Ser Rutger Nayland


Born the second son to Lord Rickart and Lady Rhiannon, it was never made any surprise to Rutger what his role in the family would be. But that never seemed to daunt the young man. Instead, Rutger found himself in a healthy relationship with his older brother, Ryker whom he looked up to and whom he worshipped as a hero. Like all Nayland males, he was trained vigorously in the arts of warfare and in the arts of diplomacy-somethign he seemed to have a natural gift for understanding. As it was he could see the beginnings of a rift with his own brother and father- and even at a young age did his best to try and make the peace. Though in this he would fail and with that failure stewing he would act out in his own rebellious way.

At age fourteen, Rutger earned a prestigious placing as a squire under Edmont Frey, and went to the Twins for his tuteledge. Ser Edmont proved to be rather much of a bully, and rather overbearing, but still young Rutger did his best to please his knight and went with him amongst the towns and taverns, particularly the brothels as his master was prone to whoring and drinking his life away. It was in these times that Rutger got to know the workings of the smallfolk and their own plights, as well as the ways a knight should not have acted.

He would be knighted, eventually Edmont, before the rebellion, but that in and of itself would be considered a thing of mystery. Edmont Frey would claim, after the ceremony, that Rutger had blackmailed him into pushing for his knighthood, over some false rumor of Edmont having an issue with a whore that was known to visit other members of the family, and that it was infact a plot by the whore and Rutger in order to extract money.

Rutger would deny this, but to know avail. Rutger was stripped of his position within the Frey household and he was sent back to Rickart, broken and bruised. The whore in question was dead before any proof or confession could be extracted from her, leaving the whole thing a mystery. For his troubles, Rickart wrote the boy off as a failure, and this did much to sour relations between House Nayland and Frey.

As a result it would be some time before a Nayland would be back to squire with the Freys, as well as other restrictions that the House would have to work through to bring them back into Walder's good standing. As to Rutger he was kept back at the Fortress of the Seven, doing menial tasks. If he weren't already in bad standing with his father, Rutger worked his aggressions out with local maids, ladies in waiting and whores, giving the second born an even worse prospect of marriage. However in 279, when Ryker failed to return home Rutger saw a chance to redeem himself in his father's eyes and try to repair the damage he had done to the family name. Cleaning himself up, Rutger began working as an envoy and herald between the neighboring Houses for all things Nayland. Slowly, slowly he began to piece together the reputation shattered at the Twins. He made himself useful-and in time had almost washed the stain of the twins to whispers behind his back instead of open scorn.

And then the drums of war came. And in a brash move of youth, Rutger, like his cousin Rygar would prove to be a warhawk and Royalist sympathizer. He would ride early before the banners were called much to the chagrin of his Father. Even though the Freys would eventually join, Rutger rode out and fought in the trident and at the Bells. Both of which he did nothing of serious note. He too would surrender himself, and find himself back home and under the eyes of his father.

In order to make his father happy he married Emilia Masseult, and had two issues from her. It would be rumored that in this time he also had taken a common wife during the war, and had her killed before it was over to erase the mistake. Though these rumors were more prevalent amongst the Freys-they found their way through other houses. In time Emilia would die, and it was rumored that no tears were shed for her by her husband. Again rumors have a tricky way of sticking to a man.

Some rumored that it was indeed, Rutger that murdered his wife, as he did countless other common born women he has been with. Whether true or not, they stuck to the disgraced mud like pitch. In order to relieve his son of this stain-or simply have the scandal far away from Stonebridge and the Fortress of the Seven, Rickart sent Rutger first to Riverrun to serve as the House's representative there. And as petitions turned to the Iron throne, it was to King's Landing where Rutger again was sent to plead the Nayland case before the King and his Hand.

With the current invasion of the Ironbonr, Rutger was sent with the King's men to the Iron isles. And he has served well with the men of the Crownlands-which hopefully will boost his reputation and help further Nayland interests.

He will do anything for his family. Do not get in his way.

Physical Features

The man before you is about normal sized, and can be described as athletic. He sports what is called the 'Nayland' nose, and the rest of their swarthy looks. His hair falls to his shoulders and is the same colour as the beard he sports as well.

A dark leather doublet is worn over an off white shirt, in which the frills of the collar and sleeves can be seen. About his waist he wears breeches of the same colour. Dark green hose is worn under and covered by black riding boots.

As signs of his station, A chain with the Nayland emblem is worn about his neck, where as a sword belt complete with sword and dagger are worn at his hips. And finally spurs can be noted on his boots.

The Game and its players

The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, is in its loyalty to each other

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ENFJs are the benevolent 'pedagogues' of humanity. They have tremendous charisma by which many are drawn into their nurturant tutelage and/or grand schemes. Many ENFJs have tremendous power to manipulate others with their phenomenal interpersonal skills and unique salesmanship. But it's usually not meant as manipulation — ENFJs generally believe in their dreams, and see themselves as helpers and enablers, which they usually are.

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