Page 261: Returning Early
Returning Early
Summary: Lady Tiaryn is surprised by the return of her wounded good-brother, while the war is still ongoing.
Date: 22/04/2012
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Tiaryn Einar 
Just outside the Crane's Crossing Inn
Stonebridge, townsquare, by the inn, and then in the common room. The usual.
April 5, 289

Tiaryn, clad in greys, is seated on a bench, just outside the crane's crossing inn. She's got her harp in hand and is playing gently, the sad songs ballads, and real songs, not the eerie ones that she'd been playing right after her rescue. It's a cloudy day, a soft breeze blowing which means her hair is starting to come out of its confines this afternoon, but it's not cold. Inn patrons occasionally stop to listen to her playing, before they continue on their way, as do passers by, but she is ignoring the lot of them. Her maid is seated not too far away, doing embroidery, while a guard stands a little ways away, doing that guard thing.

Having arrived back into Seagard after parting company with the rest of the army as they had left for Pyke, Einar had made straight for Stonebridge. It had been a toss-up between there and the Roost, but word had it that the Flint women were to be found with the Naylands rather than the Terricks. It'd be fair to say that with his leg, the ride had not been the most comfortable of undertakings, but he simply hadn't been able to bring himself to do something more sensible. Still at least riding was better than walking. With the town finally in view though, the discomfort was forgotten, and by the time he and the armsman with him had made it as far as the town square there could even be said to be a faint smile on the lad's face. That could be due to the fact that he's managed to survive the war, or it could also have something to do with having spotted his goodsister. Who knows.

Tia had agreed with Anders to go to Stonebridge as a safer spot and one that was in less dire straights than the Roost. She is unaware of Einar's approach, though she might have heard that her goodbrother was staying in Seagard as the rest went off to the Isles. But since that was due to injury, she surely was not expecting him to make it to Stonebridge so quickly. She continues to play, though the guard definitely catches sight of Einar, bowing but out of Tia's visual area.

Einar returns Jacob's bow with a nod of acknowledgement and a smile. It's good to see familiar faces after so long on the islands with only the army for company. Drawing to a stop next to the man, the young Flint says loudly, to ensure his voice carries, "My good man, I don't suppose you would happen to know the name of the talented musician yonder?" Well, you know, just riding those few paces further and saying hello would be far too easy for all concerned.

Tia's playing is sweet and wistful, and then as she hears that familiar voice, it comes to an abrupt halt, as Tia's gaze finally raises, incredulity on her face. "Einar," she breathes, the harp set down in an instant as she gets to her feet. "Are you - should you be riding?" she asks, as she moves over to the horse and the man, since they're kind of together. "And do you know how good it is to see you?"

"Riding isn't so bad," Einar replies, speaking the half-truth easily enough. "Mounting and dismounting, that’s where the fun starts, and for that I must beg your understanding." He would get down and talk to her properly, but realistically he's staying in the saddle until he knows where he's stopping and he's got there. "It is good to see you as well I must confess, and Anders should be back soon as well, word had it as I left that Pyke could not last long."

Tia smiles and then she shakes her head. "It's okay, I am sure it's painful," she says. "I am staying at the inn here, Corrie is at the Tower, but she's not feeling well a lot of the time." She hesitates, and then says, "I shouldn't tell you - don't tell anyone, but she's with child, I'm sure of it." And then her eyes brighten still further. "Really? All that war will soon be over and everyone coming home? Gods, that will be a blessing." She is quite excited and happy to hear that news. She even bounces slightly on the balls of her feet.

Einar glances to the Inn as it's mentioned and then back to his goodsister as she catches him up with things. THe news about Corrie is met with the same smile the speculation about it had on Harlaw. "So we were right then," he chuckles, "Anders had word a week or back that there was something she wanted to talk to him about when he returned. And yes, that does not seem like it will be long off. A week or two maybe? A month at the outside." Just long enough for the break in his shin to mean there was no point hanging around the camp to see if it healed before the end really, hence his arrival back on the mainland. Notioning to the Inn again he checks the logistical situation. "Do they still have rooms do you know? If you're here then it seems the logical place to stop as well."

Tia looks towards the inn, and she has to chuckle. "They are pretty full, but I think they might have a room. If nothing else, if you don't mind, I have one for Jacob and Levy, though it would be tight quarters." She will let Einar figure that out, all things considered. Levy would be her second guard, since it's not fair to have one on duty at all times. Even Jacob needs a break once in a while. "I think they're full to bursting at the Tower as well, given the number of nobles who are here waiting on their lords and knights to return from the Isles." The news that Anders is still well and alive is a relief, as it improves the hope that he'll be coming home soon. Thankfully.

Well, worst case scenario, there are no more rooms anywhere in town, so one of Jacob or Levy gets to sleep either on the floor or in the hay in the stables. It's hardly as bad as months under canvas on Harlaw Isle after all. Nodding at the rundown, Einar is confident enough that something workable can be arranged that he'll leave such serious topics behind. "And tell me then, how are you keeping? You've told me about Corrie but not yourself." He's noticed the switch to half-mourning, but isn't exactly about to mention it straight up.

Tia pauses as she hears that question, and then she smiles. "I'm - well, I'll be okay. It's just taking time," she says, something she's heard often enough. "I still miss - everyone, but there are distractions here. Corrie's been teaching me about herbs, when she's well enough. And I have the harp that I borrowed from Lady Isolde. So it's not too bad. Lady Anais was here for a bit, I saw her, and also Lady Cherise is staying at the Tower as well. I don't recommend staying there, actually. I think all the ladies there are with child. It's rather frightening."

Given the circumstances, Einar will take that for an answer and just nods at the appropriate points. He takes a moment to send his armsman into the Inn to double check on the room situation, no point hanging around outside if they could be just as easily sharing a meal or drinks inside after all. His horse gets a quick pat/rub on the neck to reward its patience in standing still during the conversation and he then nods at the comment about the tower. “I think I shall heed your warning,” he answers with a grin, “they probably don’t want men around anyway.” Well, except maybe their husbands, and maesters.

Tia laughs outright, the sound still the lightly musical one that Einar probably remembers from when she lived at Flint’s Finger. Her blue eyes show her amusement, as she reaches a hand to touch the reins of the horse as well. “Too bad I don’t have an apple,” she says. “And that might be true, I hadn’t thought of that. I just don’t want to go too near in case it’s catching.”

Einar frowns in mock thought then answers with an over the top tone of uncertainty, “I’m not entirely sure Goodsister, but I seem to recall that there was -something- more to it than that. Maybe we should ask Corrie when she’s feeling up to it?” A smile to Tia and then a glance towards the door as his travelling companion reappears and notions that it seems like Jacob and Levy are in luck after all. That of course, makes it time for the dismount and the pair of them are sort of used to it, although Jacob gets himself roped in to hold Rae’s reins to make the whole process easier. It’s still not dignified mind, but with a minimal degree of pain and suffering the young Flint is soon on his feet. Well, one foot and the crutches that had appeared at some point in the proceedings. Notioning to the door he asks of Tia, “what would you recommend? It’s been a long ride and after the past months on fish and army rations I could do with a decent meal.”

That gets more laughter from Tia, and a bit of a blush, though not too much. “Indeed, I think you are correct, but one never knows. There are quite a few women in the way of being with child, and that sort of grouping might lead to strange happenings,” she teases. She moves out of the way as Einar gets off the horse, so as to not accidentally get trampled, kicked or otherwise injured. And then she tilts her head, at the comment by Einar. “I should expect so. Come, let’s go in and get some food. I am certain they have a fine roast cooking, and that should no doubt help.” She promptly gestures to the maid who curtseys and then heads in just a bit ahead of them. Tia actually moves to hold the door for Einar and his crutches.

It's not exactly the return of a conquering hero, but then Einar wouldn't exactly describe himself as a soldier. Murmuring his thanks to Tia as she holds the door he gives his eyes a moment to adjust to the change of light levels before proceeding to a table that Jacob seems to have already reserved. Full marks that man. After a moment's maneuvering he sets himself down on a chair and then turns back to Tia, "the roast you say?"

Oh yes. And the maid has already ordered the food. Which is coming up, hot, fresh and savoury, as they get to their seats. Tia is having a hard time not giving Einar a big hug, but they are in public and it wouldn't be proper. Sigh. She manages though, settling down in her seat, as Jacob holds it out for her. "Don't worry, it's coming. You can have your choice," she says, amusement dancing on her face for a moment. "My treat." Which of course just means that Anders is paying in the long run, rather than Einar. But oh well.

Well, given it was Anders' horse that put Einar out of the war, it seems only fitting that the Young Lord is, in the long term at least, paying for the 'welcome home' roast. "I feel almost bad not sending word to Lady Cordelya," he confesses, using her proper name given the waitress is setting down the food as he speaks, "but then, if she isn't feeling well then it is probably better to just send word." Although he won't admit it, one of the reasons he rode as quickly as he did was so wild rumours didn't reach of a wounded Flint Lord and get either of the Ladies overly worried. "It is probably too late for today I think, but I should probably call on her tomorrow, ill or not. I'm sure she'll want news of Anders."

Tia nods her head. "I usually stop in to visit her in the late mornings. I will make sure she knows you are here and alright," she says. "Thank the Gods that you are. I was a little worried about you." She pauses and then says, "Not because you're not a good fighter, but - I guess maybe because you are, and that will put you more in harm's way than not." The waitress sets down roast, fowl, tubers, bread and butter, and a mix of veggies. She also brings a nice light ale, perfect for accompanying the meal, and sets it all down. Tia waits for her to finish, pays with several coins, and then turns to gesture to Einar. "Please help yourself."

Einar fully intends to, and indeed does, help himself. It's meat that isn't fish! Such a novelty. "Your concern touches me," he manages between mouthfuls. He too had had worries going into the war, although his were mostly to do with not being a very good fighter. Either way though, he's alive and returned with no injuries that won't heal. Keeping the conversation on Corrie though he asks, "Do you think I should join you tomorrow?" He wants to, but will bow to Tiaryn's knowledge of the current situation if she reckons it'd be a bad idea.

Tia waits to let Einar help himself first. She's not the one that's been on a fish diet for the past while. "Oh, certainly. I am sure she'd be glad to see you," she says. "We just will send a maid in first to ensure she's ready for your presence." Dressed, for instance. She serves herself up a modest portion of food, and takes the opportunity to pour them each a mug of ale, before she starts eating as well.

Dressed is good. Seven forbid that he might walk in on an undressed Lady, let alone his cousin's wife. He nods though, knowing full well the 'wait outside the door' routine from the last time he was in Stonebridge. A mouthful of pork, a sip of ale, a reply. "That is good to hear. Josef here," he notions to the armsman who rode with him, "informs me that the room he's secured is a ground floor one, so all we need do is agree a time to meet in the morning. Breakfast perhaps?"