise and her entourage. His clothes showing the colors of Charlton, along with an emblem of house Fenster upon his body. "Lady Cherise. I see that you are out and wandering on this nice day. Perhaps great minds think alike, finding this to be a good day to go out to look at the shops." He says, glancing at the ladies entourage before letting his gaze move back to her.

She lacked the evidence of anything catching her interest. The arms of her entourage remained devoid of packages and parcels, just as empty as they had arrived. Her feminine gait was brought to a halt once addressed and in giving due greeting, the lady's frame dipped properly. "Lord Fenster…" Her tone was pleasant and warm, still riding the highs of a newly wed. "A pleasure of course and yes, it is. Although I cannot imagine my mind being compared to a Lord's." She smiles of course. "I suppose you too had caught the whispers of a new merchant shipment arriving from the south?" Never mind her chaperones while they awarded the lord a silent greeting with their varied appropriate gestures.

Alric :glances to the others. Smiling and giving small nods. But offers a bow to lady Cherise. Seeing that she has no things bought does make him smirk. Seeing as he has nothing either. "I did. But it seems there isn't much to find." A soft sigh. "I thought I'd get to find something great, but I guess not." A wide grin, as he looks to her. "The marriage treating you well, I hope." He says, just seeming to exchange a few polite words. Having nothing else to do at the moment. His tone of voice sounding a bit full of himself, even if they are soft and kind.

"I have not yet ventured through the entire market." One of her hands, holding the off-white handkerchief gestures to the further reaches of the market, unspoiled by the lowly gatherers while catering to those with a comfortable amount of coin. "So there must still be some promise yet for I am sure we are in search of items very different from one another." Her nude colored lips curled in the corners before answering Alric's inquiry. "It is, very well. I am fortunate to have Lord Aleister as my husband. House Charlton has been unimaginably welcoming since my arrival." Cherise's pale blue eyes side glance over the remainder of the market briefly just before adding, "Would you care to join me? If I am not already keeping you m'lord from other interests here."

Alric chuckles softly, "Well, I have not either. But so far it has been a bit of a disappointment. But I guess you're right, there might be something. Even if we are looking for different things." Smiling and nodding as he listens to her go on. "House Charlton is indeed a welcoming place. And Lord Aleister is indeed great at what he does. As am I. So it seems house Charlton is full of talent." He says. Bowing his head as he is asked to join. "I would be honored m'lady. Since I do not really have anything else that is interesting me right now. Getting to spend some time with one of house Charlton is most often a welcomed thing."

With a new addition to accompany her, Cherise would begin the casual walk with those of her retinue keeping in step with her shadows. "Surely there are others within House Charlton far more interesting Lord Fenster." She held both hands within each other, against soft velvet fabric covering her abdomen. "Were you looking for something in particular?"

Alric smirks and shrugs, "Perhaps. Though I can not find them. Nor do I believe that it would matter much now. You have been fun so far. Why change company now?" He goes on. Only glancing towards her hands, but not saying anything on that matter for the moment. "Not really. I thought I might find a fine trinket or something that would give for an interesting read. Or the like. Something to keep me company would I be traveling somewhere. How about you? Something specific that you're looking for?"

In her stroll, Cherise kept an eye out for the merchants calling into the air a few items that they feature. Certainly exaggerating the truth of their wares. Still she smiled, "There are always matters of grave importance that need to be addressed when accompanying a Charlton. Simply entertaining with no particular purpose in mind is…. uncommon." Learning a bit of how the name interacted with others. "The Riverlands are so very different than us Westerlanders. I am still becoming acquainted with the area." Her eyes take a brief interest in a wine shop and yet continues. "Fabrics mostly. The Lady Charlton certainly appreciates our time best spent with needle and thread in one hand with our lips tightly pressed. I was also interested in perhaps a new vase, something a little different to accent our quarters." She then turns her attention unto Alric. "A trinket? Such as those little wooden hand puzzles or… otherwise?"

"That might be true. But being around the Charltons has me sometimes just a bit spoiled perhaps. Though indeed, a lot of times it is just to do and errand. But this time I'm lucky, but I might be leaving to travel around a bit." A soft sigh. "Politics and all that." He says, though he doesn't really sound bored. More like an act. He shrugs about things being different. "I haven't thought about it, but perhaps we are a bit different." His own eyes moving around the market, for now not spotting much. Glancing at any wares that sound at least a bit interesting. "I see. Well it is a way to spend some free time. And a vase could liven things up perhaps." A grin and nod as she continues to ask questions, "Yes. Something to challenge the mind. Or at least feed it. Scrolls, books, puzzles. Anything that can keep one occupied when bored. Though there has not been any challenging things, so far, at this market." There is sigh leaving his mouth.

"Where would you travel to?" Cherise had asked before pausing near a display of fabrics organized beneath the sun's light to enliven the cloth's natural hue. This had taken her interest, just a few of them, her eyes wandered over the various patterns and colors in waiting for a retort. "Perhaps if not here in the markets, Lord Charlton my grant you a book or few scrolls of his, on loan. If not surely someone can ink you a secondary."

Alric follows along as he listens to her, not answering until they have reached the display of fabrics. "Always somewhere to go. I am a diplomat after all. And ambassador. Always places to go." He answers her. Sounding very confident. His own eyes looking at the fabrics for a moment. "Perhaps. Though hearing that the market might bring great things had me wanting and expecting something rather interesting. But yes, I am sure I can find scrolls or a book to loan." His hand making a gesture towards one of the fabrics. "That does look good. pattern and color. It fits with the Charlton colors." He offers before letting his eyes wander around the market again.

"You are fortunate, the ability to move about so freely." She returns a touch more softer while eying the particular fabric intentionally crafted to favor the colors of her house. "It would make fine material for a cloak." The lady says while gesturing to one of her maidservants to see that enough is acquired to tailor a cloak. "Will you be departing soon m'lord?" Cherise asked as the transactions took place beyond her shoulder.

Alric smiles and nods to her, "I indeed am." He says looking to the lady as the fabric is currently being bought. Nodding about it being good for a cloak. But not saying anything about it. His face seems to say enough, and that he does agree. "I will probably be leaving in a few days. But I am probably back before long." He tells her. His eyes being respect to her to not stare but not ignore her either. Though the escort seems to have fallen out of his mind, seeming to not even know that they are around.

With new fabric, carried by one of the members in her small retinue, she is ready to venture further into the markets. For something that may interest Alric now. "Where will you depart? If only for a few days it cannot be that far, could it?" She asked, resuming their walk once again.

Alric walks along shaking his head, "Not far at all. Just a small little house. Not even enough to stir trouble. But it seems that it seen to be best to keep the smaller houses glad as well. Which I can understand. Though it feel a bit boring. I would rather travel to one of the bigger houses." He goes on. But then shakes his head. "But one shouldn't complain." Soon he does finally find something that sparks some interest. Looking towards the small trinket. A form of puzzle it seems. Wood and ropes that create knots. "If you can excuse for one moment m'lady." He says, bowing her head before starting to trade with the man. Getting a good price and then moving back to Cherise. "Seems there was something after all. Luckily." A deep chuckle to that. But now following along, pleased with finding something. So he will just move along with her if she is to search for more fabrics.

She laughs lightly, "Oh don't we all m'lord. I have always desired to venture to King's landing. To stand shoulder to shoulder with all the other grand houses." A bit wistful just before following Alric's interest to some knotted toy puzzle. Something that had finally caught his interest in within the market. In their pause, her poise remained upright while curious eyes studied the object from a distance. "Is it challenging enough?"

Alric grins and nods, "Indeed. That would be a great honor, and rather interesting." He tells her. Studying thee puzzle for a moment, once it is paid for he answer her question. "Hopefully. I at least didn't solve it right away." He says with an arrogant smirk. "Though only time will tell. As for King's landing, I'm sure we will all be standing there one day." Perhaps a bit too ambitious, but he finds it better to dream too big than too small.

"As spectators perhaps." She adds, perhaps the only way she'll be stepping foot there. Dangling on the tail end of the Charlton invitation. Once the item was purchased she eyed it a moment longer before asking, "When you return, and after you've conquered that toy, would you mind if I gave it an attempt?"

Alric smirks and nods, "Perhaps. Though don't be scared to dream big." He tells her. Moving is his usual calm and confident way. Nodding to her question. "Of course, I see no reason why you can't do so." His hand run through his hair once before glancing to her. "So, what's on your agenda then? Except for getting fabric that is. Oh, and the vase."

"Just the fabric." She returns after a quick glance skywards for the sun's placement. "I had a little under a few hours to enjoy myself here before I am due to return." Dawdling around the markets was not something the Lady Charlton would approve of. "Although I am grateful for the company Lord Fenster." She notes before one of the men sees to ready the horses. "Should you see a vase along in your travels perhaps you may acquire it for me. It will have more meaning coming from somewhere different and not within easy distance."

Alric nods, "I see." He offers. Looking towards the sky, though not for the same reason. "Well, it is at least better than no time at all." He offers. A bow of his head. "As am I. And I will see if I can find something that might peek interest." He offers, glancing to the men and then back to her and smiling. "Take care of yourself m'lady." He offers with another bow of his head.

Awarding the noblewoman a parting dip of her frame, she awaits the arrival of her horse lead by one of the knighted guardsmen. "That is true. The lady is a firm believer that we should have no interest beyond the high walls of the towers." As her horse neared, before she would accept aid to mount it side saddle, Cherise nodded her head in Alric direction. "Do be safe on your travels lord Fenster. I will await your return, for the puzzle rope."

Alric listens carefully as she explains her situation and he makes a soundless ah, to that. He he do nod and smirk. "No need to worry, I always return safely. And you will get your time with the puzzle." He tells her. Seeing her off before starting to move away in his own direction.