Riordan Nayland


Early Background

It was in late May, 262, that the fifth of the Nayland children was to be born. Riordan was the forth boy, already have three older brothers to look up to. He had what some might consider a strict upbringing. But to them, it was nothing but normal. Being a family that strives for excellence and recognition, they'd do anything and be put to many lengths to get seen and to grasp that which was seemingly beyond their reach.

Riordan, as he grew, showed an interest in horseback riding, and would often spend hours at a time with the horses, learning their skills, with and without a rider, and their habits. He found them fascinating. Outside of his lordly studies and duties, he found himself often learning to take care of the horses. At the age of 11 he moved to Harrenhal, where his training to become a knight would begin, as he became a page to Lord Whent.

And so he trained under Lord Whent's tutelage, both by helping him prepare for tournaments and by being taught by him. Riordan felt honoured, for her truly believed that he was being taught by the best of the best. And really, if you're going to be taught by anyone, it should be by the best. Before many years had passed, he was competing. By the time he was 18, thanks to Lord Whent's training, he had distinguished himself amongst the tournament crowds, getting a name for himself in the jousting arena and finally earning the rank of Knight.

One day, while touring the stables, he came across a few sturdy stable hands attempting to tame a wild horse. Before long, he was right in there with them. The thrill he got from it, it was fun, a dangerous kind of fun, different than the competitions. The competitions were controlled, and yet this wasn't. Soon after that, he found himself going out with scouting parties, tracking wild horses. He would separate one from the group, sometimes the one that appeared the wildest, and he would attempt to break it. If he was successful, he would use that very same horse for the competition.

More recently, aside from competitions, Riordan took to traveling between Hag's Mire and Stonebridge. He took to keeping rounds in the areas between these two keeps, along with regular patrols, to make sure that the roads are safe and secured for the traders and such traffic that may frequent these routes.

Recent Background

When the banners were called, Riordan rode off to war. He left behind a budding relationship with Danae Westerling, and the other relationships he had cultivated while at Stonebridge. Among his exploits over the last months, he received command of the Outriders of the Army of the Cape at Alderbrook. As well, he was the one to relieve the Flints in battle when they were hard-pressed and in need of aid. His noted service continued during the Invasion of Harlow Island. In return, his father, who he loves dear, has rewarded his good service time and again. In addition to already being made heir of Stonebridge until his brother's child is born, he has been appointed Regent of that same holding, until his brother's true heir reaches majority. In addition, he was presented with Jaremy Terrick's elaborate armor by his father, following that knight's capture by Nayland forces.


Boyish: In addition to referring to his boyish good looks, this also refers to Riordan's personality. When not pursuing his duty or being stuck in a formal setting, Riordan is extremely approachable, at ease with the servants and soldiers as he is with those of high birth. He is quick to make jokes and tends to approach most situations with a generally light-hearted outlook. This sometimes leads people to not take him as seriously, though also tends to make encounters with him pleasant.

Dedicated: Despite his youthful joviality in most of life's situations, Riordan is staunch and serious in the pursuit of his duty. He lives to uphold the expectations placed on him, and often thrives under these pressures. When he takes on a task, he finishes it, and Seven help any who come between him and his assigned goal.

Filial Loyalty: Nothing is more important than family to Riordan. All comes second when put up against the Nayland name. And none are more important than his father, Lord Rickard. His word is law, his wish is Riordan's duty. The Nayland family could have no better servant then this younger son.

True Nayland: Riordan has many of the typical Nayland traits. He has Nayland pride, and House Nayland's sense of stern and often brutal justice. He also firmly believes in the Nayland's House Words, though unlike some he applies them to his House, his family, and only rarely to himself. Anything he does, any goal he reaches for, it is to further the name of Nayland.


Riordan is the son of Lord Rickart Nayland and fourth in line for his position behind Lord Rutger Nayland and his two sons. He has never had any children of his own nor, to this point, has he been married.

Physical Features

A young man in his middle twenties; He has short, somewhat shaggy brown hair and brown eyes. His face is strong with an aristocratic bone structure with wide lips and a long, strong nose. He has a faint cleft in his chin. His brows are low, making his eyes look all the darker. The young mans physique is lean but powerfully built as if he has spent many hours in hard physical workouts. Likely not labor, he appears far too high born for that.

The World of Steel and Stone

"Reach Beyond Thy Grasp" — The words of House Nayland
"The words of House Nayland… are not a boast, or a threat, or a lofty ideal. It is a promise." — Ser Riordan Nayland


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