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Prologue - Chapter VII

Chapter VIII

23 March 290

20 March 290

  • The Obituaries Column — A conversation on death on the road between Kingsgrove and The Roost.
  • Summon the Dogs — Possible blood trails lead to the Roost's dogs being brought into the search for Dania. Lord Ozric arrives with them fora progress report.

15 March 290

  • Mallisters and Masters — Nedra receives a letter from home. Martyn and Mortimer ensure she's given space to deal with it.

14 March 290

  • Lunch Time Rush — It's lunch time at the Rockcliff. Conversations happen.

13 March 290

12 March 290

  • Kitchen Invasion — A sudden downpour causes people to take refuge by the cook fires in Four Eagles Tower.

11 March 290

  • By the Roadside — On his return from Kingsgrove, Nathaniel meets with one of the Terrick patrols on the road.

10 March 290

09 March 290

  • Kingsgrove Wedding Joust — The Champions of the Queen of Love and Beauty, the newly wed Lady Aeliana Groves, face various challenges to defend her title.

08 March 290

04 March 290

03 March 290

  • Masterless Maesters — Taleryth discusses recent events with Merrick. Half the conversation is high-brow at least.

02 March 290

01 March 290

  • Unconventional Nameday Antics — It's Lord Martyn's nameday and he doesn't seem to be in the mood to celebrate.
  • Sweet Peas — Falling back into old habits Young Lord Groves decides to 'steal' some sweet peas from the kitchen garden and engages in a conversation with a kitchen maid until his betrothed arrives.

28 February 290

  • Of Drills and Bells — Options for increasing the Roost's preparedness are discussed.
  • Be A Man — Lord Keenan soon finds out he is just Keenan.

27 February 290

  • High Petty Lords — There is a hint of rebellion in the air as a maester and a guard choose to vent their frustration at the Crane and Crossing Inn, with a craftswoman of the Mire as a witness.

26 February 290

  • Sibling Tensions — Both the Fensters and the Terricks seem to be having sibling issues of late

25 February 290

  • Stubborn Mallisters — Kamron and Martyn have a brotherly — cousinly? — argument.
  • You're Fired — Renold Tully informs Tyroan and Ana that their services are no longer needed in Stonebridge.
  • Polite Conversation — Harold visits Aeliana and Ser Harper joins them for conversation and wine.

24 February 290

  • A Viper for an Adder — Bastien sends for Lyanna to seek him out in his chambers and asks her about her opinion on his betrothal plans regarding Ceinlys.

23 February 290

  • Bella Goes Roostal — Some chatter about finances and lack of them leads to disparaging comments.
  • Another Lovely Day — Ladies Bella, Nedra and Firth speak with Lord Keenan, the conversation isn't entirely cordial.

22 February 290

  • Black Blood — A demonstration of questionable taste at the Ash and Oak Inn does not show the desired effect.
  • Some Things Best Spoken — Ozric summons Mortimer to continue their conversation from the day before. More is revealed than he perhaps might have been expecting.

21 February 290

  • A Bleeting Demand — Lady Rebecca's handmaiden receives a lesson in learning her place.
  • The Young Lord Returns — The Young Lord of the Roost returns home and looks for briefings with regards to whats happened in his absence. He doesn't get exactly what he's expecting.
  • Just Another Quiet Day — It's just another quiet day at the Roost and Nedra tries to get to the bottom of what's making some of the inhabitants nervous.
  • A mutual Accord — A decision made by the lords of their houses places Lord Ozric and Lady Nedra in the not-unusual position of being betrothed, and learning of it as the banns are read.
  • Of Horses and Patience — Tiaryn, Saethwyr and Robben speak a bit in the stables. And Saethwyr gets a new horse.

20 February 290

  • Cleanse Your Hands First! — After being 'asked' to clean her hands from the smell of garlic, Evayne is ordered to tend to Rebecca's hair, exposed to questions and an insult, and finally witness to some more private thoughts of the lady.

19 February 290

  • The Lady Returns — The soon(ish) to be Young Lady of the Roost returns from the ball at Stonebridge

18 February 290

  • Avoidance — It seems nobles and commoners alike are trying to avoid the power-keg that is Four Eagle's Tower

17 February 290

  • Stranger's Masquerade — There is a lot of dancing, drinking and mingling of colourfully costumed nobles and commoners alike at the Masquerade at Stonebridge, held to celebrate the Day of the Stranger.
  • A Tree Unmasked — A Swan finally learns about the Tree's identity.

16 February 290

15 February 290

  • Secrets and Confidences — A problem shared is a problem halved they say, but what if the sharing goes both ways?

14 February 290

  • Gifts — Gifts, of varying types, are offered and considered in the Roost's market.

13 February 290

  • Conversations by Firelight — Several of the Roost's commonfolk, and visitors, escape to the beach for an evening away from the troubles a the tower.

12 February 290

  • I Remember You — Faline travels towards Stonebridge and happens upon an group out patrolling the borders of Highfield.
  • Small Claims Court — A Minor disturbance is dealt with in the Roost and revelations are made regarding an apprentice's past.
  • New Arrivals — A hedge-knight and his squire arrive in Stonebrige and get to work on making themselves comfortable
  • In the Interest of Enlightenment and Intrigue — Surprise! There's a Tully in Stonebridge

11 February 290

  • Fishermen Family and Frolicks — Discussion at the Rockcliff ranges between the Terrick docks, Lord Bolland and the first few months of his rule and the up-coming ball at Stonebridge.
  • Beware the Green — Things are tense around the Roost, Faline approaches Nathaniel to gauge his opinion of current matters.

10 February 290

  • Speculation of Loyalties — Faline inquires about the disturbance in the courtyard and is not entirely satisfied with the answers she receives.

09 February 290

  • The Worries of a Healer — Dania visits Mortimer to discuss a few worries before they're joined by Nathaniel, Kalira and Cairan and other matters are discussed
  • I Have Decided to Stay — The nee Banefort/Mallister tensions convince Dorian to stick around at the Roost a little longer.
  • Tea and Lemon Cakes — Lyanna, Tiaryn and Aemy gather for tea, song and conversation.

08 February 290

  • Restraining Orders — Threats of restraining orders after a nice breakfast.
  • Coming and Going — A new noble arrives at the Roost and a resident one threatens to leave. Yelling matches included.

07 February 290

  • Rumours of War — Questions and rumours abound at the Roost with regards to Lord Tully's summons.
  • Not for Me — Marriage and dances are among the topics for discussion at the Rockcliff.

06 February 290

  • Bloodless Celebrations — Maldred Rivers celebrates his nameday at the inn at Broadmoor. When Leon and Garion join the cosy festivities, fencing with words soon becomes a duel with swords between the two knights.
  • They Came in Two by Two — The Roost receives two pairs of visitors.

05 February 290

  • In Want of a Knight — Wesly needs a knight. Mortimer gets a candle. These two things are in part related.
  • Ash and Oak — Lyanna meets three Ashwoods and a lady who aspires to become one, engaging in more than the usual gossip.
  • Hawks, Harpies, and Weasels — Tyroan takes Aralima, Firth, Renholdt, and Karel out hawking.

03 February 290

  • Groves Dinner — During a dinner at Braeburn House some wine is spilled and something lost is found, betwixt the usual tensions and exchanges of pleasantries.
  • His Last Work — Arabella brings Tiaryn Einar's last work.

01 February 290

  • A Kitchen Maid's Honour — An innocent exchange of words between Evayne and Leon during breakfast at the Grand Hall leads to ambiguous remarks from another knight. A heated argument ensues that needs to be settled outside.

30 January 290

  • Milk and Ice — Ceinlys spends some time with Aeron, and Eryk returns home.
  • Welcome Return — Lady Faline returns late from the wedding at Broadmoor and is met by her sister.

29 January 290

  • Break in the Journey — Lady Faline and her entourage break their journey back from the wedding at Heronhurst. Not everyone is exactly thrilled at this turn of events.
  • Weasel Leggings — Firth Frey has a meeting with Tyroan and Anathema Nayland
  • Tea and Gingerbread — Dania sets to curing all ills with tea and gingerbread.

28 January 290

  • After the Night Before — The morning after the wedding, a few visitors and residents mingle in the Fountain Court.
  • A Moment of Sweetness — As the terms of their betrothal are accepted by their Houses, Bastien and Ceinlys share a quiet moment.
  • Words with Walder — On the day after the wedding at Broadmoor Lyanna finally gets the chance to speak with the Lord of the Crossing.

27 January 290

  • A Wedding at Broadmoor: Part I, A Wedding at Broadmoor: Part II — Ilaria and Alric's wedding reception.
  • Finishing Touches — A few hours before Ilaria and Alric's wedding, some guests gather to converse.
  • Familiar Faces — As a few last minute arrivals trickle in before the wedding, there's a moment or two for light conversation in the stables.
  • Quiet Time — Lady Faline Terrick takes a few moments of quiet time during the wedding feast. A conversation on anxieties ensues.
  • Shapely Vegetables — Leon and Evayne engage in a conversation about vegetables of the South. With the arrival of his sister Samphire the conversation turns to a more serious topic.

26 January 290

  • Returning Favor — Pariston deliver the late lord Einar's letter for Tiaryn.
  • Garden Gathering — Hosts and guests gather in the garden to greet before Alric's and Ilaria's big day.
  • Fenster Bachelore Party — Daryl pull Alric and other nobles down to the inn to celebrate. Also a bit of a run in on the streets.
  • Well That Was Faintly Awkward — Kaelea, followed by Pariston arrive at the Roost. Mortimer and Nathaniel both put there foot in it with well-meaning comments related to the engagement.

25 January 290

  • A courier, by any other name — A brief farewell between Bastien and Ceinlys.
  • Commoners Tea — The ladies' tea may have been postponed, but that doesn't stop a couple of the Roost's smallfolk catching up over a brew.

24 January 290

  • Are You Content — Leon and Mortimer discuss the affairs of the region, work and life in general.
  • Marital Advice — Alric and Mortimer discuss love, weddings and beer.

23 January 290

  • So Play Nice — Ceinlys interrupts something in the Ash and Oak. Probably deliberately.
  • Picnic at Midnight — Daryl, Laryssa and Ilaria meet at Tanglewood. Later, two of them have a disturbing conversation during a starlit picnic.

21 January 290

  • Shifting Sand — Brennart comes to Stonebridge to discuss the Green Rill sandbar with Tyroan.
  • A Day For Painting — Nedra sets out to paint but somehow conversation happens instead.

19 January 290

  • Ill Tidings — Lady Tiaryn Ashwood learns of Lord Einar Flint’s death.

17 January 290

16 January 290

15 January 290

  • Drink This — Dania tries to break Einar's fever.

14 January 290

  • Fact Finding — Faline summons Mortimer to inquire about things past.
  • Try Everything We Can — Dania and Ciaran arrive to assist Arabella.
  • Hammer or Rug — A bit of humor, some idle murder plotting and speculating about the ramifications of the Seven walking among us.
  • Tia Tears Off — After a brief conversation with Erik, Tia becomes concerned about the health of her good-brother and tries to go check on him. Others in the vicinity are less convinced of this plan.
  • If a Man Teases A Girl — Nikolus engages in some conversation with a kitchen maid - for unclear purposes.

13 January 290

  • Get It All Out — Out in the training ground, Daryl needs to get some things out of his system after the latest news from Tanglewood Manor. And then Robben shows up…

12 January 290

  • Never Forgotten — The feast in memory of Lord Aleister and Lady Miranda Ashwood.
  • Seeking Permission — Bella has to ask her brother for permission to reenter the Flint camp.

11 January 290

  • Rescue or Kidnap — Ser Erik arrives to remove Arabella from the Flint camp.
  • Fighting the Chill — On a very late evening Lyanna pays Firth a visit at the Ash and Oak Inn and converses with her over a cup of tea about the current situation at Highfield, Firth's health and past, Lyanna's upcoming visit to the Twins – and the case of the Ashwood deaths.

10 January 290

  • Words Unsaid — In the dying remains of the Flint camp somethings don't need to be said to be understood.
  • The Three of Us — Arabella heads back to the Flint camp.

9 January, 290

  • Haystacks and Harpies — Tyroan and Perrin finally get a chance to talk politics.
  • What's Love Got to Do With it? — Katrin and Daryl use different methods to get under Ceinlys' well-practiced armor.
  • A Subtle Tension — Seeking out the Private Sept for some prayer and contemplation Lyanna meets Ceinlys for the first time since the steward's departure from Highfield and engages in a conversation with her. They are soon joined by Robben.

8 January, 290

  • To Bear Such Weight — Worried about his current state of mind, Robben and Lyanna seek out Bastien in his chambers. Both try to draw him out of his lethargy, each in their own way.

7 January, 290

  • To Share a Burden — Ceinlys returns to Highfield.
  • Unleashing a Beast — On a very late evening Lyanna encounters Trajan at the Ash and Oak Inn and agrees to recommend his services in the investigation of the dead Ashwoods to the current Head of House.

6 January, 290

  • A Gruesome Revelation — A small gathering of nobles on the Town Square of Highfield witnesses the arrival of Highfield Guards, bringing news and 'a new lead' in the case of Aleister's and Miranda's disappearance.
  • Coping With Loss — While some need solitude, Daryl and Robben has another way to cope with their loss.

5 January, 290

  • Erenford- Mallister Wedding — Guests from all over the Riverlands celebrate the union of Ser Otto Erenford and Lady Muirenn Mallister

4 January, 290

  • The Consolation — Rebecca assures Samphire that all will be well and all manner of things will be well.

3 January 290

  • The Land and The People — Arabella and Einar have an early morning discussion of the night before.
  • Minor Points — Saffron discusses a few minor points with Martyn and Mortimer on the Green at Terrick's Roost
  • Awake or Not — Lyanna pays Stonebridge an unexpected visit after hearing about her aunt's riding accident.

2 January 290

1 January 290

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