Ryker Nayland


After Lord Rickart Nayland married his second wife Rhiannon, Ryker was born quite soon after. He grew up being coddled by his father until it grew apparent that he would not die of the early childhood diseases that strike some. His father then set out to raise a strong man of Nayland credit that carried the same virtues of his lineage. However his mother imbued him with several differing beliefs and the young man grew to resent his father in more than a typical adolescent fashion. At fifteen he was sent off to Riverrun to squire for the Haigh Family under their second son, Darius. Ryker held no complaints about this and promptly broke contact with his father.

At seventeen Ryker fell in love with the Haigh's third daughter, Lydia, who was one year his junior. It was a celebrated affair through the families as the Haighs liked the young man quite a bit and it saved their daughter from offers from another family they did not see as great an intermarriage with as the Naylands. A hefty dowry was paid in good faith to the groom's family. At nineteen they were wed and Ryker was knighted later that year. However, much to his father's dismay, Ryker was adamant about staying in Riverrun where he went to work as a courtier to the throne there. Happily married for two years, they had just begun plans for a family when Lydia fell ill. While Ryker worked, his wife's condition went through several up and down phases over the course of the next six years. She finally died in February of 287.

Once again Lord Rickart Nayland called for his son to return and all attempts to recall him were ignored. He had no intention of leaving Riverrun to return to Hag's Mire — especially to his father. The break between the two was a closely guarded secret within the household that only a few knew of. It wasn't until July of 288 when four sworn swords of House Nayland came banging upon his door. The man was given an hour to pack what he could and servants would send the rest after him. Nearly dragged out the door, he arrived back home only to discover that his father had arranged for him to remarry in a political bid with Lady Valda Tordane to see her daughter Isolde, Lady of Stonebridge, married to the man.

Ryker was quite displeased with these turn of events. Fortunately his wife is not what he expected. Fortunately for his wife, he is not what she expected. Time will tell whether or not he turns out to be what everyone else has anticipated. The man had not been seen in town since he left fifteen years before. His name was hardly ever discussed, either. Few knew him when he left and nobody knew the man to return.


First son of Lord Rickart Nayland and the immediate heir to the Nayland throne. Married to Lady Isolde Nayland, Lady of Stonebridge. He is also the eldest brother to Squire Rowan Nayland, currently a ward of the Terricks.

Physical Features

Ryker is a tall man of just over six feet with broad shoulders and a thick neck that looks a bit older than his thirty years. His blocky structure is a frame familiar to the Nayland men and his face is no exception. A strong chin is flanked by an angled jaw and severe nose. Light blue, intent eyes contrast sharply to his dark hair that has already seen one or two flecks of grey in it. He has a trimmed beard that has been touched by a bit more grey on his face just below the ears.

The man is wearing a thick, dark grey shirt underneath a leather jerkin while over top he wears a longer dark green shirt. The material on the overshirt is much thicker than normal and its length speaks to it also functioning as a riding jacket. His dark pants are made of a similar material that is bunched up just above where it disappears into his heavy soled boots. On his left side is a fairly nice sword that was likely once a fine gift but the pommel shows signs of excessive wear and use — as does the sheath.

Allies and Foes

This will definitely be filled out in the coming days, but its safe to say he'd like to see Lady Valda skewered with a pitchfork.


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