Page 293: Respectable Kell
Respectable Kell
Summary: Ser Kell Drakmoor swears fealty to Lord Jerold Terrick.
Date: 08/05/289
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The Courtyard of Four Eagles Tower is floored with a fine grey stone that match the color and tone of the interior structure of the castle's yard. Plants have been potted and placed around the entrances to add some color, the greenery accompanied by several trellises of flowers that climb the support columns. The most prominent structure in the area is the set of large slab steps that lead up to the great oak doors of the Great Hall. Several hallways and accesses lead off into different sections of Four Eagles which makes this the hub of noble activity when court is not being held.
May 8, 289

Although the Terrick household had been much diminished by the events of the past year, this day sees one step toward the redressing of those losses. Lord Jerold Terrick has ordered the House Guard to gather in their ceremonial dress, and has donned the symbolic trappings of his authority: sword and circlet. Wearing the rich purple and gold cloak embroidered with the four eagles of Terrick, the Lord of the Roost stands beneath the quartered banner, held aloft by his newly returned son, Justin, pressed into service upon returning from a day's hunt.
With the Armsmen and household knights spread to either side of their liege lord, onlookers gathered to bear witness, an unsworn knight has come before the gathered Terrick household.

Keelin is one of those guests here, sworn to House Mallister and sent along with a few of those folks to assist in rebuilding Terrick's Roost. He's been out hunting and just on his way back, without any bandits in tow. As he sees Lord Jerold and the ceremonial atmosphere, his steps come to a stop well out of the way and he bows, though hopefully inobtrusively, since he then makes his way to one side where he can watch quietly.

The unsworn Hedge Knight is Kell and he would have seeked out Lord Jerold earlier but with what had occurred at Stonebridge with the duel between the late Lord Gedeon Tordane along with the Half-Eagles dismissal from the household, the knight decided it might be better to wait before asking for audience with the Lord of the Roost. But with more days passing, Kell has asked if Lord Jerold if he would be allowed to swear his service to House Terrick and today's event is the result.
Spending anxious hours preparing, Kell had polished his chainmail armor to the best of his abilities along with his sword and lance. Without a squire of his own, men in the colors of of House Terrick was lent to the Hedge Knight to hold his shield and lance while the ceremony goes underway.

Little did he know when he lead his horse into the courtyard with a couple of pheasants tied to the saddle that the others had been called together. Justin quickly handed the birds off, "For my sister and Lady Muirenn." and then let his horse and long bow be taken by a groom that he might join his father. Justin stands quietly attentive, likely wishing he had some forwarning to have changed into something more suitable and washed up. Instead, his hunting leathers will have to do. He holds the banner he was given and watches closely, listening to whatever is about to take place. If only Evangeline could see! She'd have scolded him for not getting back sooner and making himself suitably presentable.

Dania is a tall woman, who is a healer and new to this area. She hangs in the back with others who are of common heritage. By her coloring and height she would appear to be related to Keeling. She is dressed in a linen rose colored gown and her apron dress is a lightweight wool that has been dyed a deep burgundy. Her hair is properly bound up. The sleeves of her gown are fitted, but not too tight where they cannot move. At her waist is a eating dagger, leather belt and a pouch. Her blue eyes are full of curiosity.

Dania is a tall woman, who is a healer and new to this area. She hangs in the back with others who are of common heritage. By her coloring and height she would appear to be related to Keeling. She is dressed in a sage green gown and a rust colored apron dress. Her hair is properly bound up. The sleeves of her gown are fitted, but not too tight where they cannot move. At her waist is a eating dagger, leather belt and a pouch. Her blue eyes are full of curiosity. The hem of her dress is covered with mud as she has just gotten here.

Lord Jerold motions for Kell to approach and raises his voice to be heard throughout the courtyard, his words carrying all the weight of tradition as he speaks. "Ser Kell Drakmoor, you stand before us this day having indicated your willingness to swear fealty and be accepted as a sword sworn unto my House. Having been adjudged fit for this honor do you swear by all you hold sacred and true that you will honor and obey us as your liege lord, honor and defend all ladies and those weaker than yourself, give due courtesy to those of this household in all matters as befits a knight, drawing your sword only for just cause and being chivalrous to all to the greater glory of yourself and the noble House Terrick?"

Justin studies Kell, otherwise keeping his place and saying nothing.

Keelin has been in this spot before, though somewhat different since he'd squired to a Mallister sworn knight to begin with. But he listens carefully, keeping an eye on Kell as he does so. He briefly glances to see where Dania is, keeping an eye on her.

As the gesture is given, Kell approaches as formally and also gracefully as he is able, for a simple Hedge Knight. As the words of importance are spoken by Lord Jerold, the knight draws his sword in ceremonial fashion as he gauntleted hands holds it by the blade, pointing down to the ground. As fit with the ceremony and appropriate motions, Kell answers in a clear and sure voice, no hint of hesitation or doubt in his voice, "Yes, M'Lord, I do swear on my sword and my life, to honor and obey, to protect all ladies and those weaker than myself, to give due courtesy to those of the household, and to draw my blade only for just cause, and to be chivalrous to all the greaters glory for the noble House Terrick and myself."

Brilliant charming warm sunny smile is offered to Keelin from Dania as she tries to catch her brother's eye. Then her attention is drawn to Jerold, Kell and the others as she watches the ceremonies unfold.

The Lord of the Roost inclines his head gravely at Kell's rote answer and extends his right hand to recieve the hilt of Kell's sword. As his fingers close about the plain and well-worn leather of the broadsword, the oath of vassalge is returned. "Then I, Jerold Terrick, by right of arms and oaths Knight of the Realm and Lord of the Roost, do swear to defend you and your household as my own. In return for your leal service, I shall promise your ransom in war, I shall meet the cost of knighthood for your eldest son, and the cost of marriage for your eldest daughter. I swear to uphold this in the sight of the Seven, until you depart my service, death take me, or the world end."
With those words, Lord Ser Jerold reverses his grip and returns Kell's blade to the knight.

Keelin shakes his head at his sister, but her expression does bring a fond smile to his face. Pain in the tookus that she is. He changes his stance a bit more, spurs jangling slightly as he does so, and turns his attention back to the ceremony.

The solemn occation commands Justin's full and rapt attention. Solemn though it is, it is also a gladdening thing to see. A thing that will be celebrated tonight even if their supplies be meager. Jerold's third son glances aside to Keelin's movement, then refocuses his gaze upon Ser Kell kneeling before his father.

As the words of the oath of vassalage are spoken by Lord Jerold, Kell listens as he actually did not know what to expect. There had been other swearing services he had attended in the past but the depth of the oath never really struck home until now, as if those words further strengthens the bond between knight and lord. As his simple blade is offered back to him, Kell accepts it carefully before bowing his head respectfully to Lord Jerold, "Thank you, M'Lord." Though these words are said in a quieter tone than the ones spoken earlier, as the feeling of belonging fills him, one that builds further upon the bonds already there from having fought at the side of Terrick men here at the Roost, at Seagard, and on the Iron Islands.

Jerold answers Kell's thanks with a brief smile and short dip of his greying head. "Welcome, Ser. Although his duties keep our liege Lord at Seagard, Lord Patrek wished that I express his best wishes and gratitude, as well that he is pleased to see you join in service to this House." As the sword is taken back, Jerold briefly rests a hand upon Kell's armored shoulder, giving a firm squeeze, before prompting aloud, "Three cheers for the new knight of the Roost."

It's a quiet and introspective Keelin now who stands there, caught up in the ties that bind, just from words spoken with intent. He is distracted by his thoughts by Lord Jerold's prompt for cheers, raising his own voice with exuberant projection and a raucous whistle he's borrowed from Jarod perhaps. "Hip hip hooray!" Or words to that effect.

"huzzah!" Dania cheers, her smile gets bright her eyes are bright as is her face. She cheers for the newly minted knight. Another glance is cast in brother's direction and then one in Justin's. Her eyes them come to rest on Ser Kell and Jerold.

Justin watches and when his father calls forth three cheers for the newly sworn knight, he holds the house banner all the higher, his light baritone to join many others to cheer Ser Kell! "Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!" All around the courtyard the stone walls reverberate with the voices of all gathered within cheering in whatever fashion they choose!

The mention of Lord Patrek also causes Kell to break into a smile as he has fond memories of the brave, young Lord from the days of the Siege of the Roost. "I am honored, M'Lord, by Lord Patrek's words." Then the former Hedge Knight grows quiet once more as his shoulder is clasped, eyes looking at those gathered with pride and pleasure as the cheers ring out around him in the Courtyard.

With a clatter of sword pommels agianst shields among the house Guards given in lieu of applause, the ceremony of vassalage is complete, and Kell is a knight of House Terrick. Lord Ser Jerold speaks quietly aside to Justin, "See that the occasion is celebrated as best we can allow," before dismissing the Men-at-arms back to their duties.

With the ceremony over, Keelin pushes himself forward, sauntering up to where the newly sworn knight is standing with his new Lord and such. He bows to the nobility and then grins at Kell. "Congratulations," he says. "I'm sure that means you get to buy us all a round." Cause you know, he's now got a real job and all.

"Aye, it will be done, father." Justin agrees, handing the banner off to a retainer of the house that he might turn and speak to someone to see that the kitchen is made ready and tables set out into the hall. He is occupied with that for a few moments, promising to come and see the cellar for himself to choose what they can spare in wine, ale and other drink to go with bread, meat, salt, dried fruit, cheese and everything else that can reasonably be spared. And for the candles and sconces all to be lit within! "And find us some musicians! Blast… if only Lady Anais were here." Justin scrapes a hand through his dark hair after muttering that last bit, then he turns to join the mob of men trying to congratulate Ser Kell.

Dania grows shy in the sea of Testrone that is here. She quietly blends in the back as she people watches. Waiting for the right moment where she can congratulate the newly sworn knight. As she wears a smile despite her being a bit on the shy side.

As the Lord of the Roost speaks with his son, Kell seems to be enjoying the words of congratulations that some of the Terrick's armsmen share with him before they return to their duties, remembering the faces of some. As Ser Keelin approaches, the newly sworn Terrick Knight grins right back, "Thank you, Ser, and I would be most pleased to do so. I wasn't sure when I would find a House that I would be honored and willing to serve while on my travels but it seems my search has come to an end." Then as Lord Justin approaches, Kell dips his head respectfully though still smiling in a rather pleased manner, "Lord Justin."

AS Keelin realizes that Dania is hiding back, he arches a brow, and then he says, "Oh, hey, there's someone you should meet. Just one moment." He steps away from the crowd, without any difficulty, and moves over to reach for Dani's hand, if she lets him. "C'mon, Dani, come meet the man. He's not going to bite, at least, not any more. And - the more folks who can help you out in a pinch, the better, don't you think?" No method to his madness,nope, not at all. "Ser Kell, this is my sister, Dania Dorsey. Mistress Dania Dorsey, This is SEr Kell Drakmoor, sworn to house Terrick. And don't that sound nice?"

Justin doesn't look like much in his leathers but when he can take his turn, he gives Kell a big smile and slaps the other man on the shoulder, neverming he's got no spurs on his own boots yet, "Very bloody fine to have you join us, Ser Kell. I've heard about you even if we've barely met. Seems we've gained rather well by the Baneforts - and glad to have you." A brief pause before he adds, "We'll honor you tonight at table. It may not be as splended a feast as some but we'll make it up in appreciative company, Ser." He'll be needing to go and help with those arrangements, but first, "Welcome to House Terrick."

Holding on to brothers hand like it is a lifeline Dania lets him lead her out from her corner where she as trying to be a wall flower to Kell. She offers Kell a slight curtsy. "Ser Drakmoor, it is a pleasure. Congratulations, you have entered into a wonderful house, that has wonderful possibilities and has the ability to grow and thrive." She tells him as she offers him one of her brilliant smiles. She is still holding on to her brothers hand.
You sense: Dania hands are damp showing that she is nervous.

Kell may have an expression of surprise on his face when he is shoulder slapped in a comradery manner by a Lord but that only stays for a moment before the man is grinning again, "Thank you, M'Lord, I am pleased and honor to be able to serve this House." There is a momentary pause when the Baneforts are mentioned but that is all it is, since it's a minor technicality. As for being honored at the table in the Keep, Kell smiles before shaking his head slightly, "Please keep it simple, M'Lord, Kell turns back I'm still just a simple knight." Plus there are the stores to worry about since the Roost isn't exactly rolling in food.
Kell then turns to Keelin as he returns with his charge in tow and the knight dips his head in Dania's direction in response to her curtsey, "The pleasure is mine, Miss Dorsey, and thank you." He does find the brother dragging the sister along somewhat amusing though as he shoots Keelin a grin.

Unbelievable. Dania is shy? Wait, when did that happen? Keelin blinks at her, and gives her a wink and a smile. Though at Kell's grin, his own roguish one appears like magic. "My parents thought I needed someone to watch over me, it seems," he says lightly. "So they sent Dani here. I suppose I might have to help build one of those cottages that Lady Muirenn wants after all. Just so I can have a place to hide from her?" He glances her way to see if she's about to hit him yet.

Well, they aren't rolling in food to spare, it's true. But a knight should so be honored, even if he be a common knight for obviously Kell has proven himself both to his father and to Lord Patrek. "Simple is all we have to offer tonight, but we want you to know you are welcome." Justin says solemnly enough himself. He gives Kell a nod and steps back to let others come up and congratulation the man, and to allow Keelin room to more properly introduce his sister. Justin glances around for his father who has withdrawn, so he turns to head up into the tower and see to making certain the Steward is getting the preparations underway for their small banquet.

Dania turns to look at her brother as he talks and she tilts her head to the side a little bit as she listens to him. An eye brow is raised then she gets a mischievous look in her eye and out of pure habit from growing up with three of them she elbows him in the ribs if she can. She then turns her attention back to Kell and Justin. Both are offered a smile, then she says to Kell. "Congratulations again."

As Justin gets ready to turn and see to the preparations, Kell gives the young Lord a nod of thanks before turning back to the Dorseys, laughing in amusement at him requiring a chaperone who turns out to be his shy sister, "Usually it's the other way around, the brother looking after the sister. I hope Lady Muirenn is doing well, with or without the cottage she wishes for." As the antics between brother and sister are exchanged, Kell can't help but chuckle again, enjoying the atmosphere created by the event.

Keelin steps just enough back to take the sting out of Dani's elbow, but he doesn't stop it otherwise. "Ow," he protests, with a mock wince. He squeezes her hand a bit, before he releases it. "Ser Kell, Dani is a healer, and she's wanting to travel between here and Stonebridge regularly. Lord Justin and I have some concerns what with the bandits and all. I was wondering, if it doesn't interfere with your sworn duties, would you be able to help us make sure she's accompanied when she does travel there and back again? I might also see if there's anyone on the other side who could help if we drop her off but can't stay." Yes, he is serious. And yes, he's simply going to continue to enlist help, one knight and squire at a time.

"I ride well enough and you all have bigger fish to catch than to have to worry about me tending a birth, or seeing to others. Wanting to travel, I am traveling." Dania points out. "I have an idea and yes I do have a horse." She adds as she looks between the two me. "There is no need to worry Sers." She says gently to both then a charming smile is offered to Kell and then Keelin. "Keely here worries too much, I think I would be more of a target if there were more of us. Instead of one."

Kell listens to Keelin as the other knight shares what his sister's talents are and when healing is mentioned, the Terrick Knight certainly looks impressed as he nods his head at the information. "Certainly, Ser Dorsey, if I am free to do so, I would be honored to escort your sister safely to Stonebridge and back again." And with his soon to be issued Terrick livery, bandits may be less inclined to attack a knight with colors than one of the hedges. As Dania tries to shrug off the escorts, Kell shakes his head in response, "If the roads were like they were before the Ironborn invasion, it may be safe, though still ill-advised to travel alone. Now, even more so. Bigger fish do include escort duties as well as bandit catching."

Keelin simply sighs. "Dani, I know you don't like it, and you ought to know by now that I wouldn't insist if it wasn't important. Have you found even /one/ person who says it's safe for you to be travelling the roads? Anyone at all? No? That's because it's not." His words are calm and he doesn't raise his voice or speed up his speech, calm and focused. "But I do see that you might want to get to a patient more quickly than not, which is why I'm going to try to make sure there's always /someone/ who can escort you, alright?" He then nods to Kell. "Thank you, Ser Kell. I am certain that there are a few of us who are willing to escort Dani, but it doesn't hurt to add another to the list for her."

"Keely I do understand but I do not want to take away from your duties. I apologize, Ser Drakwood for whinging." She adds as she looks between the two me. "You are right Keely I will be hard pressed to find someone. For that matter anyone to say that it is safe." She frowns and then suddenly she brightens. "But if you do, I will be sure to make some honey cakes if I can scrounge up the ingredients."

Kell does not have much else to add since Keelin is the one that is calmly trying to reason with his sister, plus it isn't exactly his place to butt-in since he has already said what was needed about Dani's safety. As for her apology, the Terrick knight smiles and shakes his head, "No apologies needed, Miss Dorsey. You are kind to consider others and their duties." As for the honey cakes, that does bring a slight raised brow. An incentive would surely help in acquiring willing assistance.

Keelin gives his sister a hug, if she'll let him. Seems he is fond of the woman, even if she is a pain in the tookus. "Dani, escort duty is part of our duties. And there's not a single one of us who wouldn't rather escort you than see you get hurt. So please, don't make it harder than it has to be?" he suggests. He then adds, "And if you're making honey cakes, you will surely need a taste-tester."

The hug is returned and she cannot help but laugh. "Yes you can help, test them." She looks to Kell. "What he does is eat a few to make sure that he understand just how correctly they are tasting." She teases and offers her brother another charming smile. "As dad always said Dani, lass you should have been born a boy." She does not seem upset by this, just amused. "Ser Drakwood, do you have family?"

The comment about taste tester does bring another amused chuckle from Kell though he tries to stifle it. As for the question about family, he nods his head in response, "I do, just my mother and father. They live in a town off of the Kingsroad that is a bit off to the north, but not far enough to be considered the North."

Keelin goes a little more quiet now, listening to the questions and answers, since he's got what he wanted. Even if Dani isn't happy about it. He rests his hands behind his back, standing relaxed, and lets the conversation continue for a few moments without him.