Page 156: Salt Water Mornings
Salt Water Mornings
Summary: Early morning conversations between Damara and Nares.
Date: 19/12/2011
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Damara Nares 
Coastline, Terrick's Roost
The Cape of Eagles looms out over Ironman's Bay, a vast, blue ocean inlet, that spreads its watery depths out beyond the horizon. The path that leads down to this coast winds down behind the towers for several hundred meters before arriving at the rocky water's edge. Rather than sand, the coast is covered with innumerable smooth and rounded stones about palm-sized. They stretch up and down the coast in all directions with the battered remnants of driftwood scattered about. Above the beach, one every mile or two, are towers with a large bell and mallet atop them which are to be beaten to warn of an incoming invasion. A small dock is being constructed of thick northern timbers, with mooring space for two large ships, or perhaps a half dozen smaller craft.
Mon Dec 19, 288

Early morning has come and the cry of the gulls is far different from that of the songbirds of the oaks. The morning sun is usually seen as well, broken by the old trunks of the towering trees. But now, now it is starting to warm the side of her face and the smell of brine surrounds her and no longer the moist earth and pine needles. Boots have been placed well off to the side, the mistress claiming the lapping waves with barefeet. Drinking had not been heavy enough for her to stay lost in a groggy sleep, but yet there is an ache for her efforts. She lifts a foot, letting the salt water drip from it before she sets it down and takes a step deeper, her pants catching the surface of the water and soak at the passing touch.

Early morning indeed, and, as he has every morning since he's been at the Roost, Nares is heading down to the water's edge. He spots the solitary figure from a distance as he heads down the sloping path, although it's not until he's out onto the rocks themselves that he can confirm Damara's identification. He's also heading for the water, although he doesn't take his boots off to paddle. He does slow as he draws near though, and then stops a few inches back from where the tide gently laps. He glances around for other watchers, then back to the Camden's falconer for a moment, eyes narrowing slightly in thought.

Over the sound of the sea and that of the gulls, Damara is oblivious to the approach of the captain. She wades a little deeper, a faint smile creeping to her lips for a moment as she lifts her foot to reach out and catch the soft cap of a small wave. She catches herself a little as she loses part of her balance standing on one foot. The smile fades some, but remains a bit lost as she starts to turn and walk along the coastline, in thoughts a moment.
A hand lifts to rub at her neck and then along her shoulder before dragging her braid over it. As she takes a step deeper yet to let the waves roll over her legs, she shivers. The water is most definitely cold this time of year.

Nares continues to watch Damara in silence for several more moments. Taking a deeper breath than normal he stares out across the rolling waters, taking in the familiar sight and ignoring anything else for now. His gaze steadily drops from the horizon to the water lapping just in front of his feet before dropping down into a crouch and cupping his hands into the water. His left arm is still moving somewhat awkwardly, but it's certainly getting better as they days progress. Having collected a small amount of water in his palms he lifts his hands to his face, drinking a small portion before running the rest over his head. That done he looks out to sea again for a moment and then pushes himself

It seems an odd thing to be at play with the sea and yet, Damara shifts, turning to look towards the sun and let herself feel it's warmth in comparison to the cold waters. Even though it is blinding and causes her head to ache more, she catches the movement to her right and stops. Her head turns and she is already move a step to the side, deeper into the water as the waves rock her a moment, making her footing unstable. The mistress calms her startlement and than smiles faintly. "Captain…forgive me. I didn't realize I was no longer alone." She nods her head to him, shivering again as she acclimates to the waters.

Nares does not move for several seconds but then, once he does, he just gives a brief nod. It's a few moments longer though before he actually speaks in response. "Good morning." He takes half a pace backwards as a wave encroaches towards his boots then asks with a slightly raised eyebrow, "Going swimming?"

Looking to the water and then back up at him as he snakes away from the water, Damara finds it in some way interesting. She shifts and turns, stepping towards the shore, dripping water as she shakes her head. "No…I suppose I am not so welcoming of open water like this. Besides, I don't think I could swim if my life depended on it." She stays to the very edge of the waves now, considering him before asking, "How is Kate? I fear I may have misspoke last night to her."

"She made it safe back through the gatehouse," Nares answers with a slight shrug. She's big enough and ugly enough to look after herself from that point after all. "Either she'll finish shagging his bollocks off and move on," he starts, assuming she'll get who he's talking about. A faint grin is possibly just visible on his features for a moment, before it vanishes again, "or they'll break each other's hearts. Either way, not your problem if she isn't on top of things." A quick glance back at the water before he then asks, "You swim in lakes and rivers then, just not the sea? Don't you trust it?"

A wry smile touches her lips and the mistress laughs softly. "I am hoping they manage to work things out, more for Kate's sake than the lord's at this point. They are making a mess of it.." Damara says and then looks back out at the sea, a thoughtful expression settling to her gaze. "I don't normally swim at all, but it is the grasp of the currents that frightens me. I do not do well with swimming in general…" It is an odd thing, to try to remember his name. She steps back from the water, leaning down to squeeze out the hem of her pant legs. "But in truth, the sea has far too unpredictable a manner…at least to me." She rises and runs a damp hand up to tame the wild wisps of hair from her face.

Nares Ponders making another remark regarding Kate and Dafydd's romance, but checking himself and decides against it. He barely knows the falconer after all, even if Kate seemed to be close to her last night. As for her comments about the sea, well he just nods at them. "Aye, although that's a combination of the sea and Drowned God. If you go in there and he wants you, then he'll take you. The water is predictable enough when he does not involve himself."

"And if I do not believe in your God? I find that most things are wholly unpredictable without the intervention of Gods…" Damara smirks some and then sighs. "But then you are more at one with the sea than I could ever hope to be…" She is busy trying to clean the sand from her feet, a vain thing as to where she is stationed from her boots and the long haul across more sand as well. But she than tilts her head, making note of where he stands. "Though I do see you are not want to touch the sea water without purpose. Afraid for your boots, Captain?" She asks.

Nares scowls, ever so slightly then replies, tone flat and emotionless, "I see no point in walking around in wet boots when it can be simply avoided." He stares out to the horizon again, resting his hands near the buckle of his sword belt again. "Tides are predictable, the weather for short periods too, if you know what to look for, yet still boats sink and men drown. That is his work." He makes a quick sideways glance to Damara before continuing, "it's why we're given to him at birth, so he can take those he wants. I am aware that others have other gods but that is simply because they do not know the sea."

"So you think simply knowing the sea would be a way to prove to someone the Drowned God exists?" Damara asks curiously, but it seems his sour mood is not wholly improved by her jest and the mistress makes note of it. She dusts off her feet as best she can before sliding her boot on, moving her foot til it rests in and she laces up the side of it to cinch it closed. The other foot is seen to, carefully. "I would say the same if one never visits a Godswood…to see the face carved within.." She draws a breath and works the other boot on. "You and the lady should come with us to the Oaks…there is no love for you here. The knight last night, seemed to be ….confrontational."

Nares does actually turn back to Darama now, expression still hard, but softening a little. "If a man knows the sea he can not deny the Drowned God," he answers, not specifically excluding women, in that. He takes the change of topic though, "The knight last night was a fool. He came at me with half thought out accusations and then refused to back them up by displaying any balls." As for the Oaks, well, the idea has been mooted, but he has no idea how much or little the falconer might know, so he just nods at the suggestion, acknowledging it but giving no answer or comment.

"A fool you say…" Damara does not know the man from yesterday past the brief talk after when he shared her ale with her. The falconer does not question him though, it seems she knows little of the plans or the means of the two ironborn. "I have spoken with Kate concerning your God…I am interested to learn more as I have offered in turn of our old Gods, I do not follow the Seven, they are not of these lands." She says faintly enough but than once she is situated in her boots once more, sand scraping at the bottom of her feet, she offers a faint smile. "Asvard, that is your name is it not?"

"Aye, a fool," Nares replies simply, "and it'll get him killed if he doesn't grow out of it." No, that's not a threat, merely an observation on his part. Mind you, most of the Sers he's met on this trip have fallen somewhat short in his estimation, well, the hedge knights at least. Straighten himself a little he takes a good lungfull of the salt air before nodding once to the question about his name. "It is," he confirms, "I can also tell you of our God if it is of interest, but neither of us are Priests." And for the Old Gods? Well, to be blunt he doesn't give a damn, but Damara is Kate's friend so he doesn’t out and out say that.

"I would be grateful for your explanations…" Damara says as she pushes her braid back over her shoulder. "How about breakfast first..I am still warring with the ale I drank last night. Then, if you feel you can find some peace on horseback…I would welcome another to a hunt with my falcon and I. I do not like to sit idle and the lords are walled away in the Towers…I prefer the open air." She sighs and then turns her face to the sun. "That is if you would care to join me. I do have a spare bow.." She takes a step closer and away from the water’s edge, turning from the water and awaiting his answer.

Nares thinks about that for a moment then nods slowly, "Breakfast is where I was headed next." He turns from the water as well and starts towards the path again, assuming she'll follow. "I have no particular plans after that," and getting to know the countryside around the Roost is certainly not a bad idea. He also wouldn’t claim to be a great rider, but he's got 'start' 'stop' and 'change direction' sorted, and that’s all you need right? "I'll pass on the bow though, it's not my weapon of choice," he adds after a moment, a little guardedly. It's not that he doesn't know the principals behind it, it's just he generally considers killing from a distance to be a sign of not being strong enough to do it at close quarters. Well, that and his shoulder is still recovering.

Damara does join him, picking up the pace to stay at his side rather than follow. She lifts a brow and looks over and up at him a moment. "I will be glad of the company…and I will be glad to learn more of your god as well." The mistress takes the incline up away from the coast with a shift in the lean of her body. Her head tilts and she pulls herself up to give a roll of her shoulder. "I will bring the bow just in case, but you may do as you like." She then picks up the pace back towards the Rockcliff.