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Chapter VII

In which the efforts of the Ironborn are at last overthrown and the Houses of the Riverlands begin their recovery in the wake of the war. Stonebridge and Terrick's Roost fall under new governance, while the newly-established Ashwoods are forced to relinquish all ties to their former familial allies, the Charltons, only a short while after an attempted assault by the Frey vassals upon the Naylands. The Flints are driven back North by a vicious plague, yet the concern for the time being remains the murder of two nobles, close to the borders of Heronhurst…

30th April - 31 December 289

Chapter VI

In which the King, on the advice of Hoster Tully, legitimizes Ser Gedeon and recognizes him as rightful heir to Stonebridge, prompting Ser Rygar Nayland to challenge Gedeon to a duel. Ser Gedeon falls, but the Lady Danae, his wife for mere days and now his widow, steps forward to take up and continue pursuit of his claim, and Stonebridge remains contested.

12 April - 29 April, 289

Chapter V

In which the combined forces of the Seven Kingdoms invade the Iron Isles, and are eventually victorious.

29 January - 11 April, 289