Sarojyn Camden

On January 2nd, 289, Sarojyn was killed during the Ironborn Invasion of Tall Oaks.

Born forty-two years ago, Sarojyn was the firstborn son to the Lord and Lady of Talls Oaks and heir to their House. Priding themselves on the notions of neutrality, diplomacy and patience and in an effort to not pollute these things, Sarojyn's upbringing was unique from that of other children of his station. While all matters and manners of nobility were imparted upon him during his youth, the young lord was not allowed to leave the confines of Camden Lands under any circumstance. Raised upon the ideals of peace, his teachings centered upon diplomacy and patience and when he was not being instructed in these things, he was being taught the application of marksmanship and the trade of hunting.

It wasn't until the young lord was seventeen years of age that his parents dared to let him venture outside of Tall Oaks and when he did, Sarojyn realized why he had been forced to remain secluded. To him, the 'outside world' was a lawless land, one that was ruled by bickering Lords that would rather shed blood then see the lands united in peace. He began to see why his family had long since decalred their lands a place of neutrality, a spot where Lords and Ladies could meet under a banner of truce to use words and voice, rather then armor and steel.

In an effort to keep their House neutral and unaffiliated with any other, Sarojyn was promised to the daughter of some obscure House, one that held little influence or sway in the matters of politics and at the age of twenty-one, he wed his wife Leayn in a ceremony of little grandeur. For years the young lord and lady were happy in life and one year later, she gifted him with a set of twins: a son and daughter. These would be the only children that he would have, for at the start of Robert's War, she would give birth again, but this time wife and daughter would both die due to complications. As if the Seven hadn't been cruel enough, his parents would be taken three months later during a trip northward. A trip to which they had hoped to speak with envoys of Robert in the hope of bringing people to a table of peace, rather then a field of battle.

Assuming the position of Head of House, Sarojyn refused to commit his archers to either side and instead implored both sides to venture to Tall Oaks for the purpose of talking. His request fell upon deaf ears and so he was forced to watch as the lands were plunged into war. During this time, Tall Oaks remained a place of neutral meeting. A place where men from either side could gather to speak in quiet and private, without risk of retribution or retaliation. Those that violated the peace found themselves under aim of arrow and were promptly escorted out into the wilderness, void of their weapons, armor and horses. These items would be returned to their Houses by Camden couriers, but it sent the message that a breach of peace would not be tolerated.

When the war ended and peace finally loomed on the horizon, Sarojyn could finally breath a sigh of relief. But that very peace in which he sought is already threatening to burst as tensions between the Terricks and Naylands grow with the shifting loyalties of the Tordanes.

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