Roslyn Nayland


Roslyn has had a quiet life in comparison to her brothers and sister. Born the sixth child of Rickart and Rhiannon and the second girl, she was not given much note in terms of political impact to the grand scheme of things, nor was anyone particularly excited by her birth. She was simply another one in a factory of children to pop similarly from her mother’s womb. With Rhiannon always pregnant and the sheer number of children, their family never had nearly enough supervision.

For all this, Roslyn seemed to insist on doing things exactly as her father and mother wanted, despite others rebellions. She learned to dance, to play the lute. She even put her attention to numbers and penmanship when it was demanded of her, for all that she didn’t show any particular talent in either of those departments. She carried herself as a lady, and it was never clear why when so many others were going their own ways.

But, she persisted and remained by her family’s side, giving her full attention to lessons and men when necessary. She was the perfect daughter, helpful and attentive to both her mother’s and father’s needs. Even when engagements fell apart due to shifting alliances, she didn’t speak any ill-word on her life. There have been whispers of her age, that she is likely already doomed to never marry, since who would want a wife of twenty-five years? But, she has born it with grace, ignoring the words.

Then, her sister returned after living as a man for years, married to a bastard. And everything suddenly felt like it changed to Roslyn.


To come. (But I bet you know them.)

Physical Features

Dark cholocate curls frame a face that is distinct, pretty even, with full lips and round cheeks. Her hazel eyes are wide, framed by a soft brush of lashes and the high, thin arch of her brows. The slope of her nose is straight and even, the line of her jaw unremarkable. She is average of frame if prone to curves and middling tall.

Recent Activity


Allies and Foes

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” - Lao Tzu