Rosanna Groves


Born as the youngest daughter to the Knight of Kingsgrove, the Lord of House Groves, Rosanna grew up as a quick, clever girl with an aptitude for garnering attention and charming what she earned. Though certainly strong-willed, Rosanna was smart enough to recognize the best methods of getting her way, and thus cultivated a sense of ladylike drama. She behaved, but even her artistic studies had a bent in performance: she excelled most in singing and, particularly, dancing.

Rosanna was still a child when Robert Baratheon rode out in rebellion. When House Groves rode out to meet him on the opposing side, despite the call of their liege lords the Mallisters, it was the latest of several poor decisions that had kept the house in decline in recent years. When they came out defeated on the other side, her father bent the knee to the new King, but one brother turned and walked into exile rather than swear fealty. It left his family conflicted: there was honor in his actions, yes, but to lose a son, for Rosanna to lose a brother, was not so simple.

But so the days went. Rosanna continued to grow much as she had. When the Ironborn invaded, Kingsgrove was found behind enemy lines, vulnerable and unable to free itself. But when the siege of Terrick's Roost was lifted and the Ironborn driven back to Seagard, it left Kingsgrove bruised but unbroken, and far more whole than certain villages. When the Army of the Cape sailed from Seagard, Rosanna went to see them off, and lingered in hopes of catching the eye of the newly-stationed Lord of Seagard, Patrek Mallister.

Eventually, though, she continued with the plan her father had for her before the invasion: she traveled to Stonebridge, there to install herself in the noble intrigue and machinations, and make what friends and allies she could — as well as begin to look towards a match. Since the end of the war, she has been joined by her brother Kittridge, who serves as her guardian.


Lord Ser Campbell Groves: Rosanna's father, the Knight of Kingsgrove.
Lady Ada Groves: Rosanna's mother, the Lady of Kingsgrove.
Young Lord Stafford Groves: Rosanna's eldest brother and heir to Kingsgrove.
Kittridge_icon.jpg Ser Kittridge Groves: Rosanna's older brother.
Nicodemus_icon.jpg Ser Nicodemus Groves: Rosanna's older brother and Kittridge's twin. In exile following Robert's Rebellion.

Physical Features

A bright girl newly come into womanhood, Rosanna is but a few inches above five feet, her figure modest but curved. Her skin is fair, marked subtly with freckles across her nose and cheeks. Her long, wavy hair falls to her waist, burnished to a light auburn. Her brown eyes are touched with that same warmth of hue, and the slim softness of her face, the line of a button nose, still holds the promise of youth.

Allies and Foes

Kittridge_icon.jpg Lord Kittridge Groves: One of my dear, silly brothers. He'd rather be off hunting more than doing — well, anything else, I think. It is good that he has me to be clever for him.
Day_icon.jpg Septa Day: My Septa from the time I was a young girl. Terribly clever and far more interesting than anyone else's Septa. I don't know what all those other young ladies do without her.
Tommas_icon.jpg Ser Tommas Belte: My favorite sworn sword, I must admit. Always with animals about. He did me a great service with Barristan, and he's just so wonderfully — dependable.
Brynner_icon.jpg Squire Brynner Hunt: Oh, Brynner. You delicious fool.

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