Samphire Undyl
Leonie Benesch
Leonie Benesch as Samphire Undyl/Rivers
name: Samphire Undyl/Rivers
father: Bennet Undyl
mother: Janei Undyl
spouse: none
issue: none
gender: female
age: 17
height: 1,56m
weight: 43 kg
eyes: greyish-green
hair: flaxen
honorific: {$honorific}
house: none
position: maid to Lady Rebecca Nayland


Samphire, a young woman in her late teens, is called after the pliable water-plants, that settle on the stones around the shore.
If one asks herself, she would probably claim, that she has crawled out of the gaps between the stones, people are walking on - But others know, her past has been a more tragic one. Let us keep that veil of silence and only lift it a bit, to show a glimpse of her rather peaceable early youth, when she learned how to manufactor candles and the recent events, when a fire catched her mothers house and multiplied the usually quiet dance wax-fed flames and made it to a roar of smoke and fire.
With nothing left, but memories and the constant scent of smoke in her nose, she now tries to find a way through her rather sombre past on a new, yet still unlit path.

A path that is enlighted by her sojourn at Terrick's Roost, where she run ashore after she fled Stonebridge. Somehow she got into the position of Lady Rebecca's maid - a few bold words of her brought her to this curious new alley.


Bennet Undyl, her father, an unsuccesful hedgeknight, travelling around
Janei Undyl, her mother, a craftswoman, who kept a few beehives and used to sell honey and candles, died in the flames
An older brother, sent away as a squire to an other hedgeknight, travelling around
A younger brother, Edmond Undyl, died of a fever as a child
A younger sister, died in the flames.

Physical Features

Samphire is a young woman in her late teens. Only a bit over 5 feet tall, her agile figure shows soft curves where they should be expected. A heart-shaped face, though of a rather pale kind, shows that she has spend several hours outside, a braid of flaxen hair lies lazily over one of her shoulders. Her eyes show different shades of green and grey, depending on the light around her and sometimes even her mood. Her dress is made of a soft fabric, a simple attire, that allows her rather to move freely, than serves to adorn her figure.
Sometimes the faint stain of bitterness sneaks around the corners of her mouth and stays there persistantly even when she smiles, though usually the milder expression of her eyes softens the harshness of her mien.

Allies and Foes

A little billow, spreading wide, gave a slight roll to the boat, and some samphire reeds flapped before it.


Recent Activity


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