Robben Ashwood


Born in the spring of 266, as the third child and youngest son of Ser Jon Charlton and his wife, Lady Kaytlin, Robben Leander Charlton was a quiet, yet inquisitive child, proving from an early age that he was an intelligent child. Compared to many other boys he was a small child for his age during his childhood and early teenage years.
Being a part of a rather large family, with two older brothers and a younger sister, Robben got along well with them all, without getting too close to any of his siblings. He’d still do what he can to help them, if they should need his help at anything.
Being rather small, and with his skills more in the direction of academics than in the direction of fighting men, the education he received was not the one of a squire, but more education in things like commerce, law and heraldry, as well as other administrative things.
Like so many other boys that’s been relatively short and small for most of their lives, something changed for Robben around the time he turned 15. It seemed it was his turn to grow a bit taller now, and over the next few years, he grew both taller and stronger. He had gotten some instruction in the usage of blades and at using a hunting bow, but now he got a bit more of that, and even though he doesn’t think he’ll ever fully master it, he has decided to learn more of it to be able to defend himself, should it be needed.
It was also in the years around him turning twenty that he learned some tracking and hunting, finding it to be a good way of relaxing, and a good hobby. His skills mostly lies in the direction of commerce and administration, but also with some parts when it comes to things like ciphers and such.
He’s spent most of his time at the family keep at Hollyholt, where he was busying himself with matters of trade, mostly. He went to Highfield a bit before House Charlton swore to the Tullys instead of the Freys, and joined his siblings and a few others members in the family as they took the name Ashwood.
It was a few days before they broke ties with Hollyholt that he met Lady Aemy Erenford for the first time, and it seemed clear the two of them got along well. When the lady later was betrothed to his cousin, Lord Daryl, it hit him hard, especially with all the rumors surrounding the betrothed couple. And then the next thing that hit him quite hard was when he, as well as his brother Bastien, Daryl and his goodcousin Lady Tiaryn, as well as Lady Lyanna Frey, House Frey's Ambassador to Highfield, Lady Katrin Haigh, and Kaelea Steele, witnessed receiving the heads of his missing brother, Lord Aleister and his cousin, Lady Miranda, Daryl's sister. Although Robben did his best to seem like he dealt with this as good as with other things, it was clear to those closest to him that it hit him quite hard.
And then, the day after the feast in memory of the deaths of the two, after the betrothal between Daryl and Aemy had been on hold for a while, it was broken, and Robben was betrothed to the lady instead. The two were married on March 23rd 290, one day after Robben's name day.

Look between the lines. Read between the words. The most important things are left unsaid and unheard.


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