Saffron Mallister nee Banefort


After two beautiful daughters, Lord Bernard Banefort prayed for a son. It was not that he disliked his Magnola nor Terras, but there is something in a man's soul that yearns for a progeny. So, when the Maesters began to talk in earnest that, based on the behaviors of the unborn child still growing in his wife's womb, he should be getting a son, he was shocked to find another baby girl placed in his arms. Unlike his first two daughters, Saffron was born naught of hair and with large, bright eyes that already roved around the world with curiosity. He felt guilt as a bit of disapproval began to settle into his stomach even as he bounced the gurgling babe in his arms — and he swore he saw her smile at him, and that was the end of that. Bernard became the only one Saffron would allow to hold her, her mother and caretakers alike being driven mad with constant cries. The first thing she latched her fingers upon was his beard, and once she learned to walk, she would tottle after him with earnest.

At first, Alyss Banefort was distraught to see her third daughter so attached to her husband, but soon she found it a blessing as Magnola's constant need for attention and Terras's lung colds kept her busy. Saffron became looked after by guards instead of septas or retainers, chasing after her father with laughter and smiles. She was three when her mother gave birth to her third sister Grenna, who was followed on the heels by Claira born ten months later. Five girls, all red of hair and bright eyed, marked the legacy of Lord Erik Banefort's youngest brother. Each was so different from the other, but it was Saffron who was responsible for bringing many of them to tears over the years as she let her wildness shine. Completely frazzled by the sheer force of personality her third daughter displayed, Alyss was suddenly thankful that she could shove her off to her husband for some peace.

As Saffron became more able and troublesome, Bernard provided her an outlet in the form of sword training. There were rules to their exercises, all of which in place to help provide structure and purpose to learning the art of the blade: a lady never attacks first, a lady never means to kill, a lady will always yield if overrun or overpowered, and a lady will not disregard those sworn to protect her. Each time Saffron broke one of those rules in their practice, it would cost her the next lesson. Soon, it became customary for the pair to depart on the morning of Saffron's name day for a lesson no matter how many rules she broke previously. To his wife's sanity, this outlet did its job and a peace fell over the household.

Saffron bloomed into a scrawny, tall, awkward girl. Already breaking the norms with one Banefort girl, Bernard was convinced by Saffron's same-aged cousin Anais to teach her bowcraft and spears. It became a bonding point for the pair of girls, and Annie became a partner in crime. With her sixteenth name day fast approaching, Alyss began to press Bernard to allow her more time with the septas and maesters, to learn the proper skills of a lady. As her lessons in the keep became more demanding, less and less time was spent with her father. The only saving grace was found in Maester Wallyce — an aged man who prided himself in the folktales and cultural stories of Westeros and beyond. It was he that began Saffron's own love of storytelling.

Even more strain was placed upon her after her sister Magnola was married off into the Lannisters and completely cut ties with her maiden family. Weeks started to gap between trainings, and it only made her name day ride ever the more necessary. It would unfortunately be their last, as within her seventeenth year, her sister Terras would fall into a fatal fever and her betrothal to the Graves House of the Reach would fall on Saffron's shoulders. At her mother's press, Bernard ceased their lessons entirely so their daughter could prepare for her wedding.

As a disquiet and then outright rebellion rose in the Iron Islands, her betrothed Ser Etin Graves was sent off into war. Their marriage was further delayed, though her mother reassured her that it would still happen once the Ironborns were stomped back down. Soon, the war came to the Banefort's doorsteps as the Greyjoys reavers and raiders attacked the oceanside keep. Driven by will alone, Saffron took up arms to fight alongside her House to stave off the besiegers. Her father caught her belting on a sword, and heated words were exchanged. Playing soldier was not the same as being one, he told her in his rage. She was sent off to be with the other women, bitter and resentful. How was she suppose to just wait for the end to come?

No longer did Bernard Banefort indulge her daughter in fantasies of swordplay and soldiers. He withdrew from her, putting her under the guidance of Terras's old minder Mistress Morla Fielding. With Robert's forces storming Pyke, arrangements were made for Saffron to be packed up and sent into the Riverlands to meet her husband-to-be when he returned. She fought them at every turn, but in the end, her family won out. On a cold morning, she was sent off with her mistress, her two faithful guardsmen and a handful of knights to the Crag and then onward to the Four Eagles Keep at Terrick's Roost. Her cousin Anais was there, and she would help prepare Saffron for her husband.

It was an anxious journey to the Roost, and their party was attacked by bandits as they entered the Terrick Lands. Her favored guard Punbah Buttonton had been instructed to carry a sword for Saffron in case it was needed, and she was able to steal it from his belt during the attack to help fend off the criminals. With minor wounds, they arrived at the Roost and began to settle in. Anais was thrilled to see her cousin, but the state of the Roost after its own siege worried Saffron. She began to help the best she could, looking after smallfolk children and helping with minor repairs.

With the Ironborn Rebellion over, knights and soldiers began to return to their homes. It was then she met Kamron Mallister, and it was him who informed her that her betrothed had died during the final battle of Pyke. Distraught, relieved, and guilty, Saffron accepted the news with grace. Now in the Riverlands with naught a wedding to abide to, Saffron began to make friends and connections throughout. The closest of these besides her cousin was with Ser Kamron. They struck a deal together where she would help him remain unmarried if he helped her keep her crony minder off her back. That was when the Lady Ghost was invented to become a secret admirer of Kamron. She bestowed upon him a favor for the Tournament at the Twins, and began to be seen around dressed in a cloak of white to bring to life the unknown lady. Oblivious to their own feelings for each other, Saffron and Kamron went through the motions of their subterfuge.

Little did she know that her family was not about to leave her unwed and free in the Riverlands. A courtship between herself and Walden Frey was established, too Saffron's distaste. Walden bestowed upon Saffron the worst possible gifts — wooden hair combs, a broach shaped like the Twins, and a horrible red velvet dress. The latter was thankfully destroyed on the day that Saffron and several other Riverland ladies were kidnapped by the Terrick land bandits. During her time as their hostage, Saffron tried to run in hopes of finding the rest of the women help. For her insolence, Saffron was stripped naked and beaten. It was the first time in her life she felt defeated.

Rescued three days after the napping, Saffron was informed that her to-be-betrothed lifted naught a finger to assist in the search and retrieval. All he did was send for the ransom and then hole up in his room. Enraged, Saffron had a row with the man, and they both promptly dissolved the courtship. On the heels of this came the announcement of her betrothal to Kamron Mallister after he won the melee at the Tournament at Seagard while wearing her favor.

Presence and Personality

This young woman possesses a nimble, tall poise, standing at nearly five feet and seven inches in height. Her frame is hourglass in shape with a bit more emphasis in the roundness of her hips; she is quite slim, but by no means spindly in limbs. She moves about with a strange silence and awareness to the space she occupies. The softest splash of freckling accents the porcelain canvas of her skin, and though it is not completely unblemished with faint scars here and there. Her round face is open and youthful, defying all assumptions to her age. Her long mane of cinnamon-red hair has been simply dressed with the upper portion of her hair drawn back and her forelocks left splayed across her brow. Her longish nose ends in a gentle button and her cheeks are soft without any gauntness. Beneath coppery brows are bright, pale blue eyes. When relaxed, her mouth is small with a faint pouting in the lower lip; her smile, however, is infectious and brings forth dimples at the center of her cheeks.

Her clothing, no matter its style or design, always has a strange fit to her frame as if somehow, someway, the tailor always mis-measured her and then has gone through desperate alterations to make the pieces fit.



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