Page 552: Returning Favor
Returning Favor
Summary: Pariston deliver the late lord Einar's letter for Tiaryn.
Date: 26/Jan/2013
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Pariston Tiaryn 
Library and Study
Floor to ceiling windows line the walls either side of this chamber; overlooking the courtyard on one side and the Keep's paddocks and stables on the other, were one to gaze through the wavery, leaded glass. Almost every other spare inch of wall is crammed with books on every conceivable topic, save an expanse of wall above the hearth - perhaps awaiting a family portrait, or a scenic portrayal of Highfield itself. Past dusk, illumination is provided by candleabras rather than sconces, even some stubby and well-used candles set by themselves on the mantel, dried wax creating odd patterns around their rims. At the far end of the long room, a grand table serves as reading and writing desk as well as a place to spread maps, when the need arises; overlooked by a few carved, high-backed chairs with plush cushions and thick padding for comfort during longer meetings.
Sat Jan 26, 290

Tia is in the library, but she's got sewing to hand, as she seems to be working at taking out the seams in a dress, at the moment. Her guard is standing near by, as is her maid, the two keeping watch over the newest of the Ashwoods as they usually do. Tia is ignoring them, apparently quite thoroughly.

Soon enough Pariston is arriving as well. Giving a knock to the door. Waiting to be let in before he will look to Tia. "Lady Tiaryn." He offers and will bow to the new Ashwood. Looking to the guard and maid, in case they are those he know so well. Jacob and one of the two former Flint maids. Those being who he is looking for most likely before looking back to Tia.

Jacob and Bethy, yes. The maids. They are there with Tia. She's in black, and looking perhaps a little pale, if not green around the gills. She glances up as someone arrives, Jacob nodding to Pariston and Bethy dipping her head as well. "Master Vis, are you okay?" Tia says, sounding a bit concerned. "What did the Sherriff want with you?"

Pariston shrugs, "I am fine. The sheriff had something to try and offer but unfortunately I couldn't help him." He explains and smiles small. "I had something to deliver to you though, my lady. Something I did not get a chance to before." Reaching out the letter to Tiaryn. The hunter's own clothes a mix of dark grey and black. The letter perhaps already easy to know what it is about. "Also. Rae is to go to your husband, ser Saethwyr."

"Rae?" Tia asks, looking somewhat startled. She reaches out a hand to take the letter that is handed over, slowly. Her expression darkens, and she gives Pariston a somewhat sad look. "Who is Rae, is that Einar's horse?" she asks, making sure. A breath and then she adds, "I think that Saethwyr will be pleased with that, though he has a horse. Two might not go amiss." She doesn't yet open the letter.

There is a nod at Tia's question. "It is." Pariston tells her and looks a bit saddened as well. "I was to keep his bow. I also have several others to deliver to. Ser Justin already received his letter. I am to see lady Ilaria as well, but I did not think that I should do so on her wedding day." He explains and shrugs. "He was the best of men, my lady." He tells her, about Einar. Already missing the lord.

Tia pauses, as she hears that. "the bow, there's no chance it's infected, right?" she asks, softly. "Did the healers okay it?" She pauses, to look at the letter, dreading opening it, and yet needing to, at the same time. She gives Pariston a long look, and then she says, "If you don't mind, please stay while I read this?"

Pariston shakes his head, "I believe the healers cleared it. I heard that everything else got burned." He explains. Staying as she ask him to. "I will." Knowing that there is somewhere in there for her as well and for now just standing and waiting.

Tia opens the letter, and the sight of the familiar handwriting already brings tears to her eyes. She has to brush them away, in order to actually read. If there's anything in there, it drops unheeded, for the moment. She's having enough trouble focussing on the letter. It takes probably three times as long as it should for her to read, and by the time she's done, the tears are streaming down her face, as she sits there. When she notices that one has hit her letter, she pulls it further out, away from her tears, but she doesn't hide them or try to wipe them away, just letting them fall.

Not being able to do much for Tiaryn hurts Pariston quite a bit as well. All the having to behave and be proper and all. "We will all miss him, lady Tiaryn." He tells her and reaches to move something that is lying in front of Tia. But a discreet squeeze is giving to her hand and then pulling back. "We will be able to get past it, in time. And he will stay with us always."

Tia sobs out loud, almost wailing, giving herself the opportunity to let the pain and grief out. The hand on hers only adds to the emotions, giving her freedom to wail. It's loud enough to be heard, doubtless, and someone will go tell her husband, but with most of the family out at the wedding, it's not a bad thing for her to choose now to scream and yell out her pain. After a few moments, she looks to see the favour she'd made for Einar, and it brings a fresh batch of bawling.

Pariston stands still and watches. Sharing her pain. Not really able to offer much. Not even to hold her. Waiting for Saethwyr to arrive, seeing as he is the only one allowed to do so. "Give it time." He tells Tia, himself being the calm as always. Though the pain do show in his eyes.

Tia eventually runs out of tears, but she still doesn't wipe them off her face. "Pariston," she says, softly. Never mind Master Vis. "thank you, for staying with me, and for bringing me the letter. I appreciate it." She doesn't touch the favour, for a long time, but she eventually does reach to pick it up, and the letter. "I shouldn't keep you longer, if you have other people you need to see. Is Rae - did you bring Einar's horse with you?"

Pariston listens and nods. "Of course, lady Tiaryn." He tells her. Not minding the way that she addresses him. He holds no important position anyhow. He is just smallfolk nowadays, even if he knows that is not the reason that she addresses him like that. "I do need to leave soon, yes." He offers. As for the horse, he nods again. "I did. He is in the stables down here in the manor. I told them that it is for lord Saethwyr. That letter should explain more." He suggests, so that no one argues about the horse.

Tia nods to Pariston, and really isn't being mean, just familiar. And she used to call him that all the time, when he was her guard, just like she calls Jacob by his name. She nods her head. "I think I'm going to go to the stables now, but don't let me hold you up. I just need to have some time alone. Thank you again. I'm sure - if you go to the kitchens, they'll feed you and make sure you're supplied for your next trip?" she offers.

Pariston knows that she does it to be familiar. He just smiles though. "Thankn you, lady Tiaryn. If there is ever anything I can do, send for me. Even if I am in King's Landing I will try my best to help." He tells her and smiles a bit at that.