Page 042: Reunion in the Mire
Reunion in the Mire
Summary: Senna and Igara meet and the Lady Isolde is quite happy with her cousin's arrival.
Date: 23 Aug 2011
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Winding Path — Hag's Mire
Rising up from a shallow pond to the north is the fortress of House Nayland, commanding the winding paths that weave between the bogs and shallows of this terrain. Much of the grassland here is overgrown into tall stands that leads into muddier sections so leaving the paths is ill advised. A few trees have managed to spring up despite the soft ground, though, their branches and leaves providing some relief during the day from the sun and humidity for the traveller coming to or departing the town of Hag's Mire to the east.
Tue August 23, 288

The tiny wee carriage drawn by Igara's little pony is waiting on the shore, escorts on horseback ahead of her and guards on horseback behind, one of the former taking the reins of the other's horse while said escort climbs down to go and ask after the best way for the Lady Igara to be transported to the castle. And Igara, for her part, is just a little bit tipsy on chilled teaberry tea, eyelids heavy and drowsy, mouth settled in an easeful smile as she lounges over the lush upholstered carriage-bench.

Senna left the fortress early this morning on the business of the house with a few of the other household servants and guards. It's been a busy day, to judge by the baskets that weight down the returning guards. Any protests they may have over the weight of the baskets seems to be eased by a few smiles and light conversation with Senna, though, who carries a single small basket over one elbow. She pauses as she finds a carriage waiting for the ferry, brow arching curiously. "Well, that's new," she murmurs to one of the guards, dodging a wandering hand with an easy swing of her hip as she starts toward Igara. "M'lady?" she greets with a small smile, dipping into a curtsey. "Has the ferry been summoned for you?"

Igara plants her hand on the carriage-bench and draws herself up a little bit, peeking out the window at the woman who presents herself there. "Yes, miss, many thanks… my escort is seeing to it— I am only staying in out of the sun until he knows whether I will be able to take my carriage across on the ferry or no. Goodness, but it has been a long while since I have been in the Mire," she wonders at it. "I am Igara. Igara Frey. I stand in waiting upon the Lady Isolde, and have come to join her here."

"Ah. Well, welcome to the Mire, m'lady," Senna smiles politely into the carriage, shifting the basket to her other elbow. "I'm Senna Delacourt, in service to the household here. And I believe Lady Isolde should be just on the other side of the ferry. Can I offer you anything while you wait?" she asks, glancing over her shoulder at the guards. "There's not much, but I do believe we've a spot of wine in with the things, and there's some fruit."

Igara offers Senna a sly little smile, confiding, "I have had quite a little bit of wine to ease the journey already. I should not wish to seem out of sorts when I greet my gentle cous," she beams playfully. "What manner of fruits are there? I should adore a peach."

The sound of the ferry disembarking sounds as a rippling of water, oars to it. The are is distant talk that carries over the water from the other side. The Lady herself is in her riding skirts and sitting down while she waits. Slowly the water is crossed and the distant splash of water draws closer. Those aboard the ferry are finally able to be made out. It seems to be only the Lady with her sworn and she shifts as she makes out figures on the bank and a carriage.

"I think we have some preserved peaches," Senna muses, casting her eye toward the guards and their baskets. "Though they might be a bit messy for breaking into without dishes," she admits. "I do have a nice, fresh apple here, though," she offers, drawing one from her basket and holding it out to the lady.

Igara gives a girlish giggle at the thought of the kept peaches, but then puts away whatever suggestion had been floating around in her head when her eyes are enchanted by the presentation of the apple. "What a lovely ripe thing," she whispers. "Shall we share of it?"

As the ferry draws closer, Isolde shifts to try to get a better look at those on the shore and she narrows her gaze. "Igara!" She calls upon recognizing her dear cousin. Her smile grows all the more and she remains seated to allow the ferry to take its time arriving. The sworn speaks softly to her and asks that she remain still, and thus she does.

"I do believe I could arrange that, m'lady," Senna agrees with an easy smile, breaking out a knife and taking off a slice for Igara first. Isolde calls out as she's taking a slice for herself, a small smile at one corner of her lips. "Have no fear, m'lady," she calls back, waving one hand. "She's well taken care of here."

Igara hears her cousin calling for her, and it takes her a while to spot her upon the ferry, yet, once she does, she lifts a hand to wave through the window, not going so far as to lean out of it, but she does wave out of it happily. "Ah, my cous, 'tis so good to see her again," she tells Senna, her gentle, girlish voice not meant to carry all the way to the boat, quiet and conversational. "I feel so awful to have abandoned her so, but I know that she must have found good care here in the Sevens. Thank you, Miss Senna," she leans there, taking the apple slice between her fingers and angling it to take between her teeth, pulling a bite

Patience is a virtue and it is not one the Lady Isolde has at present. She watches as the shore drags closer and when if finally does, she is rising with protests from her sworn and her hand reaches out to take the railing to haul herself with a hop onto the dock. She then crosses it swiftly to bring her to the carrage. "Dear cous.." She says warmly, giving both a warm smile. "I do hope your ride was well." She offers.

"She's had the best attentions here," Senna assures Igara, smile quirking again as Isolde hurries off of the ferry. "Including Miss Nimue, who's quite the best seamstress in leagues. No doubt she'll want to share some of her new acquisitions with m'lady." As Isolde approaches, she steps back with a curtsey, unbothered by the knife and apple in her hand. "M'lady," she murmurs in light greeting.

Igara draws her lower lip into her mouth, getting the juicedripple off of it and then, bright eyed, she nods in excitement at the prospect of having a visit with a dressmaker of quality. When Senna steps from the door, Igara opens it and sort of angles herself out awkwardly, used to having several people there helping her out. But she finally finds her feet and with only a slight wooble of knees she goes to run to her cousin and give her a hug, holding out the apple slice to one side so she doesn't get apple on Isolde's clothes. "Gentle cous! Yes, it was quite well. I drank a good deal," she lowers her voice to a whisper for that one, as it's not something a Lady admits. But it got her through the trip. And at least she wasn't driving.

((And our lovely Igara!Player went to pass out. Leaving Sen and Issie to do what they pleased…))

As Igara has some trouble, Isolde is moving to intercept, wrapping her smaller cousin in a hug. She smiles and squeezes her gently, kissing her cheek. "I have so missed you and yes, I have found good company here." She releases her gently and keeps her close in case she needs help, her arm about her. Looking to Senna, she dips her head. "Feeding my cousin, that I am grateful for. I will forestall my afternoon ride to see her back as well, if you would join us, Miss Senna?" She looks to the ferry and then back to the Miss.

"Of course, m'lady," Senna agrees, passing her basket and the remains of the apple to one of the guards in order to take Igara's other arm. A little bit of support goes a long way, doesn't it? The knife disappears somewhere into her skirts, as if it was never there. The guards might not be thrilled to be left to deal with the purchases, but they don't seem to mind watching her walk away, either. "I hope the Mire's treating you well today?" she asks as she walks, glancing to Isolde.

"Wonderful. Thank you, Senna." ISolde says and then with her help she moves Igara gingerly towards the ferry, carrying most of her weight if allowed. "The Mire is well today. I was supposed to meet my husband for a ride, but that can wait. There is plenty of time for that." She says and eases the way to the docks with care, moving slowly. "I am sure Igara will wish to rest after such a trying journey. It is never an easy thing." Though it never bothers her really.

"So it would seem," Senna murmurs, curtailing any amusement she may feel at the lady's condition. "It's good to see you and the lord getting along well, if you'll pardon me saying it, m'lady," she notes once Igara is settled on the ferry, subtly offering a shoulder to keep her upright. "There was some speculation here as to how well things would go over."

"I understand…and the speculation was to be expected. The Young Lord is kind to me and allows me to live as I had hoped. He is most definitely not what I expected and in this situation, I could not have asked for a better husband." Save for one. But that is all said and done and she has no more power over it. "I will make him as happy as I can, that I promise and I gave my word to the Lady Dowager in regards to certain things. I am a Nayland now." She casts a look over to Senna. "And what did you think would come of this, Miss Senna?"

Senna quirks a brow at the question, smile curving at one corner of her lips. "I don't think it's all quite played out yet, personally," she laughs, a soft, low sound. "It seems to be Lord Rickart has a fondness for being obeyed, and Lord Ryker has a fondness for making his own way. If nothing else, life here should stay interesting, I think."

"Perhaps." Isolde says and gives a nod before she slows to motion for one of the men to take the Lady from them. "With care." She instructs and then as they lower Igara to the ferry, she uses her other hand on the railing to stabilize herself. "The Father and sun see things differently, that does happen from time to time…"

"And what does m'lady think?" Senna asks, standing to take up a place near the railing with Isolde. There are no cautions for her. Either they're less concerned about the likelihood of her jumping, or they've seen her ride the ferry often enough. She looks over to Isolde with an arch of one sharp brow, gaze steady.

"I think it's time for a small change. But that is not yet. The Young Lord is still that, a Young Lord and he does some things that ..worry me." She does admit. "But he is well meant. He would fight for the people and for his lands as much as I would. And as much as I enjoy the hospitatlity and the gifts that I am given and am thankful for them. But if I am to rule beside my husband, I will need to be prepared as well as have the knowledge needed and I can not do that if I am not actively taking part.

Senna tilts her head slightly to one side, watching the other woman as she answers, listening to things both said and unsaid. "That's fair," she agrees after a moment. "And if man and wife agreed on everything, it would make for a boring marriage indeed. Did your mother not begin to train you in the ways of running a household, though?" she asks, folding her arms over the edge of the railing to watch the water go by.

That last makes her laugh and Isolde looks ruefully at Senna. "No, Miss. My mother was keen on keeping me obedient and quiet and since I have lost the last thing that I loved because of her, I have nothing to give to her but spite." Her gaze darkens and she looks foward again. "I will not go so quietly anymore, but at the moment, I have to answer to my Goodfather, and even with my new title in marriage that leaves me with no power at the moment and so..I stay." She says. There is a decisive nod of her head.

Senna glances up from the water at that explanation, brows furrowing slightly. "So…what've you been doing the last five years?" she asks slowly. There's no judgement in the words, but there is sincere confusion. As for who has the power, she's not touching that one just yet.

"Needlework, the learning of a bow, mastering a horse. Some law. I have studied midwifery as well as medicines. A great many thing that would not allow me to interfer with my mother. And of course at the time, I had not thought I would be anywhere else besides the Roost. A year ago though, I began to realize. What does one say to a mother who has raised her alone since she was sixteen?" She asks of Senna. "No is a hard thing to say. Though I have no excuses otherwise, I was just not allowed such things. But they are mine now at least, that can not be stopped. As I said, I will not go so quietly, Miss." She smiles as the Ferry continues towards the Fortress.

Senna is quiet for a long moment, mulling that over in silence. "Well," she says eventually. "You might want to get the theory a bit before you go practicing too much." The words are carefully said, and delivered with a faint, apologetic smile. "Though I'd imagine Lady Rebekkah might not mind sharing a tip or two. And if you're here in the Mire, perhaps you might like to stop in around places. Stick your nose in, so to speak. My father always said, you learn best by doing."

"Good advice, though I am not certain I should approach the Lady Dowager quiet yet, I have a feeling I am being felt out." ISoldes ays and then looks to Senna. "But as for stopping in. That is entirely what I was wanting to do but it seems that it is not thought well of when I do leave the Fortress. I am to stay, like a decoration and be obedient." Her green eyes hold some humor. "Tell me then, Miss Senna. Where should I visit first? I don't plan on remaining a decoration and I rather like to be out in the fresh air."

"You don't have to leave the fortress, m'lady," Senna shrugs one shoulder to Isolde, looking up with a sidelong glance. "The fortress is where the decisions are made. It's where the important things happen." Her lips curve in a slight, almost sheepish smile as she shrugs, looking away. "My mother died when I was young, but I remember her taking care of things. A woman's place, seeing that the home is run as it should be. Seeing to the kitchen, and stores. Seeing that the household accounts are balanced. Ordering the help and their tasks for the day. Those are all things you might look to taking a hand in."

"The matters of the House are simple enough, but when it comes to the accounts, those were always my mothers. I wish to know more of the law and the running of the daily events so that I can be better prepared to help Lord Ryker when the time comes." She smiles easily enough and Isolde nods to Senna. "Still, I would like to be kept informed as to other matters as well, even if it seem beyond my..position to do so."

"Of course, m'lady," Senna agrees with a small smile. "But since some things are denied you at the moment, perhaps you might concentrate on the things you /can/ get involved in. And once you're involved in those things, it's an easy step to being involved in the others." She glances to the guards, lips curving by reflex when one looks back and catches her eye. "Seeing to the household accounts can lead easily to inventory of the armory. And inventory of the armory leads to the disposition of the armed men of the house. Step by step, inch by inch."

Listening to Senna keenly, Isolde gives a nod of her head. There is a soft laugh and the Lady asks her, "Miss, are you certain you are not another of the Lady Dowagers attendants? Or are you just blessed with a woman's keen insight that I will hope to have. You will grow to realize I can be stubborn but to fight so strongly against the ways of another, namely my Goodfather at represent will only earn me attention I do not long for. I would be glad if you would come to stay in the Fortress for a time. If it suits you. I do like your company and you are anything but dull."

Senna laughs, smile flashing briefly. "I don't generally attend on the dowager, no," she replies, wry amusement in her features as she reaches up to tuck a piece of hair behind her ear. "As for insight…It's less natural than practice, m'lady. A woman alone doesn't survive long if she can't pick up a few tricks here and there. And I'd be glad to attend upon m'lady," she adds with another smile. "You may be one of the more interesting things to pass through the Mire in the last few years," she winks.

THat makes her huff a laugh, "Interesting.." Isolde can not help but smirk. "I will try to remain so lest you grow bored of me and leave. Now that my cousin is here, I shall feel more at home, but I would be glad of your service and see that you are well cared for as you need." She smiles a bit and then looks to the fortress that is rather close. "I would be glad to have another. I believe Milicent grows tired in her age and well…she lacks in some conversational skills. I love her dearly, but neve tell her that."

Senna lays a finger over her lips in tacit agreement, smile quirking. "She'll never hear it from me, m'lady. Anyhow, it suits a lady to have a few different sorts of attendants. Not every woman can be skilled in every facet of life. If you surround yourself with different people, you'll find you've a shoulder to cry on when you've skinned your knee, and eye for the fashion you want to catch your lord's eye, and a moment of respite when you've had quite enough of everything else." She looks up as they draw nearer to the fortress, pensive. "I can't say if I'll be able to follow you back to Stonebridge when you go." When, not if. "But I'll be glad to serve you while you're here."

"I understand you need to stay. This is your home and has been for a time. But when the time comes, know the choice will be yours and I will be thankful for whatever aid you give me here." Isolde says and then looks to the Fortress, having only just escaped it. "I am sure my dear cousin will be in need of some help as well, as self sufficient as she is." She smiles fondly towards the Frey Lady before her gaze sweeps back to Senna. "And what you did for me, I think my husband would like it if you returned with us as well." She smiles all the more.

Senna laughs, and it's a free sound, bright and full of humor, that draws a look or two from the guards as well. "Went over well, did it?" she asks, only to clap a hand over her mouth and shake her head immediately afterwards. "None of my business, m'lady," she assures, even if her eyes dance with humor. "Glad to be of what help I can, though."

The amusment spreads and a crook of the right corner of her mouth rises as Senna laughs. There is a long sigh and she gives a nod. "It went very well, Miss Senna. Your help was much appreciated and I think he may linger here for a while because of it. He told me something very dear that is again, softened me to him further." There is a gentle smile there on her lips. "For not knowing the man, I can not help but be thankful for who he is."

"Men," Senna chuckles softly, shaking her head with another glance toward the guards. "In some ways, they are very simple creatures." She leans forward a bit, setting an elbow on the rail and propping her chin on one hand. "You could say the rebellion came down to a woman, even. All the things King Aerys did. But it wasn't until Robert lost his woman that he took up arms." She casts a sidelong glance up at the other woman, lips curving. "If m'lady lets me know when he's thinking about leaving again, I'm sure we can come up with another surprise."

"I think I would agree with you, most of the times on that matter." She says to Senna with a smirk. "But in some cases, men just like to have it out." She shakes her head and Isolde watches Senna get comfortable. A brow lifts and she eyes the other woman as they near the island shore. "Oh? I am not quite sure what sort of surprise you had in mind, Senna. Because that one was quite enough, that amber silk dress with your sculpted hair and his time away. I am not sure we coudl top it…just considering."

"Why Lady Isolde, that sounded like a challenge," Senna replies with mock indignation. "Like you might /doubt/ my ability to make you utterly irresistable to your lord husband. I am /wounded/, m'lady. Deeply, horribly wounded." She rests the back of one hand against her brow in her horror, feigning an incipient swoon, before she laughs. "You just let me know, m'lady. We'll see."

Her mouth parts and Isolde can not help but let out a soft laugh. "Oh really now, I am certain you have better things to do than feel slighted by me." Her eyes dance with humor though and she tilts her head. "Let us consider it a challenge then, dear Senna. I can not wait to see you answer it either, I will admit." There is a faint smirk on her lips as she does so, the ferry coming to rest at the shores of the island.

"Me? No, I'm an endlessly idle woman," Senna declares cheerfully, stepping away from the railing as the ferry meets its destination. "Quite possibly the least useful person in the fortress." She moves to set a hand to Igara's elbow, offering the Frey lady her support inside with a wry smile for Isolde. "I'll need to see everything to the kitchen, m'lady," she adds as they step ashore. "But I'll be sure to join you once it's all taken care of."

Moving to assist Igara as well, Isolde smiles and dips her head. "Well I hope I will not interrupt your idleness with my requests." There is a wink and the Ladies and Miss carefully step off the boat and onto dry land. "I will be glad of your company then but in the meantime I will see to my Lady Cousin, who I have so missed." She smiles to Igara and then Senna. "Thank you, Miss. For your help."

Senna hands Igara over carefully, a faint smile tugging at one corner of her lips. "Of course, m'lady," she murmurs, bobbing a curtsey. "I'll be with m'lady shortly." And with that, she's back to helping the guards with the supplies, once more dodging a wandering hand with a sway of her hips.