Page 172: Sally Forth
Sally Forth
Summary: A daring nighttime effort by the Terricks to cripple the Ironborn artillery, as well as recovering one of their dead.
Date: 05/01/289
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Within And Without - Four Eagles tower
Beginning and ending within the castle courtyard, including a leisurely jaunt outside the walls.
05 January, 289 A.L.

The hour is well into night, the stars lost to unseen clouds. The steady bombardment of the Ironborn artillery stopped hours ago, giving way to yet another night of occupation in the Roost below. Within the castle walls, a number of horses have been prepared, and a chosen body of men assembled for a sortie. Lord Jerold is in full armor, his squire coated in iron as well as each of the horsemen carry, in addition to their standard gear, a clay pot and every other man with a hooded lantern. A select few have been chosen to carry a large swathe of canvas.

Patrek does his best to move quietly in the courtyard, for all armor does little for stealth. He watches Lord Jerold, waiting, along with the other men, for the night's attempt to begin. Despite the weight of armor and his youth, the lad's back is straight, his head high, to be charging out, as a proper squire should, alongside the knight and lord he serves.

There is no question on whether or not Kell would be participating in the raid tonight, he had been itching to give the Ironborn a taste of their own medicine, which was only recently fueled on further by the burning of the Oaks up north as well as the taunting execution of the young Septon yesterday. Garbed in wool, then boiled leather, and over that his chain mail, the Hedge Knight is ready for battle as he is with his own mount, part of the assembly of men that are participating in the attack. Instead of waiting idly, Kell is double checking and triple checking everything on him and on his horse, making sure nothing is loose or prepared incorrectly.

Anais has never been a sound sleeper, and with the castle under siege and plans for a sortie underway, sleep is simply impossible tonight. She's quiet as a ghost near the doors to the keep, her guard hovering close by, as she watches the preparations of the men.

The Young Lord has come to see his father and the others off on their nighttime raid, standing near his father in the courtyard with his hand holding fast to the cane that keeps him upright. Jacsen's expression is grim, his blue eyes shifting across the others that have begun to gather. He is garbed, as he has been of late, with a sword and a breastplate, prepared to face the worst should the Terrick raid result in retaliation from the Ironborn in the village.

Lord Jerold nods once as he notes one of the house Guardsmen approach with the halved purple and yellow battle pennant of the Terrick House. His eye then goes to his son and heir. "Jacsen," the Lord of the Roost greets. "Until I return, command of Four Eagles is yours. Should the Ironborn locate the sally port, you shall order it sealed for the safety of those within. Do not take it as any indictment of your talents if I intend to return quickly," the Lord of the Roost offers in deadpan jest as he briefly clasps a hand at the side of his son's neck, thumb reaching up the cheekbone.

With the arrival of the Young Lord, Kell inclines his head respectfully to Jacsen but remains silent for now as it is the Lord of the Roost who is speaking. The words does cause the edge of the Hedge Knight mouth to curl up slightly in a grin, the exchange between father and son certainly warming in the coolness of the night. His eyes do move to Patrek though, surprised that the young Mallister will be accompanying them, or atleast the boy looks like he will be going with them.

Anais wraps her arms around herself as she watches the men mill about the courtyard, glancing up toward the sky to gauge the weather as well. She presses her lips together at the interplay between Jacsen and Jerold, but remains silent for the moment.

A bobbing and weaving torch descends the steps that lead from the Great Hall to the courtyard, an orange and smoking will-o'-the-wisp that erratically descends until coming to an unsteady stop near the gathered men. The little pool of flickering light reveals the Roost's new Maester, barely old enough to have earned his chain. Gwyllam's face looks queasy as he regards those gathered, likewise silent.

Followed by her ever present Septa Waldstenia, Muirenn pauses in her work to see the men off in their venture. As silently as possible, the redhead steps out of the house. Rapidly, her grey eyes search the crowd for her younger cousin. Smiles of encouragement she gives to any of the men who happen to glance her way, but it is the Mallister squire she seeks.

"Consider it no lack of faith in my own abilities then, my lord, should I fervently desire your swift return," Jacsen assures his Lord and Father, the faintest notes of humor infecting that otherwise grim expression he wears. He turns a glance to Patrek, offering the squire an encouraging smile, and then to Kell and the others set to ride. "The same goes for the lot of you. Be swift, and return to us, that we might honor your bravery this night." His chin rises a fraction. "I wish only that I might ride alongside such men as you. The Seven be with you all."

The Lord Ser Terrick offers a short lived smile at Jace's jest, before his mein goes solemn once again. "Men of the Roost. The hour has come to give these pirates answer for a measure of their depradations. We ride swiftly to strike and swiftly to return. Once we come within sight of the foe, lancers are to ride down their sentries. Armsmen-" the others, bearing clay pots and axes, "The siege machines are your to deal with." The last pair of men receive his eye, "And you two I charge with the task of recovering my brother's bones. Those of the Septon as well if you can, may the Seven have mercy upon him," the aging knight speaks with a pious motion of one hand. "Men, to your steeds."

"Muirenn," Anais calls softly to the other woman as she exits the hall, offering a faint smile and holding out a hand. "The time has come to take care of those catapaults. Watch the gates with me?" she invites, her attention clearly fixed on the men preparing to sally forth…and the one who remains behind. Who could blame her if she was grateful?

As the men mount their horses, Gwyllam moves to stand a few paces behind and to the side of Jacsen, making himself available to the young lord should he require anything. Even in the warm light of the torch he holds, his face looks pale and waxy, the flickering shadows giving only the illusion of movement. His eyes regard the departing men with a solemnity that hints at doom.

Kell does nod in response to Jacsen's words as he has no plans of having tea with the Ironborn tonight, he would've voice something about how it's best that Lord Jacsen stayed behind, as someone had to keep the womenfolk in line but thought better, as that jest may have been taken the wrong way. As Lord Ser Terrick speaks though, the Hedge Knight's expression returns to full seriousness as the plan for tonight's raid is repeated once more. As the order to mount is given, Kell pats Horse a couple of times at the neck before grabbing hold of the saddle and climbing on, "We will show the Ironborn no mercy tonight, for they deserve none." First, he unslings the shield at his back, securing it to his left before grasping his lance to the right, having some experience with spears and the longer cousin.

Catching sight of Patrek, the tall Mallister maiden gives a proud grin and nods her head encouragingly. In her grey eyes, pride wars with worry and she gladly grasps at the excuse to turn her face for fear her younger cousin reads something that might cause him concern. She looks at Anais and nods, moving to stand beside her friend. "Of course Anais.." she murmers, turning to regard her cousin again. She catches sight of Kell and flashes a smile as she gives him a nod of greeting.

There is a nook at the north western base of the courtyard, which even the most ancient of the Roost's denizens would not recall as anything other than a shallow alcove useful for nothing more than keeping some few supplies or a stack of firewood out of the weather. Yet, as the kngihts and men of House Terrick lead their horses toward it, the barrels and chopped wood have been cleared, and the stones of the back wall have been removed to reveal a heavy stone door, cunningly worked into the uneven pattern of masonry that would make the sally port all but invisible from without.

Too short for a man to ride out, the cavaliers must lead their steeds out afoot and mount them as quietly as they may, with the bulk of four Eagles Tower screening them from the foe. "Remain close to the base of the wall," Jerold cautions his squire. "The ground slopes toward the cliffs."

The smile returned, Patrek glances around the courtyard a final time before drawing in a deep breath and moving to his horse to gather the reins. He urges his mount to follow after Jerold's and then through the cleverly-hidden door. With a small nod, he guides the steed along the the wall. "Aye, my lord," he whispers for the instruction.

Anais' brows rise when the door is revealed, a flicker of approval in her features. "Well. That's a pleasant surprise," she murmurs to Muirenn, lips curving in a faint smile despite herself. "Though the height may be an issue if they're pursued back. They'll have to dismount, and likely use the horses for cover."

As Kell looks about the Courtyard, waiting for the order to move out to the main entrance, he spots the pair of ladies who are awake right now, returning Muirenn's nod with his own, and one for Lady Anais as well. Intead of heading to the Portcullis where Kell was expecting the attack to start, though it will make the surprise a little harder, the group was moving to another part of the walls, to the northwest. Now the Hedge Knight feels a little foolish as he dismounts upon arriving at the well hidden Sally Port. Leading his horse out in line with the others, Kell is silently and mentally preparing himself for what is to come soon.

She has passed that nook a million times it seems like since she arrived and never thought anything of it. The appearance of the secret portal has Muirenn's eyes widen with delight, afterall who doesn't love secret passages and doors. She gently squeezes Anais' arm and murmers, "How cunning! I never would have guessed. Truly the Roost is a fortified place as my Uncle said." Tilting her head she considers a moment and then nods, "The loss of the horses would be difficult, but would make for the perfect cover. I pray that the Seven smile on them this night and everything goes according to plan."

Jacsen dips his chin in a nod to the Maester that appears just to the side of him, a flicker of something in his eyes catch by the man's torch. "Ensure you've your supplies readied should they come back with injury," he reminds Gwyllam as the men move towards the well-hidden sally port. "Do not hesitate to conscript anyone you might require that does not already stand guard. I know the Lady Mallister has a keen hand for the sort of work that might need be done."

One by one the men and their horse slip out the sally port, and mount up against the base of the castle's outer wall, among the tall grass with what would be a stunning view of the sea, were the night not so dark; chosen, no doubt, for that exact quality. Once all of the men are prepared, the short column starts toward the front of the castle, hugging the base of the curtain walls.

Jacsen's words seem to break the morose spell that has bound the face of Gwyllam. He blinks in the light and offers a slightly shy and nervous smile to the nobleman. It makes him look like nothing so much as a little boy in spite of his thirty years. "Of course, m'lord," he murmurs softly, eyes flitting toward Muirenn. "I have seen her working with the wounded regularly since my arrival on…" On the day of the invasion. He elects to leave the rest unsaid. "Is there anything you require in the meanwhile?"

Patrek is as silent as he can be, mounting a horse in armor. Once he's properly settled in the saddle, he once again falls in pace behind Jerold, keeping close to the wall and squinting out into the darkness.

As the group clears the Sally Port, Kell slowly and quietly mounts Horse again, a hand keeping the animal quiet and calm for now. He is in line with the others as they keep close to te walls, eyes looking out in the direction where they will be charging soon.

"From your lips to their ears," Anais says softly to Muirenn's prayer, watching Jacsen with the Maester and shifting her weight from foot to foot. "I should have gone to the roof," she murmurs, mostly to herself. "We could have seen better what's happening."

As the cavaliers round the last turret screening them from the town and Ironborn below, the horsemen advance into a gallop. It is a bit unsettling: galloping over ground the rider cannot even see, but all too clear are the line of Greyjoy catapults, and a scattered few sentries, bored into complacence by easy victory. That turns swiftly to panic when the curious clattering sound is revealed to be cavalry, when the battle pennant is borne aloft, and the battle cries are raised as the Terrick forces swoop down upon them. "For the King!"

"Perhaps, but we wouldn't have been able to see them off then, and that does much for encouragement and morale." Muirenn replies quietly. "Besides, I want to be here for the wounded." She leans over and murmers inaudibly into Anais' ear.

He shakes his head a fraction at the Maester's question. "No, that is all for now," the Young Lord confirms, that hint of humor he shared with Lord Jerold evaporating as the men slip out the sally port and begin their daring maneuver. Despite already confirming several times over the preparedness of such, his eyes do move over the men ready to seal up the port at the first sign of detection, lest the whole of the Roost fall.

<COMBAT> Guard 03 attacks Sentry 02 with Sword & Shield but Sentry 02 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Sentry 03 attacks Jerold with Thrown Spear and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Sentry 03's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Sentry 01 passes.
<COMBAT> Guard 02 attacks "Maron's Cock" with Sword & Shield - Moderate wound to Mechanism (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Guard 01 attacks "Bad Neighbor" with Sword & Shield but "bad Neighbor" ENDURES!
<COMBAT> Sentry 02 passes.
<COMBAT> Patrek attacks Sentry 03 with Sword & Shield - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kell attacks Sentry 03 with Lance & Shield - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Jerold attacks Sentry 01 with Lance & Shield - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> "Maron's Cock" has been KO'd!

Anais shakes her head slightly to Muirenn's whispered words, speaking softly in return. Her eyes, though, are fixed first on the sally port, and then on where her husband stands, all but alone in the courtyard.

The Maester swallows thickly, then nods, a step taken backwards as if to depart. And yet…like the others in the courtyard he seems unwilling to leave the night air they all share with the men who are so bravely galloping toward danger. His lower lip is pulled into his mouth as the distant sound of alarmed cries are heard, his ears straining to catch more news on the night wind.

The sudden charge of horsemen charging out of a castle whose gate has remained closed has the predictable effect of shocking the Ironborn terribly. The men of the roost go to work quickly, one clay pot and hooded lantern being smashed over one of the catapults, as the rider hacks away at another. The Sentry who had hurled a spear at the Lord of the Roost recieves a reeling blow from Jerold's dutiful squire, as Jerold himself sends an Ironborn sprawling, but uninjured with a lance blow to the hauberk.

If the screams of "Shit, shit! Alarm, alarm!" were not enough to tell the occupiers that they are under attack, the blaze rising from one of the catapults would do it for them.

Silent prayer made to the Warrior, Kell nudges Horse to faster speeds to keep pace with the other mounted attackers, faster and faster until galloping speed is achieved. One of the Ironborn silhouettes are selected and it is the guard holding a throwing spear, with his target focused on, the Hedge Knight lowers the lance in his hand, leveling it so the end is at head height, apparently going for a decapitation right off the bat. As the attacking force collides into the defenders, Kell's lance glances off of teh Ironborn's mailed head, doing no real damage except perhaps stunning the man and then knight rides on. Slowing his mount and turning it around, Kell kicks the horse into speed again as he makes a second pass at the defenders, this time choosing a new target as the lance is leveled once more, the hooves thumping against the cold dirt ground.

The Young Lord Mallister unsheaths his sword as his horse begins its gallop, Patrek's eyes straining into the darkness as the hooves of his steed carry him closer to the catapults and the men who lazily guard it. The lad has an answering cry. "For the Riverlands!" His blade comes down and swings true, and for the first time in his young life, Patrek Mallister's blade bites through an enemy's flesh.

<COMBAT> Guard 02 attacks "Widowmaker" with Sword & Shield but "widowmaker" ENDURES!
<COMBAT> Sentry 02 attacks Jerold with Bludgeon & Shield but Jerold DODGES!
<COMBAT> Sentry 01 attacks Kell with Spear & Shield but Kell DODGES!
<COMBAT> Sentry 03 attacks Patrek with Sword & Shield and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Guard 03 attacks Sentry 02 with Sword & Shield but Sentry 02 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Guard 01 attacks "Bad Neighbor" with Sword & Shield but "bad Neighbor" ENDURES!
<COMBAT> Patrek attacks Sentry 03 with Sword & Shield - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kell attacks Sentry 02 with Lance & Shield - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jerold attacks Sentry 01 with Lance & Shield - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Sentry 02 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Sentry 03 has been KO'd!

As the reeling Ironborn raise their shields, take weapons to hand and continue screaming for help, it does not come fast enough. Two men fall with Kell's lance, or Patrek's broadsword biting thier bodies, while the third is struck a blow by the Lord of the Roost that knocks him again to the ground, albeit briefly. The alarm was raised though, and fresh tormentors begin the mad dash toward the line of artillery.

<COMBAT> Raider 01 has joined the combat.
<COMBAT> Raider 02 has joined the combat.
<COMBAT> Raider 03 has joined the combat.

In all the yells and cries it is difficult to tell voices apart, but it is clear from inside the courtyard that the battle has been engaged. "He is so young…" Muirenn whispers to no one in particular, bronze-lashed eyes closing for just a moment before opening again. To distract herself from the gut wrenching sounds outside the walls as she stands vigil with her friends, the Mallister maiden mentally begins to tally the medical supplies organized in the entrance hall.

Patrek cries out again, though this time it's just a wordless bellow as he swings his blade a second time at the Ironman who would cut him from his horse. It's the animal's quick legs that cause the ironborn sentry to miss his mark, and the squire leans forward to cut the ironman in kind. This time the sentry falls, body crumpling to the ground. The boy stares for only an instant before he's moving away and readying himself for the next wave of attackers.

Whether it was because of the combined force of the mount's speed and sharp lance tip hitting the Ironborn's chest taking him down, Kell is glad to have ridden down the islander before slowing the horse to a stop while dodging the other sentry guard. Wheeling around once more, he sees that the Young Mallister has dispatched his enemy rather swiftly and neatly, surprised at how lethal the youth can be, "Well done, Young Lord!" He calls out to Patrek with a grin before kicking his mount to speed again, wanting to inspire the Squire just in case it is his first kill, so the boy isn't shocked into stillness. This time, the Hedge Knight has a battlecry as he speeds towards the remaining sentry, "For the Tall Oaks!"

Jacsen's eyes drift closed for a moment, as the sound of battle being joined reaches them behind the Roost's sturdy fortifications, a soundless murmur passing his lips. He stands ramrod straight, despite the need for his cane, and like so many others within the relative safety of the walls, he does the only thing he can in this moment; wait.

<COMBAT> Sentry 01 attacks Kell with Spear & Shield and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Guard 02 attacks "Widowmaker" with Sword & Shield - Critical wound to Frame (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Guard 01 attacks "Bad Neighbor" with Sword & Shield - Moderate wound to Throwing Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Raider 02 passes.
<COMBAT> Raider 01 passes.
<COMBAT> Guard 03 passes.
<COMBAT> Raider 03 passes.
<COMBAT> Patrek attacks Raider 01 with Sword & Shield - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kell attacks Sentry 01 with Lance & Shield - Light wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Jerold attacks Sentry 01 with Lance & Shield but Sentry 01 DODGES!

<COMBAT> "Bad Neighbor" has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Sentry 01 has been KO'd!

"He can do it," Anais assures Muirenn in a low tone, reassuring. "Quentyn wasn't any older when he first faced them, and he's grown into it." She falls silent for a moment, catching her lower lip between her teeth as she watches Jacsen in the courtyard. "I…do you think it would help if I went to him?" she whispers. "Or would it only make it harder?"

The last moment of their sneak attack wear by bloodily for the Ironborn sentries, as the last of them are cut down moment before their fellows reach the men of the Roost. "Squire, stay close!" Jerold calls above the din, as- on the road leading the the gate, the third man of the Terrick Guard has dismounted, and hasilty thrown a canvas over the rotted remains of a the man who once trained him at swordplay.

Looking swiftly past the line of catapults at the rousing raiders, Jerold calls, "Back! Back to the Tower! All of you, back!" he shouts, as the Lord of the Roost hesitates only olong enough to see his squire turn, before raising his own lance.

There is a moments pause as Muirenn gives a faint smile to her friend, "Go to him, I would were I you." she says as her only reply. A gentle squeeze to her friend's hand and then a small step back as if to encourage Anais. Her own grey eyes focus on Jacsen for a moment in the courtyard before returning their focus to the wall, hands clasping and then unclasping in worry.

<COMBAT> Raider 04 has joined the combat.
<COMBAT> Raider 05 has joined the combat.
<COMBAT> Raider 06 has joined the combat.

As more enemy men come running towards the call for help, Patrek guides his horse closer to Jerold, though it doesn't stop him from taking a swing at an approaching Ironman who comes too close for comfort. In the darkness, it is hard to determine that damage is done, but a cry assures the young lord Mallister that he hit something.

With the last sentry ridden down with lances and swords, Kell slows his horse for a moment to see how the guards were doing with the Catapults and upon seeing them in flames, he is glad that the mission has been accomplished this swiftly. The men of the Roost are certainly well trained at what they have been tasked to do. The raider reinforcement is a tempting target as the Hedge Knight raises his lance again but at Lord Ser Jerold's command, Kell nods his head and moves to form up with the Lord and Squir instead of turning and riding back hard to the Keep. Duty and loyalty has given him the task to ensure the two returns to the keep safely.

<COMBAT> Raider 06 passes.
<COMBAT> Raider 05 passes.
<COMBAT> Raider 03 attacks Jerold with Bludgeon & Shield - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Raider 02 attacks Patrek with Spear & Shield - Moderate wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Raider 01 attacks Kell with Sword & Shield but Kell DODGES!
<COMBAT> Guard 03 passes.
<COMBAT> Guard 02 passes.
<COMBAT> Guard 01 passes.
<COMBAT> Raider 04 passes.
<COMBAT> Patrek passes.
<COMBAT> Kell passes.
<COMBAT> Jerold passes.

<COMBAT> Patrek has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Patrek spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Anais smiles faintly to Muirenn, then moves out into the courtyard proper, her guard sticking close to her shoulder. She's almost silent as she moves to stand next to Jacsen, offering support without doing anything that could threaten his image with the men who remain within.

Seeing the approach of Anais, Gwyllam blinks and then slowly steps away from the pair, taking his torch with him and leaving them in relative privacy. He seems lost for a moment without a lord or Maester to attend upon. After a moment, however, his eyes light on Muirren and he slowly approaches her with a cautious, but friendly, smile.

The torchlight drawing nearer causes Muirenn's gaze to shift. She smiles at the young new maester as he approaches, murmering "Maester Gwyllam, it is kind of you to come wait with me." The woops and battle cries continue as the Ironborn on the otherside are stirred up and who knows where their men are.

With the first Ironborn catapult hacked to pieces, the second burning, and the third in burning pieces, with all sentries slain, and the remains of Ser Revyn recovered, the riders turn back for the castle, the raid a hair's breadth from success. Jerold's armor absorbs the blow that he takes, and Kell's horsemanship is too deft for the swing sent at him, but as the Young Lord Patrek wheels his horse to turn, he catches a spear thrust that draws blood from his arm and- more frighteningly- upsets the boy's balance in the saddle. Jerold reins his horse in at the sight, but cannot reach his squire in time…

<FS3> Kell rolls Animal Handling: Great Success.

Jacsen's eyes shift towards his wife as she nears, his expression grim. "You should take the others up into the tower," he murmurs to his lady and wife, even as he reaches to his left side and loosens his blade in its sheath. "Maester Gwyllam, Lady Muirenn… We have no idea what will come through the sally port before it can be closed." He draws a slow breath. "You've risked enough as of late."

The Ironborn are uncomfortably close, close enough where they will have to ride past some of hostile islanders to get to safety and the trio rides, Kell included. The Hedge Knight is able to evade his attacker again, perhaps by luck or just the darkness of night aiding him, but the man is unscathed in tonight's battle as he dodges past one Ironborn on his right. The Ironborn on his left though was attacking Patrek and manged to score a hit on the young Squire and at first, the knight thought the youth was okay.
However, after a second passes, Kell sees Patrek begin listing to the side, almost losing his balance and with clenched teeth and another silent prayer, to whichever of the Seven would heed his call, the Hedge Knight without a second thought goes into action. Heels digging into his riding stirrups, he is extending himself on his mount by rising on his legs and leaning over towards Patrek who is falling over to the other side. One arm has the reins of his own mount curled tightly and slightly painfully around his forearm, leaving the other arm free to grab at the Squire. Swing and a grasp, Kell is able to pull the young Squire back into his saddle before slapping the youth's horse, "Go! Ride!" He kicks his own horse into speed as well, hoping the raiders are out of range.

"Kindness aside, m'lady," Gwyllam murmurs in the torchlight, "I was rather hoping to leech off of your bravery as mine is…rather wanting." There is no flicker of amusement to give the lie to his statement. He continues after a moment. "I hear you have been a great help to the wounded here. You have my thanks…" The Maester trails off as Jacsen speaks his name, attention returning to the man and alertness suffusing his features.

"No more than anyone else," Anais answers Jacsen quietly, though her cheeks flush, hard to see in the dark. She doesn't argue, though, staying at his side only long enough to give his hand a squeeze over the hilt of his sword before turning to walk quickly back to Muirenn and Gwyllam. "We should move inside, my lady, maester," she says with a small smile. "Until the port is closed, at least." 'Inside' is such a broad category, though. Over the threshold is inside!

Armor is good, but armor isn't perfect, and the raider's spear finds a weakness. If the blade hurts as it cuts into Patrek's arm, it's the force of the blow that's a true danger, as the squire feels his body leaning, listing, sliding away from the horse running for both their lives beneath him. "No," Patrek gasps as he struggles to fight gravity and feels himself losing. "Oh no, no, nononon-" And then a hand grabs him, hauls him, jerks him back into place, and the young lord daren't even twist around to see his rescuer. The horse is slapped, its efforts renewed, and Patrek clings with his legs, clutches the reins with his hands, and swallows down the terror clawing at his throat as he realizes he might have died, but lives instead.

A long fingered hand waves off Jacsen's concern as Murienn offers a smile to Gwyllam, "I know not about bravery. Lady Anais is brave as is his lordship. I readily admit that I am afraid…afraid for my cousin…afraid for my family at Seagard, but I cannot let my fear stand in the way of doing what I can to ensure the success of my friends and family in this war." Looking at Anais as she approaches, the redhead just gives a nod and a slight smile as she takes several steps back to the door way, until perhaps no more than a toe of her shoe extended past the threshhold.

For a short distance, even though no man afoot can hope to match a galloping courser, several of the roused raiders chase after the fleeing cavaliers, until- unwittingly, they come within bowshot of the castle walls, and a few choice arrows remind the Ironborn that they are not yet the masters of all the Roost.

The sounds of horses and men moving quickly can be heard from within the castle as Jerold orders the men to dismount swiftly and re-enter the castle, lending his squire a hand in the dismount, before ushering the heir to Seagard through the sally port with the words, "Well done, Squire." A pointed look aside to Kell might indicate he has more to say, but holds it.

Gwyllam, too, retreats toward the door to the hall, placing his torch in a sconce where it casts its light on the stones. "Not allowing your fear to stand in the way is the very definition of bravery, I should think," he murmurs to Lady Muirren, though his attention is suddenly focused on the sally port as figures appear there, head cocked and ear straining should the call of 'Healer' or 'Maester' be cried.

The sounds of pursuit grows dimmer and quieter, only then does Kell finally risk a glance behind to see that they are behind the shelter of the Roost's archers and a long, deep breath released. Once they reach the secret portal back to safety, the Hedge Knight also dismounts but doesn't step through into safety until the Young Lord and Lord of the Roost enter. Kell does catch Lord Jerold's look his way and a thin smile is returned, as if to say it wasn't a big deal, just heat of the battle type of thing that happens.

As the bowstrings loose at the wall, Jacsen turns his head to the men near the sally port. "Ready yourselves!" he calls out, beginning in that direction, his steps swift despite the limp. He is hopeful, as no call has come out that the Ironborn near the port. His relief is somewhat palpable to those immediately near him when familiar faces begin to emerge within then safety of the courtyard.

Patrek is looking a little pale and is more out of breath than his exertions warrant, but he dismounts easily enough to lean his horse inside. For Jerold's words of praise, there is a smile, though not quite to brad or delighted as it might have been a few hours before. "Thank you, my lord," he says, "and who…" glancing around at the other men, he tries, now, to identify which one kept him on his horse.

Although one might think it due to nerves, or some wound, one of the guards has gone pale beneath his helm, and- immediately upon passing through the sally port with a weghty burden in his arms, stumbles to one side, lets it fall and hurries another few steps away from vomitting on the courtyard ground. Although it takes a moment, the severe smell that clings to the man is more the root of his ailment than poor nerves.

"Ser Drakmoor, you have done most excellent service this night," Jerold voices evenly, before speaking to Patrek, "Once your duties are completed, Squire, you may give proper thanks to Ser Kell. For now, make certain that another tends the horses before your arm is attended by the maester." Duty first, always. the Lord of the Roost looks back as the last of the bold half-dozen re-enter the keep and the efforts to replace the mouth of the sally port promptly begin. It is then that Ser Jerold looks for his son.

Anais' eyes flicker over the men and horses who enter through the sally port, taking a quick headcount as each returns to the courtyard. She's distracted by the sound of bows, glancing up to the walls, before she turns her attention back to those returning. "Promising," she says softly to Muirenn and Gwyllam, only a hint of strain in her voice as she waits for more reliable word.

As the strike team begins to trickle back into the courtyard through the portal, Muirenn moves forward, leaning to try to search out Patrek's face. As he appears and then Kell at the last, she almost..almost but not quite visibly sags with relief before straightening proudly. Gathering her skirts so she does not trip in the darkness she begins to decend the steps, commenting softly, "Maester, warriors are stubborn and will not easily say if they have been wounded. We need to pay close attention to any who favor some portion of themselves in case." From her vantage point though it looks like the Seven heard her prayer, another is offered up in thanks as her eyes gaze towards the night sky for a moment before lowering.

"My lord!" Jacsen calls as she spots his father, his hand releasing the hilt of his blade as he makes his way swift as he might to Jerold's side. "Thank the Seven." His eyes scan his father quickly for any sign of injury or hurt, "Is anyone injured?"

Breathing a little hard as well, Kell leads Horse to safety behind the Roost's walls again before seeing one of the guardsmen who was with them stumble to the side and grow sick. However, upon hearing the Young Lord's concerns, the Hedge Knight was about to let the boy know that the answer isn't important right now and to get his arm looked at first but Lord Jerold speaks first. Kell can only incline his head to the Elder Lord, "It was by chance, M'Lord, I just happened to be next to him. Any man would've done the same." He does give Patrek a smile, "You fought well, Young Lord, it was an honor fighting as your side." Keeping it brief as he doesn't want to delay the boy because his cousin will descend upon him very soon.

Gwyllam follows in Muirren's steps much like a puppy might. If there is any affrontery to a Lady giving a Maester instructions on looking for the wounded, he doesn't register it, nodding to her words as he goes. Fortunately, perhaps, it is Lord Jacsen who asks the pertinent question, and the Maester's eyebrows lift in anticipation as he awaits the response.

Lord Jerold nods once at Jacsen's approach. "I believe Squire Patrek took a wound to the arm," Not 'the young lord', nor calling the boy by his family name, simply 'Squire Patrek'. "As for the others, we are hale." A short look sums up the condition of his other men, before resting on the reeking bundle of canvas that has sickened one of his gallant half dozen. "Once the living are seen to, we may attend the dead."

Anais waits patiently at the threshold to the keep, even as Muirenn and Gwyllam venture out to care for the wounded. She does fidget - just a little - but she manages to stay put.

"Yes, my lord," Patrek answers dutifully, though certainly he makes note of that name. There is a small puzzled blink when Jerold speaks of a maester. "My arm?" But glancing down he notices, for the first time, the redness seeping from beneath his armor and the strange throb of pain that somehow hadn't quite registered. "Oh," the boy murmurs, but that is all. He offers Kell a proud smile for the man's praise. "Thank you, ser. I hope we may speak further, later." Then he moves to take his horse, and Ser Jerold's, toward the stables to be seen to. Duty first, always. A lesson he's taken to heart.

Jacsen's eyes shift over his father's shoulder and to the canvas that shows every sign of being full. "Maester, see to my lord's squire once he's finished with the horses," he asks of Gwyllam, without quite looking at the man. His attention shifts back to Jerold. "And the catapults, my lord?"

A nod is given to Patrek by Kell before the Hedge Knight turns back to his own mount, leading him off to the side and away from the recovered corpses as it isn't his place to look on. Adrenaline is finally fading from his bloodstream and the knight can finally feel a little tiredness with all that has happened, though most of it seems to have passed by in a flash.

Gwyllam opens his mouth to say something to Patrek, then slowly closes it as Patrek leads his horse away toward the stable, confusion registering there. Once again, Lord Jacsen comes to his rescue. With a muted nod, he hurries after the squire, deep furrows in his brow and mutter words on his breath. "…Seven….horses first…"

"Maester, would you like me to go make sure the hot water is ready?" Muirenn asks Gwyllam. Though her cousin may have taken a wound, it is obvious that it is not a dreadful one and the maiden's mind is eased. Having to tell her Uncle that something happened to Patrek is just *not* what she wants. Time enough for talking and scolding later when they are by themselves and it is just family around.

"If one of them ever fires again, it will be an act of the Seven, and not one of Ironmen," Jerold answers Jacsen's inquiry. "We have bought some good time at least, in which the Godless pirates must beuild new machines." He draws a breath, before voicing with restrained regret, "I do not think we were able to recover the Septon."

And that's all Anais needed to hear. If the catapaults are down, then it's perfectly safe to leave the keep. And in short order, she's back out in the courtyard, smile warm for the returning men and a cup of water in hand for the poor fellow who carried Revyn. "You did well," she tells the man as she passes it over.

"Yes, please, Lady Muirren," Gwyllam calls out over his shoulder to the woman's question. He's still moving after Patrek and the horses, wringing his hands that he has not yet been able to take a look at the young man's wound.

After clearing his mouth of some spit, the guardsman Anais approaches stumbles to his feet, visibly motified that he just puked next to the dead body of some noble's relative. The man doesnt apologize, but does turn his eyes downcast to offer a muted thanks for the water, and gratitude for the kind words.

Patrek lingers in the stables, bound and determined to keep his word and make sure another is assigned to care for the horses and reward them for their brave work this night. Only then does the squire step back out into the courtyard, his steps a little slower and skin a little paler now that much of the adrenaline is faded and his arm has begun to well and truly hurt.

Knowing full well that hot water will be needed as well as a few other things, depending on how deep the gash, the tall redhead swishes up the steps and into the hall to prepare even before the maester replies. Relief shows clearly upon Muirenn's face as she passes through the doors that all returned safely with their mission a success.