Roisin Erenford

"Willows whiten, aspens quiver,
Little breezes dusk and shiver
Thro' the wave that runs for ever
By the island in the river…"

~Tennyson's 'The Lady of Shalott'


In the fall of 273, something slightly out of the ordinary happened in the Riverlands. Twin daughters were born unto House Erenford, which in itself wasn't probably so extraordinary at all, except for the fact that the daughters were born complete opposites in appearance. The first girl-child born was given the first name of Roisin for her vivid red hair and the middle name of Kanina for the way her little nose kept twitching like the family's rabbit, which was thusly named. For a brief six moments of time, little Roisin had the glorious good fortune to be the baby of the family. Until, the moment when Rylissa Erenford's eyes widened and she began to push again. Roisin was quickly bundled up and moved aside while her sister came screaming into the world. Raina Kyla the little usuper was named, and thus Roisin's brief time to shine as the baby of the family was over before even really starting.

Growing up, the twins might have been rivals, except for the fact that even though Roisin had a terrible temper, she very much loved her sister. So, when other sisters may have fought over their differences, or resented the other for being what one wasn't, Roisin instead would take a step back and let her sister shine, many times at the expense of herself, especially when her sister did something to cause trouble, for Roisin would always protect Raina by taking the blame. Even though they share with each other most everything in terms of thoughts and secrets, both girls have their own separate personalities. Roisin was the more serious of the two, as well as the least feminine. She tended to play with the boys more than the girls, and envied her big brother Otto that he was sent away to foster and become a knight. Her absent brother was the hero of her little girl's heart. While her sisters spent time learning proper, womanly pursuits, Roisin, to her mother's chargrin, spent her time learning to ride a horse just as well as the males of the household, and to shoot a bow and arrow. At first, this amused and even delighted her father, and so for much of her childhood, she was allowed such freedoms to do as she pleased and he even gifted her with her own falcon with which to hunt, which she named Haru. She became quite adept at such pursuits, and by the time she was twelve, she could best many of the local boys with her bow. Suddenly, though, what once brought her father such merriment now brought him worry and no small amount of embarrassment, for Roisin was nearing an age to marry. What family would want their son to be wed to a wild hoyden of a girl who thought she was a boy? It was at this time that her mother put her foot down and Roisin's days of running wild were over. She was forced now to join her sisters in their daily activities and lessons. At first, Roisin resisted such a change, especially the basic womanly arts like needlepoint and painting. After a while, though, something extraordinary did indeed happen. She found herself /enjoying/ being a girl. She liked wearing the long, sumptuous dresses that for most her life she condemned and had refused to wear. She liked the way rose-water made her hair smell like a flower. She especially loved learning to the art of calligraphy. Most of all, however, she found a passion for dance and song. Unbeknownst to herself or anyone else, she had been gifted with a beautiful singing voice, and when she was asked to perform for her family, though she blushed and would start off in shyness, they would all listen in raptness. Alas, because of her shyness to perform in front of people, such an occurrence was rare. Dancing was quite different, though. Oh, how Roisin loves to dance! She has the most fun dancing with her sisters, and the one thing she looks forward to, in her deepest, darkest daydreams, is her first dance with a man. That is, a man who is not her father, brother or any other relative. This is, of course, such a secret that only Raina knows, and though Roisin may have been 'femininized' for the past four years, she would probably still ball up her fist and clout a person if they dared utter such a thing.

Personality wise, she may come off as rather aloof to strangers, but in actuality, that is because of her shyness. Though she blushes, she doesn't simper or bite her lip, and when other girls look down in bashfulness, Roisin tends to turn her head away, and if she's trying her best to /not/ come off as shy, will lift her chin, and therefore her nose, making her sometimes even appear haughty. To those that get to know her, though, and to her family, she is a warm, loving and very passionate young woman. She is loyal to a fault and very protective of her family. If she thinks someone is bullying one of her sisters, it's her that will stand up for them. She's an idealist, and believes in doing right in the world, though sometimes what she thinks is 'right' might not be the same in another's way of thinking. She can be stubborn when she's convinced of something or doesn't want to do something, and her temper can be rather quick to flare. Luckily, though, most of the time she knows what's appropriate and what's expected of her. All in all, though she slips up now and then, she's become quite a lovely and rather charismatic young woman, Just…one that isn't very good at thread and needle but can probably sit a horse and shoot an arrow just a wee bit better than might be strictly ladylike.

Recent days have seen her a lot less outgoing and cheerful than before, displaying a cool, indifferent attitude to most people and situations.

"A woman who thinks she is intelligent demands the same rights as man. An intelligent woman gives up." ~Sidonie Gabrielle Colette


Short temper



"Be brave, little rabbit. Take a chance.”