Page 329: Riding the Storm Out
Riding the Storm Out
Summary: Cherise encounters Alric in the Tower Hall in the wee hours of morning. Perhaps he got the hint.
Date: 13/6/2012
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Alric Cherise 
Tordane Hall, Stonebridge
The entrance to the tower opens into a larger common room for receiving guests. Effort has been made to bring warmth and light to the interior, as well. Rugs have been hung from the stone walls as well as placed on the floor to bring at a welcoming ambiance. There is a large table with several chairs off to the left of the door, a cooking hearth against the back wall, and a wooden staircase that leads up. An antechamber behind the stairs is where the servants live and bed down.
Wed Jun 13, 289

With things not seeming to be progressing much at the moment it has Alric moving down to the great hall. It's early in the morning, or still late at night for some. The hall is rather empty except for a servant and a couple of guards, and of course the four guards that is keeping Alric under observatin.

There is a yawn from the Alric lord, though he is looking sober from the look of things. A cup in his hands, though only with water in it. For now just sitting and humming for himself.

When having an infant in her care Cherise kept odd hours even though she could have easily passed the task onto her handmaidens. Once Aerick had been settled back into slumber she took the gardens durin the quiet hours and where none may see her displayed so openly imprisoned. On her return she cut through the tower's hall, flanked by the guardsmen assigned to watch their every move. Alric was certainly an unexpected sight, given their last encounter with him deep in his cups. "Good morning Lord Fenster." She greeted, attempting to put on her most pleasant tone.

There is a look over in the direction of Cherise when she addresses him. A wide smile as Alric rises to his feet and offers a bow to her. "Lady Cherise, a good morning indeed. I hope you have gotten some rest during the night." He offers to her, looking far more refreshed now than last time, though slightly tire perhaps. "I only slept a couple of hours, but couldn't really fall asleep again." He explains about his early morning.

For being held against her will the lady still wore her fine silks for comfort against the soon arriving heat. A single thick blonde braid would rest against her back while she maneauvered her stance a little when speaking with the vassal house. "I did Lord Fenster and thank you." She intones, not at all glancing to her guard. "Are heavy thoughts weighing you from being at ease?"

Alric has his own tunic hanging comfortably and his hair is quite well made, and not quite as messy as last time either. "That is good to hear, lady Cherise." He tells her and smiles gesturing to join him at the seats for a moment. "Something like that. Might just be having to be captive in here." He offers before he sighs, "How are your husband. I should meet and talk with him at some point." Though there seem to be more than that which causes him from being at ease.

Cherise accepts the invitation to join the Fenster Lord, a hushed whisper of her lengthy silks accompanied her movements until claiming one of the chairs indicated. She layered both hands atop of her lap as her back straightened. "Well enough, I believe." There were various levels of being 'well' and her husband was at the lowest of them. "I agree, I cannot remember when the two of you had spoken last. I often heard you had been wisked afar, carrying out the mission of your liege lord and house."

Alric moves to take a seat as well, sitting straight and drinking his water. "I see. And yeah, it has been awhile." He offers back to her. "Only minor errands though, nothing of note really. But hopefully we can speak a bit more now. I do hope your husband isn't doing too bad." He sighs and shrugs, a bit irritated about staying captive in the tower. He leans a bit against the table. "If I may ask, how has Highfield been progressing?"

She displayed a small smile at the mention of her husband and refrained from admitting the whole truth of his feelings. "Wonderful as it had been explained to me. In fact, this week my husband and I, with our son, were to relocate to it's halls. The chambers are ready though I was told it may lack a great many asthetics. But it is habitable." And home.

Alric continues to listen and nods, not asking about Aleister for now. He will meet the man himself in due time. "Ah, I see. That is indeed great to hear." He does tilt his head thoough, and looks as if he is considering something before he shrugs. Not saying anything about that for now. "Let us just hope that we all get out of here soon and so on. I am sure we are all sick of being in here after all."

"Indeed." She murmurs lightly as her eyes gaze to her lap, falling in silence for a few passing breaths. "It has afforded the household to become familiar with another. I was truthfully surprised when I learned that my goodcousin Ramsey was in the Inn with us." Some of those days were a blur since her return from the bandits. "Perhaps not as surprised to learn Alys was a guest with the Naylands."

Alric nods and then there is quite some time of silence as he isn't speaking for a bit. Though about Ramsey he grins and nods, "I understand that. I was the one who led him to the inn." Though regretting it a bit now, which causes him to sigh. "Yeah, she was there to help tend to those that would come back from the bandits. Apparantly things had been made ready inside Tordane Tower." He explains and then shrugs, "So we could accuse them of planning this ahead of time. Though for now I do not know if it is wise."

She frowns a touch while keeping her eyes locked upon his features. "There is no cause for you to feel blame Lord Alric. None of us had known the Naylands were so capable of this sort of dishonor." She averts her gaze just briefly, enemy eyes were everywhere. "We accuse them of nothing. We have committed no wrong doing." Cherise tells him with purpose in her tongue.

Alric nods and shrugs it off. "I do not understand why a trial can't be had. They never asked us to leave and therefore should not be able to keep us for agitation. But never mind that now." He offers and sighs. Nodding to her words, seeing her gaze moving around as well. "That I understand." He then falls silent again, his own eyes going to all those around.

Agreeing that continuing to frett over things that have yet to pass were unhealthy for the mind. Cherise shifts in her chair, begining to rise on her feet and bow her head respectfully to the young lord. "I pray your mind finds comfort again Lord Alric. If only sleep may be granted. Good day m'lord." While she herself was quite calm, the lady was starting for the stairs leading up to their chambers where her son awaited his mother's return.

Alric rises to his feet as Cherise does and nodding. "Thank you, and I do hope so as well. Alas I fear that won't happen until I leave the tower." For whatever reason that might be. "Good day, m'lady." He tells her and let her move towards her chambers while he finishes his water and then moves to go to his own chambers.