Page 565: Restraining Orders
Restraining Orders
Summary: A nice breakfast ending with threats of restraining orders, from the deputy.
Date: 08/February/2013
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Ash and Oak Inn
From the courtyard before the L shaped inn, the Ash and Oak opens into a sprawling taproom designed to house both commoner and noble alike; dimly light, the atmosphere within is one of intimate privacy, with tables arrayed in such a fashion that they each seem to linger within their own shadow, while the bar itself stands out under the illumination of several brightly burning candles opposite the main door. To the right of the bar, one finds a hallway leading back into a section marked strictly for employes and to the right? The kitchens. A large hearth sits on the wall to left, lending its warmth and glow before an assortment of benches and its heat is pushed to the rooms for the smallfolk that sit above the stables; small spaces not meant for the claustrophobic. Curling up to the very rooms themselves weaves a staircase, where only two at a time can walk if they don't mind their shoulders touching. On the right, coming off the wall itself rests a wide staircase, leading up to the more lavish rooms designed with a noble's comfort in mind.
Fri Feb 08, 290

The oddjobbing Paris has, as usual, been off working before first light. Heading into the inn that is starting to crowd now that the morning has continued into the later hours. Most likely having a moment before having to go and meet with lord Robben. The serving girl already preparing his usual breakfast of bread and cheese, along with juice and a side plate of grapes. Setting it up at the table that has become his usual now. "Thanks." He offers and pays before sending her on her way.

It's morning, what has quickly become the bane of Kaelea's existence if it weren't for the herbs that Daryl prepares for her every night so that she won't be sick in the mornings. As it is, she fairly bounces down the stairs, the epitome of health, walking directly to the bar without looking around, she leans on it with her forearms, a ready grin on her face. "I want potatoes with some gravy beside them. And juice, anything except grape." She's hungry this morning and now that she has tasted other things she knows what else she likes here.

Pariston looks over as he sees Kaelea. Smiling at her. Though seeing the happy appearance of her. Not shouting her over. She is happy and no matter how much he wants to her being happy comes first. Just watching her from a far and continuing to eat his bread and the occasional grape.

Kaelea is happy because she is feeling good for once. Daryl is sleeping off another drunk from the night before, but whether he is in the room or with Laryssa, the redhead didn't wait behind to find out. After the party was ending in stumbling drunkenness, she had taken her leave, suddenly finding the whole drinking and party atmosphere stifling. Once she has her food, she lifts her mug and plate and turns to find a suitable out of the way place to have a seat, eyes clashing with the green of Paris, catching his smile. She returns one.

Pariston just keeps his smile and nods to her. "Lea." He offers, trying to keep up with his facade with the smile. Happy to see her, but also the memories that make him sad that this is the first time in a week that he has seen her. "Free to join, if you want." He tells her. Sipping from his mug and another bite of bread.Moving a bit to offer room. Though also rising. If she moves over he will set her things down and help her into her seat before reclaiming his own.

That was all the invitation Kaelea needed, and at the offer, she walks over, allowing him to take her things and help her to her seat. Once seated, she picks up her eating utensil and stabs a potato and dips it into her gravy before taking a bite, chewing then swallowing. "Good stuff." Giving him a quick grin. "Thank you for helping me just now." Washing it down with a sip of juice, she does the process all over again though pausing for conversation. "How have you been?"

Smiling over at her, Paris nods. "It does look good." He says and takes his bread. Sneaking a dip of her gravy and grinning at her. Not eating until he sees that she won't mind. "Of course, I would do… That." Perhaps about to say something else. "I've been alright. Helping out a bit around town. You?"

Kaelea laughs, sliding her plate a little nearer to him, sharing the gravy with him since there is plenty there. "Have at it," spearing another potato, she dips it into the gravy and pops it into her mouth, chewing thoughtfully at the broken sentence. "That?" Repeating his word to him after swallowing. "I've done absolutely nothing at all lately. Just hanging out in the room all the time. Nice huh?" Her voice isn't so convincing of that.

The two are seated at a table, Kaela has potatoes and gravy with juice and Paris has bread and cheese and grapes with juice. It's morning. She eyes his grapes skeptically. "Poison little things," sticking her tongue out at him.

Pariston grins and pops the gravy soaked bread into his mouth and chews. Nodding to her questioning word. "Help you into your seat." He explains and just smiles. A light chuckles at her words about staying in the room. "Well, I am always around if you want to find something fun to do." Taking another slow dip into the gravy and eating the bread. Chuckling and leaning in to whisper about the grapes and then just sitting and resting.

Waking up after binge drinking is taxing on the typical person. But Daryl has made an art out of it, and when the Deputy finally has awoken and finds himself at the top of the stairs, he's looking official and ready to go in his lawman's leathers. Boots thump as each step carries him closer to the common room, and he's already peering about to make sure no one's causing any early morning trouble. When his eyes catch Pariston seated across from Kaelea, there's a frown on his visage. His gaze is long and hard, and the man makes a small detour towards the bar to mutter in a low tone. "Usual. Deliver it there." A finger pointed to said table, and then Daryl steps that way, face set in stone as he nears, pulls out a chair, and responds to Pariston casually and coolly, "See, I don't think that's a very good idea, Paris. In fact, Kaelea and I agreed it'd be better to avoid you altogether." Then, he looks towards the woman with a questioning sort of raising of the brow. "Morning, love. Isn't that right?" He glances from her to Paris then.

Kaelea watches as he dips his bread in her gravy, tilting her head a little. "Is it good like that?" Reaching across, she snags a piece of his bread and dips it into her gravy, tasting it that way. "Mmm," she tells him, her mouth full, nodding approval. When he leans in to whisper about the grapes, she smirks, swallowing the last of the bite before replying. "I just said they are poison and now you say that?" Laughing, she pushes his plate of the vile little grapes further towards him and away from her. "They taste.." pausing, trying to find just the right word. "Poison," she chuckles. "That's all I can say. How could you have let me eat those for so long and not tell me?"

When Daryl approaches, her expression suddenly alters just so, she offers another smirk at his words, "Something like that," she agrees with his words somewhat. "You look fairly good for being pass out drunk when you got back." But how would she know? She had been sleeping.. right?

Pariston smiles and listens to Kaelea Which causing it to turn into a grin. Shaking his head a bit in amusement. As for the grapes. "Well, dangerous but fun." He tries to continue on the joke. "Well, you seemed immune to them." He adds grinning still. "I do think that you can continue eating them. Although perhaps not at the moment." He smirks a bit and seems to be enjoying himself and the joking around.

Eating on a grape before taking more bread. As Daryl looks over Pariston takes his bread and dips it into the gravy and eating it. Turning to look to the man. "My lord. If that is so, then apologies. I did not wish for her to sit alone so I did invite her if she wished to." He explains the situation. "Calling me love now? That is quite charming, my lord." Ah, there is the joker growing back into his own skin a bit. Looking between them both for a moment then.

Soon, as is typical for the service time for the Lordly noble on such occasions…One would be inclined to wonder if they had his meal at the ready for when the man marched down those steps. It's set before him quietly before the innservant steps away, and the Ashwood immediately starts digging into his food, and as fast and hungrily as he eats it, he somehow does it properly.

Chewing, swallowing, the Deputy smirks some at Kaelea's response, though at which part its hard to tell. A look towards her, a look to his plate, a bite, chew swallow. He raises his countenance and narrows his eye only a little in thought, "Right, I believe the words were, 'Paris who?'…Or 'He'll just have to deal with it?'" A look towards Pariston, a smile that could wilt flowers if it was flashed their way, "Because the message wasn't clear to you, Master Vis, it's quite alright. But. Know now that if it comes to it, a restraining order will be assembled to ensure that you are not within twenty paces of her at any time…I don't want you inviting her to your table, offering to do things fun, I don't want you around her. At all. Is that clear enough?" That eerie smile that was there is gone, replaced by somewhat of a glare and a thin line of lips, jaw clenched.

With the remnants of the joking, Kaelea has her brows arched when Paris countes. "Dangerous but fun? I'm anything but dangerous. You know that. As for being immune.." Kaelea glances between the two a minute before pushing her plate away, "Easier all the time." Rising, she tosses a few coins on the table. "I've got a meeting. See ya." With that, the redhead is already headed for the door.

Pariston shrugs to the man, "That is up to her, my lord. Not you. Nor I." He offers in a rather factly tone. "She shouldn't have to be locked up in a room if that is what you think is best… Well then something seems quite odd." He shrugs yet again. "Restraining order, my lord?" He asks a bit oddly. Since it is nothing that he can issue for a commoner without getting all of the lords looking oddly at him. He doesn't say anything about it though. Eyes following Kaelea a bit saddened. Mostly worried about her other than anything else. "Bye Lea." He offers and forces a small smile.

"Enjoy your day, sweetheart." Daryl wishes after Kaelea, a smile set on his face, warm enough when given to the redhead. Assembling the sausage and biscuit on his plate into a portable sandwich, the Deputy turns to Pariston then, also moving to rise from his seat. "And -I- have a patrol. Noncompliance will result in long nights in the dungeon, Pariston…Should it come to that." He raises his cup for a longgg, casual gulp of his juice. He sets it down, grabs his delicious breakfast sandwich in one hand, the other sliding the remains of his tray, chicken babies and potatoes, "…And they don't serve breakfast like this in there, I assure you." Casually spinning on the heel, he moves to step for the door, and nods back at Pariston, "That it is, Paris, of her own will. I'd just be the enforcing Deputy to her wishes…And as for 'locked up?' I don't know what in the Seven you're talking about, she can come and go as she pleases." He seems quite serious on the restraining order, an idea forged by the Sheriff himself to deal with the Paris problem. "Finish those scraps for me." Daryl motions to the remains of the breakfast before moving to step out towards the morning light.

Pariston shrugs, "I only eat bread, so I should be fine." He says and smiles. Raising a brow about the farewell to Kaelea though but not saying much about it. "If you say so." He shrugs. "But if she walks over to sit with me then it is hardly her wish to stay away. And I am not one to push someone away if they wish to sit and have someone to talk to." Still keeping casual. Finishing his bread. "I have go get ready with a few more jobs before I need to meet with lord Robben, if you do not mind." He offers and seems to just shrug a bit. "Alright. If she is fine then so be it. She just seemed a bit bored about sitting in the room all day." He then does take the scraps. "Thank you for the scraps. I will keep them. A lot of people in need." He offers with a smile. Rolling the things up and will start to head out as well.