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Chapter IV

In which the Ironborn are battled, the sieges of both the Roost and Seagard are lifted, and Lord Ser Jason Mallister falls in single combat.

01 January - 28 January, 289

Chapter III

In which Ser Jaremy is sent to the Wall, and the Greyjoy Rebellion begins, with the Roost and Seagard besieged and Tall Oaks utterly destroyed.

18 November - 31 December, 288

Chapter II

In which Amelia Millen is hung for murder, Young Lord Jaremy Terrick runs away, commits treason, and is disinherited, and his brother Jacsen takes on both his title and his betrothed, the Lady Anais Banefort, whom he weds. Ser Gedeon's letters and claims are brought to Riverrun, where the Terricks support them and the Naylands contest them. An Ironborn "envoy" is welcomed at the Roost.

1 September - 17 November, 288

Chapter I

In which a tourney is held to celebrate the betrothal, and then Lady Isolde and Lord Ryker are married, creating House Nayland of Stonebridge, abandoning the long allegiance to House Terrick and swearing vassalage to House Nayland of Hag's Mire. Ser Gedeon Rivers presents letters that claim Lady Isolde is a bastard and Ser Gedeon is the only living person of Tordane blood and thus the rightful heir to Stonebridge, and is poisoned.

23 July - 31 August, 288


In which a betrothal is arranged between Lady Isolde Tordane and Young Lord Ryker Nayland, breaking the long-assumed but never-confirmed plan to wed Lady Isolde to Young Lord Jaremy Terrick instead, and renewing the long-standing enmity between House Terrick and House Nayland.

13 July - 23 July, 288